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10 Top Secret DARPA CIA Tech: Rocket Jetpack, Transformer Tank, Flame Thrower Drone, Spy Bug, Nano

Most of these technological DARPA inventions are in prototype testing stage and will be supplied to army in 2019-2022
1. DARPA Army Walker
2. DARPA Underwater Jet Pack
3. DARPA Flame Thrower Drone
4. DARPA Earth Orbiting Spy Plane
5. DARPA Suite Case Machinegun
6. DARPA Swarm Drones
7. DARPA Spy Insect
8. DARPA Indestructible Bug
9. DARPA Missile Drone
10. DARPA Nano Tank. Top Secret DARPA Transformer Terminator Nano Tank With 10 Anti Air Rockets & 20 MM Automatic Cannon. This tank is only 2 feet long & 1 foot height. But it can engage real tanks with its 20 MM Automatic Cannon And Also Transform Into Anti Aircraft Battery & Shoot Down Up To 10 Helicopters Or Low Flying Aircrafts. Because of it's small size it stay virtually invisible on battlefield.

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