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Urgent Report: "The Last Days Are Hear" Wars, Jerusalem, Tornados, Volcanos, Asteroids

GOD SAID HE WOULD SEND THE HEATHEN TO JEHOSHAPHAT IN JOEL 3 RIGHT??? WHY??? ::::6. That day has been prepared for the elect as a day of covenant; and for sinners as a day of inquisition 7. In that day shall be distributed for food two monsters; a female monster, whose name is Leviathan, dwelling in the depths of the sea, above the springs of waters; S. And a male monster, whose name is Behemoth; which possesses, moving on his breast, the invisible wilderness 9. His name was Dendayen in the east of the garden, where the elect and the righteous will dwell; where he received it from my ancestor, who was man, from Adam the first of men, whom the Lord of spirits made 10. Then I asked of another angel to show me the power of those monsters, how they became separated on the same day, one being in the depths of the sea, and one in the dry desert 11. And he said, Thou, son of man, art here desirous of understanding secret things 12. And the angel of peace, who was with me, said, These two monsters are by the power of God prepared to become food, that the punishment of God may not be in vain 13. Then shall children be slain with their mothers, and sons with their fathers.

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