The War Machine

societal collapse is the only way ....there is no standing up and speaking out against the war machine, not without sacrifice....many people are willing to fight the power as long as they can keep their families, their jobs, their money, their lifestyle, their happiness, their.... everything....but people always forget that in order to gain something you must give something in return, that is a law of life....Thus if we desire a peaceful and bright new world, we must tear down the current and start from nothing. But wondering how many people are willing to do that? Most of us are happy enough where we are right? At least happy enough not to wage war against the very society live in... We fear losing what we have, because we are afraid we can never get it back.... no change can ever occur that way... The path of Carnage, revolution, deconstruction, and chaos is the only way we will rid the Earth of these scums

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