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What Will Happen to America on March 24, 2018 Paul Craig ROBERTS Revelations

All trade agreements since NAFTA grant corporate power over government. That is a major violation of the Constitution For The United States. That is what initiated the major relocation of American jobs & eliminated our Industrial base. Trade agreements are TREATIES. None of them including NAFTA were LAWFULLY approved under the terms of the actual Constitution which requires a two-thirds majority approval vote of the Senate. This lawlessness took hold when Clinton was unable to get the required numbers for approval of NAFTA so he simply claimed that NAFTA was an AGREEMENT (not a TREATY) and it was passed into law with a simple Senate majority vote. With kudos and congratulations from David Rockefeller, at the time, this monumental FRAUD over American Law was (and remains) a major violation of the Supreme Law of his Land. There is ABSOLUTELY no difference in the literal dictionary definition for AGREEMENT and/or TREATY!

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  1. one thing is Americans the other is the American population they are the ones suffering and will for a very long time