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Hawaii: Was It Just A MISTAKE? Or Was It A TEST?

Was no accident!!! The government wanted to test people’s emergency reactions!

I feel this was a test as well, but I guess people may have been becoming to complacent in their lives and just needed a little shake to get our attention back. The threat is without a doubt out there, whether or not it's 100% real we can't become complacent to it. Me personally if the threat is only 20% real I for one would rather be prepared then not. So Mistake or Test I am ok with what happened no matter what there claim or story is. Error on the safe side than the death and destruction side. Complain all you want to the length of time it took to respond "it was an error" but guess what, the alert worked and people got notified. We can place a check mark next to the question "Will it work?" Yep it works! Ok so the response of "oops my bad" took 37 min. to reach everyone. Just keep in mind you got your warning quickly, isn't that what really matters?

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