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BREAKING: "The Apocalyptic Crashes Happen Again"

Transcript : serious are you serious 0:10 am I almost live live live yes i am ok 0:14 alright guys there's been some 0:15 apocalyptic crack uh it's never good 0:20 when it starts to happen but we've got 0:22 night 0:24 that at least maybe more in Argentina a 0:28 bus traveling to Chile just flipped off 0:30 early this morning killing at least 19 0:34 people road 0:39 ward 32 of those people were Argentines 0:42 there was three kids on there 0:47 and so we're very concerned at least 19 0:50 or dead at least and it's an ugly see 0:53 and I've noticed that there's patterns 0:55 when there's busing derailments plane 0:57 crashes or by in the ocean sometimes so 1:00 doesn't happen to deadly train 1:03 derailment in Belgium one dead 27 1:05 injured and this horrible bus crash in 1:09 Argentina or 19 or dead and maybe more 1:12 in a terrible scene they're all right 1:14 anyway great to see everybody here uh 1:18 for those of you with me give me just 1:20 one second I don't know where I'm at 1:22 but I won't try my best to keep you up 1:24 to speed with things that are going on 1:26 anyway it's just a terrible terrible 1:29 situation developing and we're going to 1:32 stay on all right and we're here with 1:35 our son our daughter-in-law and our 1:38 little baby 1:39 Carson which will will show Carson it to 1:42 you when she's ready she is not 1:44 camera-ready at this moment but she is 1:49 sweet 1:50 all right i'll see you guys a little 1:51 while god bless all of you are you 1:53 serious are you serious 1:56 we survived the storm by the way but 1:58 there was one that one death in 2:00 victorville california from flooding 2:02 that was roofs blown off for some high 2:05 winds there was flooding flash flooding 2:08 and our biggest concern is still 2:10 Oroville California is damn pray for 2:13 those folks there 2:14 what

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President Trump vs CNN Reporter

"Don't believe the main stream (fake news) media.The White House is running VERY WELL. I inherited a MESS and am in the process of fixing it." Donald Trump tweeted recently , "The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!" "One of the most effective press conferences I've ever seen!" says Rush Limbaugh. Many agree.Yet FAKE MEDIA calls it differently! Dishonest" he added

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Final B[a]ttle For The World Begins: But Will Trumpian Forces Unite?

Information W[a]rfare is a concept involving the use and management of information and communication technology in pursuit of a competitive advantage over an opponent, and whose first use the America’s began in 1774 when the British Crown Post Office dismissed from his duties Benjamin Franklin—who then went on to become one of the world’s greatest political theorists, an American Founding Father, and one of the most powerful Freemasons to have ever to have lived. 

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End Times Is Too Extreme | Pastor Cioccolanti is Going Too Far!

Jesus promised to reward those whom He finds waiting for their Master's Return! Are you prepared?

Transcript : I know that a lot of people have 0:14 commented to us over the years that you 0:17 know they don't do n times they don't 0:20 talk about end times because they find 0:22 it too deep too hard too extreme to 0:25 fundamental and I just wanted to address 0:28 this very briefly we have here dr. james 0:31 dobson recently said the fall of Western 0:34 civilization is at hand 0:36 would you call dr. james dobson founder 0:40 of focus on the family a bit too extreme 0:43 no he's a pretty even keel respectable 0:47 voice in the body of Christ and if 0:50 you're not listening to us maybe you'll 0:52 listen to him because he discerns the 0:56 time and there many voices in the body 0:59 of Christ that is discerning the time I 1:01 know that their many Christian channels 1:03 out there and you can watch anything but 1:05 of all the things to be watching all the 1:07 things to be promoting and plugging i 1:09 just recently saw you know some 1:10 Christian sent out a thing that said you 1:13 know these like the five best YouTube 1:15 channels out there recommends them and 1:18 you know some of them have like 2,000 1:20 followers eight thousand followers and 1:22 I'm not bagging that you know we all 1:24 have to start somewhere but i'm thinking 1:26 hang on a second 1:27 you know where we're at a hundred 1:29 thousand followers but why do we not 1:32 always get the you know accolades of our 1:35 fellow peers because there's such a fear 1:38 and such an auntie endtime sentiment 1:40 among the church it's almost as if 1:42 people feel like all of its and time we 1:43 can't live we never said that if it's if 1:46 your God called you to study you study 1:48 and get the best grades and if you do 1:50 that you pass your exam Jesus comes back 1:52 you'll get your reward if you're 1:54 supposed to you know invent something 1:57 build a building develop property 1:59 whatever it is that you're supposed to 2:00 do raise your kids 2:02 alright if you do that to the best of 2:04 your ability and you're obeying God in 2:06 your call it doesn't matter really when 2:08 he comes you will be rewarded for 2:11 obeying him and being faithful to him so 2:13 we never have this fatalistic teaching I 2:16 think our church people understand that 2:17 but a lot of people out there are afraid 2:19 so when its end time the right away they 2:21 prejudge first they say it must be about 2:23 when the rapture is we hardly talk about 2:25 that 2:25 today we will learn a lot of people just 2:28 get afraid like they can't live today no 2:31 I think dr. James Dobson is aware that 2:34 we still have to build wonderful strong 2:37 healthy christian families in the church 2:39 we want to do that right even if it's 2:41 the end time 2:42 yeah and he's doing that and he's built 2:44 a great organization but you can't turn 2:46 a blind eye just say all nothing is 2:48 happening none of the signs are here 2:50 everything is going as it ever was 2:52 since the current since the creation of 2:53 the world that would be absolute 2:55 blindness we need to wake up to the time 2:58 like the ten virgins were asleep 3:00 we need to wake up how about this 3:01 respectable man of god Billy Graham you 3:06 know he wrote or he published in 2010 3:09 and I think 2010 was a key year in the 3:11 end times right the haiti earthquake 3:13 many things happen in 2010 that seemed 3:16 to be a pivot point and interestingly 3:18 Billy Graham who's been soul winning you 3:21 know more than most of us write all 3:25 these years he signaled that 2010 storm 3:28 warning do you call Billy Graham a bit 3:31 extreme 3:32 alright I I don't you don't you know 3:35 maybe somebody does but i think most 3:37 people don't 3:38 I think he's been a one of the very 3:40 respected voices for the body of Christ 3:43 and he said this back in 2010 3:46 there is only one answer to the travail 3:49 of this present age and is found in the 3:52 ageless pages of God's Word the Bible 3:54 the Bible repeatedly tells us that 3:57 someday Christ will return not in 4:00 weakness the way he came the first time 4:03 but with power and glory and with great 4:06 Authority we should be teaching our 4:09 people jesus is coming back his return 4:11 is near we don't have to be dogmatic 4:13 about when but we shouldn't be 4:15 completely oblivious to the signs of the 4:17 time that's how many people miss the 4:20 first coming of Jesus Christ what a 4:21 tragedy that was then Billy Graham 4:24 updated what he said in 2013 to world 4:28 net daily he wrote there's a great deal 4:31 to say in the Bible about the signs 4:34 where to watch for and when these signs 4:37 are 4:38 when these signs all converge at one 4:42 place we can be sure that we're close to 4:45 the end of the age and those signs in my 4:49 judgment are converging now for the 4:53 first time since Jesus made those 4:56 predictions are we on some fringe are we 4:59 on attention is this some fundamental 5:01 crazy thing 5:02 hey the leaders of the body of Christ 5:05 are crying out we're sounding the shofar 5:08 and I hope pastors out there who have 5:10 been turned off or maybe we're 5:12 disappointed back in the eighties or the 5:14 seventies and hurt so much teaching 5:17 nothing happened 5:18 please never be turned off the prophecy 5:20 this is part of God's Word and prophecy 5:24 is given to encourage us and also to 5:25 prove God's Word is true and to 5:27 encourage us that he's coming soon we 5:30 should live like that so I think this is 5:34 a bit extreme to see all that God is 5:37 doing and you see all that the Devils 5:39 doing to see the persecution of the 5:42 Christians in the Middle East the 5:43 absolute chaos that's goin on reaching 5:46 even into Europe and terrorism going on 5:48 everywhere even in Australia and to say 5:51 well come to nobody cares 5:55 planet Earth nobody cares we're all in 5:58 different we come to church we don't 6:00 care when the rapture could possibly 6:02 happen we don't care i think that that 6:05 is such an extreme that is a personal 6:08 extreme a theological extreme it is such 6:11 an extreme risk to take to say I will 6:14 ignore all the warning signs 6:17 I'm just gonna keep bulldozing ahead 6:19 like running towards a cliff and not 6:22 caring about how I live my life now that 6:26 to me in my humble opinion that to me is 6:29 too extreme for me to follow

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Gerald Celente: The Top Trends For 2017

In this episode returning guest Gerald Celente from the Trends Research Institute shares the top trends for 2017. Gerald discusses trends identified including "Make it New", "Economic Disorder", "True Nostalgia", "R.I.P. Fourth Estate", "Rust Belt 2.0", “VR-ED”, “Ontrendpreneur®”, “No More Cash”, “Sell, Buy China” and “Reefer Money Madness”.

Gerald Celente, who developed the Globalnomic® methodology to identify, track, forecast and manage trends, is a political atheist. Unencumbered by political dogma, rigid ideology or conventional wisdom, Celente, whose motto is “think for yourself,” observes and analyzes the current events forming future trends for what they are — not for the way he wants them to be. And while Celente holds a U.S. passport, he considers himself a citizen of the world.

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The Engineered Takedown Of America By The LEFT

 The intelligence community, the mainstream media and the corrupt DC establishment are waging a coup against President Donald Trump attempting to sabotage the first days of his presidency.
Alex Jones explains the engineered takedown of society and ties it in with previous military training targeting the American people.

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Explosive Revelation : Drug Lord Pablo Escobar Worked for the CIA says his Son

Pablo Escobar’s Son Reveals His Dad Worked for the CIA Selling Cocaine

Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar's ambition and ruthlessness made him one of the wealthiest, most powerful and most violent criminals of all time. IN THESE GROUPS International Criminals Famous People Born on December 1 Famous People Who Died on December 2 Famous People Who Died in 1993 1 of 6 quotes “What is worth most in life are friends, of that I am sure. Unfortunately, along life's paths one also meets people who are disloyal.” —Pablo Escobar Synopsis Pablo Escobar, born on December 1, 1949, in Antioquia, Colombia, entered the cocaine trade in the early 1970s. He collaborated with other criminals to form the Medellin Cartel and eventually controlled over 80% of the cocaine shipped to the U.S. He earned popularity by sponsoring charity projects and soccer clubs, but later terror campaigns that resulted in the murder of thousands turned public opinion against him. He was killed in 1993. Background and Early Life Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was born on December 1, 1949 in the Colombian city of Rionegro, Antioquia, with his family later moving to the suburb of Envigado. He came from modest means; his father worked as a peasant farmer while his mother was a schoolteacher. From an early age, Escobar packed a unique drive and ambition to raise himself up from his humble beginnings. As a young man, he told friends and family that he wanted to become president of Colombia. Yet as he saw it, his path to wealth and legitimacy lay in crime. He got his start as a petty street thief, stealing cars before moving into the smuggling business. Escobar’s early prominence came during the “Marlboro Wars,” in which he played a high-profile role in the control of Colombia’s smuggled cigarette market. This episode proved to be a valuable training ground for the future narcotics kingpin. Rise to Power It wasn’t by chance that Colombia came to dominate the cocaine trade. Beginning in the early 1970s, the country became a prime smuggling ground for marijuana. But as the cocaine market flourished, Colombia’s geographical location proved to be its biggest asset. Situated at the northern tip of South America between the thriving coca cultivation epicenters of Peru and Bolivia, the country came to dominate the global cocaine trade with the United States, the biggest market for the drug, just a short trip to the north. Escobar moved quickly to grab control of the cocaine trade. In 1975, Medellin drug trafficker Fabio Restrepo was murdered. His killing, it’s believed, came at the orders of Escobar, who immediately seized power and expanded Restrepo’s operation into something the world had never seen. Under Escobar’s leadership, large amounts of coca paste were purchased in Bolivia and Peru, processed, and brought to America. Escobar worked with a small group to form the infamous Medellin Cartel. By the mid-1980s, Escobar controlled more than 80 percent of the cocaine smuggled into the United States. More than 15 tons of cocaine were reportedly smuggled each day, netting the Cartel as much as $420 million a week. Astronomical Wealth The cash was so prevalent that Escobar purchased a Learjet for the sole purpose of flying his money. With an estimated worth of $30 billion, Escobar was named one of the ten richest people on earth by Forbes. Even as his fortune and fame grew, Escobar didn’t relinquish his dream to be seen as a leader. In some ways he positioned himself as a Robin Hood-like figure, which was echoed by many locals as he spent money to expand social programs for the poor.

Transcript : please open mind discern this in all 0:13 information 0:14 februari 17 2017 Pablo Escobar son 0:20 reveals his dad worked for the CIA 0:22 selling cocaine posted on the 0:25 freethought by claire 0:29 burnish Juan Pablo Escobar handle son of 0:33 notorious medellin cartel drug kingpin 0:36 Pablo Escobar now says his father worked 0:39 for the CIA in a new book Pablo Escobar 0:43 in frag auntie Escobar who lives under 0:47 the pseudonym juan sebastián American 0:49 explains his father worked for the CIA 0:52 selling cocaine to finance the fight 0:54 against communism in Central America the 0:58 drug business is very different than 1:00 what we dreamed he continues what the 1:03 CIA was doing was buying the controls to 1:06 get the drug into their country and 1:07 getting a wonderful deal he did not make 1:11 the money alone American elaborated in 1:13 an interview but with US agencies that 1:16 allowed him access to this money he had 1:19 direct relations with the CIA notably 1:22 American added the person who sold the 1:26 most drugs to the CIA was Pablo Escobar 1:29 where his first book primarily covered 1:32 Escobar the man is a father marroquin 1:35 second which has just been released in 1:37 Argentina delves into the kingpins 1:39 international ties of corruption in 1:41 which my father had an active 1:43 participation among them with the 1:45 American CIA he said in a recent 1:47 interview those government associates 1:51 were practically his partners which 1:53 allowed Escobar to defy the law and gave 1:56 him nearly the same power as a 1:58 government predictably this information 2:01 is conveniently absent from media 2:03 headlines in America if the CIA 2:06 trafficking cocaine into the United 2:08 States sounds like some tin foil 2:10 conspiracy theory think again their 2:14 alleged role in the drug trade was 2:16 exposed in 1996 in an explosive 2:19 investigative series dark alliance by 2:21 Gary Webb for the San Jose Mercury 2:23 enews the investigation headed up by web 2:27 revealed ties between the CIA Nicaraguan 2:30 Contras and the crack cocaine trade 2:32 ravaging african-american communities 2:34 the investigation provoked massive 2:37 protests and congressional hearings as 2:40 well as overt backlash from the 2:42 mainstream media to discredit website 2:44 reporting however decades later 2:47 officials would come forward to 2:49 backwards original investigation up then 2:53 senator john kerry even released a 2:55 detailed report claiming that not only 2:57 was there considerable evidence linking 2:59 the contrary effort to trafficking of 3:01 drugs and weapons but that the u.s. 3:03 government knew about it 3:05 el patrón as Escobar came to be known 3:08 amassed more wealth than almost any drug 3:11 dealer in history at one point raking in 3:13 around 420 million dollars a week in 3:16 revenue and reportedly supplied about 3:18 eighty percent of the world's cocaine 3:20 Escobar landed on forbes list of 3:23 International billionaires for seven 3:25 straight years and though the nature of 3:27 the business makes acquiring solid 3:29 numbers impossible his estimated worth 3:31 was around 30 billion dollars 3:34 Escobar in the Medellin Cartel smuggled 3:37 15 tons of cocaine into the u.s. every 3:39 day and left a trail of thousands of 3:42 dead bodies to do so it was a 900-mile 3:45 run from the north coast of Colombia and 3:48 was simply wide-open journalist you and 3:50 Grillo wrote in the book el marco inside 3:53 Mexico's criminal insurgency the 3:57 Colombians and their American 3:58 counterparts with airdrop loads of 4:00 blowout to see from where it would be 4:02 rushed to short and speedboats or even 4:05 fly it right onto the floor of the 4:07 mainland and let it crash down in the 4:09 countryside if what marroquin reveals in 4:12 the new book is indeed true it would 4:15 mean the CIA played a major role in 4:18 ensuring Americans had access to 4:20 boundless quantities of cocaine while 4:22 the US government sanctimoniously railed 4:24 against drugs to promote the drug war in 4:28 fact as marroquin keenly observed drug 4:31 prohibition makes for the best prodrug 4:33 propaganda the nature of something being 4:35 illegal naturally 4:37 gives it greater appeal that prohibition 4:40 guaranteed Escobar's bloody rain would 4:42 be all the more violent marroquin now 4:45 believes his path of healing is 4:47 reconciliation with the relatives of 4:49 those whom his father ordered to kill 4:50 while Escobar certainly used violence or 4:55 ordered others to use violence to 4:57 effectively foment and maintain power he 5:00 wasn't without a charitable bone in his 5:02 body as business insider notes he was 5:06 nicknamed Robin Hood after handing out 5:08 cash to the poor building housing for 5:11 the homeless constructing 70 community 5:14 soccer fields and building a zoo 5:16 el patrón met his fate in 1993 by 5:20 gunshot as he attempted to flee after 5:21 his house was surrounded 5:23 however the circumstances surrounding 5:26 his death are still being debated today 5:28 marroquin insists his father committed 5:32 suicide rather than be shot or captured 5:34 by police forces sent to hunt him down 5:36 while others believe Escobar was 5:39 absolutely slain by police 5:41 either way Escobar's accumulation of 5:44 wealth could be viewed as incidental to 5:46 the role he played for the CIA and the 5:48 war on drugs a massive hypocrisy serving 5:51 to keep people hooked on a substance 5:53 deemed illegal by the state so the state 5:55 can then reap the profits generated by 5:57 courts prisons and police work necessary 6:01 to fight the war on drugs 6:03 my father was a cog in a big business of 6:06 universal drug trafficking marroquin 6:08 explains and when he no longer served a 6:11 purpose for those using him that way 6:14 killers were sent to do away with the 6:15 problem the problem so many had a hand 6:18 in creating American who only revealed 6:21 himself as Escobar son in 2009 says he's 6:25 had to forgive members of his family for 6:28 their involvement in the drug business 6:29 and betrayal of his father but notes 6:31 that forgiveness doesn't mean forgetting 6:33 what happened but he has measured 6:36 perspective about the man who brutally 6:38 ruled the cocaine industry pablo escobar 6:41 is by no means a role model he asserts I 6:45 admire Pablo my father who educated me 6:50 not Escobar the mafioso marroquin noted 6:54 drug lords like his father might appear 6:57 to have everything as their status and 6:58 name garner attention but these material 7:01 gains in actuality take control in the 7:05 end the more power my father had the 7:08 poor he lived 7:09 thanks for listening and watching 7:11 subscribe and share

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The Next Stock Market Crash is Near? PROOF!

Transcript : we reach this moment in history where 0:17 our markets have completed reason just 0:22 massive profit targets and I want to 0:26 repeat this that you are you are part of 0:29 the group that is in the know you are 0:32 part of the group that has knowledge of 0:34 these events before they happen and we 0:37 had this type of information in in 2007 0:40 going into 2008 our markets had had a 0:44 failed breakout in we started a break-in 0:48 trend of Long's we had measured my 0:50 shorts will which will review here in a 0:51 moment but from the 1932 lows and this 0:57 is the 19 29 crash here we fell inside 1:03 of a series of measurements shorts there 1:06 was a series of measurements shorts 1:08 inside of the 19 29 crash which bottomed 1:13 out in 1932 in 1937 our markets traded 1:20 their full fifty percent retracement and 1:22 did not break out of that resistance 1:24 level until nineteen fifty-one at the 1:28 end of World War two 1:29 it took a full 20 years to break out of 1:34 that short set up and really set this 1:35 market up for a rally and now we've 1:38 created this this incredible bubble bond 1:44 market bubble the stock market bubble 1:46 and what is fascinating about our 1:48 markets in nineteen nineteen ninety nine 1:52 when we broke our trend and we had our 1:54 seven-year cycle which we'll talk about 1:57 here in a moment but first i want to go 1:58 to this longer-term trend we had a 2:01 pullback into a halfway back long from 2:02 1930 to lowes to highs 2:05 and that support level bounce we rallied 2:08 out of our 2003 lows and we had a failed 2:13 breakout in 2007 going in 2008 now both 2:17 of these are seven year cycles here and 2:19 weren't another seven year cycle but 2:21 what I want to point out here in this 2:23 longer-term trend is that we went to and 2:26 through our profit targets and when we 2:29 go through a target like this we have an 2:32 extension and the extension is drawn 2:36 from the previous highs of the last 2:38 traditional measured move to our highs 2:39 now that extension long double was 2:42 front-run and you can see here and that 2:45 the S&P 500 was also front-run we hit 2:48 this profit target of the extension and 2:52 we have not gone through and we've been 2:53 up at it for two months 2:55 my concern is that we're going to look 2:58 back on this and of course it won't we 3:00 have to be of the benefit of hindsight 3:01 because we've known that we're inside of 3:03 this pattern for two full months there's 3:05 been plenty of time to prepare for any 3:07 downside risk here going into the 3:10 seven-year cycle but there's a pull back 3:14 now from our same anchor to new highs 3:16 will talk about here in a moment all the 3:20 way down at the eighteen fifties so 3:22 let's go to a little bit said or a 3:26 smaller chart here what we're i'm 3:28 simulating as the support level from 3:30 that 1932 lows to highs which we bounced 3:33 off of very cleanly and what I want to 3:36 show you is and you can go back to go 3:40 back to and we teach team 1987 1994 3:46 every seven years we go through this 3:47 cycle and it is scary how technical it 3:53 has been over the last couple sessions 3:56 1987 was a sep tember and we had one of 4:02 the biggest crashes at that time that 4:03 the markets had ever seen 1994 was a 4:06 pullback it was an extension long level 4:08 from 97 ties to highs when we ran into 4:12 two thousand we had extension long 4:14 levels that were trading and then they 4:16 failed 4:17 and then the may for the spring before 4:21 2001 or 911 this spring set us up inside 4:31 of a 50-percent short which hits profit 4:33 target on 911 almost as if the market 4:36 knew what was going to happen that 4:38 September be fast forward another seven 4:42 years 4:43 we're at all-time highs again and then 4:45 the spring again 4:46 seven years later we have another 4:49 break-in trend that's time it was a 4:50 traditional measured move that failed 4:52 and the new bearish setup Lehman 4:56 Brothers failed failed and then we came 4:59 into a full fifty percent retracement 5:01 and they sold off of those levels almost 5:04 as if the market knew beforehand the 5:07 2008 financial crash would would happen 5:10 here rises going into September and 5:15 after 2009 of course we had our series 5:19 of measures move shorts that let us down 5:22 into those lows to fifty percent two 5:24 targets the 50-percent retracement 5:28 traded to its targets the new 50-percent 5:33 retracements from those highs to lows 5:35 defended their 61 a percent lines and 5:39 hit their profit targets what i want to 5:41 point out here is that in most cases the 5:44 lows in the highs of the market our 5:46 profit targets not necessarily support 5:48 or resistance cells they're actually 5:50 profit targets so after we broke our 5:53 series of measured moves the market 5:55 traded a series of traditional setups 5:57 coming out of those previous lives the 5:59 high as we trade pullbacks in 2009 we 6:02 trade pullbacks in 2010 we trade 6:05 pullbacks in 2011 and then we started 6:07 going straight up the previous highs as 6:11 we talked about on that longer-term 6:12 timeframe the 2007 highs 215 8675 to our 6:19 highest created this extension we're 6:22 going to drill down a little bit here 6:23 and talk about that 6:26 explore 6:28 setup that we had when I was showing you 6:30 in that longer-term timeframe the 6:34 extension long level and this also goes 6:36 our along with our seasonal or the 6:39 seasonality of our markets there are two 6:42 patterns to pay attention to what is the 6:44 seven-year cycle which every seven years 6:47 a profit taking market crush financial 6:50 crash tech bubble Savings and Loan 6:53 debacle whatever you want to call it 6:57 we don't know what the trigger will be 6:58 right now but what we know is that the 7:00 lows in 2009 with a lowes the profit 7:03 target of was the low of 2009 and right 7:07 now we have a profit target that's the 7:08 high of 2015 and our markets even in in 7:16 in some of the best case scenarios say 7:18 that we do defend our new extensions 7:20 have a 250 point drop here back down 7:24 into the next support level and my 7:27 concern is moving forward right now is 7:30 that our little double top here on top 7:33 of a profit target will set us up in a 7:35 very similar fashion that we had in may 7:38 of 2008 and at this time during on 7:43 markets you can you can go back and look 7:45 if you want we have all those you know 7:47 videos replayed that you can you can 7:50 replay we were sitting inside of these 7:52 resistance levels and confirming our 7:53 daily short and we did we had a series 7:57 of extensions that were broken we 7:59 validate the daily short we had a new 8:01 measured move short here coming out of 8:02 the 14 hundreds i feel like this is a 8:05 moment in time where we are put in a 8:09 situation where we are literally 8:10 repeating history 8:12 seven years later and I feel lucky and 8:17 blessed enough to be able to have a 8:19 platform here to warn people again as i 8:23 was able to do in 2008 to potential 8:26 downside risk to our markets at this 8:28 current time 8:29 ok now doesn't mean that the markets are 8:32 necessarily bearish yet but they could 8:35 turn bearish if we break our extensions 8:38 it if we break our highest highs are 8:41 2007 highest highs extensions that are 8:45 markets are literally in a freefall 8:47 that's a ten percent slide as well 8:54 about you think about this 21 twenties 8:57 what is a ten percent decline that's 220 9:01 points we won't even have touched the 9:05 new extension long level yet 9:08 by the time we have a 10-percent down 9:10 into that new support level that is a 9:13 devastating event for the markets if we 9:15 trade this new extension because my for 9:16 many if we have a 10-percent slide and 9:18 we don't rally the next day the markets 9:21 are in indy trouble they're in deep 9:24 trouble 9:25 so we don't know what the trigger is yet 9:29 for trouble 9:32 there are so many it's ridiculous but we 9:34 don't know what it actually is and all 9:38 we know at this moment in time here is 9:40 that these profit targets have been hit 9:42 and the market has been unable unable to 9:46 make it through them now let's take us 9:48 to our most recent our current situation 9:52 we ran into these profit targets at the 9:56 beginning of march on Monday last week 9:58 we made a new high and at ten o'clock we 10:01 had a profit target that was hit that 10:03 was the all-time-high a profit target 10:06 that we were able to only thing that we 10:08 could do at ten o'clock with cell into 10:09 it this week was exactly the same the 10:12 only thing that we had to do at ten 10:13 o'clock on monday the only choice that 10:15 we literally had we stayed above those 10:17 at those levels for about 45 minutes was 10:20 to sell into the weekly profit target 10:21 now we are at the beginning of may we 10:26 talk about the seasonality of the 10:27 markets your long LED ledger day labor 10:30 day and then you take profit on memorial 10:33 day now it isn't always a cell in May as 10:37 a bearish situation but it's normally a 10:39 pull back but what I can tell you is 10:42 that the cells in may on the seventh 10:45 year in the cycle have been devastating 10:49 the beginning 10:49 devastating sell-offs to thousands once 10:53 devastating sell-off 2008 is devastating 10:55 sell-off 2015 we have to pay attention 11:00 to the pattern in beyond our disbelief 11:05 trade what we see 11:09 so over the last two months we've been 11:12 talking about this profit target in the 11:14 danger to the to longs inside of this 11:18 pattern and the next bullish setup is 11:20 below us at the 18 5375 below us here 11:25 now let's go to our smaller time frames 11:29 are daily charts and then 15 minutes 11:31 charts and review what has happened here 11:33 this week on the long side coming out 11:36 last week we had a very technical 11:37 measured with shorts coming out last 11:39 week we had measured my shorts coming 11:41 out of our wednesday timeframe we had 11:43 next measured moves coming out of 11:46 thursday profit targets were hit 11:48 extensions broken then there was the 11:50 late day the last 30 minutes of the day 11:52 we broke a short and then all of the 11:55 Bulls come out of the woodwork in 11:56 basically by the high tix without setups 11:59 and with the target getting hit first 12:02 there's nothing nowhere for them to go 12:04 but get taken out of their lungs so 12:08 coming into this week we have a new 12:11 breaking trend this was our little why 12:15 in the sand for the trading hours only 12:16 longs for monday and the very fruitful 12:19 50-percent retracement short it defended 12:21 after-hours we made new lows halfway 12:24 back short straight again that came out 12:27 of our 930 timeframe next measured move 12:30 came out of ten thirty which hits profit 12:32 targets you can make a case here for an 12:35 extradition set up inside of our series 12:37 to its profit targets you can see here 12:40 that you can make a couple different 12:41 cases for the afternoon but our profit 12:44 target is Arlo this series of course and 12:48 you can make a couple different cases 12:49 here for the next set up in the series 12:51 extension or other traditional or 12:53 trailing are all the way halfway back 12:55 short and there is of course the 12:56 possibility of coming into that for 12:59 retracement going into the rest of the 13:01 week 13:02 one thing to note here is that we did 13:04 break the long from last week's close to 13:06 highs so there would be nothing unusual 13:08 about trading all the way back up into 13:10 the 20 150 the 20 150 so what we have 13:16 the potential for guys and I and I don't 13:19 want to be an alarmist but with as much 13:23 fuel that is an inside of this market 13:25 and with the profit targets that had 13:27 been hit 13:28 if we come off of these highs and we 13:30 break this extension it is going to be a 13:33 bloodbath in the nearest support level 13:35 beyond that extension is the halfway 13:38 back long from r2000 lowest to highest 13:40 in that is all the way down at the 1390 13:44 the problem is is that in 2000-2008 when 13:51 we started bearish setups that the 13:54 buyers that were buying the lows on the 13:56 way down picking bottoms on the way down 13:58 they literally filled our pullbacks or 14:03 the continuation of our sell-offs and 14:05 there's no way to confirm support if we 14:08 break this extension who's to say that 14:10 this market can't come into its full 14:13 fifty percent retracement from 1932 14:15 lowest to highest it is a possibility 14:18 there'd be nothing unusual about that 14:20 what would happen in that type of 14:23 scenario 14:25 first of all it would shake out anyone 14:31 they didn't know what was going on but 14:34 1100 would be a fantastic level 22 by a 14:36 pullback in there would be nothing 14:39 unusual about that either 14:40 it would be exactly equivalent to the 14:42 2000-2009 pull back yet again so i just 14:47 want everyone to know going forward hear 14:48 what they're up against and the 14:51 possibilities moving forward for the 14:55 spring going into the summer into the 14:57 fall of 2015 and with 2016 being an 15:01 election year i would suspect that any 15:03 trouble that we might have 15:06 our technology in their product would 15:07 probably be over by the spring of 2016 15:11 if there was and by the spring of 2016 15:14 the reason i say that is because every 15:17 spring after the seven year cycle is 15:20 over has been a fantastic time to be in 15:24 a long 2001 crash night 9-11 completed 15:31 profit targets the spring of 2033 we 15:37 rallied 2008 the spring of 2009 we 15:42 rallied and of course 2001 it did last a 15:47 full you know 12 months later then we 15:49 didn't 2009 you know it here we are 15:52 problems again but we just need to plan 15:54 a couple steps ahead here and one thing 15:57 I also want to point that everything is 15:59 selling off here first 16:01 the bond market is showing weakness the 16:04 indices are a profit targets the dollar 16:07 is selling off we go take a look at that 16:09 here in a moment I'm going to prison 16:11 gonna finish this video but looking at 16:14 the dollar because the dollar is is 16:18 showing us on the weekly charts here a 16:21 gigantic 50-percent retracement short we 16:24 rallied on the markets the feds news 16:28 that they were going to raise rates in 16:31 the spring of 2015 then here we are in 16:34 the spring of 2015 and we have gdp that 16:38 is- without its corrections we have all 16:43 of our news as is a manipulated 16:48 employment rate and what the dollar 16:54 showing us here is dollar selloff into 16:57 so off bond sell-off all at the same 16:59 time everything going down all the same 17:02 time it's scary 17:04 so be aware if you were exposed to the 17:08 market in any way shape or form inside 17:10 of lungs 17:12 at this time you're going to fifty 17:16 percent cash in the spring is what 17:17 normal investors do so they can add back 17:20 to long positions in the on labor day of 17:23 of the of the fall of the next year and 17:27 being just trading and having a normal 17:30 profit taking time of the year is a 17:34 smart thing to do for the indices here 17:36 given where we are inside of our trend 17:38 we haven't had profit taking in the 17:40 spring 17:40 since 2011 so it's going to be an 17:44 interesting your guys and you're 17:46 literally witnessing history I'd 17:48 encourage you that if you are watching 17:50 this video to share it with someone that 17:54 you might think is interested or might 17:56 be interested inside of this or in these 17:58 price patterns and what the future could 18:01 hold moving forward thanks guys

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Trump Has Spy in Vatican -- Leo Zagami

Zagami:Trump Has Spy in Vatican - Greg Anthonys Journal

Greg interviews Leo Zagami in Rome about how Pope Francis is on a path to a One World Religion. Leo says the devil is stronger than ever within the Vatican and the people of Italy and conservative Cardinals are spreading a media campaign opposed to Francis. Also, the Pope speaks at Super Bowl, showing America he is the ruler of the world.

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 (2017) INSANE FILM New World Order Exposed: Bilderberg the Bilionaire Boys Club

Dostoevski wrote in 1880. "The Jew and his Bank are today the masters of all Europe — of Education, of Civilisation, of Socialism: of Socialism above all, by means of which the Jew is going to tear up Christianity by its roots and destroy its Civilisation. And when nothing but Anarchy remains the Jew will put himself at the head of all. For while propagating Socialism among all the Nations, the Jews will remain united among themselves; and when all the wealth of Europe is dissipated there will still remain standing the Jew's Bank."

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Daniel Estulin: ISIS is an Instrument of Anglo-American Empire (and the Latest on Bilderberg)

We speak with Daniel Estulin about ISIS and how it is used as an instrument by the Anglo-American empire. We also discuss his latest thoughts on Syria, Bilderberg, the economy, the media and his new Bilderberg documentary.

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 Fueled by decades of rapid economic growth and a desire to secure its security interests, China has embarked on a large-scale modernization of its military. President Xi Jinping (who also heads China’s Central Military Commission) has instituted extensive military reforms aimed at streamlining command structures and improving Chinese military strength. China now boasts its first aircraft carrier, a credible fleet of both diesel and nuclear missile submarines, one of the largest air forces in the world, and over fifty intercontinental ballistic missiles.

A military superpower is a country that can project military power around the world to defeat or dominate another country…by this criteria my argument would be that China is not yet a military superpower and may not be one for quite some time
China is fast becoming a scientific force to be reckoned with, says a new report published by Nature.

The list, which ranks the world's institutions and countries according to their scientific output, puts China second only to the United States. The rankings are based on the number of high profile publications released last year.

Why gene-editing revolution excites and worries scientists
Canada ranked 7th, which, considering the difference in the sheer number of scientists compared with China or the U.S., is pretty impressive.

The top institution in terms of publications was the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a massive engine of scientific growth in the country. It consists of hundreds of regional institutes and includes two universities. To put it in perspective for something us Westerners understand — it beat out Harvard.

What is China investing in?

The Chinese government has indicated it wants to invest energy and funds in brain research, gene science, big data and medical robots.

But perhaps the most ambitious scientific project is the Chinese space program. The largest radio telescope in the world was recently built in southwestern China, and took only five years to complete.

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 Back in January, public pressure forced the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to publish millions of once-classified documents online, giving people the opportunity to browse the documents from home for the first time.

However, written in complicated jargon, the documents proved to be of little use, other than for exposing a spy agency’s failure to produce viable research amidst unlimited funding and no real leadership following WWII.

Among the jargon is a bit about psychics. U.S. intelligence agencies and the Pentagon were given the opportunity to implement a 1975 psychic program in response to Iranian revolutionaries seizing the U.S. embassy and taking 52 American personnel hostage.

The Miami Herald notes:

In an operation code-named Grill Flame, half a dozen psychics working inside a dimly lit room in an ancient building in Fort Meade, Maryland, on more than 200 occasions tried to peer through the ether to see where the hostages were being held, how closely they were guarded and the state of their health.

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Ralph Ring - Inventor Otis T Carr, Nikolai Tesla & anti-gravitic spacecraft

Clip from February 17, 2017 - guest Ralph Ring on the Jeff Rense Program.

Jeff Rense & Ralph Ring - Inventor Otis T Carr, Nikolai Tesla & anti-gravitic spacecraft

Transcript : we made it to another Friday another 0:03 raucous chaotic wild week Donald Trump 0:07 today as president got out among the 0:10 people again doing what he does best 0:12 communicating and explaining and 0:15 interacting and showing his real 0:17 personality to people not behind a brick 0:20 wall sealed away by the establishment 0:23 that has virtually complete control of 0:26 them 0:26 I don't know how to look at it will see 0:28 over time we're going to get away from 0:30 all that tonight and do something 0:32 fascinating for the first two hours and 0:34 talk to a man who has had a very very 0:39 rare opportunity in life 0:42 his name is Ralph ring he is one of the 0:46 surviving members of a team of 0:48 technicians and really gifted scientist 0:51 who worked for legendary and better 0:55 oldest t-carr tea and carrr Otis t-carr 1:01 Ralph has made himself available for 1:03 interviews and appearances to discuss 1:06 his own experience working on cars team 1:10 Otis car with his team developed and 1:13 anti-gravity expand scraft based upon 1:16 direct tutoring he received from Nikola 1:21 Tesla how's that Otis t-carr learned 1:27 many secrets from Tesla and much has 1:30 been lost to time but there are those 1:32 here now through this website which you 1:36 can connect to by clicking on rouse name 1:38 who are rediscovering the secrets from 1:40 cars on mysterious writings and his 1:43 patented drawings Otis car was 1:46 ultimately shut down by the US 1:48 government and a very familiar refrain 1:50 who asserted that car was attempting to 1:53 overthrow the monetary system quote 1:57 cease and desist your operations we're 1:59 terminating your project due to the 2:01 threats and closes to the international 2:04 monetary system and clothes astronaut 2:08 absurd ridiculous do a little bit of 2:10 research 2:11 look at the pictures we have for you 2:13 tonight go to ralphs range website and I 2:17 think you're going to be quite surprised 2:19 blue star enterprise dot-com ralphs can 2:24 you hear me all right 2:25 yeah I can hear you but you have to 2:27 thank you and I'm am I remembering right 2:30 Ralph were you on this program maybe 20 2:33 years ago haha probably all I can take 2:39 I've been in and out and on and offer 2:41 here so that I I that that's a good 2:44 possibility i remember i do remember the 2:49 name Ralph ring and talking about some 2:51 very eclectic things way way back I've 2:53 interviewed over 20,000 people have 24 2:57 years but I i I'd better than you've 3:00 been on before a long time ago and 3:01 you're still here and it's great to have 3:03 you back on if it is back but in any 3:05 case welcome 3:07 well thanks very much and items like the 3:10 luncheon not actually launches here with 3:13 a were actually a team when I regret to 3:17 punch the datos connect with daughters 3:22 because once the area i'm sure 3:24 ok anyway as i'm doing blind Martians 3:28 here Marshall I'm architect yes 3:30 hi I'm glad you're there and i'm glad 3:32 you there with Ralph and you know it's 3:35 it's a shame that more women don't 3:37 understand the concept of working as a 3:39 team they just jumped I in this day and 3:42 age it's it's it's just virtually 3:45 impossible to find a happy couple and I 3:48 think it's only going to become worse so 3:50 congratulations to both of you 3:52 we're helping generate the opposite 3:55 we're hoping that more people will come 3:57 together and be in the balance of the 4:00 male and female instead of just going to 4:03 be in the masculine and feminine 4:04 separately right thing but having sure 4:08 you were a great team outer lord over 35 4:12 years she's been on and off she got 4:15 married I got married and she's traveled 4:17 with us actually around the world in 4:19 different places and different different 4:21 places in the United State 4:24 but we've been to my best friend that is 4:27 when I got married 4:29 thanks a lot of another story but she 4:31 married my first like and I show and 4:34 then let my wife go away 4:37 Marshall I became very very close and 4:40 and it's it's it's we shared piece 4:45 together 4:46 well if you had yeah a great 4:48 relationship transcends all the garbage 4:51 and all the harrismith that we all go 4:54 through living in this world and and 4:56 it's it's a yeah it's a I'm sure you 5:00 just said the keyword into place to go 5:02 that you both can share and it's it's 5:05 piece that's wonderful can happen 5:07 doesn't have her out them and thank you 5:10 now you often i notice t-carr when did 5:16 you meet him Ralph when was your first 5:17 encounter you remember well until the 5:20 late the believe 59 startled yell at the 5:26 99 that was quite a year that was the 5:29 year that Errol Flynn and Mario Lanza 5:33 died within one week of each other 5:35 oh my gosh case you've forgotten haha 5:38 yeah how could I forget wrong with my 5:42 gosh what I wouldn't know that bad 5:46 anyway whatever time and 1959 was kind 5:50 of a pivotal year in many respects and 5:53 when we roll over the sixties things 5:55 things changed now we relied on the the 6:01 customer gotta we really got heavily 6:04 involved in love you know nobody center 6:07 and then really into January you don't 6:09 into the individual six people on that 6:12 project so now it is a magical time for 6:16 us 6:16 sure it is some people say the best 6:19 years of this country for 1952 19 20 6:24 remember 1963 and I would go along with 6:28 that away we see who on our team until 6:31 its own right 6:33 that doesn't fix the unity rock'n'roll 6:35 the other for sure 6:38 ODST car when you met him what was he 6:41 working on and what brought you in to 6:44 use the inner circle 6:46 what was it well let me give you a 6:49 little background understand where i am 6:51 and what I've got it got me involved 6:53 with car i'm sorry i would actually had 6:57 from earlier me things that I've been 7:02 doing have you i want to seriously doubt 7:04 me when in the diving and started 7:07 driving there's no some workers have us 7:10 divers still while 7:12 uh-huh i was married at the time and had 7:17 was reading children were when i was 7:22 working for us drivers of the recently 7:27 diving off the coast decision Southern 7:30 California and off of Newport Beach not 7:33 about boy where I grew up always always 7:37 sure easter weekend Bob and I do you 7:41 remember what about the balboa bay club 7:43 was a huge ty you're not going to 7:45 believe this but my uncle used to home 7:47 that no country Chloe's 51-percent sole 7:52 owner there right goes country club for 7:55 the Murchison zoned out there one point 7:57 well i don't i don't know where I 7:59 because I didn't I had to pull away from 8:01 from family influences because they want 8:05 to meet at all along areas were to be 8:08 too dangerous for me 8:10 well not having any government but he is 8:14 still running with his name is my that 8:19 my nephew is doing business and all the 8:23 trouble of what is it the insurance here 8:27 no real estate business i believe that 8:30 truly shape and we're not very close 8:34 well that's okay i remember my 8:37 grandfather was a chef at Ciro's for 8:41 almost 10 years in the nineteen forties 8:45 Andy very early fifties and he left 8:47 there and ended up down as the chef for 8:50 quite a long time at the bob a club and 8:53 when I was a little little kid i'm 8:55 talking 10 years old why he put me to 8:58 work in the kitchen and the balboa bay 9:00 club had a dining room and help i think 9:03 it was 400 people that could get in 9:05 there was a huge climate club and I 9:07 worked in there for three years at a 9:09 dollar an hour and and then I ended up 9:13 working on the island and around a 9:15 paddleboard stand on bad boy Island 9:17 delays to work on the ferry on that 9:21 wasn't what a golden golden place that 9:24 used to be and along my god I i just 9:27 know that you know I'd I didn't need to 9:29 costa mesa at the time i went to my 9:32 school 9:33 holy costa mesa and cut again it is 9:39 somewhere I'm sure now 9:42 well I didn't even go to school there 9:44 with title there for quite some time and 9:47 i will fly off for a while on the golf 9:52 course with the right country club and 9:55 tossed and I got tired of that and 9:58 decided that i was taking classes those 10:01 taking marine biology and oceanography 10:04 and the love of Orange Coast little 10:06 college and then I took some things with 10:09 Orion up biology and traveled i just 10:13 think that weren't very interesting to 10:16 me like to me that I had what happened 10:18 but that was years and years ago you 10:23 know and I decided to go back to what I 10:27 do best and never with with nature walk 10:30 with the laws of nature 10:32 uh-huh yeah yeah I also work accurate 10:37 the name of it now there was a i was a 10:41 bit was a big boulevard Southwest 10:43 Boulevard am I remembering right i think 10:45 you right and it was good there used to 10:47 be a used to be a damned now I was 10:51 really low but there was a buffalo ranch 10:53 on there they had actual below 10:56 yes yes actual muscle 10:58 all over the place get remember that 11:00 strange remember that one and then I 11:03 worked in a gun club and I I said 11:07 underground as this bunker load clay 11:09 pigeons on a machine that would throw 11:11 them out and then people would shoot 11:14 them with their shotguns it anyway I had 11:16 a lot of fun down there and then it was 11:18 there was such a just a do-over place 11:21 i'm glad you got to to share that and 11:23 enjoy that too i was just i get out of 11:27 an import market in those days they had 11:29 the best macaroni and cheese 11:31 he did it with three oakley and real 11:34 butter and oh my god yes and I let 11:37 myself up a big card mother had me go 11:40 down the water beneath it 11:42 nice wonderful ah newport pier probably 11:46 hear the rendezvous ballroom Johnny Otis 11:49 is any went back into a lot of research 11:54 on that and i've got me some pictures to 11:56 somewhere anyway I we're getting a side 11:59 here but some of you listening may may 12:01 know about the over-talking baden there 12:04 are wonderful places around the country 12:06 that that are all gone just gone 12:09 I mean physically is still there but 12:10 they're down Beyonce was just on the 12:14 kindness it was kind and gentle 12:17 replacement and a quick look like the 12:21 military of the regimentation has just 12:24 slowly creep into everything we were 12:26 doing right watering or like just 12:29 generally being ourselves haha me too 12:32 well you're going to have to do it this 12:33 way and that way and and that's slowly 12:36 started changing the way people did 12:39 things right and but i might add for the 12:43 living rather enjoyable to life to be 12:46 very very confused because they didn't 12:48 like me to what to do I was 10 12:51 ya know I 12:53 you went against the grain because it's 12:55 well that's that's what we lost the 12:57 ability to be proactive in life they 12:59 want to be reactive and tell the line 13:02 and that's what they're creating now in 13:04 schools just drooling drooling direction 13:08 lyst nameless with no inspiration young 13:11 people and then there are wonderful 13:12 exception summer listening right now but 13:15 the rank-and-file is just not there 13:18 I don't know how it's going to recover 13:19 all right let's get back to Otis key car 13:21 around brain and the way I asking a 13:25 question I don't have a deviated I 13:26 wanted to give you a little background 13:27 but I got out of my wife she got nervous 13:31 around me diving and I've got rather 13:33 than some children special diving that 13:36 required special of equipment special 13:39 things that was getting too scary / 13:42 because some of our divers we had 13:44 problems that problems Lou the 13:47 underwater and I never did I don't die 13:49 don't you go get it from the get-go but 13:53 she said no we got the kids here and he 13:55 got need to take the trash out once in a 13:58 while so I was having breakfast one 14:01 morning and she circled a newspaper 14:04 really want to add thing for both and 14:07 add from a place called advanced 14:10 kinetics located in costa mesa and it 14:14 was a research and rd and development 14:17 and the big they were looking for a lab 14:21 tech and I said more than I just came 14:24 out of the service i went in the diving 14:26 I don't know that's a scientific job 14:30 minh and i actually just go down there 14:33 and put in that happens what happens is 14:36 you're always taking around the house 14:37 that you had things running on on 14:39 wireless all over the place and she 14:42 thought well maybe they'd be interested 14:44 to I went down and and I could sure try 14:49 to get into the car and what we did that 14:51 I went down there and that there was 14:53 lunch dietary 14:54 on break and I walked at the balance as 14:57 well I guess up the back and I want my 14:59 the director's office dr. winehart 15:01 there's a director there weinhardt why 15:03 yeah why not 15:05 okay yeah i would walk by his office and 15:10 he said what are you looking for i was 15:12 looking for a job and polish about the 15:15 lunch right now let's go back later and 15:17 equally we're looking for I Drive 15:19 answering this ad for a lab tech this is 15:21 commander into the åland islands that 15:23 whenever there's a lot of pieces left 15:26 what's your qualification to the world 15:28 at i'm not i'm not either go for that I 15:38 don't know I invited i would interest 15:40 you and you would interest me because I 15:42 dealing with natural laws only raised in 15:46 the woods just put my life always all 15:48 the wood and everything I learned about 15:52 naturally simple complicity and I can 15:57 you introduce you told him at all I did 16:00 I'm sure to bring a great interview 16:02 wow anyways he said but his engineer 1am 16:08 economy in here to just quit working on 16:11 the magnetic they had with a little army 16:14 for the government 16:15 it was a girl and funded outfit and me 16:19 working on a magnetic project and I told 16:22 him that that was my dad was my main 16:25 interests in life with me because of my 16:27 business been around them through 16:29 another truth on my life 16:31 Wow because when you know about and I 16:34 should be I was expecting a little bit 16:36 about denied look at it from a natural 16:38 standpoint on a textbook to explain and 16:41 I can I mean I'm have the terminology 16:44 that you have that i can in order 16:47 he's lonely hired because go bad guys 16:51 well I haven't filled out an app yet you 16:53 should just go back to the guys will 16:55 show you what to do and not i want you 16:58 to work on the magnetic think I don't 17:01 worry i'll give you give you enough 17:03 money so you'll be happy when they 17:05 already scenario 17:07 what a great store wonder what see 17:08 there's that's not serendipity that 17:10 supposed to happen 17:12 yeah yeah magnitude of being my address 17:17 and here comes the job and then you have 17:19 a wife and I've been God everything 17:21 going to play slow i don't want them and 17:24 they give me my my workbench and 17:27 everything and consisted of a giant 17:29 oscilloscope the Giant and the the 17:32 Polaroid camera and one and cavalry you 17:37 know like like like the old television 17:39 which with priority like dropped and 17:44 they said all you have to do your job is 17:48 to keep firing these electrons every few 17:51 minutes seconds or whatever and recorded 17:55 it will be recorded on on film but you 17:57 need to write in the time and Loan 18:00 everything for like 16 millimeter from 18:03 America 18:06 haha well it's a good rocks rocks 18:13 cameras snapping on whether it was not 18:16 automatically and what part what part of 18:21 Ralph what part of our coastal major was 18:23 this facility located in ok we have not 18:27 i think they ask that 18:29 well Harbor Boulevard we know that and 18:31 know it was your own shows college or 18:37 nearer hospital 18:39 well it was up tomorrow that's what my 18:42 kids were born it was extremely well 18:45 with it was about two miles due east 18:50 hello ok but at all and it was a pretty 18:54 large fertility elements would become 18:57 block at least maybe two blocks whatever 19:00 I remember some big buildings there and 19:04 i know i think about what you're talking 19:07 about i know the area they weren't 19:09 particularly marketing agencies big 19:11 building know my kingly they have very 19:14 good 19:15 I wanted to leave Loki i get there you 19:17 know why don't you go and find them but 19:21 so I is that all you have to do is get 19:24 on the electrons through that field 19:25 without a deflection it you know it fire 19:28 it and it's going to remain magnetic 19:30 field and don't let it go to the 19:32 negative or positive anymore get one 19:34 straight through 19:36 well it didn't take me longer to your 19:39 out that's why the other engineer the 19:41 engineer quit i just never an engineer 19:44 and I was just going out of the lab tech 19:47 huh 19:48 when I i found out he got frustrated 19:51 ahead and it's very tired of the boy for 19:55 absolute word the job because using for 19:58 using group forced to force an electron 20:01 to appeal that doesn't feel like 20:03 following you read your command and 20:07 you're never gonna get it done that way 20:08 and I about a week after the job i get 20:14 out like in the home and do this and 20:16 bring it back to albany your way to do 20:18 it and which I there's no longer that 20:22 the next venture really working on our 20:25 meditation they're using these coils 20:30 they call the neutrons in those days and 20:32 they have been recorded on the copy if 20:35 you have to go check another one out 20:36 there were not like cod cake lemonade 20:39 new digits couldn't to spend a steel 20:41 ball more than six inches above the 20:44 clouds without burning out the agrotron 20:47 so I set off to use around technique 20:50 I'll get balance all 21 that was a cocky 20:53 little world and you did you you you 20:57 resolve the problem 20:58 yeah i'm home and i took across that 21:02 took apart the old television that 21:05 gradually r200 I got together 21:09 my stuff that I think that ni got the 21:11 Capitals way out and I fell upon the 21:14 magnetic field only real solid there is 21:20 a travels the 1i tried the electron I 21:25 would travel to the magnetic field and i 21:29 said well what they're doing and what 21:32 they're not doing is what i'm going to 21:33 do and show them how simple it and maybe 21:37 I'll get a raise so all i did now this 21:41 was the simplicity of it I set up the 21:43 field and I had an audio amplifier that 21:46 I take that but I remember when he was 21:47 25 bucks and a good and and i have been 21:54 waking up to that but also i was my wife 21:58 was taking pictures and stuff about 21:59 impairment but when I did was that was 22:04 different was I made sense with the 22:07 electron which sounds silly and 22:09 ridiculous but I found a friendly 22:12 approach to anything any type of work on 22:16 people places or things is you know 22:18 where right from the get go over here is 22:21 your friendly are you talking about 22:23 about attitude here and and and 22:27 energetics the approach to things you're 22:30 not a confrontational you're you're 22:34 you're wanting things to flow and I was 22:37 that was the mental and and that was 22:41 coming from you at a very deep level 22:43 this is very interesting hi Ralph with 22:45 your whole lot after pauses for a couple 22:47 had speciation come right back and also 22:49 Todd I want you to call Ralph back Ralph 22:53 I want you to hang up Todd's going to 22:54 call your right back on the people get 22:56 rid of those tiny bit of scratch on the 22:58 line okay just hang out now i'll call 23:01 you right back all right and we will be 23:03 right back 23:04 more fascinating conversation and we're 23:07 back 23:08 fucking your real friends just a 23:10 wonderful story 23:11 alright so you you literally changed 23:13 your your approach to these electrons 23:18 and I understand what you're saying go 23:20 tell us more this is really fascinating 23:22 all I related my experience living in 23:26 the woods just talking to every animal i 23:28 could find every every and any bug every 23:32 fish and and it and it always is always 23:35 work in the woods but when I came out 23:38 you got on the big world out here 23:40 everything's backwards didn't they 23:43 wanted to do things complicated they 23:46 want to go to academia and you know 23:49 reference library tonight I join him for 23:51 a while and then me because I did my god 23:54 what am I doing here when they told me a 23:56 little because he's lying there is ways 23:58 during interphase about the up the 24:01 classroom angle I I quit I quit acting 24:06 yeah and i think i'm going back to 24:08 nature 24:08 you're so far have them off too well I 24:14 mean any out catch it on your own yard 24:16 tonight question I get the car 24:20 uh I just wanted to say that the 24:22 difference that i did was i talked to 24:25 the little electron and i gotta feeling 24:28 well they're using for so what we offer 24:33 the boys just peace just me just you 24:38 know well love what you're doing and I 24:40 did I love the little experiment so I 24:42 said okay guy number send you through 24:45 and I'm not a pulse signal it's just 24:49 turn they usually have some huh and I'm 24:53 gonna give you a community seconds to 24:55 get through there 24:56 I'm not gonna force you i just want you 24:58 to tell me this isn't happening or 25:01 second you need to do it your way about 25:03 my way you to all the end of the 25:06 intruding resistance away and let him 25:10 have a nice peaceful walk through that's 25:13 what yes their districts actually I 25:15 don't think you're understanding what 25:17 people in our growing up 25:19 all right on out of here 25:23 not really he once you've got actually 25:27 want to say you don't want any okay I've 25:29 never liked what I did I probably know 25:34 and immediately the electron and this 25:38 will go first shot I thought I have to 25:41 go 25:41 you don't do 20 or 30 or maybe your 25:44 wandered the first shot it went into a 25:47 spiral which is better than the terminal 25:50 clients more context mechanic trickles 25:52 into a poor textual motion and allows 25:55 itself to push pull push pull push pull 25:59 all the way through the field huh it 26:01 didn't it wasn't being forced it was 26:03 going oh I like a little positive 26:05 because you little- was pretty largely 26:08 naturally i am taking yeah so I got it 26:12 to the field and i took a bunch of 26:13 pictures and load up experiment and it 26:17 was okay that being done here for the 26:20 weekend i think i'll tackle this 26:23 levitation thing that simple I've got 26:27 Easter lay on the grass and watches lots 26:30 of clouds form out of nowhere into this 26:34 enormous clouds like carried an 88 x 26:39 challenged this enormous weight of 26:42 trillions of tons of water right over my 26:46 head and quite naturally know for no no 26:52 just things coming together at the right 26:53 time and place the label that to happen 26:56 and then the signal from the ground 26:58 where it comes from 27:00 it was like till and it would not let me 27:04 let me ask you a question about clouds 27:06 that people don't understand that they 27:09 are they are mass they are weight water 27:13 weight whatever you want to call it 27:15 ok and here they are just balanced 27:18 perfectly floating along is he leaving 27:21 nor idea how you calculate the weight of 27:23 a cloud could every if you put another 27:27 mass up there be equal weight it would 27:29 make an enormous hole in the ground real 27:32 quick 27:33 very very quick thinking back and reread 27:38 the laws of the so-called walls of 27:40 gravity right yeah did you see the whole 27:44 might have it or not I you worked on i 27:48 do on occasion 27:49 yeah and yeah I the same television i 27:55 took the capital rate out alright i had 27:57 a big 15-inch wonderful speaker those 27:59 Negroes televisions were used to the big 28:01 speaker and play solution the Lone 28:04 Ranger on similar speaker to the nice 28:07 15-inch watered and I said on its 28:10 backside magnetic the magnet down on the 28:13 floor and i started using my internal 28:19 scientists to do you want to call it 28:21 that 28:22 no I'm not well I don't like me I got 28:26 you 28:26 it's good to go to work and then I could 28:29 see all 10 ok let's look fired up 28:32 without that the little love audio 28:37 amplifier that you want you i hooked it 28:40 up to that and then I started 28:43 experimenting with which I which is it's 28:47 really a critical education and i think 28:50 what i could do this and I could end up 28:53 showing up at your they can be war and I 28:57 do a lot of me and I can Sonic 28:59 levitation be /ci could close that I 29:03 thought I made more than your own way 29:06 back i think oh god I wonder where it 29:09 was but the betans interacting with 29:12 their long on your drums and they take 29:15 these shared stone like God it must be 29:18 time to I don't know maybe five times or 29:21 something and just start blowing their 29:23 oranges leading their their resumes and 29:27 these would come up to slide of us you 29:30 know of course actually on they just did 29:35 it like it was nothing to it 29:37 uh-huh and that's don't think it's still 29:40 around somebody told me they saw at one 29:41 time but i'm trying to get all over 29:43 again but 29:44 it sits out there maybe they could be 29:46 thinking the great blocks of granite at 29:49 the pyramid 29:50 sure yeah yeah simple levitation I mean 29:54 it just a little pile of I i do around 29:58 with different things and then I have 30:00 realized Oh red is gonna take your 30:06 arbitrary and then majors was just it if 30:10 you don't have you your timing just 30:12 right you don't reach them know that 30:15 something that's not going to work and 30:16 includes getting friends with a little 30:19 while we have more you because you're 30:22 not coming up to approach with peace you 30:26 might run into some trouble told you 30:29 normally would appoint your time and 30:32 please come together because like your 30:34 point in the shop and when you reach 30:38 that when you have been neutralized the 30:42 system to a lot of pressure or anything 30:46 else around it to leave these are any 30:49 noise second sometimes it's the same 30:52 thing we do in our conversations with 30:53 people if we miss our cue an important 30:57 conversation we can't get in and me to 31:00 be and it it is the two seconds later 31:03 doesn't have any think as well as it 31:05 would to second earlier so all that 31:10 being said that you reached the point of 31:16 weed you're almost caught of zero point 31:21 with the animal let's say you have an 31:22 animal out there and you're both of God 31:25 numbers the vibration has reached some 31:28 sort of universality it's a zero point 31:31 there's complete instant communication 31:34 you are one not to be corny but you are 31:37 that you're one you become one with 31:40 whatever it is your community communing 31:42 with and all of a sudden there are no 31:44 barriers no obstacles nothing and that 31:47 that makes absolute perfect sense to me 31:50 I understand what you're saying 31:52 well my god thank you have a hard time 31:56 explaining myself sometimes with that 31:58 that that that hits the nail on the head 32:01 and at the dead same your point is what 32:05 I used on the on the magnets on the 32:08 periphery speaker 32:11 haha i was putting thing dinner and I 32:13 said no way back to the circle go back 32:15 to the spear and I said well 32:17 oh yeah okay here's a pink on the ball 32:19 and I put the ping-pong ball in there 32:21 and turn that the the amplifier a little 32:25 bit and pretty soon the paintball just 32:27 nicely is anything levitated you know 32:31 about six inches above the speaker and I 32:33 said well let's start this damn day 32:36 that's a great start for you where you 32:38 are introducing a hum and a certain 32:42 cycles per second and that yeah there 32:46 was and I don't know everybody doesn't 32:47 know or do you think that was i I just 32:49 the breasts of a t28 koh-i-noor I was 32:54 but I anything you send everything you 32:57 found its ok was made available to you 33:00 and you dialed in 33:02 that's iconic yeah and at that time i 33:05 was going to bed because you up four 33:07 o'clock in the morning and she said just 33:09 let it go and get there in the morning 33:10 maybe you got something that while I 33:12 came out in the morning and there was 33:14 staring you right in the face there it 33:16 is 33:16 this is our exciting oh I took pictures 33:21 that and whether that and I and got 33:25 ready to go to work and i called dr. 33:28 winehart and I got something I want to 33:30 talk to you about you okay so i took on 33:33 in showing what I done looked at the 33:37 pictures and then read the report and it 33:40 says all my god i didn't think it fit 33:41 into this he says we don't eat well do 33:44 you know where you're at and that's what 33:48 I'm making it 33:49 I know I'm not an engineer and I don't 33:51 know much about the way you guys do it 33:54 but I know something about the way 33:56 nature think and it's without for 33:59 securing choosing 34:03 a an equal playing field if you want 34:06 getting the respect to whatever you're 34:08 working with equal rights as yourself to 34:11 operate and it more expired have never 34:13 had a problem he says well list of a hat 34:17 and he says that he looked normal 34:19 experiment already said yes yes I see 34:22 this 34:22 ok I didn't think you think you were 34:26 into that kind of stuff like to be 34:28 honest as well that's it I got to tell 34:31 you something I'm gonna have to shred 34:32 this and I'm gonna have to tell you to 34:34 go back to work a lot i'll give you a 34:36 little more in your pay envelope but you 34:39 don't realize where you're working here 34:41 at this is a government-funded R&D 34:44 research and development facility and we 34:47 were hired and paid for by the 34:49 government to look for answers but not 34:52 find them my whole life changed when I 34:55 heard that I couldn't believe what I was 34:57 hearing yes i'm getting hit over the 35:00 head while you can 35:02 it was it was because he said no you 35:06 need to just keep you in a little bit 35:07 there someday or whatever that is 35:09 getting seasick director work and 35:11 well-adjusted to get my story moving on 35:16 the car by state was he by the way 35:19 weinhardt american german yeah i think 35:24 it is generally pretty sure he was 35:26 generous 35:27 ok alright very good sense because he 35:30 was a stubborn as I was my partner alive 35:33 and well 35:34 wales and Welsh in Germany trench me 35:38 oh thank goodness you've understood the 35:41 way things really work or you'd be a 35:43 real pain wasn't you I was gonna bring 35:47 all my life because everything I've 35:50 advocated it just wasn't coming fly they 35:53 didn't but you know because there was no 35:55 there is no monetary return on hosted 35:59 because what you said motion he don't 36:02 have to go back and keep repeating it 36:03 it'll repeat itself or to understand 36:06 that the timing and the sacred geometry 36:09 that the subway lines and so forth 36:13 you don't have to make a lot of money 36:15 be happy with what you're doing the 36:17 money will come in to video everything 36:18 you need to do it with 36:20 I don't uh I guess I last another week 36:25 and I remember going out there with I 36:28 was crying because I I couldn't believe 36:30 they turned me down all I was just 36:32 trying to help and I thought I had a 36:34 pretty good idea and a turnover the 36:36 engineering take it to the next level 36:39 yeah I'll just before i left my buddy he 36:44 was running an electron microscope we 36:46 were talking about those and tell 36:49 tonight I can't believe this 36:53 turning me down today is gonna shred it 36:55 and everything well that is gonna show 36:58 you something you don't want to show you 37:00 who you are actually talking about you 37:04 should come over here each set up a 37:06 little regardless on a job and life 37:08 under a microscope US bases help but 37:12 think what do you think that is that 37:14 you're looking at you and that was my 37:15 finger it's my finger 37:17 he's all right now I want you to put 37:18 your finger in here and then just just 37:22 relax bitches and there's not like and 37:25 then look to my sculpt that I've got 37:26 this over here and I said one 37:30 ok sure and then I did that and I looked 37:34 in the school my life change began 37:36 because I found out I'm invisible 37:39 I don't really deserve it was just 37:43 particles they're just they're just a 37:46 bunch of electrons will be to do 37:48 whatever with modern days lot of space 37:51 in between them right yeah because it 37:53 wasn't a finger and I tried to 10 to 15 37:57 minutes trying to you my finger in this 37:59 school because what I can draw problem 38:02 let you see your community to have to 38:05 but that's not just any looking at your 38:07 ear energy here on Yuki and nothing else 38:12 is so well I'm flesh-and-blood year that 38:14 i've got a body and complete long you 38:18 get it from 38:19 and so anyway I I left her and average i 38:26 originally selected to go home because I 38:30 was speeding to kill contributor really 38:32 all mortgages no let's totally have to 38:34 do right and I ran into my buddy down 38:38 the block and it was more or less what 38:42 do you look sad with Mary United like I 38:44 just quit 38:46 I don't know how to tell my wife that 38:47 because i can go back into driving and I 38:50 don't know what I'm gonna do uh-huh and 38:53 you will let you quit night to limit and 38:56 then try to let my interests loosen 38:59 magnetic senate i wanted to use that my 39:03 my knowledge of magnetism to improve 39:07 life on the planet to you if people 39:09 would understand what pure magnetism is 39:12 not electromagnetism necessarily feel 39:15 like that's not natural magnetism 39:17 natural thank you thank you 39:19 natural magnetism switching everybody's 39:22 life and make it just beautifully simple 39:24 and easy and they wouldn't have to toil 39:27 for a living 39:29 they could do whatever they want known 39:31 distances is working with your mount 39:33 against your BS i began the guy's a 39:37 beautiful interview sh taking it easy to 39:40 thank you 39:42 you know I sleep on a magnetic matches 39:46 pad and have for almost 20 years it's 39:48 like at the probe 12,000 Gauss magnets 39:52 hundreds of them in there they're 39:54 pointed the North polarity up only and 39:58 your South goes down and I'm in the 40:02 field north polarity filled the 40:05 company's called magnetic 0 and they're 40:09 they're wonderful they're just a 40:11 wonderful thing it simple and i'm in 40:14 that field when I'm sleeping and my body 40:17 is happy at restoring it's just it is a 40:22 whole different way of living anyway 40:24 please go ahead but i do and i want you 40:26 to know I do understand 40:27 certainly an end 40:29 a rudimentary way what you're saying 40:31 where you're where you're going with 40:32 this self 40:33 thank you thank you i was reading that 40:35 wasn't medical or magnetic oh yeah and 40:40 ma gnet ico magnetic asleep dot-com i 40:45 have a banner on my frontpage hi dr. 40:47 bonnez been friends for over 20 years 40:48 and you feeling inventor dr. Dean 40:51 Bottomly and yeah it's right on my 40:53 homepage it's the 4th Panzer down from 40:56 the top but anyway yeah i like to look 40:58 into that they have a wonderful stuff 40:59 very interesting there anyway uh it's 41:04 actually were so I told him what what 41:07 what what happened that he knew that I 41:10 was a unmet because i was flying things 41:12 around the house and going to the walls 41:14 with things stand he says my neighbors a 41:17 week 41:18 really I'm sorry after the for our 41:20 listeners used to say you're going 41:22 through the wall with things to you word 41:24 well and somehow were able to get down 41:26 to that spatial realm and and move 41:30 things through the wall 41:32 correct yes traditions too early to 41:36 discuss it with even myself because i 41:39 was doing things and they were happening 41:41 and I didn't understand how they could 41:42 happen 41:43 it's got overheated he could see use the 41:49 very me to darkness that is cooler and 41:53 launcher and plot right before their 41:57 anyway long story short I still in that 42:02 you know I got my my goal go ahead got 42:05 to get people to see the simplicity and 42:08 he go around telling them take a look at 42:11 the things differently than the way 42:12 they've been looking out because they've 42:14 been looking out for long long time that 42:16 way because it would trade they were 42:18 talking they were and most of what i 42:21 learned everything has most of all I'd 42:24 learned it has been not the whole truth 42:28 has been a part of the truth about the 42:31 altar suddenly half of the truth is 42:33 nursing so they never had a complete to 42:36 make it put together and 42:37 and that problem with and so I said I 42:41 I'm want to build spaceships or 42:44 equivalent thereof to have flown home 42:47 blowing a really throwing your country's 42:54 lower on now looking for when I'm 42:56 anymore Schengen he told me no I right 43:00 let's call later that he told me that 43:02 you want your honor of your Arabic 43:04 spaceship right now and then I i 43:07 realized that everything is years in 43:12 there isn't one 43:14 it's just a tree is one but it has many 43:17 branches that have thousands of branches 43:19 to it but it's one tree that trees and 43:22 nourishes and those everything for this 43:24 for the branches and the leaves and 43:26 everything so because i'm getting 24 43:31 hours no no I love fruit that's fine 43:34 no probably could have tried a thousand 43:38 retrieve my life or you know what i'm 43:40 talking about it's good to troll 43:42 beautiful to see the you know and people 43:44 together the pumpkin a pump the water up 43:47 and maybe they don't know the leads were 43:49 made together they don't understand the 43:52 mechanisms of the water time the water 43:55 getting up that big tree at night and 43:58 slice 43:59 I don't even talk about it I just 44:01 telling with two guys really want to 44:04 know 44:05 google it convincing because there's 44:09 some incredible information coming out 44:11 now about natural logs would be a dented 44:14 the wanted me to actually come from the 44:18 can actually wanted everything really 44:22 it's so sad to hear how you were treated 44:27 by the establishment in its it's such a 44:31 game such an ugly game really and he 44:34 should have been welcomed and let go as 44:37 far as fast as you could go in that 44:39 field and it but that's not the way the 44:41 species setup 44:43 I'm sorry I know what I i wondered for 44:46 years what the heck and i found out i 44:48 followed the money 44:49 somebody should probably money and i 44:50 found out that was playing as money you 44:53 said you're not just the most of it's 44:57 not out of line for the people for god 44:59 sakes no it's a dying all over my north 45:02 wall for those for the money and the 45:03 money was going to the field of blonde 45:05 sits up with along shortly to the money 45:09 coming around we're coming up on on time 45:15 to run to take a break here against top 45:18 of the hour and we will be right back 45:20 with more looking forward to this this 45:23 next hour we'll talk about Otis t-carr 45:27 and many more things as well with Ralph 45:30 and Marsha so come right back with this 45:33 we'll be back okay welcome back our 45:36 number two what you have heard and what 45:38 we have been able to experience together 45:40 in the first hour is really nothing less 45:42 than a very simple explanation as to why 45:46 physics is so damn difficult for super 45:51 gay people he this is one of the 45:55 greatest insights that I think has ever 45:58 been showcased or presented on this 46:01 program at 24 years the laws of nature 46:04 and how easy they can be and should be 46:07 and how it's all been corrupted and 46:10 perverted by the lust for money and 46:12 control and physics when I hear people i 46:17 know people in physics and they tell me 46:20 that everything that we're ever going to 46:23 really know has already been discovered 46:26 I mean I hear that kind of talk and it's 46:30 sad it's tragic 46:31 now all i can say is I i feel very 46:33 serious pity for people like that not 46:37 arrogant condescending pity but true 46:39 pity because this universe is so 46:42 magnificent and we know virtually 46:45 nothing talking to Ralph ring and Marsha 46:51 so Ralph please go ahead and let's uh 46:53 let's see where we go 46:55 ok and an inch of you your listeners 46:59 they probably want to get to the the 47:01 actual of what we've done and what we're 47:05 doing now and what he will be going in 47:07 the future 47:08 no I let me make an invitation to you 47:10 right now if we don't get through it in 47:12 the cellar and don't worry I you come 47:15 back and we'll spend more time as much 47:17 time as you need 47:18 very happy to do so please just take 47:21 your own pace and don't worry about 47:23 hurrying i love to hear the small 47:25 minutiae because there's such big things 47:28 and in minutia 47:30 yeah thank you thank you for lunch 47:33 that's beautiful 47:34 oh ok on my friend I I told him what I 47:37 tell that read that trying to talk to 47:43 people about changing their ways of 47:44 looking at something like talking to a 47:46 brick wall ladies all i hear the other 47:49 always means and i didn't want to appear 47:51 with your journey but I thought if you 47:55 could just take a moment to look at it 47:57 differently to permit you might see 47:59 something and didn't see before and that 48:01 might lead to something else him and he 48:04 get you into a different state of mind a 48:08 different way of looking at them and 48:13 then I thought well with me wanting of 48:17 the spaceship spiritual instead of the 48:20 month instead of but in as well as cars 48:24 go through these people could still 48:25 every lemme glad you remembered anything 48:29 but yeah but need something whatever 48:32 however 1954 woody i'm restoring so 48:36 there you go 48:37 oh haha right by my pad with 41 forward 48:41 o beautiful bit and that i loved it now 48:44 trapped in channel i had it help to 48:49 control the upholstery i have any and 48:52 all like oh you need sunglasses when you 48:54 open before and I get the picture BTW 48:56 yeah yeah they love of God 49:01 well anyway back to his story is he said 49:05 was already but what he will you what 49:08 you want to do 49:09 what if you want to change people the 49:11 way of looking at it is not gonna get 49:13 very far with what you're doing it 49:14 because I said well I want to build 49:17 spaceships because that's going to get 49:19 their interest because they see rocket 49:20 power and the bishop to so much easier 49:23 than expending all that time money and 49:26 you'll have to go to water and I gave an 49:29 example of in a circle crap which are 49:35 going to be talking about equality that 49:39 differences in the present technology 49:43 and the technology if you continue to 49:47 carry college that the natural flow of 49:50 of understanding things dramas Tesla and 49:54 then through car and many to me was that 49:58 day we have a rocket and you want to go 50:01 to China for Chinese food you have to 50:04 get that baby tool that was probably a 50:07 24 million dollars worth of fuel and the 50:10 time and energy to take together on the 50:12 platform and the time and and facing to 50:17 get out there and you go around 6,000 50:21 miles to China come down you have to get 50:23 a taxi or something negative training 50:26 restaurant but and I said now would what 50:30 and I'm getting a little out of context 50:32 here that I want to show the audience 50:34 what we're going to lie can explain 50:36 everything i'm just talking about sure 50:38 you could take a spaceship levitated 50:44 above the earth and let the earth 50:47 turning almost 4,000 miles an hour and 50:50 then when he gets around with China 50:53 you've been wasted no energy then you 50:55 just come down and with no no effort 50:59 have your chinese food you can land 51:02 right on top of the restaurant 51:03 I mean that's the differences in the 51:06 technologies the approaches understood 51:09 yeah just in time for dim sum 51:16 for each Pokemon I I want you to meet 51:19 some other people like you love it was 51:22 there the group called understanding and 51:24 it was created by a guy by the name of 51:26 Daniel Frye and it's here in costa mesa 51:30 the life of flying let's go so i went to 51:35 their names and I told him what I wanted 51:36 to do and then I heard all these 51:38 brilliant people were just beautifully 51:41 talented people that have refused to 51:44 toil anymore but decided to invent and 51:48 decided to create different ways and 51:51 means of doing things like all very 51:53 comfortable with all of them and they 51:55 were into UFOs in those days and Daniel 51:58 Frye was that are into that field and he 52:02 said the lodgement the group told me 52:05 that they knew of this oldest car who 52:08 had worked three years with Tesla he met 52:11 flies when you're going you use in his 52:14 study that he had it won't get up at the 52:17 hotel in new york hotel and enough and 52:22 the New York at the time and your time 52:24 at hotel where he passed on yes yes and 52:28 yes No 52:29 333 or something and get a problem to 52:34 work there and there isn't that the 52:35 court is the head click and take people 52:38 that out but he got acquainted with 52:40 Tesla and kept within 15 up to the stuff 52:44 and but prob wanted to know he said no I 52:47 don't want conventional anything I want 52:49 to know what we can do this to help 52:51 humanity make things simple and it was 52:56 ok you got it i'm gonna give it to you 52:59 i'm just about to do because too many 53:01 people have to pick a time at least 53:03 eight people and chase bank could 53:05 support its funding our lives because 53:08 with just those ideas and when he found 53:13 out the Tesla to grow that we don't need 53:15 wires and we don't need we don't need 53:18 telephone calls to the extreme wires 53:22 oh I can if you let me build up our and 53:27 he has already started because he's got 53:29 permission but he 53:30 maybe more than didn't understand the 53:36 the full of location of why this million 53:39 francs like this Wyclef yeah what yeah 53:42 warden like with 4 equals quite foot and 53:46 they said we can transport now we can 53:50 and I energy everywhere because the 53:54 energy specifically where we're going 53:56 with with was blowing at the end and 54:00 there's nothing to is put to understand 54:04 it and our clothes and so forth and all 54:07 it'll be in a word 32 people because 54:11 it's always been free with the Sun 54:13 before in all of me swim fire wherever 54:16 it's always been 54:18 unless otherwise stated the musical 54:20 youth tonight 54:21 alright alright he said you know that 54:26 there's no we don't need that better 54:28 than the people can instead of boiling 54:30 for literally can get into and what they 54:32 really came here to do which is to be 54:35 talented and creative magnificent 54:37 buildings magnificent artwork 54:40 magnificent everything because they love 54:43 what they're doing they're not they're 54:45 not resisting being told what to do for 54:49 the dollar and that's what makes all the 54:51 difference in the world it and yes you 54:54 do i do excuse me master one thing Rob 54:56 you just shit ride the way the concept 55:01 of working for compensation 55:04 it's all about getting paid to put up 55:08 and engage with resistance 55:11 I'm strange and always perfect that's 55:16 that's exactly what it is thank you for 55:17 helping me out well so I I told him my 55:26 idea I gotta get some people but they 55:29 won't listen to anything they don't want 55:31 to hear what I have to say about how 55:32 simple things are but how about if we 55:35 build spaceships because they don't have 55:38 an area and using magnetic energy which 55:41 I understand 55:42 thank you you've got embolus energy 55:45 wherever you go you'll never run out of 55:47 fuel is the manufacturing of the 55:50 physical craft if you want to call it a 55:52 physical craft can be done here and now 55:55 with the materials that we have here and 55:57 now and and beyond that started because 56:01 the lab then there can be interstellar 56:05 entertaining and relaxing crafts you can 56:07 go anywhere it would know the route 56:10 you'll donate looks no accidents could 56:13 never have access to the magnetic field 56:15 unless you want and and so you win 56:21 you're talking like a guy who's by the 56:23 name of cars out normal form of putting 56:25 on demonstrations with what he's calling 56:27 a spaceship and he's having trouble 56:30 because people think he's getting money 56:34 and trying to it was a scam and remember 56:36 there's no such thing as a spaceship and 56:38 stuff and they told me a little about 56:44 his background here did you can to the 56:47 lead patent officer nowdays plans for a 56:52 particular poor craft could use what 56:56 levitation and teleportation he was 57:00 talking about teleportation back in the 57:02 in the early early forties and fifties 57:06 and the Patent Office look at that no 57:11 you can't have levitation you can have 57:12 the teleportation that's ridiculous and 57:15 he goes out it will be a patent on 57:17 amusement device and so much to say I'm 57:24 trying to get it all and I'm freaking 57:27 time I got it I got a question here from 57:29 the literature I sure 57:31 greetings Jeff your first our guests 57:33 Ralph ring is associated with Otis 57:36 t-carr according to his website at the 57:39 oldest ich our website is a copy of the 57:42 patent for the flying disk device the 57:46 patent describes the disk device as an 57:49 amusement ride device for entertainment 57:52 from looking over Ralph rings website it 57:55 seems to me that he is suggesting that 57:57 this is a real flying disk device not an 58:02 entertainment ride device would you 58:04 please ask ralph why the patents stated 58:08 this device is a toy not as a real 58:11 flying disc and you're just answering 58:13 that right now 58:15 well is going to the closer it he was he 58:23 was that turn down the pad me said any 58:26 related to me later that he decided 58:32 integrated Commission who believe in 58:35 anything things were about various 58:37 security major a very unusual person you 58:42 are and he told me that that's what we 58:48 call me a life of already talking about 58:53 the we got the past don't look at me 58:56 should how does write a book and that 58:59 book is though is is available on our 59:01 website to incidentally blue star 59:03 enterprises one worders no break in 59:05 between boost our and applies because 59:09 sometimes it won't connect but either 59:12 that or well brings website building at 59:16 the website and there's a lot of 59:18 information there on our new bar on 59:20 dementia mystery which is no original 59:23 writing for the repose and palms 59:28 everything about it natural off how 59:30 these new things and outwards to do 59:33 things and he said I'm gonna write and 59:36 put the simplicity of everything that we 59:41 had to take out of a craft into these 59:43 writings and someday when the time is 59:46 right and somebody can be coded and give 59:50 it open source back to the people will 59:52 understand the simplicity codes are the 59:56 space station 59:58 so while looking at your site it does 60:02 come up perfectly when we click on it at 60:04 your name and guests goes right to it 60:08 blue star enterprise dot-com and you 60:12 look around the right is categories 60:15 ah Tesla Motors t-carr victor shall 60:19 burger 60:20 wow I see my buddy is one of my favorite 60:24 guys 60:25 Wow off while we have many programs to 60:29 do I think my friends ok ok that's a 60:32 name from Valhalla practically yeah yeah 60:36 well I about trying to I I another 60:42 interested in they had teleporting 60:44 slight experience that I had I'm trying 60:49 to get to it before we miss her too 60:52 close to the edge so I'll movie had that 60:55 too 60:56 they said he's in trouble living there 60:59 including with blood and everything and 61:01 they want to shut him down and he did 61:02 have an accident boot in one of the 61:04 hangars that he was working with it 61:07 would have been working with mercury at 61:09 the time and he said if it gets out of 61:12 hand can be very dangerous and would at 61:15 that time you did not heed not at the 61:18 edge of the crab he just got the 2 seams 61:22 together and just kind of filled with 61:24 the beam around there but he did not 61:28 look at me she's supposed to hook it 61:30 over because in raising the vibratory 61:35 rate of emission experiment it to injury 61:38 got to the things said in the hospital 61:41 it's always surprising like a but seemed 61:43 instead of collapsing you yesterday 61:45 Gilda that's exactly it 61:47 wow so add a channel of listen is in 61:52 trouble and you hear you only do this 61:55 and he's wanting to do it what we call 61:57 him and see if he would be interested in 62:00 getting together with you Holly you get 62:02 all you guys together 62:04 and moody understand agreeable support 62:08 you and backing up and everything else 62:10 and I the world you don't know much 62:12 about me but but i'm bored other percent 62:16 what they call women long story short 62:20 handle entourage about they ate traffic 62:23 eight maybe more eight people over and 62:29 we had a PR people and they had our 62:31 engineers and businesses to women anyhow 62:36 he's they would you come out to 62:38 California meet with Ralph and if we can 62:42 provide a facility so you could do this 62:46 without being interrupted or disturbed 62:48 or photo they get out which we 62:52 interested they hopped on the next plane 62:55 almost all it took a couple of weeks but 62:57 they came out with with everybody to 63:00 costa mesa and he never will be 63:02 understanding group lot of wonderful 63:04 people are up 63:06 I i can get into them later and your 63:10 aunt apple and Gabriel gray and my gosh 63:13 there's a lot of people that were really 63:14 sincerely dedicated to helping and 63:17 change their ways this is what are 63:19 amazing to hear all this and great in 63:22 costa mesa 63:24 yeah I want to every day ray Junior High 63:27 School Wilson element was a may nominate 63:30 elementary school and at this is all 63:33 because it's just it's boggling my mind 63:38 here again it's so correct and it's so 63:41 it'sit's everything is fitting it's not 63:44 this i'm not surprised by it it's just 63:47 wonderful 63:49 it's a wonderful revelation to realize 63:51 what has what had been going on I was 63:54 visited by a very strange man I was in 63:56 the ninth grade in high school in costa 63:58 mesa i will talk maybe sometime about 64:00 that privately but they're there were 64:02 some things there that that were beyond 64:06 cutting-edge beyond and please go ahead 64:09 yeah okay also i met with card 64:16 and then with it with all these people 64:17 and wonderful god these guys would like 64:20 from another planet these guys were way 64:22 before i head of conventional everything 64:25 and we could balance and communicate our 64:28 level of that was a a quite extensive 64:35 and quite unique very simple and then 64:42 we're throwing ideas but import all 64:44 their lives once we get this done we can 64:46 do that in the other and because yeah 64:48 man this whole we can rebuild the planet 64:51 with beautiful playing just all wash 64:53 square 64:54 oh they said you're engaged take your 64:57 your crew and heading out to Center Lake 65:04 Arrowhead and we've got a big beautiful 65:08 cabin up there that you guys can stay 65:13 out until we figure we can do so we did 65:18 we were not there and that's when I 65:20 really got to know car he ate he was 65:23 like talking to somebody from another 65:25 multi-dimensions because everything i 65:28 could go into hee hee news enough to 65:33 talk about it with me and then I know 65:35 enough to your question answered back to 65:37 him that I was beautiful just garlic 65:40 with this extraordinary and we said look 65:43 let's do it let's build these things and 65:47 I don't know it is familiar with the way 65:51 the mind was that you have a wat if 65:53 you're gonna want forever to get 65:55 something done but if you have an 65:57 intention and motivation to help people 66:00 it will come to you it will show you all 66:02 that you want that you need this you 66:05 need that and a week later after we were 66:07 up there we got a call from the 66:10 understanding that we got your place it 66:12 in the valley hysteria California 66:18 and it's a great big huge facility and 66:24 it's yours too 66:26 don't ask too many questions you don't 66:28 need to i mean if you want to you can 66:30 but it just go and so we went down and 66:33 he was just got hit it already got a 66:36 machine shop and already had to land i 66:38 already have all these facilities that 66:40 we would love to have in a lab in 66:43 another place to work and so we want to 66:46 work right away on on unknown are you 66:51 doing prototypes and now am I talking 66:57 the car he agreed with me that you're 67:01 not going to avoid people of my talking 67:04 to only consider to waste the time 67:06 you're going to have to give them 67:08 something a little beyond their 67:09 conscious awareness felt something just 67:12 out of touch so that they have been 67:14 reached for and then you might get them 67:17 to look at things differently and I said 67:20 well as the spaceship with build a ship 67:22 at and we're going to do that so we 67:30 started with other smaller craft that 67:33 everything in the meantime he had had 67:35 them until everything we put together 67:38 actually 21 was done or not done the 67:42 45-foot craft and we were having our 67:49 little prototype school all around apple 67:52 valley and everything and people at that 67:54 time but they were applied for officers 67:56 it's like one of those people that have 68:00 commented on ax names change Gilligan 68:03 going to learn the Golan the Washington 68:07 told color someone who security could 68:09 see all of a little class by all over 68:12 the place with metal longer around 68:14 actually treat that it is you can see in 68:18 the dark and he wanted to go over there 68:21 with his mother was scared to death of 68:22 the HTC don't go hear that 68:24 places they're doing strange same thang 68:28 produces these were how big these are 68:33 the three brothers small ones 68:36 uh-huh we had 12 inch ones we had well 68:40 god we had different that I don't think 68:43 we had any 6-foot stop it we just got 68:47 our communal achievement everybody 68:50 played a role in it is you you 68:51 constructed this heard it primarily come 68:53 from car and what role did you play in 68:56 it and and you've got a three-foot UAVs 69:00 so to speak 69:03 I'm curious as to how is controlled as 69:06 well so first of all who constructed 69:08 this is first prototype that was flying 69:10 all over apple valley the home of roy 69:13 and Dale yeah I and sugar was there for 69:18 a long time out he's god yes well close 69:24 University information we would spend 69:27 time rather than more games we sit 69:29 around in a semi meditative state and 69:34 just to like I was like I think tank 69:36 with two ideas around the room and in 69:40 the space of a lunch break we have 69:43 scrapped what we were doing and found a 69:47 new way of doing it a different way of 69:49 doing it and so everybody was working 69:53 together on it about the consensus was 69:56 that and the missus this is going into 70:00 the download the beat down the rabbit 70:02 also hope people stay with it long 70:06 enough to look into it for themselves 70:08 just my word but it's states of 70:12 consciousness that you have to to look 70:15 for within yourself and maintain a 70:19 rhythm of vibratory rate that above the 70:25 mundane above the regular above the 70:29 everyday stuff 70:32 and that's when you get these being 70:36 brilliant ideas they just kind of come 70:38 together out of the ethers they just is 70:40 feeling maybe in your mind and you have 70:44 some underlying next 90 people together 70:46 number in order that you you got away 70:48 from all the noise all the chaos and he 70:51 has a purity of state of purity in which 70:55 there was nothing obstructing the free 70:59 flow of the order of nature it has this 71:03 is exactly thank you 71:06 if they can get and so we in fact one of 71:13 the later visited mrs. shawn james 71:15 gilligan as a father yet but does he 71:18 have the interview shows or something 71:19 and all that you may have heard of it 71:22 and i don't know i know i did James yes 71:25 he's been on this program many years ago 71:27 yeah okay good well it's always later 71:30 that he was along with a couple of 71:33 police opportunity charged with the 71:35 experiment that we do the 45 so they 71:37 each it was also a visual on earth he 71:41 saw the experiment and so we at last at 71:46 this is a pass out there with ocean 71:50 because when you talk about this the 71:53 people and they'll be on your hands 71:55 especially when I told mikey mike leader 71:57 isn't really there 71:58 I just imagine have you know don't come 72:03 to that will want nothing most people ha 72:05 long behind this now that the three 72:08 footers that were flying around just for 72:10 our listeners and they had I know what 72:14 you'd call it a little ring of this ring 72:17 of light up we could call the plasmas to 72:20 be pedestrian but what was how are they 72:23 controlled was ok we'll reel now around 72:27 the purity of the ship is not the area 72:30 to the ship 72:31 yes and 72:33 first one we didn't have remote controls 72:36 like they have now that you can do just 72:38 about anything with remote style days 72:40 but we didn't have that and car head 72:42 when you were at the arrowhead 72:44 continually talked to us about 72:48 consciousness but we have so much power 72:52 within us that we're not using we're 72:55 going to turn around and use it to build 72:58 spaceships and the way you do that is 73:01 recognized in real life who you really 73:03 are and get away from the synthetic 73:06 ourselves that we think we are to be 73:09 authentic self who we really are and 73:12 when you get into that ball part man 73:14 things will just start cooking you do 73:16 you'll just put everything together 73:18 you just told us exactly what and i 73:20 don't mean to interrupt but I want to 73:22 amplify on his very important statement 73:24 this is what's wrong with our way of 73:28 life 73:29 we're all synthesized we're all created 73:32 to be essentially reflective of the 73:35 image of the money to delete and how 73:39 they want the servant class the survival 73:42 class to appear to behave to think to 73:45 interact not to progress not to be 73:48 proactive but just to be reactive 73:50 waiting for some stimulator come along 73:53 that's how it that's how it plays out 73:55 and you just you just said it perfectly 73:58 oh thank you thank you 74:01 I'm not always sure what I'm saying 74:03 sometimes if it makes any sense but 74:05 basically we realized that we had to put 74:08 our brain in another perspective we had 74:12 to look at the Blaine to have the 74:13 computer that operated machine which is 74:16 called the of any negative political 74:21 world of the body which is really a 74:24 machine a very wary of well-calculated 74:27 well-oiled machine but we had to put it 74:30 to sleep because it would keep 74:32 interfering with the conventional or 74:35 external influences that would keep 74:37 trying to come come in to us 74:39 and change your thoughts change your way 74:42 of looking at things 74:43 uh-huh hello we educate him I focused 74:48 all the time in a meditative step while 74:51 we were working why we're building and 74:53 water we had to touch the products we 74:55 had to get acquainted with the park and 74:58 it was very very nice to me because i 75:01 have I feel right at home but car too 75:05 we've got the reason the consciousness 75:07 of everybody to change the part that 75:09 you're not going to do it another way 75:11 and we want to Billie spaceships to give 75:14 them something to shoot for and they all 75:16 like a spaceship you know you don't know 75:18 how they operate 75:19 well now that comes to these please 75:23 answer the question that you posed a few 75:26 minutes ago the world are operated is 75:32 with the energy that we have have 75:37 collected beings used as and through and 75:41 other the energy of what's around us the 75:44 etheric energy last error per se not but 75:49 not water or anything to say 75:54 pyrrhic energy now might be going 75:57 popular says the opposite of the 75:59 elements i got the alley should also 76:04 closed community said we're going to be 76:09 going to have to operate these things 76:12 the way to test the waters to just let 76:17 told me years ago visual voice the time 76:21 to build things in the in ways that will 76:24 need to show people that they're not 76:27 necessary then he says eventually 76:30 they'll get to a point where they 76:32 realize they've got they can do all this 76:33 in their mind and put it is that's what 76:36 Tesla did eat we go and do what we want 76:40 to create a dream state or a visionary 76:42 state and he had the whole project 76:44 download the dynamos at the instant the 76:49 Niagara were all inside before even put 76:51 this too 76:52 curtain and made it all happen I mean it 76:54 was written and he said you've got to 76:57 use your mind but his knowledge you're 76:59 listening to your your external solves 77:02 your pathetic self which is the everyday 77:07 or guide i guess to go to work and put 77:10 the time clock is going to be told you 77:13 will because many are you going to get 77:15 enough sleep come back to work in the 77:16 morning and then you might get a 77:18 paycheck the end of the week or 77:20 something and then told 77:24 we had to stay completely away from any 77:27 temptation to engage in anything love 77:31 with things that we couldn't do it 77:33 wouldn't do it or any distraction at all 77:38 and it was easy because we were all in 77:40 the kind of different state of mind 77:41 anyway and we had we have people helping 77:47 us brothers watching life that was very 77:51 interesting and attractive exist 77:55 officially your listeners are against 77:58 programming that was done in the fifties 78:00 54 56 called galaxy and itself it was 78:10 our boost to some tops from beings from 78:16 other places not saying platter my 78:19 playing interest just other states of 78:23 consciousness talking about magnetic 78:26 talking about life on the planet how we 78:31 got this way and now we cannot use a 78:35 television program 78:37 no it'sit's a enjoying the radio I think 78:40 you can still get a copy of that if you 78:42 can't i can send out the fact that got 78:44 on the website Harding it's always 78:48 galaxy and actually don't have caught 78:53 the other here and it's it's left over 78:57 to this that there must be 40 to 50 60 79:01 70 80 different talks on on topics that 79:04 don't make sense conventionally we all 79:07 make sense 79:08 naturally and everything they talk about 79:10 and it's livery and you had on his 79:14 on-site yes yeah we can we have 79:18 reservation bill nice should tell you 79:21 our website has been taken out a lot you 79:25 know if they've always harassed me and 79:27 I've had about how many computers & and 79:30 internal work but this last time they 79:33 took the website out 79:34 alright i go to regrow daddy and I 79:37 talked to them about it makes it up now 79:39 they came in and somebody baby baby 79:42 either didn't want to tell me or they 79:44 didn't know to destroy to where he 79:47 couldn't be put back together for some 79:49 reason I will inquire it's just public 79:52 information and I'm just I'm just 79:54 obvious trying to get some information 79:55 out huh 79:57 and so you but you know that is 79:59 absolutely no way we can help you 80:01 because they tore it up pretty bad but I 80:04 turned over my situation to my higher 80:09 consciousness if you will which means 80:13 medication or which means taking energy 80:16 from yon and suddenly magnificent being 80:22 showed up and tutors name is aaron a.k.a 80:29 are all and um you don't be ridiculous 80:37 and he says I'm here to help high time 80:41 that I'm come from different about my 80:44 background but i'm here to help a look 80:46 at your website back on because he and i 80:49 told him i'm getting hundreds and 80:51 hundreds and hundreds of requests to 80:52 what happened to your website and 80:55 everything he says I know how to do it i 80:57 used to work for godaddy and I know what 81:01 do they don't want to know or something 81:03 and i can do it for you and all about 81:05 it's all okay so now we're coming back 81:08 he does every day putting a new a new 81:12 link a new page i knew something on the 81:17 website 81:18 I and that's just started a couple 81:20 months ago I mean it's just very slowly 81:22 coming back so it's going to build its 81:25 power and we've got a system now that is 81:27 so secure its little over a Linux which 81:33 we have it it's it's just it's a it's a 81:38 system that could protect itself 81:42 a minute hearing I'm going on tonight 81:44 pretty well-protected is aaron dirty 81:47 snow here helping heroes 81:50 he just got back to mud at the word be 81:53 in la at the LAX for the the confidence 81:57 yeah o.o real cautious here a little 82:00 cards and goodies 82:01 yes that is he has called this design is 82:06 way back now I mean been in conference 82:10 with the poor david wilcock when he 82:13 enjoyed the conference they told us all 82:14 about it but he's still working with his 82:17 laptop so he sees and including long 82:20 distance on the website as we go and i'm 82:23 finding stuff I concerning all the time 82:25 and and he's located here in Northern 82:29 California and and and we're neighbors 82:34 almost immediately driving distance 82:38 great and even that was good so it's 82:41 coming back and sounds like you will 82:42 have the proper kind of security of the 82:46 world an able to remain grip we're 82:50 getting moving back to the just 82:51 mentioned mystery which would never had 82:54 that the no poetry and so forth is when 82:58 the time comes for this to be decoded 83:00 the does that probably information on 83:04 out of Richard self your own spaceship 83:07 and everything else will come back and 83:09 buy the guy the spaceships will come 83:11 back because it's never really been very 83:14 long off the planet the mainland it had 83:17 me going to areas that we can't see but 83:21 but there's that never left it's always 83:24 been prevalent on different levels of 83:26 consciousness assistant so were like 83:34 okay day has dimensions of mr. away 83:38 yeah so that along like everything else 83:41 that when you're only natural our 83:43 kingdom us we didn't do one thing they 83:45 came to us a guy by the name of it 83:48 de and and and you don't think i should 83:55 say his last name it 83:57 well we got no secrets but ok he's a 83:59 good trend not a very dedicated person 84:02 helping humanity and he said he'd like 84:05 to me we could potentially ministration 84:08 and get back to work car horns and more 84:12 credit ok he is the oldest cars book of 84:17 available 84:18 yes ok it's it's like me 84:23 well it's a manuscript if it involves at 84:28 the book e-book and it can be downloaded 84:31 office awful lot of website in a 84:33 regional forum I a long side of that any 84:38 case it's not completely back up yet 84:41 take somebody can contact us and we can 84:44 get it to him and recorded copy of the 84:47 Interior decoding everything that car 84:50 and testified put into kilograms said 84:53 yes yes yes sir mine was not in spirit 84:58 wear it was car you know connected to 85:03 Tesla up until the end of Tesla's life 85:05 as we know life and it doesn't sound 85:10 like it was all that many years later 85:11 that that you got involved with him he 85:14 was I wonder how he was changed by Tesla 85:17 it seemed to be kindred spirits to a 85:20 degree 85:21 did he ever talk about Tesla in terms of 85:25 being a life-changing experience for him 85:28 he has how did he describe it is that 85:32 every every time you talk to test later 85:34 another world because this guy was 85:36 coming off with simplicity that car 85:39 would understand me and I don't know 85:42 what cards initial background was but he 85:44 could understand what I was talking 85:46 about and and they they got along very 85:50 very well together and he said that all 85:54 teslo according to the haha 85:59 it also was here to do 86:01 just to bring back simplicity and let's 86:04 let's go back to this is just the basic 86:08 natural laws and let everybody be pre no 86:15 secret all transparency on all levels so 86:19 that we all understand more like a pair 86:22 playing field and how we can play 86:24 together using honesty using he trusts 86:27 you want to save the planet have you had 86:29 his way 86:30 oh yes sir it sure was taking his other 86:33 way 86:34 that's why they had to do something and 86:38 a lot that was just diminishes fun to 86:43 kind of isolate him from you know what 86:46 he was doing that only has he should 86:50 require I want to pass father you you 86:53 can't sit on if you can't make it but 86:55 someday they gotta come back to the 86:57 simplicity of natural law and keep 87:00 passing it on and car when he was 87:04 talking to us we explain this 87:08 that's that's all you hear that 87:10 everything is already here there's 87:11 nothing outside here this one's already 87:14 didn't create an incident in your 87:16 imagination everything you look at it is 87:19 it nanoseconds being created to it could 87:22 get this is where you have the girl is 87:26 is no into the rabbit hole you have to 87:29 go into your inner intersect the 87:31 Mariners and what you intend to do not 87:39 want to do and you can use any what's 87:42 referred to as negative connotations on 87:44 it won't work can it's feared outer or 87:47 anything related to to anything but love 87:52 we had the loves what you're looking for 87:54 and love what you think you can do until 87:56 you can do and I know my wife's looking 88:00 at me I'm getting carried away here with 88:02 i have already i understand real 42 88:05 saying I i do I 88:08 know how good that I've always felt that 88:13 I could do whatever I wanted to do i 88:19 wasn't i was limitless and I think you 88:22 have the same feeling and and probably 88:24 much more than that and what you want 88:26 your table just connect me to that realm 88:30 there are no impediments 88:33 yes then at all unless you put them 88:37 there 88:37 that's right off that's right love haha 88:41 yup it's great 88:43 please i want to get to the poet or so 88:45 you can understand about the all our 88:50 intention was to wake people up and get 88:53 back to natural law and order to do that 88:55 we thought we had the ability spaceships 88:57 and that would get their attention away 89:00 from blocking pollen and all of other 89:03 things they do over that and then and 89:06 we'll all star trek star wars started 89:09 happening and people became well maybe 89:12 there is something so we felt that was a 89:14 good Avenue for us to operate through 89:18 negative and but underneath we were 89:21 raising their consciousness because the 89:23 operational enough to operate the craft 89:28 you have to use your rind is just a 89:34 nutrition intuition thank you here is 89:38 your belief between find agree well the 89:43 brain is basically I mean excusing any 89:46 word you care about it's really a 89:48 computer that operates tenant it its 89:52 whole job is taking care of the physical 89:54 form that seems to be and it does not 89:58 interested in area Terry or spaceships 90:00 sure it's not interested in anything but 90:03 that in fact that little reject you 90:05 couldn't respond with tremendous 90:07 resistance again anything that changes 90:11 its status quo their so-called intellect 90:14 yeah its so-called this girl 90:19 right now so yes and oh yeah good mind 90:30 evangelist I mean even called whatever 90:32 you want to call it a higher power 90:37 source your father different words for 90:41 Martian i just referred to as God 90:44 because we in essence they play with it 90:47 and everything we look at is God so we 90:49 night we become friends with everything 90:51 and everybody I mean that's we're not 90:54 completely there yet and I'm not saying 90:56 that but we do this on a regular basis 90:59 and it catches on it multiplies itself 91:01 so that we can look at anything but 91:04 goodness or anything but godliness or 91:06 anything that that is beautiful i mean 91:09 we take the worst possible conditions 91:11 and this is where this we may lose for 91:14 the audience think I'm loony but you 91:17 reach a state level i missed it was 91:21 shared from tested the car to me where 91:26 everything is good that we've never left 91:30 a place with goodness we just think we 91:33 have because we've changed and the 91:36 source never kicked us out we could 91:38 source up after we we decided to do it 91:42 on salt and we got ourselves we quite a 91:44 spread of this deadly situation but he 91:50 says don't worry and it's all in what he 91:53 called the blind plan and that's coming 91:57 from the rosicrucian background I think 91:59 and he said all as well we just don't 92:02 see it that way so if you can get people 92:04 to look at things differently and start 92:06 tweaking their their perception the way 92:09 they look at things in the way they feel 92:11 about something that will begin to to 92:15 raise their consciousness automatically 92:17 the little go up and where they feel 92:20 differently about about themselves about 92:23 their either surroundings or job that 92:26 their relationships and everything else 92:29 and Mabel get to the point 92:31 where we got to and I should be with him 92:35 now in case we have to show off for 92:38 everybody and romance left just so you 92:40 know okay we have to go to general 92:42 motors that we had the product of 92:44 working and we had to go to general 92:45 motors have the BR manufacture and we 92:49 had a heck of a time they come out of 92:51 rampant couple to the citizens from 92:53 engineers and we had a small model that 92:56 a 12 inch model and a briefcase car 92:58 product and we said on marketing 93:00 directors the directors desk and we'd 93:05 like you to be take the wheel off the 93:07 ground which is ruining everything with 93:10 cement and asphalt and from a political 93:12 position turning into a horizontal 93:14 position and create vehicles little 93:18 little light above the earth not only 93:21 record and so I don't have that kind of 93:26 time here that to make a long story 93:28 short they said what you're talking 93:31 about and maybe Carly over the briefcase 93:33 out came our little 12 inch model and 93:36 started levitating around the room just 93:39 moving around and he said well how you 93:42 doing that mate could you take your 93:44 jacket off and that was before loads but 93:47 they wanted to see if we have any 93:49 physical device operating well uh huh 93:52 could it took since its concentrated 93:55 effort that we have in annoying 93:58 systematically system only system can be 94:01 broken every day you believe in this 94:03 believe all card but when you know what 94:06 you're doing it doesn't change because 94:08 you within the realm of truth i 94:11 understand you are truly just wrapped 94:13 around the room with our mind which Lucy 94:17 I love this chair almost they came over 94:20 and look at the top we have electronic 94:21 top so they could look at the top of the 94:24 craft and it lowers your ignition switch 94:27 were just during though we don't have 94:30 those things that there's different it's 94:33 called a steric energy that were using 94:35 is called esoteric understanding that 94:38 were using and he said you guys are 94:42 outlaws we have hundreds of thousand 94:44 people want to pay 94:45 long you gonna disrupt it was going the 94:48 now it's very special same thing as this 94:51 as the JPMorgan was telling Tessa just 94:58 like yeah how you gonna put a meter on 95:02 all this energy mr. Tesla yeah and and 95:06 he said because I know the time short he 95:08 said just just go get out of here you 95:11 guys are outlaws and I don't want to do 95:14 it and if you guys to put them up we'll 95:16 make sure we shoot them down we don't 95:17 need your kind of stuff the gallery 95:20 stuff that's the dark side that's here 95:22 all the money that's that's evil 95:25 oh one of those yet to do the city so we 95:30 went back he fired up the 45-foot craft 95:33 and I'm i teleported downrange 10 miles 95:35 from came back and that was viewed by 95:37 these police officers and and james 95:40 gilligan that what you're doing it 95:42 gilja normal and get a lot of land here 95:46 and four year without a grand market my 95:50 dad 2 1960 I think we like right after 95:54 Christmas had nothing to eat 95:56 yeah I'm not sure you're out and an 95:59 apple valley and yes you have you picked 96:04 a 45-foot model on the little a little 96:07 trip and brought it back and we're 96:11 Gilliland's large from a distance from 96:12 his flavors really he has I don't know 96:15 where you think i was surprised to even 96:17 witnesses I don't worry was like to go 96:20 to his place to the mother said you're 96:22 not going over there just like an 96:25 already live but yeah it's you know yes 96:29 the GM people by recommend that everyone 96:34 pay attention that little vignette 96:35 because that's that's what's doing the 96:38 planet that is always have if we can 96:42 only break loose from that but I don't I 96:44 just I'm not pessimistic I'm realistic 96:47 I think it's ingrained and taught and 96:49 constantly socially engineered into 96:52 people's subconsciousness 96:54 but they're not going to be able to walk 96:56 away from its like the people who get 96:58 cancer and go to the oncologist and say 97:00 he'll me doctor when the point of fact 97:03 the only person that can heal themselves 97:07 and then everything under the excuse 97:10 that they sure do in ninety-six percent 97:12 of oncologists will reuse the typical 97:16 radiation surgery and chemotherapy they 97:19 won't go near it 97:20 they know it doesn't work they know it 97:22 does terrible cruel death for people but 97:25 that's the paradigm they're stuck in it 97:28 and all they've got mortgages maybe that 97:31 kids and got this meant that everyone's 97:34 got a rationale for it's too bad but 97:37 that's that's what controls our species 97:39 are planted in our way of life the dark 97:42 side and how to get away from that I 97:44 don't know Ralph I i think for right now 97:47 it will remain in the hands on the minds 97:50 of the the beings of a very relatively 97:53 few individuals on the planet that he 97:56 just is this where it is right now 97:58 one only one of the shelves and I just 98:01 going to throw this out there because 98:03 it's it's time from anonymous sources 98:06 all over the globe of invisible people 98:10 follow the globe and white hats look 98:13 picture called all over the globe 98:16 quietly working behind the shadow 98:19 government amongst giving them the 98:21 option to join us to make this for 98:24 peaceful and loving world again or get 98:27 lost one way or another 98:28 crying there's a showdown coming i agree 98:31 go down right now 98:33 yeah listen we are out of time and I 98:36 want to thank you and I look forward to 98:38 our next visit hopefully we can do that 98:41 at your convenience very soon and we'll 98:43 continue our conversation has just been 98:46 wonderful and I thank you Mark you very 98:48 much for bringing this young man along 98:50 with you and lighting in part yes yeah 98:55 she she's got lots to share but thank 98:58 you so much for being a wonderful 99:00 interviewer yes it's a eight and i 99:03 really do your talking with it just 99:05 thank you 99:05 very much right and in closing I just 99:08 like to to give something to the 99:11 audience think about that they're taught 99:14 in school that there is time and space 99:17 and they work all formulas and exercises 99:21 and everything off on that promise they 99:23 don't tell them that 99:25 Alex of this system that we regard and 99:29 the original plan space we created we 99:33 created a third dimension using five 99:35 senses to measure to to work with but 99:38 things together and engine the essence 99:41 there is no time space which means we 99:44 can go from point A to point B instant 99:46 like we don't need to even think about 99:50 getting a vehicle going but we can 99:53 because that's fun but you don't have to 99:55 understand very good well said we'll 99:58 talk soon 99:59 Ralph Martin to thank you you'd be well 100:01 like it's just very much thank you fish 100:05 well I was terrific and we will have 100:10 them back and continue

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