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Oroville Dam, Emergency SpillWay Breaching! -- Mike Rivero

What Really Happened: Michael Rivero (Mike Rivero) Monday 2/13/17: (Commercial Free VIDEO)

THE HOST Mike Rivero is the host of the What Really Happened radio shows on the Republic Broadcasting Network and webmaster of, now in its 22nd year. Both the radio show and website enjoy a large and growing global audience. He is a frequent guest on talk-radio and has appeared in television programs such as History Channel’s “America’s Book of Secrets.” Mike Rivero’s background is as eclectic as his radio show and website. Formerly with NASA, Mike transitioned his image processing skills (along with a brief stint as a child actor) into the then-new computer animation field, starting with award winning commercials, then working on films such as “Star Trek”, “The Day After Tomorrow”, and later supervising visual effects on “Brainscan”, “LOST”, and “Hawaii Five-0”. Mike Rivero has taken a sabbatical from film work to focus all his efforts on peace activism. Mike Rivero’s foray into blogging began before the word was even invented, and happened almost by accident when he spotted a suspicious photograph being broadcast on ABC news in 1994 related to the murder of White House Deputy Counsel Vincent Foster.Since that abrupt beginning, What Really Happened, both website and radio show, has expanded to cover diverse topics including the assassinations, the accidental shoot-down of TWA 800, election fraud, health issues, Saddam’s non-existent nuclear weapons, 9-11, the economy, and the ongoing propaganda used to trick the American people into wars of conquest in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and other nations. Mike Rivero currently resides in Hawaii with his wife Claire, who is a composer, choir conductor, and creates much of theme music used on the What Really Happened radio show, as well as occasionally participating as a commentator.

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The World On The VERGE OF BIGGEST DISASTER in 2017 ~ Sheikh Imran Hosein

people will believe trump is there president. he is against establishment. he wants to be friends with Russia. so all mainstream media against him . so Russia will believe he is man to believe. but he is not . i don't know if Russia will bite this trap ? that's to see . if Russia take the bite then Iran will be attack. that's what i recon will happen.

Transcript : that we are now located at the moment in 0:06 time when the entire monetary system is 0:15 collapsing and this speed at which it is 0:22 collapsing is frightening 0:25 I don't know the speed but i have a 0:28 friend I don't want to reveal his name 0:30 he is a deputy governor in one of the 0:34 central banks of the Muslim world he 0:38 might listen to this lecture so let me 0:40 be careful in my language and my friend 0:43 shared with me that this speed at which 0:48 it is collapsing now is allowing and 0:53 tomorrow is only gold and silver the 0:55 help you tomorrow is only DNR and 0:59 interrupt that have you because the 1:03 whole thing is going to collapse and pax 1:11 americana will give way to pax judaica 1:16 how do we know this how do we know this 1:22 this is in my book Jerusalem in the car 1:25 which was written in the 2016 years ago 1:33 i wrote that book in Europe when they 1:36 get the knowledge that the US dollar is 1:41 going to collapse have been saying this 1:42 for 20 years or more now this is 1:45 eschatology then you get the capacity to 1:51 analyze events occurring in the world 1:54 because you know that there is a fella a 2:00 mastermind at work for once the rule 2:04 whole world and he 2:08 gave us his first stage of his shadow 2:12 that the last book in the quad with 2:15 backs britannica and the second stage of 2:19 the shadow respects Americana and we are 2:23 saying that the third and last stage of 2:27 the shadow is going to be packed today 2:29 come when Israel will seek to replace 2:36 the United States of America as the next 2:39 ruling state in the world and is really 2:42 going to see away with all of this 2:44 godlessness this seller is not only 2:49 godless this valets also dekha dead he 2:55 he is the one who said a man could marry 2:59 another man and get a marriage 3:01 certificate you know who the fillets 3:04 modern Western civilization so back to 3:11 daycare is going to come to say we want 3:13 to sweep away all is godlessness and all 3:16 his decadence we want to turn away from 3:19 all of this oppression and son we want 3:22 to bring back the world bring it back to 3:25 religion bringing back to the worship of 3:28 the god of Abram always going to be very 3:31 very very interesting at tomorrow if we 3:36 are alive and this drama and false as 3:40 they say to the world we must come back 3:43 to religious values dishes Baxter acre 3:46 but their pressure would be great it's 3:50 evolved because they want to rule of 3:53 everybody and eventually a man would 3:56 stand up in Jerusalem and declare I am 4:01 MSC the Messiah but he would not be a 4:07 little messy the Messiah he would be 4:10 dead job the false messiah 4:14 in other for him to achieve his 4:22 objective a pax judaica for Israel to 4:27 rule the world he has to make Israel 4:31 very very big like the United States but 4:37 not possible if you cannot expand is 4:41 really surrounded by the Arabs forget it 4:44 all the one has to become much smaller 4:46 which one would it be 4:49 which one will it be as there and says 4:54 the world will have to become much 4:56 smaller and that's why we're going to 5:00 have nuclear war they want the nuclear 5:04 war they know it and they already 5:08 prepared for nuclear war with the 5:10 underground bunkers and sun so they will 5:12 survive in order to have the nuclear war 5:18 they going to provoke Russia so Russia 5:22 had to become a nuclear power and that's 5:27 why they transferred nuclear technology 5:29 to the Soviet Union yes so that the 5:32 soviet union could become a nuclear 5:34 power so that tomorrow they could be 5:37 nuclear war so that the world will 5:40 become are you beginning to understand 5:42 now what's happening in the woman yeah 5:44 the next event is about darker from our 5:49 eschatology is the Great Wall let me 5:55 quote the hadith the durkee the Turkish 5:59 government is not comfortable with it 6:01 and the Ottoman Empire witnessed this 6:04 hottie could be rubbed up and put away 6:07 nobody read number how many alayhis 6:12 salaam to with southern he's talking to 6:15 his companion my eyes immediate about 6:17 the ordeal of the island and they're 6:21 sitting next to each other 6:23 it's hands-on issue 6:24 lighting and he said to him about the 6:28 signs of heroism an o morado play the 6:33 hadees in the Sun never be that would 6:35 and he says hey moron debate until mark 6:40 this when Jerusalem is center stage and 6:44 flourishing built up a boyfriend at that 6:49 time looked at Medina and you simba body 6:52 and follow dissolution nobody no events 6:57 in medina nothing 6:58 it plays absolutely no role whatsoever 7:00 even in Arabic here's our arguments 7:05 recoverable about yes rib crew java when 7:09 that occurs which is where we are now 7:13 then look for the melodrama the middle 7:16 of my the Great War the Mahamaya is not 7:20 just a great wall it's a warlike lowers 7:24 ever been done first time what kind of 7:28 or will it be the melava bodies inside 7:34 mohani that 99 out of every 100 of the 7:39 combatants will die will be killed 7:42 ninety-nine percent would be killed and 7:47 only 1% will survive our NATO is 7:51 listening if you're in the US Armed 7:52 Forces or if you the British Armed 7:55 Forces please stop and listen to this 7:58 lecture because you're your chase would 8:01 not tell you this when you attack Russia 8:04 listen 99 out of every 100 will be 8:09 killed 8:10 this does not happen in conventional 8:13 warfare know they all the way that 99 8:18 out of every 1,000 can be killed as if 8:23 it's a wall with weapons of mass 8:26 destruction among the weapons of mass 8:30 destruction that we know offer nuclear 8:32 weapons 8:33 thermonuclear weapon but there could be 8:35 others that we don't know about 8:38 so don't send me any emails on the 8:40 subject please 8:41 huh thermonuclear weapons weapons of 8:46 mass destruction it up 8:48 that's what is in the hoodies and each 8:52 one will say I will be the one who'd 8:54 survived meaning they go to enter into 8:57 this war not knowing whether they're 9:01 going to wind up there be uncertainty 9:03 when they enter into this wall my 9:09 opinion and when I give an opinion of 9:14 cross never accepted this you convinced 9:17 that it is correct 9:18 my opinion is that the NATO is preparing 9:25 for war with Russia and I'm not the only 9:29 one who holds that you are many others 9:32 and the war is around the corner and 9:39 when once that water takes place it is 9:44 in every table that it would eventually 9:46 become nuclear all we don't know where 9:51 they will start a nuclear war or where 9:54 they would be a conventional war which 9:57 would eventually become a nuclear war we 9:59 don't know I'm not a prophet 10:02 I don't have an interesting speaking to 10:04 me know we know that the war is going to 10:08 come soon because the longer they wait 10:11 to attack Russia the stronger Russia 10:13 becomes and the nice thing the wonderful 10:19 thing that makes our heart so one is a 10:24 Russian not afraid of them if Russia is 10:29 standing up against the Opera so then 10:33 why can't you see that you should 10:38 support the one who is standing up 10:40 against the oppressor 10:41 why are you continuously blind 10:48 what can i do to get you out 10:53 Russia knows the nuclear war with this 10:58 by Russia they know that but the author 11:02 locks Christian Russian people are 11:05 afraid of death 11:07 no no one is saying to put in be careful 11:13 we don't want nuclear one know the 11:16 Russians are not doing that if an 11:19 Orthodox Christian is not afraid of that 11:22 why should have muslin be afraid of it 11:24 if an orthodox mission is setting the 11:29 example of courage in standing up to the 11:34 greatest lopressor the world has ever 11:36 known 11:37 why can't the most wouldn't be the same 11:40 what's wrong with the world of Islam 11:43 where I have we lost our courage we 11:49 should not be afraid to die 11:51 it was limb is not afraid to die and 11:57 denied from so what I mean we say to 12:01 NATO even if millions of us have to die 12:06 we don't mind we want to oppress up to 12:10 bite the dust before we end Islamic 12:17 eschatology not only explains these 12:21 events unfolding like the collapse of 12:24 the monetary system that's coming around 12:26 the corner when your paper money can be 12:29 used to know as well people and the only 12:34 money that they'll be in the world will 12:36 be electronic money did you tell me 12:38 so you don't need any money changes 12:40 anymore there's only one money for the 12:42 whole world it's invisible money is 12:45 intangible 12:47 you can't take it out of your bank 12:48 account and if they don't like you guess 12:51 what they'll do to your current the 12:55 phrase it yeah you have no money and 12:58 then you have to me to complete never 13:01 know if you are sensible you do like the 13:04 next Bundy the sufi order the next bendy 13:08 the next monday are telling their people 13:12 to keep in our Anderman sheikh nazim 13:16 rahim allah who died a few years ago he 13:20 ordered all had many followers to keep 13:22 them out under very sensible very 13:25 sensible the next money i am told are 13:28 going into the countryside and farming 13:30 organic farming very sensible very 13:34 sensible I have to pause now because I 13:39 get lots and lots of emails I get them 13:43 from Belgium I get em from france i get 13:45 from Britain they get them from united 13:47 states i get in from Algeria get him 13:48 from Morocco or shake shake shake ways 13:52 in Muslim vintage you want to come and 13:54 join the Muslim village we want to leave 13:58 this godless one come on living hustling 14:00 village where the answer is well my 14:06 students in different parts of the world 14:08 by line and the put animals on the land 14:10 and in doing so farming but not until 14:12 the villages yet but let me tell you the 14:17 story of one of my students I Malaysian 14:21 and he's the only one to have done it so 14:24 far 14:25 he sold his house in here he gave up his 14:31 job which had rebound he looked on the 14:35 internet and found land which was cheap 14:38 and he bought wanaka cheap 14:44 and he went and built his house he 14:47 didn't get a contractor know he bought 14:49 the material and he employed the men who 14:51 built the house he planted rice he 14:58 planted date-palms different kinds of 15:03 date-palms he planted fruit trees his 15:07 one-acre had now become sick seekers he 15:12 has goats he has chicken he has ducks he 15:21 has horse in the land 15:24 it's only about an hour and a half out 15:26 of care but to get to this land there 15:30 was a road where only a motorcycle could 15:32 go that's why it was so cheap and he 15:36 built it up so now a motor-car could go 15:39 and I went two weekends ago to this 15:44 brother with a wife and made mashallah 15:47 mashallah mashallah he could not have 15:51 done it debuted have the support of his 15:53 wife his wife would be at his side 15:57 supporting him 15:58 yes mashallah and a young couple with a 16:01 sign about five or six and a daughter 16:03 but two or three that's it and only a 16:07 few villagers living around there some 16:09 distance away small sample but beautiful 16:15 spot where he is i met your board there 16:19 you don't want to go back to care so I 16:22 don't do that instead of sending emails 16:26 to me from France and Britain shake the 16:29 Muslim religion muscle is why don't you 16:32 do with this brother has done sell your 16:35 house in London 16:37 yes sell your house in London give up 16:41 your job make intra go look for the 16:45 countryside will and this cheap the land 16:48 which is planting is rice he bought for 16:51 10,000 route 16:53 these sorry 10,000 gets a nikka it was 16:57 swampland he had to fill it up with 16:59 10,000 so that's what you can do in 17:03 preparation for nuclear walk you have 17:07 you have the stock up on food you have 17:11 to stock up on water you have to stock 17:14 up on energy he has a well a tube well 17:18 he going to use solar energy to bring 17:21 the water up but in addition is sensibly 17:25 have the hand pump so the solar energy 17:28 doesn't work and had no electricity 17:31 he can still get water using up hand 17:33 pump this is how you prepare for nuclear 17:39 wall by getting out of the city getting 17:43 out of the city because the cities are 17:46 going to be a narky when you clear what 17:49 experience because below food and no 17:52 water and/or gasoline for your motorcar 17:55 no transport instead of seeking to run 18:00 away from death you must have it in your 18:03 heart 18:04 no I continue the mission of Islam I'm 18:07 not running away from death Allah gives 18:10 life analytics life but I have a duty to 18:14 try to protect my family as best as i 18:17 can and that's why I'm moving to the 18:20 remote countryside before I in not only 18:23 did is Islamic eschatology explain the 18:28 events which are unfolding in the world 18:30 like nuclear war like the collapse of 18:33 money inside one world government ruling 18:38 you from what all over only one who will 18:41 come on Islamic eschatology also tells 18:45 you was coming tomorrow and the most 18:50 important event to come after the Great 18:54 Wall he said so the lava Tyler Lee he 18:58 was seldom he said photo/jewel mother 19:01 mama who is speaking to Mars in me 19:04 double 19:05 I dicen so enough i'll be down he said 19:12 cordial Mahama federal constant media 19:17 that the next event to occur after the 19:22 Great War or the Mahama would be the 19:27 conquest of Constantinople that is why 19:31 they changed the name to Istanbul not 19:36 only did these wicked people not only do 19:40 these wicked people wicked people with a 19:43 capital W not only that is wicked people 19:49 change the name from Constantinople to 19:53 Istanbul to hide the subject did more 19:56 than they prohibited the use of the name 20:00 constable it's against the law 20:03 so tell most of our cabana to get lost 20:06 and all those who honor him and respect 20:10 him too excited 20:11 get lost because if nobody muhammad 20:14 alayhi salam username Constantinople 20:17 that initial now you cannot prohibit us 20:21 from now you won't be crazy the conquest 20:25 of Constantinople takes place after the 20:29 melodrama so it's a lie that all 600 20:35 years ago the Ottomans that the Ottoman 20:39 conquest of constantinople in 1453 20:42 fulfilled the prophecy of nabi muhammad 20:46 delays that that's a lie the malapa has 20:51 not taken place as yes hold on mama 20:53 trotted why you're lying like this that 20:57 you are lying out there are you we say 21:00 we their honor you in Turkey and we see 21:02 you're a liar because the conquest of 21:07 God annual prophesied by Navy muhammad 21:11 alayhi s-salatu was 21:12 still to come I know it's going to give 21:16 headaches too little 21:18 I don't need to his scared now when 21:21 delicious elections like these because 21:24 this is muhammad la is a lot of Islam 21:27 speaking is not know why sheriff streaky 21:30 it muhammad alayhi salatu salam speaking 21:33 what happens after the cock the Alabama 21:37 what do we do those who died and the 21:42 lucky ones 21:43 I hope when I pray that I one of the 21:46 lucky ones we die even if you die before 21:50 the x you're lucky this is a nice time 21:53 to die 21:54 this is a good time to leave the world 21:59 after the Mahamaya is going to be a 22:04 terrible world those who survived the 22:08 Mahama I don't know how you going to 22:10 live no sunlight for I don't know how 22:15 many it is no sunlight 22:21 but this is the message that we give 22:23 from Islamic eschatology and me a lot 22:26 take these words of mine all over the 22:29 world that if you will see if you live 22:34 to see the Mahama and you survived the 22:39 Mahama then imran is saying to you on 22:47 the basis of the prophecy of nabi 22:49 muhammad salamat Ali was alone if you 22:53 are young enough and strong enough to 22:55 fight then make some preparations for 23:00 your family and head for Constantinople 23:03 wherever in the world you maybe give up 23:08 everything else leave indonesia leave 23:13 manisha no government can stand in your 23:17 way 23:18 the followers of muhammad alayhi salat 23:22 was alone all over the world as soon as 23:28 another mattox place are going to head 23:31 for Constantinople because he said so la 23:39 dolly he was some left 200 other words 23:43 daniya you will most certainly concur 23:46 Constantinople what Annie I'm lme me to 23:51 her what a wonderfull commander will 23:55 that be of the army won any i manage 23:59 issue their college education what a 24:01 wonderful army that would be that will 24:04 conquer Constantinople but they are both 24:10 in the Quran and in the Hardys 24:13 indications that we will conquer 24:17 Constantinople on the basis of an 24:19 alliance with Orthodox Christians 24:26 it will be a Muslim Christian army will 24:30 conquer Constantinople which Christians 24:33 will this be the last speak about 24:37 Christians in the car with whom we could 24:40 have such a relationship 24:42 shall I remain you yes is then the pond 24:49 but we don't take time to study the 24:52 Quran now we have too much time in the 24:54 traffic and care to study the one at 25:00 that she didn't a kaboom my word Dutton 25:04 living in a minus latina kado in 25:09 annasara and you most certainly fine in 25:14 time to come 25:15 the doors will be closest in love when 25:19 affection for you would be a people who 25:23 proclaim we have precedence that 25:27 couldn't be British and American and 25:30 French Christians because they hide 25:32 their religious identity this 25:35 secularized the religion it has to be a 25:38 different kind of christian who 25:40 proclaims my identity by and Christian 25:44 it can only be the art exhibition that's 25:51 not all that it could be and the min 25:54 home KCC you know these questions 25:58 because they still have their rulana the 26:03 institution of their order Mary's intact 26:06 and they're all and have a status in 26:08 society in that Christianity doubt there 26:12 where a man can marry another man again 26:14 Mary certificate 26:16 the place is a laughingstock of the wall 26:19 in this Christianity out here all the 26:24 locks Christianity the order now the 26:27 bridge still have a status high-status 26:29 Valley could be in the minimum case CC 26:33 nawara Habana 26:35 there'll be another way you can 26:36 recognize these questions what is it 26:39 they still have monasticism in Britain 26:45 and in france and the united states and 26:47 canada the monastery is now mcdonald's 26:49 hamburgers or Kentucky fri or pizza 26:57 there no more monastry the most 27:02 fantastic way of life is gone but in 27:06 this part of the Christian world the 27:10 monastery is still there 27:12 the hmong still has an important place 27:15 the monastic way of life is still 27:18 treasure which is why coastal war is 27:22 such a difficult problem because Kosovo 27:26 is the heart of the monastic life from 27:31 the Orthodox Christian and the Ottomans 27:36 knew that and Bill Clinton knew that 27:40 very well at Daytona 27:42 oh yes in a way that demos so this is 27:48 the question who will be the closest in 27:52 love and affection for you but one more 27:55 thing by which you could recognize this 27:57 question with who you make an alliance 27:59 one know my aesthetic people then of an 28:05 arrogant people the British the French 28:09 the American the German the Canadian 28:12 they want to rule the world 28:14 they want us to all become carbon copies 28:18 of themselves so if you serve me 28:23 curry fish and rice and I roll up my 28:27 sleeves when I wash my hands and like a 28:30 good Molly I eat with my hand my fingers 28:34 that's the only way you could equally 28:38 efficient rice this is what the 28:42 Barbarian he is 28:43 this is uncivilized you should eat the 28:50 way we did with cutlery yeah artificial 28:54 eyes with cutlery you was dressed the 28:58 way we dress 29:00 take off that dirty bid from off your 29:03 face as civilized man is pleased shaven 29:08 a civilized man wears a shirt and 29:13 trousers and jacket and tie 29:15 I see that's arrogance and the many be 29:23 crusade the same thing and that that's 29:25 arrogance i went to Russia 29:29 I when I went to rush i saw lots of beds 29:33 oh yes lots of beds in Russia 29:38 these are not an arrogant people they 29:42 don't want to rule the world they don't 29:45 want to transform all of mankind into 29:48 carbon copies of themselves voluntarily 29:50 Don Cayo development authority did that 29:54 to be me little no that's doors 29:58 Christians these questions are different 30:01 so Ally is telling us playing as a 30:05 billboard on their origin airport 30:08 these are the Christians who in Our 30:11 Heroes the man will be closest in love 30:13 and affection for you and you have to 30:17 build alliances he says that he says 30:21 that ok feeling about do moly Obama the 30:25 co Farah constantly building alliances 30:28 amongst themselves 30:31 sorry beaten LOL careful una parte 30:36 nublado Moliere what the kuffar 30:39 constantly building alliances amongst 30:42 themselves in them to follow if you do 30:46 not do 30:47 the same if you do not reach out to 30:51 build alliances with a non-muslim people 30:55 who are closest in love and affection 30:57 for you in London 30:59 ahoo takuna fitness on fill up the 31:02 office I wouldn't be you if you do not 31:06 do that they will be fit non with facade 31:10 in the world is it not time for us to 31:14 listen to Allah is it not time for us to 31:18 listen to the Quran is it not time for 31:22 us to turn to the Quran the Quran will 31:25 help us to prepare for the events which 31:28 is still to come in which the conquest 31:32 of Constantinople is the most important 31:34 to follow the hardest then ends federal 31:39 constant ania religion that job which 31:44 had is the one with Mars it Nita quoted 31:49 in the Sun enough i'll be down would ya 31:52 the end of the honey's federal constant 31:56 linear homogeneous job that after the 31:59 conquest of Constantinople only then 32:02 will the John make his appearance in 32:05 human form prior to this the John is 32:09 already in the world but you can't see 32:11 but he waits until the conquest of 32:14 Constantinople to make his appearance 32:17 why because now is there around the neck 32:22 of Israel Israel can't get away now 32:26 finish that I'll took them for I'd the 32:34 last ride on which they'll ever go and 32:38 now their face the end that frown face 32:41 when he was drowning 32:43 they will end the same way that around 32:46 ended that the own the end when they're 32:50 being destroyed defeated and the rocks 32:53 and dust storms with speakers a Muslim 32:56 did you hiding the 32:57 and come and kill him that's the end of 33:00 Israel they will now realize the truth 33:03 that surround realize underneath the 33:05 water and they will die accepting that 33:11 truth as for round-eyed accepting the 33:14 truth and knowing you're going into the 33:16 Hellfire and that's why allah preserve 33:19 the body for out the body was discovered 33:23 when in 1898 just after design is 33:32 movement with establish the sign for the 33:36 world that the events we should now 33:40 unfold in the world would be a repeat 33:49 the world history will repeat itself 33:52 that the epic encounter between truth 33:56 and falsehood been in for after Alan and 33:58 Musa will now be re-enacted in the 34:03 historical process and history will end 34:07 the way it ended 34:09 underneath the water this Islamic 34:13 eschatology and I pray that allah bless 34:17 all those who now in their hearts get a 34:21 fire 34:22 I want to study this subject it's more 34:26 important to me than a PhD in business 34:29 matters pent that I want to study it is 34:32 something i wanted a large should help 34:35 me that I get the knowledge with which 34:38 to be able to understand the reality of 34:41 the world today using the ground and 34:45 using the honey 7abibi Muhammad's the 34:48 lava golem 34:49 he was a lot of romantic about marina in 34:52 the condition merely mitali named alana 34:55 in extended to Barbara him but Medicare 34:58 or tomorrow 35:16 sometime before maghrib we have 35:19 questions 35:20 ok that grossly is in charge and that 35:26 Rosalie says you have a chance to ask 35:29 any questions you want 35:31 yeah number one but only one question it 35:39 what 36:01 the question is you would like us to 36:05 study Islamic eschatology or in more 36:10 after Rosa man but when we study the 36:14 subject what's the method by which we 36:16 could teach it to others 36:19 ok my latest book just published 1 month 36:26 ago two months ago 36:28 it's called methodology for the study of 36:32 the cod I don't have a volunteers yet to 36:37 translate it to bahasa malaysia we have 36:41 someone translating it to bahasa 36:43 indonesia with bahasa indonesia work 36:48 here and we publish it intuition because 36:54 i'm not getting any volunteers are 36:56 translated to buy some militia but 37:00 suddenly have phone trendy everyone many 37:02 many people who know the English 37:05 language before to read the English and 37:07 emily and it is so i would suggest you 37:12 study that book methodology for study of 37:17 the Quran the method of teaching 37:23 eschatology in different from other 37:28 subjects because the delay his weapon 37:32 made a distinction between the student 37:36 who comes all pops up you know I'm the 37:39 beat of mankind the Jews but Wright and 37:45 McGill is salam said do you can be my 37:49 student know 37:53 in Nicholas TMR is Barbara you can't 37:56 your patience with me what gave her 38:00 toast balama learn to hit be cobra and 38:04 how can you be patient in respect of 38:07 that knowledge which lies beyond your 38:09 capacity to comprehend how can you be 38:15 patient in respect of knowledge which 38:20 lies beyond your capacity to comprehend 38:28 what came for the middle ala my lungs of 38:32 it be sober if you want to study with me 38:40 then my condition is go ask any 38:46 questions don't ask me any question I 38:51 teacher doesn't teach that we know a 38:56 teacher has to be showing and guiding 38:59 his student gently and being patient 39:01 with the student but this dinner is 39:03 saying to miss ELISA don't ask me any 39:07 questions 39:08 no I would explain to you cutting him 39:11 down to size when you teach in more 39:17 theaters them and the methodology of 39:21 teaching is that when you find people 39:25 who are uncomfortable with you who are 39:29 in doubt concerning what you're saying 39:32 then say to them very plainly and Lenny 39:37 and don't do it with any arrogance and 39:41 pride they say to them please don't 39:44 accept anything I say unless you 39:48 convince that is correct and then many 39:50 of those colors go to them 39:55 when on the other hand you find the 39:57 student in who is hard day's hundra 40:02 there is humanity he does not consider 40:10 himself puffed up with pride and 40:15 secondly this is a student who is not 40:17 like a sponge 40:20 anything you say he accepted as a 40:23 dangerous student huh 40:26 this is a student with critical thinking 40:29 and he critically analyzes whatever is 40:36 part and only when he is convinced that 40:41 it is correct any accepted or now you 40:44 have a student and when you find such 40:48 students and even if you have to spend 40:51 your days at night 40:52 teaching them this is the one to teach a 40:54 more questions yeah 40:57 123123 yeah 41:04 [Music] 41:17 [Music] 41:19 I just want to 41:24 no the question is he speaking about a 41:29 book of Hadees and he wants to know 41:33 whether it is a reliable source of 41:35 information that the methodology book 41:40 will teach you the book methodology my 41:44 book entitled methodology for this study 41:46 of the Quran how do you approach the 41:51 quest for knowledge 41:52 you go first of all to the quan God my 41:58 God and you want to know what Gagarin 42:02 and you go to one happiness and he says 42:06 that only when the beasts and a slam 42:08 returns at that time GOG he killed the 42:12 German government will be destroyed so 42:15 finally pushed up that's it 42:16 full stop we don't need to study this 42:21 subject anymore got my god would only 42:24 come at that time that is disrespect for 42:31 the Quran and and if you should this 42:34 respect for the law on you dear price 42:37 for it 42:38 no you don't begin your study with 42:41 addies you begin to study with the 42:44 forearms and when you studied all the 42:48 data in the forearm concerning the 42:51 subject and you have brought them 42:54 together in a harmonious whole 42:57 and that is not a dock for school boys 43:00 and you'd have to be more than the 43:02 school board to do that 43:04 only then do you turn to the honey's and 43:08 when you turn to the Hardys for Heidi's 43:10 in harmony with the Quran you accepted 43:13 if Heidi's in conflict with the car like 43:17 you know and maybe Muhammad Ali's large 43:19 was la when i was able of another 43:21 married a child he married a child and 43:25 that hot niece is in conflict with the 43:28 car and you rejected if her niece is 43:32 neither in how 43:33 money with the car and knowing conflict 43:35 with the program you accepted but you 43:38 give it a lower status it does not have 43:40 a significant role to play a critical 43:43 role to play in the pursuit of knowledge 43:45 please study my book and methodology 43:48 next one and then you read books around 43:56 indonesia mother 44:04 oh you don't want to die 10 very good 44:08 he traveled all the way from day one to 44:09 come to attend elected to the my fella 44:19 ok 44:29 [Music] 44:33 what 44:40 look the question is what is my open one 44:45 question at a time 44:56 yes 45:02 ok the question is what in my 45:06 eschatology my eschatological analysis 45:11 is the role of China in the coming great 45:14 walk and is there any reference in the 45:20 pond to support a role for china in the 45:23 coming gridwall I do not find in the 45:28 Quran any evidence pertaining to China 45:33 directly but the important thing for us 45:39 to recognize is that in the Quran we 45:44 have our name card name cullinane and so 45:52 little keV can mean two horns you don't 45:58 have to send me an email to convince be 46:00 too hard it's just your choice that's 46:02 your choice when I look at the wood 46:07 comes in the car and i find that allow 46:09 always uses the word come to mean and 46:12 age or any part generation and soak our 46:19 name will be two ages or two epochs or 46:22 two times one in the past when gog and 46:27 magog were confined behind the barrier 46:31 and the other in the future when of 46:34 course goggles Magog will be released 46:36 dhul-qarnayn use power to punish the 46:45 oppressor to confine him to check to use 46:49 the language of chess to checkmate do 46:51 oppressor cannot be destroyed we can be 46:54 checkmated 46:56 and in the second age in the car name 47:02 which is to come 47:05 carne in the second age will witness the 47:08 same thing again that the people in the 47:13 region of the Black Sea is a black seen 47:16 the Quran is the black sea in the Quran 47:20 is the black sea in the Quran come on 47:24 somebody 47:25 yes it is the black seeds in the Quran 47:30 in ventura in so rattle can I knew 47:37 Nehemia dhul-qarnayn reach to one end of 47:41 the land 47:42 anomia mean a body of water which is 47:46 dark and murky in the black sea and in 47:52 that region of the world in which the 47:54 Black Sea is located the second age will 47:58 emerge of car name is to current the 48:03 power we emerged in that region of the 48:05 world and that power will be built by 48:09 hola along and make it powerful and that 48:13 power arrest on foundations of faith not 48:16 godlessness and that power will be yours 48:21 in the second column as it will use in 48:23 the first one to stand up and resist the 48:27 oppressor and to support the oppressed 48:32 and those who have faith in the 48:34 righteous in conduct this is Russia this 48:39 is Russia's role today Russia is turning 48:43 away from communism away from Marxism 48:46 but their doors were still sleeping 48:49 so let him sleep and Russia is returning 48:52 to orthodox christianity Russia is 48:55 recovering a spiritual soul while the 48:59 United States and Canada and Britain and 49:01 France and Germany have barbarian souls 49:04 a man 49:06 can marry another man and get a marriage 49:09 certificate and you call that you call 49:14 that something progressive something 49:17 worthy of commendation 49:19 that's progress you must be sleepy if 49:24 Russia is standing up against the 49:26 oppressor in the second current then 49:30 whoever stands with Russia is on the 49:33 right thing and China is a proud 49:37 civilization not the Chinese in 49:39 singapore talking about I'm talking 49:41 about China China will not bend her knee 49:47 to do presa but once the role of our so 49:51 there now preparing the wage war not 49:53 only on Russia and China as well you're 49:56 really stupid people they're really 50:00 stupid people that preparing the wage 50:02 war on Russia and China is China afraid 50:06 no 50:08 russia says we're not afraid of you we 50:12 are a nuclear-powered or mess with 50:14 nuclear Russia said put in don't mess 50:17 with nuclear sure that's what could 50:19 instead and Russia is not afraid of them 50:23 so they're preparing for nuclear war 50:25 with Russia Russia said we're not afraid 50:28 of you and they're preparing for nuclear 50:30 war with chain as well and china says 50:33 we're not afraid of you now in this is a 50:37 war between the worlds greatest sorpresa 50:40 that history of their own and those who 50:44 are standing and resisting 50:46 interpretation on which side should you 50:47 be if you have a telephone to your 50:51 government and call them and tell them 50:52 whatever government you have in the 50:55 water with call them and ask them if 50:59 this is a war between the greatest or 51:01 pressure the world has ever known and 51:05 those who are standing up courage ously 51:07 to resist the pressure whose side should 51:10 you be on should you be sitting on a 51:12 fence not around who's in 51:16 no not my students we are on the side of 51:21 the second current incarnation name 51:36 we're going to sit down 51:41 about 51:46 he said 51:48 pressure idea like you were also going 51:54 to be very close like screen is 51:58 basically 52:00 perhaps 52:03 and 52:04 ok 52:07 among the countries that I no longer 52:09 travel to India because while India is a 52:18 member of bricks and India is proud of 52:22 friendship and alliance with Russia 52:25 India has now become Israel's most 52:30 strategic ally ally in the world I think 52:33 india more important than the United 52:35 States now to israel i quoted to you 52:44 from sue little Miranda but i don't it 52:49 did not quote the whole higher i only 52:52 quoted the second part that you have to 52:56 look for those who are going to be your 52:57 allies and I said the natural ally the 53:01 one who is going to be your natural ally 53:09 would be the one who is closest in love 53:13 and affection for you 53:14 ok that is the soraa little maeda to at 53:19 the end of the soraa however before that 53:23 the ayah begins with a statement letter 53:27 G then shut denese r110 the Latina Malia 53:36 hood that you will most certainly fine 53:40 in time to come as you found at the time 53:45 of the Prophet delays that was salaam is 53:48 fair madaria the doors who will be the 53:53 most hostile of all people to you would 53:57 be the Jews this happen in the time of 54:01 the Prophet least that was some and then 54:04 for a thousand years after that we had 54:07 no problem with the Jews know we we 54:10 protect individuals in our civilization 54:12 and then came the emergence of the 54:15 Zionist movement at the same time with 54:18 the body of her own was discovered 54:20 and now the Jews have become the people 54:22 with the greatest hatred for us exactly 54:25 as a large that in the Quran but he goes 54:29 on to say well let Cena a shriek oh that 54:33 in addition to the Jews there will be 54:36 another people who will have the 54:39 greatest hatred in their hearts for you 54:41 now why they are hindus whose hearts are 54:48 not corrupted with hatred for Muslims 54:54 while they are Hindus who are sincerely 55:00 I don't blame him at all since any 55:04 puzzle and trouble with 800 years of 55:08 Muslim rule over Hindu India and they 55:12 cannot stomach it if I was a Hindu i 55:16 would also we be tremendously trouble 55:19 over 800 years of Muslim rule alania 55:22 because it was not Islam it was Islamic 55:26 imperialism rolling away in him and uh i 55:31 would oppose it if I will hit you I 55:32 would oppose that Muslim rule away 55:35 yeah and if I want also docs christian i 55:37 would hate the Ottoman Empire 55:40 oh yes and hit Islam because this is 55:43 Islam Ottoman Empire if I want all the 55:45 last person I can't blame the Orthodox 55:48 Christian Troy hatred for Islam because 55:51 of what the Ottoman Empire did and I 55:53 can't blame the Hindu as well because 55:57 what Islam what is often these Muslims 56:00 they have been moguls was to impose 56:02 Islamic imperialism upon india so yes 56:06 you have to make a distinction between 56:08 those Hindus whose hearts are troubled 56:12 by this Muslim imperialism but who I 56:16 people who do not have that genital 56:21 hatred for Islam with the inside of them 56:24 there are another Hindu people who are 56:28 like that and its allies referring the 56:31 knees into 56:32 the same way as in Britain and France 56:34 and Germany you find Christians who are 56:37 decent people 56:38 yes you find questions who don't like 56:42 what the government to do in top and 56:45 then you find other Christians who are 56:47 very very much a seated hatred for Islam 56:52 so Ally saying in the car and in 56:55 addition to a yahoo will be another 56:57 people who would show the greatest 56:59 hatred for you in our hero the man and 57:02 these I people of shit Hindu India that 57:06 part of Hindu India which is hostile to 57:09 isla falls in that category anymore 57:13 questions 57:14 yes 57:17 that's great ok last question what make 57:22 is done 57:23 michela we have someone else home is 57:26 Pakistan Italy 57:40 [Music] 57:46 [Music] 58:00 ok 58:09 ok 58:14 ok let's bend you to answer your 58:19 question again you have to go to the bar 58:21 and always go to the front allah speaks 58:28 in the quran in surah al-maida and he 58:33 says yeah you had a tina money or you 58:36 have faith in Allah let that bully who 58:40 don't know sorry we r do not take the 58:44 Jews and do not take the Christians is 58:49 your friends and allies question is a 58:53 lot of speaking about all Jews and all 58:55 questions and sup 58:58 no couldn't be because in other parts of 59:01 the fine he said the questions are going 59:03 to be the closest love and affection for 59:05 you 59:06 well then if allies not speaking about 59:08 all Jews and all Christians when he said 59:13 don't take them as your friends and 59:14 allies within which use and which 59:19 questions he talking about when he said 59:23 don't take them as your friends and 59:25 allies they answer to that question is 59:29 in the words which followed by a doom 59:31 olya about do not take such use and do 59:38 not take such questions as your friends 59:41 and our lives who themselves become 59:44 friends and allies of each other 59:48 the pond is and dissipating a time which 59:53 is to come when one part of the 59:56 Christian world and one part of the 59:59 Jewish well would mysterious Lee reckon 60:04 side and become friends and allies when 60:09 that happens you are brought tell this 60:13 to the Turkish Prime Minister formula 60:15 the turkish President me if you have a 60:18 telephone call column ten because he 60:21 doesn't know the ground 60:24 when that happens you are prohibited for 60:31 maintaining friendship and alliance with 60:33 those people has that friendship and 60:37 alliance emerged today is their age 60:40 Christian judeo-christian alliance in 60:44 the world today 60:45 yes it is the only ones who can't 60:48 recognize it 60:49 are those who drink it Derek and eating 60:52 roti tonight I'm going home to sleep the 60:55 rest of us night it's as iron is 60:59 judeo-christian Alliance and they 61:02 control power in modern Western 61:04 civilization of the French people not 61:06 the American people know that 61:09 judeo-christian alliance controls power 61:12 in modern Western civilization and need 61:17 to is the military and they're not gonna 61:21 like me in Kosovo they're not going to 61:24 like me in Boston yeah they're gonna 61:25 like me in Macedonia then i'm going to 61:29 like me in Albania but this is the truth 61:31 this is the truth this is the ground 61:35 search times while being here to wake up 61:39 at macedonian and Bosnia to wake up 61:41 until built-in to get last until that 61:47 because of as well if you turn to that 61:51 judeo-christian alliance with friendship 61:53 and alliance 61:54 what's the price you pay listen to the 61:58 Quran the Quran is absolute authority 62:02 you can challenge the program know a law 62:06 says we might yet the world level men 62:08 can find the woman who whosoever turns 62:11 with friendship and alliance to them you 62:14 belong to them not to us anymore so this 62:18 is not a civil war between Muslims and 62:21 Muslims you have left Islam when you 62:26 join nick to and you're proud and happy 62:30 to be a member of me 62:32 two and now you becoming need to Trojan 62:37 horse after the field called the top 62:39 here and recorded hours coming he knew 62:44 that Fred to lagoon was part of it here 62:48 the NATO is a part of it he knew all of 62:50 that and he knew that if the court is 62:55 going to fail so that he could have a 62:58 chance now to wipe out all the 63:00 opposition days to him in Turkey 63:03 so the turkey is now strong without any 63:07 our internal opposition so the turkey 63:10 can now play a strategic role in 63:12 anticipation of the war against Russia 63:15 we are not Falls and organs you know 63:19 we're not fools and I hope put in knows 63:22 that this is the Trojan house so the 63:27 conquest of Constantinople will come 63:29 from a civil law turkey will have a 63:33 civil war on one side will be doors who 63:37 are fighting the operator to get need to 63:41 out of Constantinople and on the other 63:44 side will be the fools the bunch of 63:48 fools who is just standing with NATO I 63:54 don't know what Boston is going to do 63:55 now then need to embrace there's no way 63:59 to get out 64:00 I don't know what Albania is going to do 64:02 I don't know what must be doing is going 64:03 to do they are in NATO's embrace and 64:07 there's no way out there trapped so long 64:12 as they remain where they are history 64:14 going to move and leave them behind 64:16 we thank you for your kind attention to 64:20 the lecture I have my books outside and 64:24 after maghrib each other you can get 64:26 them we can also other grab them for you 64:28 can see 64:31 thank you

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PULL OUT NOW: Mexico Law SEIZES $ Billions from US Assets if WALL Built or NAFTA Cancelled!

Transcript : next week introduced legislation to see 0:12 a hundred billion dollars in US company 0:15 or individual own athens if President 0:18 Trump build the wall or cancelled the 0:21 NAFTA agreement Mexico introducing 0:24 legislation in a remarkable display of 0:27 third world values kind of Mexico's 0:30 considering seizing that is stealing a 0:33 hundred billion dollars in US corporate 0:35 or individually old assets if President 0:38 truck build a border wall or interest 0:41 from after agreement which means the 0:44 u.s. may have to invade Mexico again 0:45 Mexican president Enrique Pena Nieto 0:49 said he wants to work collaboratively 0:53 with President Trump thing hasn't 0:56 commented on the wall publicly since the 0:59 u.s. election but his former Foreign 1:02 Secretary claudia ruiz mass years we 1:06 place on january fourth 2016 has quote 1:10 just we've been very clear the second 1:13 Mexico will never consider paying for a 1:14 wall and quote that's what she told PBS 1:17 Newshour release was replaced by former 1:22 finance secretary de vida gaaray he 1:26 resigned a week after Trump visited 1:29 Mexico City last summer as if that was 1:31 widely criticized in Mexico the gary was 1:34 instrumental in duration comes to visit 1:37 Miriam birth grimmspeed is an attorney 1:41 for her decided to the mexican centered 1:43 on energy international law legislation 1:45 has been proposed to mexican Senate that 1:48 bans the use of public funds on any 1:50 project that is against the country's 1:52 interests clinical that's why they taken 1:55 to mean the Trump wall first thing said 1:59 just because of you know tantrums 2:02 literally wasted opportunity of uniting 2:04 the proposed Mexican legislation would 2:07 lead to review of the most fundamental 2:09 trees between 2:10 two countries among them the 1848 3d of 2:14 wire loop the treaty seated Texas and 2:18 California as well as part of Arizona 2:21 Colorado New Mexico Nevada Utah and 2:24 Wyoming to the United States Justice a 2:26 tremendous amount of territory 2:28 the bill also states quote in cases 2:31 where the assets of our fellow citizens 2:33 our companies are affected by foreign 2:36 government as Donald Trump has 2:38 threatened the mexican government should 2:40 proportionately extrait assets and 2:44 properties of foreigners from that 2:45 country on our territory translated that 2:50 means that should try to follow 2:51 throughout threats to expand the wall 2:53 withdraw us participation in master or 2:56 stock remittances to Mexico Mexico to 3:00 target us assets in Mexico those assets 3:03 are estimated by the office of the US 3:04 Trade Representative to amount to over a 3:07 hundred billion dollars 3:09 Ignatz Yoda morale doesn't believe it 3:13 will ever come to this 3:14 he's provided the federal government's 3:16 economic development plans in the state 3:18 of Veracruz he says it will take years 3:21 longer than he'd be President to build a 3:24 wall there will be a wall and called the 3:26 city says Spanish even senior US 3:30 politicians have cast degree of down the 3:32 idea Paul as our texas republican 3:37 congressional revisited pete sessions 3:38 says the wall is an analogy for fences 3:42 and drones but in Mexico the walls part 3:45 of the suit of political and economic 3:47 strengths against mexico just abrego is 3:50 a hedge fund manager mexico city said 3:53 Mexico's worried after the u.s. 3:56 elections exist it's shaking the 3:58 confidence here in the country from an 3:59 economic standpoint right to its 4:01 foundation and to its core 4:04 so that's what the Bible said he says 4:06 Mexico is shaking because of what could 4:08 happen between the u.s. and Mexico as 4:11 far as trading is concerned the wall has 4:14 become a staple on the country's top 4:16 shields week our dentist told his 4:19 audience 4:20 mvs radio that not all Americans are 4:22 like-minded he says it's not the entire 4:25 us at once the wall is just a part of us 4:27 what the wall 4:29 why would be the major parts at once 4:31 that well but mexicans are bracing for 4:33 some form of this campaign pledge coming 4:36 through a man who entered the US 4:38 illegally before returning as a higher 4:41 on Oh said 12 with Mexican wants to the 4:44 wall built and that's organized crime 4:48 I relentless in Spanish more power to 4:51 the Mafia's security analyst Alejandro 4:54 hope said an extended wall likely more 4:58 bloodshed in Mexico with organized crime 5:00 fighting to control the smuggling routes 5:02 into the United States put the remaining 5:05 rooms for the trafficking will become 5:07 far more valuable and that problem is 5:10 more confident for the Mexican side and 5:13 cook that's what helped said hope has 5:15 good contacts in the Mexican 5:16 intelligence community service on former 5:20 president incentive foxes transition 5:22 team if the wall is substantially 5:26 expanded hope a former senior 5:29 intelligence analyst at mythical 5:30 civilian intelligence agency he said 5:32 that he believed it will also slow 5:35 cooperation with the US on existing 5:36 Arrangements on border security and 5:39 immigration superstation at 95 asked 5:45 sources of the Pentagon and the State 5:47 Department about this involved seem used 5:50 one Pentagon official said who asked to 5:53 remain anonymous because he is not 5:55 authorized to speak publicly about sit 5:57 close we can invade and conquer all 5:59 mexican listen month a lot faster than 6:01 it took the last time you dated them and 6:03 cool after the US State Department they 6:07 were uncharacteristically blood and not 6:09 diplomatic at all 6:10 one source of State Department's it 6:13 quote this shows how foolish it was for 6:16 American corporations to everyone 6:18 consider moving operations to Mexico 6:20 companies are strong advice to 6:22 immediately begin removing assets from 6:24 that country because the wall will be 6:26 built an app that will be renegotiated 6:29 or even cancelled and cooked when told 6:34 of these developments by superstation 6:35 besides financial gurus in new york city 6:38 from Goldman Sachs JP Morgan Citigroup 6:41 all of who demanded absolute anonymity 6:43 as a condition speaking said this is 6:46 nothing short of a complete disaster 6:47 financial markets cold we and everyone 6:51 else in the US have to pull all our 6:54 messages out of Mexico immediately for 6:56 fear they will try to expropriate them 6:58 money is going to sleep from Mexico 7:00 still fast asleep they'll be lucky to 7:02 have a country left when it's done by 7:05 even daring to suggest such of things 7:07 the mexican government has literally 7:09 destroyed itself in one day they just 7:11 don't realize it yet before an old or 7:14 foreigner all of the currency amount 7:17 account the mexican government just put 7:19 them on notice they're accounted be 7:21 extrapolated the peso will set off to 7:24 dirt very best and quote so that's it 7:28 anybody who have their money in Mexico 7:30 has corporations with assets in Mexico 7:33 get out there assesses you can this is 7:36 on my daily informer

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China-Vatican Dirty Deal? | China Uncensored

 The Vatican seeks accommodation with China, but at the expense of Christian lives.

Transcript : On this episode of China Uncensored, 0:02 Hoooly See! 0:09 Hi, welcome to China Uncensored. 0:10 I’m your host Chris Chappell. 0:11 The Vatican. 0:13 Known for priceless works of art, 0:14 top secret archives, 0:16 and Jude Law's pet kangaroo. 0:22 At least one of those things is not real. 0:25 Probably. 0:26 Anyway, last week, 0:28 the Vatican held a summit on organ trafficking 0:30 and transplant tourism. 0:32 And the real-life, not young pope has called these things 0:35 a new form of slavery 0:36 and a crime against humanity. 0:39 So everyone was a little surprised 0:42 when the Vatican invited this man to speak, 0:45 China’s transplant chief, 0:47 Dr. Huang Jiefu. 0:48 Why? 0:49 Well, it’s kind of like holding a summit 0:52 on how to stop people from stealing food, 0:55 and inviting the Hamburglar 0:57 as your keynote speaker. 0:58 Dr. Huang Jiefu has been accused of being a part of, 1:03 and covering up, 1:04 the Chinese regime's prolific organ trafficking 1:06 and transplant tourism. 1:09 Holy See? 1:10 More like Holy NOT See. 1:12 No, not Nazi! 1:14 Not See, like, they're not seeing the obvious! 1:16 Uh, moving on. 1:18 The Catholic Church approves of organ donation and transplantation, 1:22 a tradition dating back to this guy. 1:25 But I’m pretty sure there’s some kind of prohibition 1:28 against a government killing people for their organs. 1:31 I think might be covered by one of the commandments. 1:35 I mean, it’s been a long time since I went to Bible school, 1:37 but that makes sense, right? 1:39 Except that’s exactly what the Chinese regime has been doing. 1:43 There is a mountain of evidence 1:45 that China has a large and complex system 1:49 to kill prisoners of conscience and harvest their organs 1:52 for transplant. 1:53 A single organ can fetch 6 figures, 1:56 so a lot of people in China are profiting from this. 2:00 This report released last year 2:01 estimates that between 60,000 and 100,000 organs 2:05 are taken from innocent people in China every year. 2:08 Now for years, 2:10 the Communist Party was able to hide what they were doing, 2:13 but it's not as easy now as it used to be. 2:16 People are wising up. 2:17 For instance, 2:18 this declaration last year by the European Parliament 2:21 condemned China's organ harvesting. 2:23 Then there’s this one from the US House of Representatives. 2:27 A major liver transplant journal, 2:29 Liver International, 2:30 just retracted a study by Chinese liver surgeons 2:34 because it seemed like the donors weren’t so voluntary. 2:37 And mainstream media are actually reporting on it as well. 2:41 Without using words like "allegedly." 2:43 Dr. Huang Jiefu, 2:45 despite trying to paint himself as a reformer, 2:48 has personally been involved in some sketchy things. 2:52 In 2005, 2:53 he performed a high profile public demonstration of a liver transplant. 2:59 Just to be on the safe side, 3:00 he ordered two extra matching livers as back ups. 3:04 They were never used. 3:05 For those of you who aren’t transplant surgeons, 3:08 let me explain the problem with that. 3:11 As the Guardian puts it, 3:12 “Livers are extremely sensitive and need to be removed quickly, 3:16 and are often unsuitable for transplantation 3:19 by the time the patient dies.” 3:21 So to be able to order two extra livers 3:24 means Chinese hospitals must have had a pool of people 3:27 already set aside, 3:30 with all their blood work done 3:32 so they could match the organs, 3:33 and still alive, 3:34 so their livers could be harvested. 3:36 So where do China’s 60,000 to 100,000 organs 3:39 every year come from? 3:41 According to the report I mentioned, 3:43 they come from Falun Gong adherents, 3:45 the Uyghur ethnic group, 3:46 Tibetans, 3:47 and House Christians. 3:50 So the Chinese regime is killing Christians for their organs, 3:54 and then sending their representative to a conference in the Vatican 3:58 on how to stop organ trafficking and transplant tourism. 4:02 For the past few years, 4:03 Dr. Huang has been traveling around the world, 4:06 trying to convince everyone that China's organ transplant system 4:09 is fine now and made up of voluntary donors. 4:13 No one said that prisoners couldn't volunteer, right? 4:16 As you can see in that quote, 4:18 there's another sneaky thing Dr. Huang does. 4:21 He's trying to make it sound like the Communist Party 4:23 only uses death-row criminals for organs. 4:27 When it really is mostly using prisoners of conscience-- 4:32 people who the Party is persecuting for their beliefs. 4:35 You can understand why so many people people were mad. 4:39 The Chinese regime wanted to use its presence at this summit 4:42 to show that hey, 4:43 our organ transplant system is totally legit 4:46 and accepted by the rest of the world. 4:49 You might argue maybe the Vatican 4:50 made an innocent mistake by inviting Dr. Huang. 4:53 They didn’t know. 4:55 But when the international outcry went out about this, 4:58 their official response left something to be desired. 5:02 They said the summit was meant to be an 5:05 “academic exercise, 5:06 and not a reprise of contentious political assertions.” 5:10 Yeah, the Vatican. 5:12 They never get involved in politics. 5:14 But seriously, 5:15 why would the Vatican invite the guy not only involved in, 5:19 but trying to cover up the same crimes against humanity 5:21 the Pope has called out? 5:23 The guy who’s also very likely indirectly involved 5:26 in killing Christians inside of China? 5:31 Well it could be a coincidence. 5:32 But the Vatican is trying to work out a deal 5:35 with the Chinese Communist Party 5:36 over the appointment of bishops. 5:39 Around the world, 5:40 the Roman Catholic Church is responsible 5:42 for appointing its bishops. 5:44 But in the 1950s, 5:45 the Chinese Communist Party set up its own organization 5:48 to do that. 5:50 It’s called the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association. 5:54 Because you can believe in God, 5:55 after you believe in the Party. 5:57 I'm being serious. 5:58 The Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association 6:01 is under the jurisdiction of the Communist Party. 6:04 So if you want to be Catholic in China, 6:06 you have two choices: 6:08 One: Belong to the “patriotic” church, 6:10 where your highest authority is not Father, 6:13 the Son, and the Holy Spirit, 6:15 but the officially atheist Communist Party. 6:17 Or Two: belong to an underground church, 6:21 and risk being arrested or having your organs harvested. 6:24 Neither of these are great options. 6:27 And when the Catholic Church has tried 6:28 to appoint their own bishops or priests in China, 6:31 they tend to get kidnapped and arrested. 6:34 So that's a problem. 6:35 But recently the Cardinal of Hong Kong 6:37 said that the Holy See and China have reached 6:40 “a preliminary consensus... 6:42 that will lead to an agreement over the appointment 6:43 of bishops [in China].” 6:46 So basically the Catholic church is considering 6:48 making a deal with the Communist Party. 6:51 The agreement is ostensibly over the appointment of bishops, 6:55 but ultimately involves the entire issue 6:57 of religious freedom in China, because, 7:00 as China’s leader puts it, 7:02 religious groups must adhere to the leadership 7:04 of the Communist Party. 7:05 The same Party that’s harvesting Christians’ organs, 7:09 selling them for profit, 7:10 and then sending their top doctor to the Vatican 7:12 to lie about it. 7:14 That Communist Party. 7:16 So there’s concern that the Church 7:18 might be sacrificing human rights and religious freedom 7:21 in order to establish diplomatic ties 7:23 and get more control over bishops in China. 7:26 Well, as Cardinal Tong put it, 7:29 “The moral principle of the Church teaches us 7:30 to choose the lesser of two evils.” 7:33 So what do you think? 7:35 I’d especially love to hear from our Catholic viewers. 7:37 Leave your comments below. 7:38 Thanks for watching this episode of China Uncensored. 7:41 Once again, I’m your host Chris Chappell. 7:43 See you next time.

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The Great Culling: The Truth About Our Water Full Documentary FLUORIDE EUGENICS

fluoride poison to humans it's a chemical byproduct and it also kills the pineal gland. it's our so-called government poisoning US population control. the people who are okay it at the top supposedly are the ones who are the Illuminati Freemason corrupt. follow the paper trail and see who's signing off and it's them and the ones behind them that should be held accountable for terrorism.

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Human have been Monetized by The Bankers

Morris : The consequences of rapidly monetising a nation is apparent here in Cambodia. But it is a war that is imposed on many people throughout the world

For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." (1 Timothy 6:10) Just survey the people in your own life, do you know ANYONE who does NOT "love money"? The only person I've every found is Daniel Suelo and I only know him thru youtube videos. I highly recommend watching his interview entitled "The Man Who Quit Money", altho in my own experience, most people just will never "get it", they scoff at him, just like they scoffed at Jesus 2000 years ago. Welcome to the sad state of our human condition.

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Dean Henderson "The Rothschild's & Their Subsidiaries Own Literally Everything On Planet Earth."

Transcript : we spent so much time in recent 0:11 weeks talking talking about the 0:14 rothschild family the Rothschild banking 0:17 family to help the Russian shows the 0:20 number of people into this program sent 0:22 me emails asking me would we focus or do 0:25 a segment where we had an introduction 0:27 almost like an introduction to the 0:29 ranchos family to make it easier to 0:33 understand who these people are and 0:34 where they came from the world send them 0:36 a couple of books recommendations where 0:39 they can have a little concluding a book 0:41 boy 0:41 our first guest at the season who was 0:43 with us last way back at the end of last 0:46 spring early last summer always pretty 0:49 time on the program is the author of 0:52 several excellent books including big 0:54 oil and their bankers in the Persian 0:56 calls four horsemen eight families under 0:59 global intelligence narcotics and terror 1:01 network you can read and every single 1:04 day on his blog which is Henderson left 1:07 hook dartboard let's welcome 1:10 back to the program our friend Dean 1:12 Henderson teen welcome back how are you 1:14 a good Richie thanks for having thank 1:18 you for coming on and when I was 1:22 thinking about these really the only 1:24 want two people i could call on to come 1:27 on and talk in a way that people will 1:29 understand this and give a kind of an 1:31 introduction to the ranchos family to 1:33 help people understand when you get 1:36 mentioned in interviews about finance or 1:38 interviews about wars and I'm not have 1:42 you who these people really are you're 1:45 demanding and thanks for coming back on 1:47 so is the thing I remember being at 1:50 university lecture lecture is usually 1:52 lasted 35 minutes we've got about 35 1:54 minutes now my friend them how would you 1:57 go about explaining to people who the 1:59 Rothschilds are and why they're so 2:01 important to current events 2:03 well you know it's just there's an old 2:08 saying regino money begets money and 2:12 it's 2:12 very true especially when you have these 2:15 old families who have been around you 2:19 know really 2:20 for centuries now accumulating money you 2:23 know and originally the Rothschilds 2:25 combined with the house of orange the 2:28 Dutch you know house of orange to find 2:30 the bank amsterdam and early 1600 as a 2:33 world-first central bank so that's what 2:35 500 years were looking at and you know 2:38 basically they are the Prince William of 2:41 the house of orange married into the 2:43 English House of Windsor the career runs 2:46 great britain and the Orange Order 2:49 brother had sprung up in you know 2:52 Ireland uh the Protestant movement that 2:55 was part of the whole you know what's 2:56 being financed by the house of orange in 2:59 fact but old lady of Threadneedle Street 3:01 also known as the Bank of England you 3:04 know that's pretty much the whole 3:06 wholesale from Syria off child has 3:09 instead of reserve now and what they did 3:11 is they married into the other excuse me 3:14 they were servants in the house that 3:16 half the German house in half and at 3:19 that time there was a royal families 3:20 that really have the money i mean they 3:22 still do have the money but now they're 3:25 joined by these certain Ashkenazi 3:27 zionist jews throughout shelves at the 3:30 head of who intermarried with those 3:32 royalty and so they worked in the house 3:35 the house and they basically you know a 3:39 lot of people think they stole money 3:40 from that the the German roll royalty 3:43 and that's how they got their money to 3:45 start with the kind of seed money they 3:47 were known as the Bowers actually and 3:50 change their names to the Rothschilds as 3:52 these families often do and have done 3:54 many times since it's already nice stage 3:57 to track down all the things the 3:59 Rothschilds own because they change 4:01 their names so often of when it comes to 4:04 titles of land and things like this and 4:07 become just masters are doing this 4:09 um but you know they they were around to 4:12 finance pretty much every war since they 4:14 started rumors that Napoleon was going 4:16 to win that war and then they find 4:18 scoring on the other side and made a 4:20 killing off of that not really launched 4:22 their fortune so you know they had 4:24 you know millions maybe a billion 4:26 dollars 340 years ago on some people 4:30 sitting out over a hundred trillion and 4:33 I haven't been able to verify that i 4:35 don't know who could really uh it's just 4:38 validates with the offshore banking 4:40 secrecy you can you can find out you 4:43 know quantum and he is definitely one of 4:45 their big vehicles of where they have a 4:48 lot of assets this offshore trust with 4:52 the Queen of England is also involved 4:53 with the george soros involved it home 4:56 but just phenomenal 4:58 well then you know in my book big oil in 5:01 their bankers in the Persian Gulf an 5:03 awesome-looking Federal Reserve cartel 5:04 which is chapter 19 of that a big little 5:07 book I talk about is eight families that 5:10 literally on fifty two percent of the 5:12 New York Federal Reserve and the 5:14 Rothschilds are the main in the biggest 5:17 player and I often kind of joke that you 5:20 know yeah people think oh you're 5:22 exaggerating and I kind of think i 5:23 actually am exaggerating because really 5:25 now they intermarried the Rockefellers 5:27 the Rothschilds goldman sachs the cloves 5:30 warning your order 5:32 yeah the lizards and to the point where 5:35 they're all one big family so actually I 5:37 am exaggerating that there's eight 5:39 families even but this is where we set 5:42 and it's every almost every inessential 5:46 bank in the world is owned by the same 5:48 cartel headed by the rock shell they 5:50 also had a global Freemasonry arm you 5:55 know and the Illuminati and all these 5:56 secret societies which are instrumental 5:58 in the sort of the psyops end of things 6:01 and the control keeping control of 6:04 spiritually other people armed and 6:07 they're of course behind Israel of this 6:10 is well-known fact that the Rothschilds 6:12 were sort of you know the fathers of 6:13 Israel with developer declaration 9017 6:16 no no 6:18 so the most odd pretty much functions as 6:21 a private intelligence organizations for 6:23 the rothschild family would be a better 6:25 way to describe the moss and so that the 6:29 key was I think intermarry with the 6:31 Royals arm and submitting all these 6:35 crowns 6:36 which are just absurd you know the whole 6:38 idea that we have kings and queens in 6:41 this day and age to me is just absurd 6:43 after all part yeah so but maybe they 6:46 did that now is just a huge combination 6:49 of there are those who believe they're 6:51 behind the Jesuits I can I actually 6:53 think that that's propaganda because the 6:57 Jesuits are the most progressive part of 6:59 the Catholic Church the only part that 7:00 never maybe got sold out to the rock 7:02 shells they're in and out of the 7:03 Catholic Church currently I think Johnny 7:05 out and the Catholic Church ironically 7:08 maybe wanted the only out at the 7:11 entities powerful enough to sort of 7:13 expose these people they get on the 7:15 current Pope get arrested Vatican Bank 7:18 chairman as soon as he was a put in the 7:20 deceit but people wonder if the killer 7:24 and they already tried once in Brazil 7:25 actually um so they're just so powerful 7:28 and they're behind the scenes and um can 7:32 I help people to come into the stranger 7:33 than fiction 7:34 this is this is printing stuff clarity 7:36 and let me just jump in there we have 7:40 you written as well as the books you've 7:41 written some brilliant articles on them 7:43 and I want to go back in time because it 7:46 sounds almost like a Carly only family 7:49 even though that fictional but you could 7:51 say the new change the family or the 7:53 Genovese family the way to consolidated 7:56 who they wear boy incorporating into 8:00 their family other wealthy people and 8:02 the right time is gonna go back to that 8:04 what am i right in saying that a couple 8:07 of years ago certain people certain 8:09 journalist you might have been one of 8:11 them tried to use the Freedom of 8:12 Information request to find out what 8:16 sort of shareholdings the Rothschilds 8:17 higher in the big banks Chase Manhattan 8:20 and some of these other big banks in New 8:22 York is not really 8:23 and does freedom that information was 8:26 not given 8:27 yeah that's right i was actually with 8:29 you rather than remember ichiya for my 8:32 master's thesis and I know it's uh yeah 8:35 i sent them to the comptroller of 8:36 currency the Department of Treasury 8:38 there are printing and engraving all 8:40 these different agencies regulate 8:42 banking in reality it was classified as 8:45 a freedom of information act request 8:48 which I didn't require 8:49 that way and then they said you know 8:51 pretty much as you know this information 8:52 is denied 8:54 and so you have to find out the bank 8:55 holding companies of is the key but 8:59 there's enough of you know things that 9:01 have gotten through that we know what we 9:04 know and we know for example that the 9:06 route child's pretty much run the bank 9:08 of america and owned it lock stock and 9:11 barrel we know that they are in 9:12 combination with the Rockefellers the 9:15 steelman's no zoning Chase Manhattan we 9:18 know their wallets Citigroup we know 9:20 that bankers trust are involved with his 9:22 stuff our boys your bank on the big 9:25 German bank which is a warbird bank 9:27 mainly um so it really we have to focus 9:31 on this top echelon of you know of 9:35 families and we have to check this stuff 9:37 down and then we have to deal with that 9:39 we have to nationalize every central 9:42 bank in the on the planet again in the 9:45 words of the people of Thailand on their 9:47 bank the people of america on their back 9:49 to people being on their bank and no BS 9:52 and then we can actually you know credit 9:57 free loans to people we can make it 9:59 would change the world we would change 10:01 our economy of it's the basis of 10:04 everything good 10:05 going forward I think is this your idea 10:07 that we have to nationalize the central 10:10 bank's we have to take these central 10:12 bank's out of the hands of these eight 10:14 families and we have to give it back to 10:17 the people of each country and give them 10:19 their sovereignty back and also give 10:20 this economic it's an economic engine 10:22 that's just unrealized once you have 10:25 credit free you know money that you can 10:27 issue 40 debt people all means no need 10:30 to profit because there's no banker see 10:31 it's just a bureaucratic the government 10:33 of weighing the branch of the Treasury 10:35 is running it and it's the computers in 10:38 it it's just the way to go and it takes 10:40 us out of all the debt can be cancelled 10:42 then we have about 20 minutes 23 10:44 trillion in the US now but 16-17 showing 10:47 of that is to these families you know 10:49 citibank Chase Bank of America Wells 10:52 Fargo that's what i call the four 10:53 horsemen the bank details of the ship 10:55 Rothschild Rockefeller banks 10:57 and you know but they're all 10:59 intermarried the Goldmans married two 11:01 sacks and the Coons married the loaves 11:03 and the shifts married into the crew 11:05 gloves and you know it's just on and on 11:07 so it's really people stranger than 11:09 fiction but there's nobody that tells 11:11 you about it really people touch it and 11:13 they kind of get scared and run away and 11:15 they have so much farther you can see 11:16 when you know what the plaintiff atty 11:19 Geithner comes out you know basically 11:21 you know it's his orchestrates this 11:23 whole ideal where we build out these 11:25 bankers for children bucks and tighten 11:27 was the the feds the ice on and you know 11:30 and the you know that just got off 11:32 scot-free 11:32 so not only do we allow them to maintain 11:35 these control these banks but we are 11:37 allowed to get bigger each of those four 11:39 banks i just mentioned has doubled in 11:40 size in terms of assets since 2008 since 11:43 the bailout incredible and in the same 11:46 thing happened in the Savings and Loan 11:47 scandal where you know some more of 11:50 these uh crooks oh and by the way you're 11:53 right totally right about the correlate 11:54 only aspect in fact Meyer Lansky heel 11:57 sandal strap count a juvenile of the 12:01 Brahmin family that was you know 12:03 involved with the they're all 12:04 Rothschilds Rockefellers lieutenant 12:06 creations and that's what the most 12:09 disturbing to me about Trump as York's 12:11 internationally see a lot of stock and I 12:13 know how you handle if it's a blind 12:14 trust we solder what he did on it before 12:16 you get elected and Resorts 12:17 International is one of those companies 12:19 with Ja Meyer Lansky you know in the CIA 12:23 and the rothschild in other words 12:25 created so that it their powers back but 12:30 have you ever hang our numbers of ass 12:31 that we can easily strip them of that 12:33 power absolute comedy and I want to have 12:35 a quick recap of what you have recorded 12:37 20 minutes to the top of your Dean 12:40 Henderson is underlying from Missouri 12:42 which must be a fabulous part of the 12:44 worst ideas around here is whether or 12:47 not go to Henderson left hook that 12:49 is then books are 12:53 meticulously research I I can't be clean 12:56 off ability we are we're talking about 12:58 the health of Ross Joynt and how the 13:01 Rothschilds cartel banking cartels 13:04 family their tentacles and basically 13:07 extends to every facet of everyday life 13:10 politics business finance team has been 13:13 described in hell from the 17th century 13:15 the sixteen hundreds on words through 13:18 intermarrying the most wealthy families 13:21 in the world including derives families 13:22 they build a dynasty that M goes right 13:25 up to today American oaks makes a 13:28 brilliant comment on Twitter he says 13:29 what's extraordinary American tweet 13:31 about the right choices they never 13:33 appear in the top 100 wealthiest people 13:35 list because they don't want to it's as 13:39 simple as that 13:40 the deans just touched on Trump there 13:42 and we can go down that road ste monster 13:45 and we talked a lot about Trump it is 13:47 the contention of this program that 13:50 Trump is a screaming Rothschild Zionist 13:53 I'm we got it wrong when it's all 13:55 Clinton is going to win it seems that 13:57 Trump with children for reasons that 13:58 will become obvious in the last couple 14:00 of weeks being when they were doing what 14:02 they were doing through the seventeenth 14:04 eighteenth and nineteenth centuries 14:06 there was very little opposition to it 14:09 seems and when we talk about the ease 14:12 with which they were able to put 14:14 together this massive family this 14:16 massive matters Matthews family with 14:19 them at the very top of us there was 14:21 very little opposition and we think it 14:23 was asked a number of our listeners 14:24 Damascus to put to you the stories and 14:29 the evidence and all the testimonies 14:32 about the influence of Satanism and 14:35 Teutonic rituals and that sort of thing 14:37 around this time we use when you want to 14:39 comment on is ask 14:40 sure well I mean look the Rothschilds 14:46 control the bearings you know which 14:48 bankrolled the Chinese both the Chinese 14:50 opium trade and African slave trade 14:53 horrible horrible stuff ray I mean they 14:56 were essentially the 12 got behind 14:59 slavery who got behind destroying people 15:02 of drugs 15:03 what does that tell you about these 15:04 people this way back then so if anything 15:08 is you know getting involved with the 15:10 stuff making darker and closer to the 15:12 dark side and sure I mean there's look 15:15 there's i have no doubt that this is a 15:17 edits route we're fighting really is a 15:20 spiritual battle between good and evil 15:22 it's pretty simple and both Clinton and 15:25 Trump or evil we know we're screwed 15:28 where he can't be it was done it was 15:30 over I didn't have much sharper the 15:31 night of the election I knew it was 15:32 going to suck maybe sucked a little less 15:35 than I thought if clinton won but I'm 15:37 not so sure she's smart but it just you 15:39 know it's a terrible terrible thing and 15:41 this the Illuminati set this up they set 15:43 up truck versus Clinton for a reason and 15:45 one of them was it created gender war 15:47 you know between inter-family you know 15:51 man vs woman cause Hillary is the 15:52 ultimate sort of you know whatever 15:55 pseudo feminist and often and Trump's 15:59 the ultimate sort of pig you know and so 16:00 it's bound to just feed into this gender 16:03 division so then you get you get a 16:05 religious war you get people hating is 16:08 long now divide people that way to play 16:12 right into the Trilateral Commission 16:13 paper by Samuel Huntington classical 16:16 civilizations you can see it all 16:18 happening with you know being instructed 16:19 to hate Muslims we go to world model and 16:23 then you have a race war which you know 16:25 the cops and and and you know just 16:28 beaten up by people and getting on 16:30 camera with it now so look they've got 16:31 as divided as they've ever got us almost 16:34 I feel like in the United States is this 16:37 phony election people taken up camps 16:39 either one side or the other and they're 16:41 both rotten so they're both lashing out 16:44 crazy things like the Liberals the same 16:46 Russians did it in home because they 16:47 can't admit Hillary with a terrible 16:49 candidate and the conservative sano 16:51 it'll be our I just because he had 16:53 pointed 10 goldman sachs guy yesterday 16:54 they're still going to be alright I'll 16:57 stones crowding out fool and it's okay 17:00 they're good people get full but look at 17:02 this 17:02 yeah it's bad and I mean it's far as 17:05 Satanism and stuff you know there's 17:08 rumors out there about Melania Trump you 17:10 some high-class a store of macedonia 17:13 being trafficked even home in there some 17:16 millionaires Resorts International that 17:18 people should check into do you let me 17:20 just let me just stop you there because 17:21 this is them 17:22 ordinarily it wasn't you it was anybody 17:26 else I jump on ova 17:27 and I have a right good go with you 17:29 there but because if you don't have to 17:31 do that 17:32 whatwhat is it because some of this has 17:35 been in the mainstream new so I'm not 17:37 worried about the label inside to him 17:39 Donald Trump consuming for the ability 17:41 one is not going to get very much but is 17:45 there any evidence that's a little bit 17:48 better than circumstantial evidence that 17:50 suggests what you just said there that 17:53 his voice was the victim of human 17:55 trafficking human trafficking even well 17:58 all I can say is that comes from Webster 18:00 Tarpley and webster tarpley is one of 18:03 the most of million researchers I know 18:05 and he is actually now being sued by the 18:08 trust your legs and others of you may be 18:11 saying that which may be a big mistake 18:13 for that but it's gonna white Webster 18:15 out you know you know she's taking the 18:16 200 million dollar lawsuit against to do 18:19 email in the UK 18:21 yeah so you know there i don't know you 18:25 know but what I do know about Resorts 18:26 International it's in my book and it's 18:28 well research that I do know that he's 18:30 that he was the largest most primary 18:32 shareholder this entity before the 18:34 election and people can do that and find 18:37 that out because it's public information 18:39 so Resorts International you knows is 18:42 that but but you know getting back to 18:45 the to the topic of Rothschild stay in 18:47 the moment and then basically this is 18:49 endemic among the elite you know I think 18:51 it's pastor to work you take the cheese 18:53 if you are willing to become that super 18:55 rich and and not have to work anymore 18:57 like everybody else has to work you know 18:59 just happen will take care you and it's 19:02 corrupting and yes then you started 19:04 drinking whiskey at one in the afternoon 19:06 and you know whatever maybe a little 19:08 coke it i don't know you know just 19:10 corrupting you know and you can buy 19:12 anything you want and I think it its 19:15 money it's the whole just accumulation 19:17 money system of that and they have the 19:20 most so they found to be the most people 19:22 you know they're behind a Archduke 19:24 Maximilian the pimp the couple of Mexico 19:26 basically trying to evade the United 19:28 States during the Civil War and if it 19:31 hadn't been for an eleventh-hour 19:32 deployment and two Russian warships 19:34 biology and a second 80-63 we have been 19:38 recolonized by 19:39 I England with let me just did to dating 19:44 because we got about 15 more minutes and 19:46 then I'm delighted you're back i can't 19:48 believe it was so long since you were on 19:50 your typical typical laid-back cowboy I 19:53 said to you before you get in touch with 19:56 our thinking back on and I'm delighted 19:58 you're on 19:59 so who were the big Rothschild players 20:00 today we know the Trump definitely has a 20:03 personal relationship and I don't mean 20:05 anything on an adult the natures are 20:08 often a dog nature we know we get on 20:10 very well with lynn foresters Roger we 20:12 know this to be true 20:14 Horseman's Evelyn the roster we have not 20:17 right choice 20:17 are these the Roscoe's are 2017 20:21 are these the players in the family are 20:23 these the front people for the family 20:25 these people there that's the part of it 20:28 you know also and then there are child 20:30 love that that whole clan they owned 20:32 bank of esa in the gala switzerland and 20:36 also wrath child bank EG is erick to the 20:40 edmond de rothschild brands finished 20:42 Lord jacob rothschild he's basically 20:45 owns the rock child Italian Lonnie's in 20:47 Italy they kind of divided up all these 20:50 countries between this the progeny in a 20:53 way back and so you know one of the big 20:57 entities is the club of aisles and that 21:01 thing was responsible for destroying the 21:05 whole Asian economies thailand indonesia 21:07 also responsible for destroying the 21:10 Russian ruble and 9900 so this quantity 21:14 that's a subsidiary of global files you 21:18 know they've got this is the only big 21:20 rock and roll but she'll they actually 21:23 have their operations in Curacao and 21:25 ironically that's the biggest or 21:28 fineries in the world are also their 21:30 royal dutch shell and exxon mobil both 21:32 have one yourself the coast event as 21:33 well that's why this family this family 21:36 have their fingers on their poles in 21:39 everything right everything 21:41 let me just let me just a couple of 21:44 things not because we're worried about 21:45 offending anybody were not for then 21:48 you'll probably agree with that my 21:50 friend and colleague 21:51 that what happened the creation of the 21:54 State of Israel was a cover for these 21:57 people I've always felt it was a cover 21:58 and i choose you know army men and women 22:01 I costs are as much a victim of this is 22:03 anybody else 22:04 whenever you talk about this its throne 22:06 is that it's anti-semitic and its really 22:08 hate with of Jewish and people don't 22:11 believe the Jews are erase user and you 22:15 know that there and Caucasians like off 22:18 they did their religious beliefs is what 22:21 makes them Jewish not there yet 22:22 Mississippi just what I believe and what 22:24 I love them like a lot of everybody else 22:26 and get you know I don't know I don't 22:29 know you talked about this over the 22:30 years Jews are a victim of this i mean 22:32 it's ironic this is the 1700 years about 22:34 for declaration which came on the heels 22:36 of the sykes-picot agreement which is 22:38 just a bit robbing the Ottoman Empire 22:40 blind as we say in Ireland and 22:43 completely illegal and and they're 22:45 behind everything 22:46 what about before we talked about him 22:48 before we come back to the presentation 22:51 again some jewish men women and some of 22:54 my parents friends they get properly 22:57 pissed off when we talk about the 22:59 ranchos funding and whole thing and and 23:03 putting basically betting on Hitler to 23:06 succeed and after a board War two but 23:10 the fact is is true with nadeem yes true 23:13 that's ok that's what people don't 23:15 understand its Zionism is one of the 23:19 most racist uh the humanizing movements 23:23 in the world it's a white supremacist 23:24 movement until that's why people have 23:27 such a hard time 23:28 oh but if you look you know if you look 23:31 at that of course they found Taylor I 23:32 mean of course they're behind all this 23:34 igenix stuff up sorry for that white 23:37 people have bigger brains and black 23:38 people didn't start with Hitler you know 23:40 this this this fascism was you know what 23:44 is I anism it's the same thing I mean 23:46 look at the way they treat Palestinians 23:48 in the West Bank and they just use a 23:50 berth experimentation and prisons and 23:53 all kinds of crazy stuff you know that 23:55 they do these people and they also i 23:58 mean to get out of the Nazi Germany is 24:00 on 24:01 stand it it's the rich of people who got 24:05 out because if you were able to pay i 24:06 think it was a thousand dollars canvas 24:08 you could get passage to Israel and out 24:10 of there and so he you have got the 24:13 selection of the wealthier of Jews that 24:16 came out of that horrible situation and 24:19 we're putting in harm's way yes by the 24:22 books about for declaration was written 24:24 how many you know 30 years before Israel 24:26 action was created so well plan of 24:30 course we know they stole the olive 24:32 girls and install the land of what they 24:34 are people who they're just slide them 24:36 with their death squads home which 24:39 emotion Diane and menachem begin in some 24:42 of these guys were part of his death 24:44 squads that went in there and horrible 24:46 and on so why would they do that so I 24:49 mean it's just yes they found the killer 24:52 yes there behind all white supremacy of 24:55 including what you see 24:56 merging of right now I think we're a 24:59 wide I mean it's good kind of 25:01 frightening what I'm seeing this far 25:03 right 25:03 emergency measures this race components 25:05 it's messed up under you that dog I got 25:07 it like they gotta realize that's coming 25:09 from the bankers us bankers are trying 25:11 to do this to you then and then I didn't 25:13 you know that because they're the root 25:15 of it they've always they're not these 25:17 ok they need their political ideology is 25:20 not you and uh and that's what they 25:23 believe in an 800 standing it's easy to 25:26 understand why so many regular Jewish 25:29 men and women regularly cost in terms of 25:31 you know that this player to the same 25:33 things we do like love and happiness is 25:36 easy to understand way to get upset that 25:38 i can understand this 25:39 yeah and a very good friend of mine in 25:41 London was Jewish you know he's talking 25:43 to understand and you know he believes 25:46 that will be what you might get a past 25:48 with you he would say you might get a 25:50 passport everybody else when they talk 25:52 about this family just mean you know 25:54 they just mean what everything is dirty 25:56 Jews and really hard sometimes to know 25:58 it doesn't and original you really got 26:00 to look into this because it's got 26:01 nothing to do with Judaism or or the 26:04 Jewish people is the signature of these 26:06 something a little bit that's nothing to 26:09 do with Jewish people anything here 26:11 I don't really know where 26:12 have to do with Christian people are 26:14 nasty old Buddhist people but that of 26:17 course they have to keep this topic off 26:19 limits and call people anti-semites 26:22 because if they didn't then people would 26:24 dig down and find what we just talked 26:26 about and how deep and dark this goes 26:29 and how it is involving statement it was 26:32 all into statement analysis things you 26:35 always secret societies and then he 26:36 basically found out the secret societies 26:39 he kind of turned against the whole idea 26:40 and that's when they went after him took 26:43 him out and all just parachuted into you 26:45 know Buckingham Palace there ever was to 26:48 try to stop that from happening but 26:50 that's when they took him out just like 26:52 they could nori a gallon he wises up and 26:54 didn't help us out with the contours 26:56 anymore in Nicaragua what she was doing 26:58 he was using his troops in the nicaragua 27:00 for the CIA and then once he said I'm 27:03 not gonna do that anymore also always a 27:05 drug trafficker or you know not the old 27:07 course not mentioning that the bushes on 27:09 the Hat the whole Colombian you don't 27:11 feel pretty inside of Colombia and 27:14 Panama and made the most money out and 27:16 that's why they went down and bombed out 27:18 that center part of town and got the 27:21 money out of banks and destroy all these 27:22 political people who are against us 27:25 imperialism in family and all these 27:27 other things so you know you can 27:28 demonize all these people you want but 27:30 what you have to find out who's the 27:32 demon eyes errs who are the even answers 27:34 and that you know that's who runs the 27:37 whole damn thing and you'll never hear 27:39 their names you might never be demonized 27:41 and you have to know that you have to 27:42 know that he's an article that I till we 27:44 all get together and bring it out and 27:46 make a big stink of it and you know make 27:49 it happen I guess what you're trying to 27:50 do and you're doing a good job i 27:52 remember two years ago in Spain and I 27:55 wasn't having a beer after a radio show 27:57 tonight so they did and a Jewish woman 28:00 nice woman had been listening to the 28:03 program and she got talkin to me and 28:05 asked me about this family and it's this 28:07 family is basically John Torrio need 28:10 help calm you know 28:12 welcome to manage to go pretty much on 28:14 molested through the centuries nobody's 28:17 ever managed to to to stop them and my 28:20 answer was and it wasn't time choice but 28:24 it was about as simple as I could make 28:25 it I said 28:26 nobody's ever been after them because 28:28 they basically to go to ship everything 28:30 the amalgamated with everybody 28:33 the amalgamated with all the other 28:35 family took control of government took 28:37 control of money so the only armies and 28:40 the police forces of the world and they 28:43 were so so big he's going to look at to 28:45 make the great massive crime families 28:48 and for generations the police could 28:49 never get to the very top to cut off the 28:52 head of the snake because of 28:54 compartmentalization and she was like oh 28:57 yeah I suppose that's what they do the 28:58 own everything 28:59 I'm the media who's ever written in the 29:01 New York Times or The Washington Post 29:03 who is ever written 29:05 so I mean your articles made a part of 29:07 your books your articles i'm on 29:09 Henderson left hook Dark Lord 29:12 about the health of our child those 29:14 articles are unimpeachable teen they are 29:17 outstanding the written and researched 29:19 and nobody in mainstream media has ever 29:22 attempted to do that to go after these 29:25 people because their subsidiary complete 29:28 switch to ourselves as you described in 29:29 your books the own everything 29:32 yeah everyone it not everyone but most 29:36 people are some level bought off you 29:41 know whether they like it or not you 29:43 know and they just don't because they 29:46 don't think its death 29:47 I mean that's the whole thing they 29:48 figured out these Rock child that they 29:50 can get countries and that if they could 29:52 get people in debt if they you know get 29:54 all a bunch of people in that endeavor 29:57 stand in debt they will they will keep 29:59 quiet because they don't know if the 30:02 Rothschilds maybe on the company working 30:04 for whatever and it's it's kind of a 30:08 self-censorship you know like with like 30:11 David I keep it talks about really well 30:13 just about how we go around police in 30:15 each other like we don't even need cops 30:17 anymore now 38 cops anymore this 30:19 go-around shutting people up who are 30:21 telling the truth because we were told 30:23 to base were instructed to do that by 30:25 these lie that the news things of these 30:28 Rothschilds by the nonprofit's they find 30:32 and longer their tax in the drug money 30:34 through and don't have you know mr. 30:36 social policy you do these NGOs um it 30:39 was brainwashed we were told to be racks 30:42 on the people who are brave you know 30:44 it's all set up you know and it's kind 30:47 of like the aliens already invaded 30:48 arguing with some people anywhere just 30:50 like the handlers here already have all 30:52 of us and we're just being sort of 30:53 hurting around like well like she put 30:55 you know but it's kinda like that but 30:57 you know you just have to uh I guess be 31:00 brave and I just that's what I'm 31:01 thinking out just woke the whole world 31:04 seems to be lacking a bravery right now 31:06 present company excepted and you know 31:08 there are some great people doing some 31:09 great things but there's not enough of 31:10 that you know we need more bravery and 31:13 more people be brave and it's really not 31:14 that hard you know you know it's been an 31:17 amazing week and although I appreciate 31:20 the compliment i'm not being modest when 31:22 I say that I don't do anything we have a 31:25 blessed that we have this wonderful 31:27 radio studio all the bells and whistles 31:29 were placed the table like streams the 31:32 program we're blessed as alternate 31:34 current radio and celebrate your 31:35 daughter's the peoples are brave and 31:38 courageous are people like you have the 31:40 balls to research this stuff and then 31:42 write books and as eloquently as pretty 31:45 as you do all we do is provide a 31:47 platform you know there's not very much 31:49 greater than what i do for him 31:51 I'm under loaded that we can get people 31:53 like you on the program on dimension 31:55 Georgina and truly was the sound of 31:58 errors and an actress says she's in 32:00 dublin at the moment she just wanted to 32:03 mention sidney blumenthal has a an 32:06 extensive piece in the London Review of 32:08 Books this week 32:09 comparing ironically comparing the 32:11 Trump's to the Corleone's which is 32:14 ironic here but you know what we have a 32:16 month we've been talking about it and I 32:19 think I mean you're well aware doing 32:21 that at the moment there's a real push 32:23 by various charities to try and 32:26 basically list the usage of the world 32:31 zionist and the words Rothschild as 32:34 anti-semitic words and then anybody 32:35 using those words are killers 32:38 this is what I can't stand you see I'm 32:40 not the Braves going to world but i will 32:42 not be called covered by anybody if I 32:44 thought the Jews are dirty and accuse 32:46 your easel I would 32:48 fucking say excuse my language Jews are 32:51 dirty and use the reason choose or not 32:53 touristy they're not evil and choosers 32:55 good understand as anybody else on 32:58 planet there's it's about this and 33:00 secret societies you described as a 33:02 nothing as what do you say to people who 33:04 you know cuz that we know people that 33:06 have been chased by these people and 33:07 called racist and a serious 15 33:09 what do you do when they come after you 33:11 and they say you're a racist you don't 33:12 mean Zionist you means you because 33:14 you're a coward 33:15 yeah well you just tell the truth you 33:18 just steal yeah dude just like it is 33:19 right there and it's still like it is 33:21 and I mean if you have facts i don't 33:23 know you know they go that far where 33:25 they're passing laws like that were you 33:26 know the word Rothschilds band hall pass 33:29 out 33:30 gee we might just be time to go 33:32 underground or something i really don't 33:33 know Richie but i'm not you know it 33:36 won't shut me up 33:37 it shouldn't shut you up I know it won't 33:39 know you know it's not gonna it's not 33:41 gonna work because i think where I don't 33:43 we went through that United States and 33:45 honestly because I got past it it sounds 33:47 to me like now it's kind of getting your 33:48 car you know but we get the loan that 33:51 and I my stuff where I mean you know it 33:53 was just for a while there it was dicey 33:55 but we just come a lot of us just kept 33:57 talking right through and just packing 33:59 up our stuff and fan what you just said 34:01 about we got nothing against Jews 34:03 obviously this is way beyond even 34:05 religion or anything about the controls 34:07 of world in and so that's all it is 34:09 we're trying to help everyone and that 34:12 doesn't matter what you believe to me 34:14 and i'm on the most our guy i cannot 34:17 tolerate racism I cannot tolerate any of 34:20 that kind of stuff that divides us you 34:21 know anyway and that so I do not want to 34:24 divide Jews Christians Muslims variable 34:26 ones i want to do that that's the whole 34:28 point 34:28 that's what trying to say that's why I 34:30 criticize Saudi Arabia justice often in 34:33 there 34:33 well there is llama but they're not you 34:35 know it's not about Islam either it's 34:37 about what I bizim it's just voiced the 34:39 department by British intelligence 34:41 it's all part of the game it's all smoke 34:43 and mirrors and people that'd quit being 34:44 so naive 34:45 for one thing and look at the reality of 34:47 what's going on in this world you and 34:49 hugging shop you and I will do this 34:51 again as soon as you want me 34:52 and I've loved having you back on the 34:53 program folks go two hundred and left 34:56 hook at teens books 34:58 giggles and the bankers in the Persian 35:01 calls the Federal Reserve cartel these 35:04 are these are essential books I mean 35:06 these are essential books thanks for 35:08 coming back on the program to another 35:10 marvelous weekend and do stay in touch 35:12 me don't be gentle on your have 35:14 appreciate very much she'll get on 35:16 YouTube my friend Ian Henderson on the 35:18 line to get there from the great state 35:19 of Missouri

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