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Pastor Lindsey Williams February 2017 Update

Pastor Lindsey Williams introduces Pastor David Bowen - February 9, 2017

Pastor Lindsey Williams introduces Pastor David Bowen with his regular short weekly video for readers of Pastor Williams' weekly newsletter.

Lindsey Williams, who has been an ordained Baptist minister for 28 years, went to Alaska in 1971 as a missionary. The Transalaska oil pipeline began its construction phase in 1974, and because of Mr. Williams' love for his country and concern for the spiritual welfare of the "pipeliners," he volunteered to serve as Chaplain on the pipeline, with the subsequent full support of the Alyeska Pipeline Company. Because of the executive status accorded to him as Chaplain, he was given access to information documented in his eye opening book, The Energy Non-Crisis. After numerous public speaking engagements in the western states, certain government officials and concerned individuals urged Mr. Williams to put into print what he saw and heard, stating that they felt this information was vital to national security. Mr. Williams firmly believes that whoever controls energy controls the economy. Thus, The Energy Non-Crisis.

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Gerald Celente - Israel Keeps Stealing Land. Blame Iran!

Trends research analysis expert, futurist, keynote speaker, and Institute Director, Gerald Celente is trusted by many large corporations as the foremost authority on trend forecasting, research, and analysis. He is the author of Trends 2000 and publisher of the Trends Journal®. Published and documented evidence proves that his institute has produced the most accurate, timely and comprehensive forecasts. Gerald Celente's extensive range of knowledge and expertise makes him a favorite of major media. They call on him for unique perspectives on the current events forming future trends. He is the world's only analyst who covers 300 diversified trends fields. As the world leader in trend forecasting, Celente, with the combined resources of his trends institute, will analyze ALL the trends affecting you. His presentations and research put your marketplace into perspective and puts you on a proactive path to profit. Each presentation zeroes in on hidden opportunities. Celente delivers strategies to CREATE and accurately TARGET products and services to meet the changing needs of the marketplace. Gerald Celente confers with you and your colleagues to identify your interests and concerns. He analyzes this information and assesses the impact of emerging trends that will affect your industry or profession and give proactive recommendations on how to profit change.

Transcript : over there in 0:28 Europe it's mixed here in the states up 0:32 a little bit oil down fold down the cad 0:36 so what's going on the Dow Jones 0:40 Industrials briefly rose more than a 0:43 hundred points hitting new record highs 0:45 before closing about 40 points higher 0:48 quote we have a pretty good earning 0:51 season so this is a reversal what 0:53 they've been saying calendar 0:55 fourth-quarter earnings have mostly 0:58 surprised analysts with more than 0:59 sixty-five percent of the firm's 1:01 reporting better-than-expected earnings 1:04 according to data from earnings Scout so 1:10 we have positive earnings and about 1:15 another fifty percent of that market is 1:17 about what truck is going to do with 1:20 deregulation and cutting taxes so we 1:24 still have that positive energy flowing 1:26 but you know if he plays that junk car 1:29 that wild God it could bring them down 1:31 and the markets have set up as many 1:34 people are saying for a correction in 1:39 economic news US trade deficit last year 1:43 reached its highest level since 2012 1:48 now let's go back and tie together with 1:50 bringing jobs back to America and 1:54 bringing down our trade deficit so again 1:58 that's positive support and why the 2:02 markets are stay pro Trump let's move on 2:08 to gold and show you the way things are 2:10 shifting this is today's headline from 2:14 The Wall Street Journal meaning its 2:16 reporting on yesterday's news anxious 2:20 investors seek refuge in gold big story 2:25 and that's what we've been saying from 2:27 the very beginning since Trump got 2:29 elected 2:30 yes gold prices have a downside risk but 2:34 they're going to stay as we believe a 2:37 safe-haven asset so we're also seeing 2:42 gold demand down for example 2:44 particularly in india and china 2:47 according to a recent report Chinese net 2:52 gold imports in december we down sixty 2:55 percent from 2015 2:59 meanwhile gold demand in India felt 21.2 3:04 percent in 2016 from a previous year as 3:12 new rules such as those forcing 3:15 customers to disclose their tax codes 3:19 for purchases above 2967 dollars or 3:24 200,000 rupees dampened demand so that's 3:30 what you have going on now keep putting 3:33 it together keep putting the pieces 3:34 together and what do you have a little 3:38 bit more news here at china Bitcoin hits 3:42 one-month high F to drop in China's 3:46 forex reserves Bitcoin jump more than 2% 3:51 Tuesday two day to the highest is 3:54 january fourth amid a surge and 3:56 speculative activity in Chinese 3:59 exchanges after drop in China's foreign 4:03 exchange reserves and foreign exchange 4:06 reserves is now gone under three 4:09 trillion dollars around 200 2.9 trillion 4:14 they're expecting it to go down to about 4:16 2.7 trillion this year it's a very 4:21 important story because Trump keep 4:24 saying China is manipulating its 4:27 currency shine is doing everything that 4:29 they can to prop it up so again we're 4:34 seeing gold slipping a little bit 4:36 the biggest story is bigger than the 4:38 United States because we're looking at 4:41 these chinese 4x numbers and remember 4:44 what happens when the dollar gets 4:46 stronger 4:48 not only does the yuan get weaker all 4:51 those emerging market currencies get 4:54 weaker with it so again going back to 4:57 gold we still maintain it as the 5:00 ultimate safe-haven asset and we're also 5:03 hearing now from fed presidents that 5:05 watch out for March there may be an 5:08 interest rate hike the other important 5:11 elements about interest rate hike 5:13 that's not being talked about on the 5:16 larger scale hate when interest rates go 5:19 up and you gotta pay back that chil 20 5:22 trillion dollar national debt be paying 5:27 it back with higher interest rates and 5:31 not only for the government but all 5:34 those corporations that borrowed that 5:37 cheap money and have deals with those 5:41 interest rates go up they pay more so we 5:45 still see gold for what it is and we 5:48 don't see going much lower again our our 5:52 forecast is 1150 near the bottom so oil 5:57 prices slid after AP hide reports 14.2 6:03 million barrel us crude stockpile 6:06 increase gasoline stocks also rose 6:11 gasoline stockpiles rose by almost 21 6:16 million barrels in the first 27 days of 6:20 2017 compared with average increases of 6:25 less than 12 million barrels same time 6:29 last year and same time last year during 6:35 the previous decade so we're seeing 6:41 what's going on the higher prices go 6:44 we've been talking about this now 6:45 forever 6:46 Morse is going to be produced and it's 6:49 going to offset the decline in output 6:52 coming from OPEC member countries so 6:57 moving on to some other news hey how 7:02 about when he top 10 trends 2017 Silicon 7:07 Valley rustbelt two point oh that's 7:11 right little story is the financial 7:15 times today 7:17 Europe's chance to dominate deep tech 7:21 kept going on and on and on and there 7:27 was a study done by this company called 7:30 atomico report highlights Europe most 7:36 five of the world's top 10 computer 7:39 science institutions there's some 4.7 7:43 million professional developers in 7:45 Europe compared to 4.1 million in the US 7:50 that's only in Europe then is the rest 7:55 of the world place called Asia countries 7:59 like China and South Korea and Japan 8:03 again the mind has no boundaries but the 8:08 mind in the Silicon Valley as we 8:11 reported is caught in a bind very small 8:15 thinking we sort how they lost the 8:18 election to Donald Trump the greatest 8:22 mind the greatest algorithms the 8:25 greatest of the best of the best of the 8:27 silicon valley were pro-clinton and they 8:29 all lost so again here we are atomico 8:36 argued that Europe had a quiet real 8:39 traction in what it termed deep tech 8:42 artificial intelligence robotics virtual 8:45 reality augmented reality and the 8:49 Internet of Things so again it's 8:53 licensed guide to change journal history 8:55 before it happens 8:57 and moving on ensures I untapped can be 9:02 a customer base very important story 9:06 again coming out of the Financial Times 9:07 remember what they did when they called 9:10 in eighty-six percent of the rupee's and 9:13 they're trying to turn it into a 9:14 cashless society now people have bank 9:17 accounts now they're using that Bank 9:20 accounting information to know who the 9:22 people are and to see what they can sell 9:24 them 9:25 it goes back to our working with a core 9:27 of financial we talk about blockchain we 9:31 talk about cashless societies and though 9:35 we do is we forecast the trends and they 9:37 tell you what companies to invest in and 9:40 why and here's an example of the why 9:43 India's radical experiment Andy 9:47 monetizing is providing an opportunity 9:49 for insurance companies to reach a 9:53 customer base that has long proved 9:56 elusive AXA has used the push to get 10:00 more Indians using banks to sign up more 10:03 than 1 million new customers to its 10:06 accident insurance over the past three 10:09 months according to the French ensure 10:12 the plans come as Prime Minister Modi 10:16 announced late last year that he would 10:20 scrap eighty-six percent of India's cash 10:22 supply as part of a plan to nudge people 10:26 towards banks AXA hopes this will allow 10:31 it to get previously unbanked Indians 10:35 used to the concept of insurance 10:37 allowing the group eventually to sell a 10:42 large range of products such as life 10:44 motorbike and health insurance again 10:50 there's more to it than just the outward 10:54 trends are the implications so moving on 10:58 to some global news remember going back 11:01 to the dollar going back to gold going 11:04 back to destabilization going back to 11:07 the Trump victory 11:09 it's that populist movement sweeping 11:11 throughout france and the netherlands 11:14 and germany and italy and other 11:17 countries so now in France as we know 11:20 that guy's full on the fraud was caught 11:23 putting his wife and his children on a 11:26 payroll of almost a million dollars they 11:29 made for doing nothing and that's not 11:31 unique to him in France they do it you 11:34 know it's a rigged system like so many 11:36 others but here's what he has to say it 11:42 was unacceptable in the past no longer 11:44 is mr. Ilan said during a press 11:46 conference at his campaign headquarters 11:48 yesterday quote it was a mistake i 11:53 deeply regret it and apologize to the 11:55 French people you know if that I'm sick 12:04 and tired of these clowns that get 12:07 caught and always say oh it was a 12:10 mistake 12:11 I apologize it it's all a mistake in 12:15 your apologize when you get caught your 12:18 little slime balls and they all do it 12:21 except of course the socio pads that 12:24 declare war and it's never our most 12:27 steak like your Obama your bush in your 12:30 Clinton's it's never a mistake when 12:34 you're sociopaths like Hillary Clinton 12:37 we Came we saw he died he as she says 12:41 when they tell her how did she feel when 12:46 she found out 12:47 Moammar Qaddafi was murdered brutalized 12:51 sodomized with nine 12:52 yeah so anyway the clouds that want to 12:56 keep running 12:57 they apologized for it we have a big 13:01 story developing here and i want to put 13:03 it into context i'm going to read again 13:07 what I've already done the going back 13:09 because tracking trends and 13:11 understanding where we are how we got 13:12 here where we're going to only have to 13:14 go back to Saturday us imposes sanctions 13:17 on iran signaling new approach to quote 13:20 bad behavior that's what 13:22 michael Flynn the president's new 13:24 national sector security adviser called 13:26 it and he said we will no longer 13:28 tolerate her Ron's provocations that 13:31 threaten our interest rate cut sony what 13:34 are our interests that Iran is 13:38 threatening to kill Assad maybe that one 13:41 huh 13:42 no no no I know it's supporting those 13:45 people over there in Lebanon that fight 13:47 against the invasion of Israel 13:50 oh that one oh no I know the one in 13:53 Yemen the United States engines we all 13:55 have it the folks in joplin missouri 13:57 they care about Yemen more than anything 14:00 and in flint michigan more than their 14:02 water so anyway I'm building this to 14:06 show you what's going on 14:07 remember odd yesterday i read defense 14:11 secretary John mad dog mattis said Iran 14:16 was the single biggest state sponsor of 14:18 terrorism in the world and you're hurt 14:20 all they have a little flunkies repeat 14:23 that cheap talking point that the Trump 14:27 administration's throwing out whether 14:29 it's little the poly Ryan all the rest 14:33 of them already monster whatever you 14:36 want to call them another little piece 14:38 of crap talking point Iran now tied 14:42 together Israel Knesset agrees to seize 14:45 Palestinian land they voted on a bill 14:49 that allows the Israeli government 14:50 unilaterally she's land privately owned 14:54 by Palestinians making it state property 14:57 and then transferring the settlers did 14:59 not settlers let's stop this settlement 15:01 crap for little boys and girls they're 15:04 real estate developers how about that 15:06 maybe condominium developers it's real 15:10 estate man I know God was a real estate 15:13 agent the Bible was a land deed let me 15:17 go on the construction of settlements in 15:19 the occupied territory immediate impact 15:22 of the law is directional actively 15:24 legalized some 4,000 israeli settler 15:27 units illegally built on privately owned 15:31 Palestinian land and it doesn't apply to 15:34 us she's 4,000 15:35 in units but to all land owned by 15:38 Palestinians anywhere in Palestine 15:41 original Palestine i forgot goal is 15:45 getting Ashkenazi over there it came 15:47 down to Israel 15:49 yes she said there's no such thing as 15:50 Palestine anyway setting the stage for a 15:53 wholesale dispossession of what land is 15:57 legally owned by the Palestinians and of 15:59 course these quotes settlements are 16:02 illegal illegal under international law 16:06 it's a land-grab and Al and feel so I 16:08 had his Netanyahu comment about this 16:10 he's over there in the UK quote Iran 16:14 seeks to annihilate Israel it says so 16:18 openly it seeks to conquer the Middle 16:20 East 16:21 oh yeah they invaded Olivia now they 16:23 invaded iraq i think it was Afghanistan 16:27 and know all the reports are in Yemen 16:31 they're not supporting the roofies there 16:34 are different sect different tribe no 16:37 evidence at all 16:39 it threatens the West oh yeah I know 16:45 yeah California is really on the threat 16:47 over there 16:48 it threatens the world will all the 16:51 whole world look at the propaganda 16:53 shooting out of this guy's mouth and 16:56 gets away with it and it offers 16:58 provocation after provocation this 17:02 monotony Netanyahu said okay let's try 17:06 the ante Iranian deal together Trump 17:12 Israel settlers get your mind off the 17:17 other issues as we still land and blame 17:21 it on the Iranians remember we're moving 17:25 toward war if they continue in this 17:26 direction but it's your choice you can 17:30 occupy piece will go to war 17:33 this is gerald Celente and had some of 17:34 today's trends in the news

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Brexit Will Never Happen -- Paul Craig Roberts

Brexit Will Never Happen Paul Craig Roberts interview on

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts November 08, 2014 Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – Former US Treasury Official, Co-Founder of Reaganomics, Economist & Acclaimed Author – Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is an American economist, a columnist and recent author of “The Failure Of Laissez Faire Capitalism”. He served as an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration earning fame as a co-founder of Reaganomics. He is a former editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and Scripps Howard News Service. Dr. Roberts has testified before congressional committees on 30 occasions on issues of economic policy. He has also written extensively that during the 21st century the Bush and Obama administrations have destroyed the US Constitution's protections of Americans' civil liberties and has been a critic of both Democratic and Republican administrations.

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New Elite Whistleblower Exposes Global Warming Hoax

Brand new elite whistleblower smashes global warming science

Awarded climate medal by Obama—now he finds enormous fraud and exposes it

Transcript : brand new elite whistleblower smashes 0:02 global warming science awarded climate 0:05 metal by obama now he finds enormous 0:08 fraud and exposes it 0:10 memo to president Trump and Steve benen 0:13 here it is said the table put the 0:16 napkins in your lap and feast on this 0:18 revelation by jon rappoport februari six 0:22 2017 a highly respected medal-winning 0:27 climate scientists just wound up in 0:29 through a giant monkey wrench into 0:31 global warming science his name John 0:35 Bates his target a recent fraudulent 0:39 study that claimed the uncomfortable 0:41 pause and warming was really no pause at 0:43 all that study pretending warming and 0:46 never stopped was time to help 0:48 negotiating nations at the climate 0:50 summit in Paris it was time to help them 0:53 an actor Akoni on economic measures to 0:55 reduce warming but Bates reveals that 0:59 study was cooked on several counts 1:02 it was such a mess no self-respecting 1:04 scientist would sign onto it 1:06 however scientists did sign onto it and 1:10 a prestigious journal science published 1:13 it apparently the brains at science were 1:16 on vacation or they were determined to 1:19 play ball under system globalist plan to 1:21 drastically reduce co2 producing energy 1:24 production and nations across the globe 1:26 thus escalating poverty in order to save 1:30 it all from frying here our choice 1:32 quotes from David rose exclusive daily 1:34 mail article that exposes the 1:36 far-reaching deception the mail on 1:39 Sunday today reveals astonishing 1:41 evidence that the organization that is 1:42 the world's leading source of climate 1:44 data rush to publish a landmark paper 1:47 that exaggerated global warming and 1:49 which times to influence the historic 1:51 Paris agreement on climate change a 1:54 high-level whistleblower has told this 1:56 newspaper that America's national 1:58 oceanic and atmospheric administration 2:00 no breached its own rules on scientific 2:03 integrity when it published a 2:05 sensational but flawed fraudulent report 2:08 aimed at making the maximum possible 2:10 impact on world leaders including Barack 2:13 Obama and David Cameron at the UN 2:16 climate conference in paris in 2015 the 2:19 fraudulent report claims that the pause 2:22 or slowdown in global warming in the 2:24 period since 1998 revealed by UN 2:28 scientists in 2013 never existed and 2:32 that world temperatures have been rising 2:33 faster than scientists 2:35 expected launched by Noah with a 2:37 public-relations fanfare it was splashed 2:40 across the world's media and cited 2:43 repeatedly by politicians and 2:45 policymakers but the whistleblower dr. 2:48 John Bates a top NOAA scientists with an 2:51 impeccable reputation has shown the mail 2:54 on sunday irrefutable evidence that the 2:56 paper was based on misleading 2:58 unverified data it was never subjected 3:01 to know as rigorous internal evaluation 3:03 process which dr. Bates devised his 3:07 vehement objections to the publication 3:09 of the faulty date were overridden by 3:12 his Noah superiors in what he describes 3:14 as a blatant attempt to intensify the 3:16 impact of what became known as the 3:18 fraudulent possible sister paper his 3:22 disclosures are likely to stiffen 3:24 president Trump's determination to enact 3:26 his pledges to reverse his predecessors 3:28 green policies into withdrawal from the 3:31 Paris deal so triggering an intense 3:33 political row in an exclusive interview 3:35 dr. Bates accused the author of the 3:38 paper 3:39 thomas carlyle who was until last year 3:42 director of the notes section that 3:43 produces climate data the national 3:46 centers for environmental information 3:48 inside of insisting on decisions and 3:51 scientific choices that maximize warming 3:53 and minimize documentation dot in an 3:55 effort to discredit the notion of a 3:57 global warming pause rushed so that he 4:00 could time publication to influence 4:02 national and international deliberations 4:04 on climate policy both datasets used in 4:08 fraudulent study or flawed this 4:11 newspaper has learned that Noah has now 4:13 decided that the sea data set will have 4:15 to be replaced and substantially revised 4:17 just 18 months after it was issued 4:20 because it used unreliable methods which 4:22 overstated the speed of warming the 4:25 revised data will show both lower 4:27 temperatures and a slower rate and the 4:29 recent warming trend the land 4:31 temperature data set used by the study 4:33 was afflicted by devastating bugs and 4:35 its software that rendered its findings 4:37 unstable the paper fraudulent study 4:40 relied on a preliminary alpha version of 4:44 the data which was never approved or 4:46 verified 4:47 none of the data on which the paper was 4:49 based was properly archived ash a 4:51 mandatory requirement meant to ensure 4:53 that raw data and the software used to 4:56 process it is accessible to other 4:58 scientists so they can verify no results 5:01 dr. Bates retired from no had the end of 5:04 last year after a 40-year career in 5:07 meteorology and climate science as 5:09 recently as 2014 the Obama 5:12 administration awarded him a special 5:14 gold medal for his work in setting new 5:17 supposedly binding standards to produce 5:19 and preserve climate data records yet 5:22 when it came to the paper times to 5:24 influence the Paris conference dr. Bates 5:27 said these standards were flagrantly 5:29 ignored the fraudulent paper was 5:32 published in jun 2015 by the journal 5:35 Science entitled possible artifacts of 5:38 data biases in the recent global surface 5:40 warming hiatus the document said the 5:43 widely reported warming pause or slow 5:46 down with amit but dr. Bates said this 5:49 increase in temperatures was achieved by 5:52 dubious means it's kierra was an upward 5:55 adjustment of readings from fixed and 5:57 floating buoys which are generally 5:59 reliable to bring them into line with 6:01 readings from a much more doubtful 6:03 source water taken in by ships this dr. 6:07 Bates explain has long been known to be 6:10 questionable ships are themselves 6:11 sources of heat readings will vary from 6:14 ship to ship in the depths of water 6:17 intake will vary according to how 6:18 heavily a ship is laden so affecting 6:21 temperature readings dr. Bates said they 6:24 had good data from buoys and they threw 6:27 it out and corrected it by using the bad 6:29 data from ships you never change good 6:32 data to agree with bad but that's what 6:35 they did so as to make it look as if the 6:37 sea was warmer 6:38 moreover the dot software used in 6:41 fraudulent study was afflicted by 6:44 serious bugs as they caused it to become 6:46 so unstable that every time the wrong 6:49 temperature readings were run through 6:50 the computer 6:51 it gave different results dr. Bates 6:54 revealed that the failure to archive and 6:56 make available fully document today to 6:58 not only violated know 7:00 the rules but also those set down by 7:02 science before he retired last year he 7:06 continued to raise the issue internally 7:08 then came the final bombshell dr. Bates 7:12 said I learned that the computer used to 7:14 process the software had suffered a 7:16 complete failure 7:17 the reason for the failure is unknown 7:20 but it means the fraudulent possible 7:23 sister paper can never be replicated or 7:25 verified by other scientists get it 7:28 fraud all the way along the line and a 7:31 cover-up to make an examination of the 7:33 fraud details impossible the perfect 7:36 worst-case scenario can we now at last 7:40 have a few criminal indictments even a 7:43 prosecuting attorney fresh out of Law 7:45 School wet behind the ears with zero 7:48 courtroom experience would be able to 7:51 secure a proper verdict guilty on all 7:53 counts guilty of fraud and aiding and 7:57 abetting a far-reaching scheme to reduce 7:59 energy production in America and other 8:01 nations on the premise that warming is 8:04 rising and must be stopped 8:06 ladies and gentlemen of the jury imagine 8:08 this the powers that be want to cut the 8:11 production of energy in this country 8:14 anyone can see the result of such a plan 8:16 we all become strapped we all become 8:19 poor but we're told this is necessary to 8:22 save us from the destruction of life on 8:24 Earth 8:25 we're told we have to go along with the 8:27 plan because producing energy releases 8:30 carbon dioxide which in turn keeps 8:32 raising the temperature of the planet 8:33 recently a key scientific study was 8:37 published and this study bolsters the 8:39 whole idea that global warming is on the 8:42 rise but a key expert insider will show 8:45 that this study was false and a frog in 8:47 the lie and the people who wrote these 8:49 are guilty of deceiving you and me and 8:51 everyone find these people guilty once 8:54 and for all and send them to prison 8:57 where they belong 8:58 I could try this case in court 9:01 you could try this case in court three 9:03 guys in the bar could try this case and 9:05 when are you ready mr. Drumm send out 9:09 the hounds from the department of 9:11 justice and put these layers under 9:13 arrest and let's see their trial and 9:15 open court every minute of it on camera 9:18 on television online 9:21 let's see it in new york and chicago and 9:24 los angeles in toronto in london and 9:26 paris and rome and Kabul and Iran and 9:28 Sydney in Tokyo and rio and Durban and 9:31 new can tierra del fuego at long last 9:34 put official science and it's a 9:36 neighbor's in the duck jon rappoport

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ANONYMOUS - Trump Brings War To Vatican Doorstep As Global Apocalypse Nears

Transcript : a new security council reports 0:19 circulating in the Kremlin today 0:21 composed with assistance from the 0:23 Foreign Intelligence Service states that 0:25 just hours after Pope Francis cemented 0:28 his authority over the order of malta by 0:30 naming top Vatican archbishop Giovanni 0:33 believed to be his special delegate to 0:36 the Ancient Order forces loyal to 0:38 freemason lead President Donald Trump 0:40 struck back by plastering rome italy 0:43 with thousands of posters featuring a 0:45 picture of a stern-faced pontiff with 0:48 the slogan where's your mercy ? and 0:50 slamming him for beheading of the nights 0:52 and more two and the Italian police 0:54 officials are still swiftly and rapidly 0:56 pasting over with white paper containing 0:59 the message illegal advertising 1:01 according to this report 1:03 Pope Francis became enraged when the 1:05 Knights of Malta anointed truck during 1:08 his presidential inauguration on the 1:10 twentieth of January ordering this 1:12 ancient order to expel all three Mason's 1:15 found in its ranks then when faced with 1:17 open resistance order the Knights of 1:20 Malta leader fired then quickly 1:22 appointed oh no Nazi to head the Knights 1:24 of Malta to all while the pontiff was 1:26 being revealed after the Italian the 1:28 rest of the top three Mason spy to be a 1:31 part of the vast Vatican democratic 1:33 party alliance established to destroy a 1:35 medical s new leader thus causing tens 1:38 of thousands of us catholic church 1:40 loyalists to plead with freemason leader 1:43 president Trump to save us from this 1:45 Vatican conspiracy in a further act of 1:48 defiance beyond these posters against 1:50 Pope Francis and by extension the shadow 1:53 government known as the resistance 1:55 seeking his destruction this report 1:58 continues freemason leader president 2:01 Trump is scheduled to appear on us 2:03 television today and we're in answering 2:06 a question about if he thought that 2:07 President Putin was a killer is 2:10 stunningly replied there are a lot of 2:12 killers 2:13 we've got a lot of killers 2:15 what do you think our country is so 2:17 innocent ? and just hours after giving 2:20 this interview to be aired today on the 2:22 Fox News Network this report notes 2:25 freemason leader president Trump then 2:28 shockingly ordered his European Union 2:30 ambassador-designate Theodore Roosevelt 2:33 Malik to predict the Euro will collapse 2:35 in 18 months to go on russian television 2:38 and worn these out-of-touch global 2:40 elitists that they must not have got the 2:42 notice that Donald Trump won the 2:44 American election and then said I don t 2:47 think it is just Europe it is certainly 2:49 the case around the world they just don 2:52 t get it 2:54 the divorce man is dead dot but to the 2:56 greatest warning message freemason lead 2:58 to president Trump just sense to all of 3:01 his enemies this report says was is 3:03 appointing yesterday as his deputy 3:05 directed to the Central Intelligence 3:06 Agency's CIA the most powerful secretive 3:11 and highly dangerous American spy the 3:13 world has ever known who supposed / 3:16 alleged name is Gina hospital 3:18 no one knows her real name and no 3:21 photographs of her are known to exist 3:22 has worked undercover for decades and 3:26 whose secret CIA prisons scattered all 3:28 around the world are hereby everyone 3:31 taking tens of thousands of deaths 3:33 threat and calls for a coup against him 3:36 with riots rage all around America this 3:39 report continues freemason leader 3:42 president Trump is now also seeing parts 3:45 of the US federal court system join the 3:47 shadow government the resistance against 3:50 him and as evidence by just hours ago a 3:52 US federal appeals court denied his plan 3:55 to keep Islamic terrorists assassins 3:56 from entering into the United States and 3:59 that is in direct defiance thank US Code 4:02 section 1182 inadmissible aliens that 4:06 clearly states whenever the president 4:09 finds that the entry of any aliens or of 4:12 any class of aliens into the United 4:14 States would be detrimental to the 4:16 interests of the United States he made 4:18 by Proclamation and such period official 4:21 game necessary 4:22 suspend the entry of all aliens or any 4:25 class of aliens as immigrants or 4:27 non-immigrants or impose on the entry of 4:30 aliens any restrictions he made into be 4:32 appropriate got most bizarrely to be 4:35 noted about freemason leader president 4:36 trumpets deliberately misstated Muslim 4:39 band that isn't he actually banning 4:42 Muslims just Isis terrorists fleeing 4:45 from most field 27 failed Islamic states 4:47 having no central government so they can 4:50 obtain visas as refugees to the US this 4:53 report notes are the many leftists in 4:56 both Europe and America claiming that 4:58 this action proves Trump is like Adolf 5:00 Hitler without any of these mindless 5:02 idiots bothering to understand that 5:04 unlike Trump estimation today we're 5:06 nearly everyone in the world seemingly 5:08 want to be people living under Nazi rule 5:11 couldn t get out of that country fast 5:14 enough to the real / truthful 5:17 circumstance facing freemason leader 5:19 president jumping regards to these 5:21 Islamic terrorists he is attempting to 5:24 keep out of America 5:25 however this report explains is exactly 5:29 like that faced by President Franklin 5:31 Roosevelt in the 1930s who after 5:34 surviving the military coup to establish 5:36 an American fascist regime to be allied 5:39 with nazi german called the business 5:41 cloth led by prominent tycoons and Wall 5:44 Street big shots who controlled many of 5:47 the United States major corporations 5:49 like chase bank Maxwell House General 5:52 Motors goodyear Standard Oil dupont 5:56 times as well as other noted Americans 5:59 including Prescott Bush father of 6:02 President George HW Bush and grandfather 6:04 of president george w bush still have to 6:08 face these vicious monsters and just 6:10 like President Roosevelt faced off 6:13 against the evil corporate fascists in 6:15 the 1930s this report continues so to 6:20 today is freemason leader president 6:22 Trump and whose most strident enemies 6:25 are the global tech giants of silicon 6:27 valley who are being led by Google and 6:29 whose top executives are now privately 6:31 calling for trumpet impeachment and 6:34 shamefully this past week openly mocked 6:36 Roosevelt by posting on their main 6:38 search page of google doodle tribute to 6:41 Fred care masu who fought this world 6:43 water US president s executive order on 6:46 japanese internment that he lost by a 6:49 6-3 US Supreme Court ruling though 6:52 President Roosevelt did gain this US 6:54 supreme court victory relating to 6:56 keeping America safe from Japanese 6:58 saboteurs during World War who this 7:01 report further notes just like freemason 7:04 leader president Trump is facing today 7:06 many parts of his US federal court 7:09 system sided with their business plot 7:11 masters shadow government against in 7:13 which he tried to fight against but lost 7:16 thus causing him to warm in a private 7:19 letter to his top aide Colonel Edward 7:21 house the real truth of the matter is as 7:24 you and I know that the financial 7:25 element in the large centers over the 7:28 government ever since four days of 7:29 Andrew Jackson dr. two of the most 7:31 dangerous Silicon Valley financial 7:34 elements currently arrayed against 7:36 freemason leader president Trump this 7:38 report continues includes the messaging 7:41 site Twitter to against its own stated 7:43 policy is allowing to remain over 12,000 7:46 death and who threats against Trump and 7:49 the private taxi service Cuba who co 7:51 travis kalanick left bronchus business 7:54 advisory council while at the same time 7:56 his company's drivers continue to 7:59 transport Mexican cartel assassins 8:01 around what are called sanctuary cities 8:03 should these silicon valley globalist 8:06 elitists and their allies be defeated by 8:10 freemason leader president drum though 8:12 SVR analysts in this report right 8:15 they're monstrous preparations for 8:17 defeat show them beginning to change all 8:20 of the stocks in their companies so as 8:22 to not allow anyone but their owners to 8:24 have any voting rights and they're 8:26 changing the name of the Pacific Ocean 8:28 island nation of New Zealand's to 8:30 apocalypse silent where the super-rich 8:32 kings of Silicon Valley and Wall Street 8:34 are buying up vast tracts of its landon 8:37 anticipation of the day when they may 8:39 need to live that due to social collapse 8:41 on nuclear war and as to how close 8:44 nuclear war may actually be this report 8:47 swarm 8:48 is being evidenced in the european union 8:50 EU that is currently living in the worst 8:53 crisis since the Cold War and who's 8:55 president donald tusk has just named 8:57 freemason leader president Trump 8:59 estimation one of the most dangerous in 9:02 the world as to why Trump s America has 9:05 now being labeled as one of the s most 9:07 dangerous enemies this report explains 9:10 is due to France becoming the redline 9:12 these elite globalists will not allow to 9:15 be breached by three Mason less populous 9:17 forces but we're yesterday freemason 9:20 supported candidate marineland then 9:22 kicked off her presidential campaign 9:24 with a promise to shield voters from 9:26 globalization and make their country 9:29 free again and who is hoping to profit 9:31 from her nation's political turmoil de 9:33 skoura Donald Trump style upset just 9:37 like in America where freemason forces 9:39 loyal to trump destroyed Hillary Clinton 9:41 because of emails this report continues 9:44 so have they likewise destroy tennis 9:48 chief rival Francois Villon whose 9:50 sixty-nine percent of French motors now 9:53 want to drop out of the presidential 9:54 race after his like Clinton this before 9:57 him once secret personal scandals have 10:00 been revealed with the American 10:02 propaganda mainstream media now being 10:05 reported to now be publishing more fake 10:07 news stories than ever against freemason 10:09 leader president Trump shocking new 10:11 reports emerging proving like us space 10:14 and whether agencies totally fake the 10:16 data claiming that last year was the 10:19 hottest-ever the Polish military 10:21 conducting an unprecedented purge of 10:23 officers not wanting to start World War 10:25 three against Russia violent leftists in 10:28 the united states now threatening the 10:30 lives of children of anyone found 10:32 supporting Trump here are now 10:34 threatening to release the names of us 10:36 officials who have been funding Islamic 10:39 terrorists and the US media failing to 10:42 tell their citizens that the Trump 10:43 Russian da VA has been exposed to the 10:45 complete fake this report gravely 10:48 concludes it is no wonder that the 10:50 Doomsday Clock now sits at its closet 10:53 level to catastrophe them at any other 10:54 time in history and with these Western 10:57 people fill being mentally asleep like 10:59 sheep 11:00 virtually no hope remains for anyone 11:02 unless they soon awaken to the horrors 11:04 around them

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DHS Report Trump Wall To Cost $22 Billion, Take 3 5 Years To Build

Don't want to get into the politics of the wall itself, but from a purely logistical standpoint, building a giant wall for 22 billion dollars doesn't seem very efficient. For that sum of money, he can employ 8,800 people to watch the border full time for 50 years, assuming he pays them each $50,000/year.
Having people physically there will be more reliable than a wall that can be climbed. Plus he will have the added bonus of fulfilling his promise of adding extra jobs for a long time to come, and he won't have to deal with all the people who are bitching about environmental issues from the wall. The wall is supposed to cover 1000 miles, so he can have a crew of 8-9 people on every mile of the border.
We can set aside $200 million for claymores if you want too, and still come out on top.

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Bitcoin and How It Works

 In this edition we welcome Tatiana Moroz on board to explain to us Bitcoin and how it is used as an alternative money, using all of the world currency; why Bitcoin is a preferred way for musicians to trade instead of real money, and more!

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This is how Trump Abuses His Presidential Power: A Closer Look according to Fake News

 Seth takes a closer look at how Donald Trump uses his status as president to slam private companies and threaten lawmakers.

Some of America's forefathers were terrified of pure democracy. Some felt that with everyone having a voice, no one will be heard. They, in their incredible foresight could not have anticipated what has happened in this country. Fake news, stupid people, ineffectual leadership and the all media is really turning this country on it's head. So much noise. So much division. Out of all this noise what comes next? I am embarrassed to be a American. Not just because of Trump or Clinton, but that we can see a whole class room of small children get murdered and not be outraged. Not demand some kind of response. That all the killing country is perpetrated mostly by Americans, and then blame others (Muslims, Jews, Blacks whatever) for our failings as human beings, is delusional at the very least. How many Muslims have killed Americans in this country since 9/11 ? How many Americans have killed Americans in the same time frame? Did our response to 9/11 make us more or less free? For those who are students of political history, you will recognize the signs of a political and economic systems at odds with each other. Many civilizations in the past have come and gone because of many of the same issues we are forced to deal with now. With all our access to the lessons from history, are we just capable of fighting among ourselves? If so, we are doomed like all the rest.

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Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia

The curtain is now being pulled back to fully expose the Khazarian Mafia and its evil plan to infiltrate, tyranni[z]e the whole world and eradic[a]te all Abrahamic Religions and allow only their Babylonian Talmudism also known as Luciferiani[s]m, Satani[s]m or ancient Baal worship.

Transcript : hidden history of the incredibly evil 0:01 Kandarian mafia the curtain is now being 0:05 pulled back to fully exposed the Kazon 0:07 Aryan mafia and it's evil plan to 0:09 infiltrate terranize the whole world and 0:12 eradicate all the parameters religions 0:14 and allow only their Babylonian Tom 0:16 mutism also known as luciferian ism 0:18 Satan is a more ancient battle worship 0:21 by preston James and mike harris note 0:24 the history of the Cavs Arians 0:26 specifically the Kandarian mafia km the 0:29 world's largest organized crime 0:31 syndicate that the Kandarian oligarchy 0:34 morphed into by their deployment of 0:35 Babylonian money magic has been nearly 0:38 completely excised from the history 0:40 books the present-day km knows that it 0:43 cannot operate or exist without object 0:45 secrecy and therefore has spent a lot of 0:47 money having its history excised from 0:49 the history books in order to prevent 0:51 citizens of the world from learning 0:53 about its evil beyond imagination that 0:56 empowers this world's largest organized 0:58 crime cabal the authors of this article 1:01 have done their best to resurrect his 1:03 lost secret history of the Kazon Arians 1:06 and their large international organized 1:08 crime syndicate best referred to as the 1:10 Kazon Aryan mafia km and make this 1:13 history available to the world advise 1:15 the internet which is the new Gutenberg 1:17 press it has been exceedingly difficult 1:19 to reconstruct this hidden secret 1:22 history of the km so please excuse any 1:24 minor inaccuracies or errors which are 1:27 unintentional and are due to the 1:28 difficulty in taking out the true 1:30 history of Kazon area and it's mafia we 1:33 have done the best we can to reconstruct 1:35 it 1:36 it was my parents that connected the 1:38 dots and made the actual discovery of 1:40 the presence of the Kandarian mafia 1:42 secret history and blood oath to take 1:44 revenge on Russia for helping Americans 1:46 win the Revolutionary War and the Civil 1:49 War and their blood oath of revenge 1:51 against America and Americans for 1:53 winning these awards and sustaining the 1:55 union at the Syrian conference on 1:57 combating terrorism and religious 1:59 extremism December first 2014 in his 2:03 keynote address veterans today 2:05 senior editor and director Gordon def 2:07 disclosed publicly for the first time 2:09 ever that world terrorism is actually 2:12 due to a large internet 2:13 small organized crime syndicate 2:15 associated with Israel this disclosure 2:17 sent shockwaves at the conference and 2:19 almost instantly around the world has 2:22 almost every world leader received 2:24 reports of Gordon Duff historical 2:26 disclosure that same day some within 2:28 minutes and the shockwaves from his 2:31 historic speech in Damascus continue to 2:33 reverberate around the world even to 2:35 this very day and now Gordon Duff has 2:37 asked President Putin to release Russian 2:40 into which will expose about 300 Raiders 2:43 and congress for their serious cereal 2:44 felonies and statutory espionage on 2:47 behalf of the Kazon Aryan mafia km 2:50 against America and many Middle Eastern 2:52 nations we now know that the Kazon Aryan 2:55 mafia km is waging a secret war against 2:59 America and Americans by the use of 3:01 false flag lady owes tile terrorism 3:03 advise illegal and unconstitutional 3:05 federal reserve system the IRS the FBI 3:09 FEMA Homeland Security and the TSA we 3:13 know for certain that the km was 3:15 responsible for deploying an inside job 3:18 Radio style false flag attack on America 3:20 on sep tember 11 2001 as well as the 3:24 morrow building bombing on april 3:26 nineteen nineteen ninety-five the hidden 3:29 history of the incredibly evil Kandarian 3:31 mafia 100 800 at an incredibly evil 3:34 society emerges and Kaz area azarians 3:38 develop into a nation ruled by an evil 3:40 king who had ancient Babylonian 3:42 Blackhearts a cult aligarh serving as 3:45 his court during this time 3:47 Kaz Arians become known to surrounding 3:49 countries as thieves murderers road 3:52 bandits and for assuming the identities 3:54 of those travelers they murdered as a 3:56 normal occupational practice and way of 3:58 life 800 AD the ultimatum is delivered 4:02 by Russia and other surrounding nations 4:04 the leaders of the surrounding nations 4:06 especially Russia have had so many years 4:09 of complaints by their citizens that as 4:11 a group they deliver an ultimatum to the 4:14 Kazon Aryan King they send a 4:16 communicative the Kandarian king that he 4:18 must choose one of the three of our 4:20 hammock religions for his people and 4:22 make it is official state religion and 4:24 require all Kazarian citizen 4:26 to practice it and socialize all cans 4:29 Aryan children to practice their faith 4:30 but as Aryan king was given a choice 4:33 between Islam Christianity and Judaism 4:36 the Cavs Aryan King chose Judaism and 4:39 promised to stay within the requirements 4:42 laid out by the surrounding confederacy 4:44 of Nations led by the Russians are 4:45 despite his agreement in promised the 4:49 canarian king and his inner circle of 4:51 oligarchs kept practicing ancient 4:53 Babylonian black magic also known as 4:55 secret Satanism this secret Satanism 4:58 involved cold ceremonies featuring child 5:01 sacrifice after bleeding them out 5:03 drinking their blood and eating their 5:05 hearts the deep dark secret of the 5:07 occult ceremonies was that they were all 5:09 based on ancient battle worship also 5:12 known as worship of the AL in order to 5:14 fool the Confederacy of Nations led by 5:17 Russia that were watching cavs area the 5:19 Kazon Aryan King noted the Luciferian 5:21 black magic practices with Judaism and 5:24 created a secret satanic hybrid religion 5:26 known as babylonian talmud ism this was 5:30 made the national religion of calves 5:32 area and nurtured the same evil that 5:34 cans area was known for before 5:36 sadly the Cavs Arians continued their 5:38 evil ways robbing and murdering those 5:41 from surrounding countries who traveled 5:43 through cause area 5:44 Kazarian robbers often attempted to 5:46 assume their identities after they 5:48 murdered these visitors and became 5:50 masters of disguises and false 5:52 identities of practice they have 5:54 continued even to this very day along 5:56 with their child sacrifice called 5:58 ceremonies which are actually ancient 6:00 battle worship 1200 at Russia and the 6:04 surrounding nations have had enough 6:06 intake action about 1,200 at the 6:10 Russians later group of Nations 6:11 surrounding caves area and invaded it in 6:14 order to stop the Kandarian crimes 6:16 against their people which included 6:18 kidnapping of their young children and 6:20 infants for their blood sacrifice 6:22 ceremonies to bow the Kazon Aryan Kings 6:25 inner Court of criminals and murderers 6:27 came to be known as the Kandarian mafia 6:30 km by neighboring countries 6:33 the Kazon Aryan leaders had a well 6:34 developed by network through which they 6:36 obtained prior warning and escape from 6:38 Cannes area to European nations to the 6:40 west taking their vast fortune with them 6:43 in gold and silver they laid low and 6:45 regrouped while assuming new identities 6:48 in secret they continued their satanic 6:50 child blood and sacrifice rituals and 6:53 trusted bout to give them the whole 6:55 world and all its riches as they claimed 6:57 he had promised them as long as they 6:59 kept believing out in sacrificing 7:01 children and infants for him 7:03 the Kazon Aryan king in his court mafia 7:06 plotted eternal revenge against the 7:07 Russians and the surrounding nations 7:09 that invaded cans area and drove them 7:11 from power the Cavs Aryan mafia invades 7:14 England after being expelled for 7:16 hundreds of years to accomplish their 7:18 invasion they hired oliver cromwell to 7:21 murder king charles one and make England 7:23 safe for banking again this began the 7:26 English Civil Wars which raged for 7:28 nearly a decade resulting in a regicide 7:31 of the royal family and hundreds of the 7:33 genuine English nobility this is how the 7:36 city of london was set up at the banking 7:38 capital of Europe and launch the 7:39 beginning of the british empire from 7:42 david's website HTTP colon slash slash 7:45 David was the 7:49 first-ever to courageously expose the 7:51 Rothschilds publicly in front of 7:53 hundreds this of course makes him an 7:56 international hero and we need more with 7:58 his kind of courage to break open the 8:00 cover up hiding the Kazon Aryan mafia 8:02 and bring into their worldwide 8:04 illegitimate power the Kazon Aryan mafia 8:07 km designs to infiltrate and hijack 8:10 whole world banking using Babylonian 8:12 black magic also known as Babylonian 8:15 money magic or the secret art of making 8:17 money from nothing also using the power 8:19 of pernicious usury to accumulate 8:21 interest the km use their vast fortune 8:24 to enter into a new system of banking 8:26 based on secret Babylonian black magic 8:29 money magic that they claim to have 8:31 learned from the evil spirits of value 8:33 in return for their many child 8:35 sacrifices to him this Babylonian money 8:38 magic involved the substation of paper 8:40 credit certificates for gold and silver 8:42 deposits which allowed travelers to 8:45 travel with their money in a form that 8:46 offered easy replacement should they 8:48 lose the certificates or have them 8:50 stolen interesting how the very problem 8:52 that was started by the Kazon Arians 8:54 also had a solution provided by them 8:57 eventually the Cavs Aryan king and his 8:59 small surrounding court in filtrated 9:01 germany with a group that shows the name 9:03 of hours of Germany to represent them 9:05 and carry on their bowel powered system 9:07 of evil the Bowers of the red shield 9:10 which represented their secret 9:12 blood-based child sacrifices changed 9:14 their name to Rothchild aka child of the 9:17 rock Satan the Rothschilds the frontman 9:21 for the Kandarian mafia km infiltrate 9:24 and hijack British banking and then 9:26 hijacks whole nation of England tower 9:29 Rothschild had five sons who infiltrated 9:32 and took over european banking and the 9:34 City of London central banking system 9:36 through various crafty covert operations 9:39 including a false report of Napoleon 9:41 winning against the British when 9:43 actually he lost this allowed the 9:46 rothschild to use fraud and deception to 9:48 steal their wealth of the English 9:49 nobility and the landed gentry who had 9:52 made business investments with the City 9:54 of London banking institutions the 9:57 rothschild set up a private field 9:59 banking system that specialized in 10:00 making counterfeit money from nothing 10:03 charging pernicious usury for the 10:04 British people using which should have 10:06 been their own money 10:08 this was the black heart of Babylonian 10:10 money magic they claim to insiders that 10:13 such technology and secret money power 10:15 was provided to them by bow because of 10:18 their frequent child bleeding out and 10:19 sacrifices rituals to bow once they had 10:22 infiltrated and hijacked the British 10:24 banking system they interbred with the 10:27 British royals and infiltrated and 10:29 completely hijacked all of England and 10:31 all its major institutions some experts 10:34 believe that the Rothschilds genocide is 10:36 the royal family members by staging 10:38 secretly management illicit and 10:40 adulterous breedings with their own 10:42 cabin Aryan men in order to replace the 10:44 Royals with their own pretenders to the 10:46 throne the Kazon Aryan mafia 10:49 IM wages and international effort to 10:51 eradicate kingdom ruled by the Divine 10:53 Right of God Almighty because the km 10:56 claims to have a personal partnership 10:58 with bow aka the devil lucifer satan 11:01 because of their sacrifices to him they 11:04 detest any kings who rule under the 11:06 authority of God Almighty because most 11:08 feel a responsibility to make sure their 11:10 own people are protected from 11:12 infiltrators and treasonous enemies 11:14 within the gates in the 1600 the km 11:18 murder the British royals and substitute 11:20 their own thanks in the 1700 they murder 11:25 the French Royals right before WWI the 11:28 murder Austrian Archduke Ferdinand 11:31 two-star ww1 in 1917 they assembled 11:35 their km army the Bolsheviks and then 11:38 filtrate and hijack Russia murder the 11:40 Tsar and his family and cold blood 11:43 bayonet his favorite daughter through 11:44 the chest and steel on the Russian gold 11:46 silver and art treasures right before 11:49 ww2 they murdered the Austrian and 11:52 German Royals then they get rid of the 11:55 Chinese Royals and disempower the 11:57 Japanese ruler the Kazon Aryan mafias 12:00 intense hatred of anyone who professed 12:02 faith in any God but their god Val has 12:05 motivated them to murder kings and 12:07 royalty and make sure they can never 12:09 rule they have done the same with 12:11 American presidents running 12:13 sophisticated covert operations to 12:15 disempower them if that doesn't work 12:17 today I'm assassinates them like they 12:20 did to McKinley lincoln and JFK the km 12:23 wants to eliminate any strong rulers or 12:26 elected officials who dare to resist 12:28 their Babylonian money magic power or 12:30 their covert power gain from their 12:32 deployment of their human compromise 12:34 network the rothschild create 12:36 international narcotics trafficking on 12:38 behalf of the km the Rothschilds then 12:41 Coverly ran the British Empire and 12:43 crafted an evil plan to recover the vast 12:45 amounts of gold and silver the British 12:47 had been paying to China for its high 12:49 quality silk and spices that were 12:51 unavailable anywhere else the rothschild 12:54 through their international spy network 12:56 had heard of Turkish opium and it's 12:58 habit forming characteristics 13:00 they deployed a covert operation to buy 13:03 turkish opium and fell in China 13:05 affecting millions with a bad opium 13:07 habit that brought back gold and silver 13:09 into the rothschild coffers but not to 13:11 the British people the opium addiction 13:13 is created by Rothschild opium sales to 13:16 China harm china so much that China went 13:19 to war on two occasions to stop it 13:21 these words were known as the boxer 13:23 rebellion or the Opium Wars the money 13:26 the Rothschilds gain from the sale of 13:28 opium was so vast that they became even 13:30 more addicted to the easy money than the 13:32 opiate addicts were to the opium the 13:35 Rothschilds were the funding source 13:37 behind the establishment of the American 13:39 colonies by incorporating the Hudson Bay 13:41 Company and other trading companies to 13:44 exploit the new world of the americas it 13:46 was the Rothschilds who ordered the mass 13:48 extermination and genocide of the 13:50 indigenous people of North America to 13:52 allow for exploitation of the best 13:54 natural resources of the continent the 13:57 Rothschilds also followed the same 13:59 business template in the Caribbean and 14:01 in the Asian subcontinent of India 14:02 resulting in the murder of millions of 14:05 innocent people 14:06 the Rothschilds start the international 14:08 slave trade and enterprise that viewed 14:11 these kidnapped humans as mere animals 14:13 of you that the Kazon Arians would 14:15 impose on all the people of the world 14:16 who are not part of their evil circle 14:19 which some called the old black nobility 14:21 the Rothschilds next big project was to 14:24 start the worldwide slave trade buying 14:27 slaves from crooked tribal chiefs in 14:29 Africa worked with them to kidnap 14:30 members of competing tribes for sale 14:33 enslave the Rothschilds slave traders 14:35 then took these kidnapped lives on their 14:37 ships and cramped cells to America and 14:40 the Caribbean where they were sold many 14:42 died at sea due to bad conditions the 14:45 rothschild bankers learned early on that 14:47 war was a great way to double their 14:49 money in a short time by lending money 14:51 to both warring sides but in order to be 14:54 guaranteed collections they had to get 14:56 taxation laws passed which could we use 14:59 to force payment the km Rothschild 15:02 private vehicle drifted bank stirs plot 15:04 internal revenge against the American 15:06 colonists and Russia who assisted them 15:08 for losing the Revolutionary War when 15:10 the Rothschilds lost the American 15:12 Revolution 15:13 they blamed the Russians are in the 15:15 Russian for assisting the colonists by 15:17 blockading british ships they swore 15:20 eternal revenge on the American 15:22 colonists just as they had when the 15:24 Russians and their allies crushed cans 15:26 area in 1000 AD the Rothschilds and 15:29 their English oligarchy that surrounded 15:31 them plotted ways to retake America and 15:34 this became their main obsession their 15:36 favorite plan is to set up an American 15:38 central bank featuring Babylonian money 15:41 magic in secret counterfeiting the 15:44 rothschild k and attempts to retake 15:46 America and 1812 on behalf of the Kazon 15:49 Aryan mafia but fails once again because 15:51 of Russian interference this failure in 15:54 Ray's de Rothschild km and they once 15:57 again plot internal revenge against both 15:59 the Russians and the American colonists 16:01 and plan to infiltrate and hijack both 16:03 nations and assets trip carry knives and 16:06 mass murder both nations and their 16:08 populace the km's attempts to set up the 16:11 private American central bank card 16:13 blocked by President Andrew Jackson to 16:15 call Ben satanic and found to root them 16:17 out by the grace and power of Almighty 16:19 God the rothschild banksters regroup and 16:22 continue their covert attempts to 16:24 install their own Bible onian money 16:26 magic bank inside America finally in 16:29 1913 the rothschild km succeeds in 16:32 establishing a major beachhead inside 16:34 America and an evil enemy of all 16:36 american enter the gates of america in 16:39 1913 the rothschild km was able to 16:42 establish a beachhead by bribing crooked 16:45 treasonous members of Congress to pass 16:47 the illegal unconstitutional federal 16:49 reserve act on Christmas Eve without a 16:52 required quorum the act was then signed 16:54 by a crooked bought off president who 16:57 was a traitor to America like the 16:59 members of Congress who voted for it 17:01 they're all child k and then create an 17:04 illegal taxation system in America the 17:06 km put an illegal unconstitutional tax 17:09 system in place in order to make sure 17:12 that Americans would have to pay for 17:14 high-level usg spending approved by 17:16 bought off crooked Congress and 17:18 presidential puppets put in place by 17:21 corrupt km campaign finance 17:23 it is easy for the km to garner enough 17:26 money to elect anyone they want because 17:28 when you control a bank that is a secret 17:30 major counterfeiter you have all the 17:32 money made for you that you desire at 17:35 about the same time that they created 17:37 their illegal tax system in America they 17:40 also bribed members of Congress to 17:42 approve the internal revenue service 17:43 which is their private collection agency 17:46 incorporated in Puerto Rico soon 17:49 afterwards they set up the Federal 17:51 Bureau of Investigation to protect their 17:53 banksters to serve their cover up needs 17:55 and prevent them from ever being 17:57 prosecuted for their child sacrifice 17:59 rituals petafile networks and to also 18:02 serve as a covert in town operation on 18:05 their behalf 18:06 note that the FBI has no official 18:08 charter according to the library of 18:10 congress and has no right to exist or 18:13 issue paychecks the rothschild km 18:15 deployed the bolshevik revolution in 18:17 Russia to extract incredibly savage 18:19 bloody revenge on innocent Russians 18:22 which they had plotted for many years 18:24 ever since cans area was destroyed the 18:27 rothschild km pre-staged and engineered 18:30 the russian revolution by using its 18:31 central banks to pay for the Bolshevik 18:33 infiltration of Russia and their 18:35 revolution on behalf of the catenary in 18:37 mafia km the Bolsheviks were actually 18:41 created and deployed by the Kandarian 18:43 mafia km as the essential part of their 18:46 long-planned revenge on the Russians are 18:48 and the innocent russian people for 18:50 breaking up cause area and about 1,000 18:52 ad for its repeated robbery murder and 18:55 identity theft of travelers from 18:57 countries surrounding caves area this 18:59 little-known fact explains the extreme 19:01 violence taking out on Russia has 19:03 long-standing revenge by the rothschild 19:06 controlled Kandarian mafia km in and 19:09 well-planned savage and inhuman 19:11 bloodletting that stunned the world the 19:13 Bolsheviks were unleashed in full fury 19:15 on behalf of the km to gain revenge on 19:18 the Russians 19:19 this had been planned since the 19:20 destruction of calves area the 19:22 Bolsheviks at the direction of the 19:24 rothschild km raped tortured and 19:27 murdered approximately 100 million 19:30 Russians including women children and 19:32 infants some of the torture and 19:35 bloodletting was so extreme 19:37 we are not going to mention it here in 19:39 this article but readers who want to 19:41 know can do some in-depth internet 19:43 research on the Red Terror roar the 19:44 Bolshevik chica or watch the classic 19:46 movie the checklist which is available 19:48 lot https colon slash slash 19:51 / watch v equals X 19:57 underscore sdq being zero box the 19:59 rothschild Kazarian mafia am once again 20:03 decided to sheepdip themselves and 20:05 infiltrated and hijacked all Judaism the 20:08 rothschild km created a master plan to 20:10 control all of Judaism in mind control 20:13 Judy x the rothschild KMS hijacks 20:17 Judaism patterned off of Babylonian time 20:19 you dizzam luciferian is a more Satanism 20:22 and gain control over the banking and 20:24 Wall Street professions in general 20:26 Congress the major mass media along with 20:30 most 12 and economic means of success 20:32 thus the rothschild km could pass out 20:35 wealth and success to those Judaic who 20:37 drink their kool-aid and use them as 20:39 cutouts assets and sign them in this 20:42 manner the Rothschilds hijack Judaism 20:45 their financing of the Israeli Knesset 20:48 and construction of it using freemason 20:50 the cold architecture displayed their 20:52 commitment to the occult and Babylonian 20:54 tell mutism and all the evil 20:56 accompanying it including child 20:58 sacrifice to their secret God bow they 21:01 set up and wo system called world 21:03 Zionism which taught ending co-located 21:05 susceptible Judaic with a paranoid group 21:08 delusion of racial superiority which 21:10 assumes that all Gentiles were intent on 21:12 mass murdering all Judea x Freemasonry 21:16 architecture was used in the building of 21:17 the Knesset in the israeli supreme court 21:20 viewed through windows they called this 21:22 racially paranoid mass Judaic delusion 21:25 of world conquest world Zionism which is 21:28 really a form of covert Babylonian tell 21:31 mutism more 21:32 luciferianism that had been unknown to 21:34 mainstream Judaic the system was 21:36 designed to use Judaic says cover but 21:39 also to anoint them with Babylonian 21:41 money power in order to use them as 21:43 cutouts and to later be sacrificed to 21:46 Lucifer in two stages the first stage 21:49 would be at their plans we I a Nazi work 21:51 camps cut off from supplies resulting in 21:54 the deaths of about 200,000 Judaic from 21:57 starvation and disease along with about 21:59 90,000 non Judaic inmates from the same 22:02 causes according to respected Red Cross 22:05 official figures this number is five 22:07 percent of water Kazarian mafia aka the 22:11 world zionist claim the second great 22:14 sacrifice would be a final one when 22:16 their new world order luciferian King 22:18 would be placed into power and when all 22:21 three of our hammock religions would be 22:23 eradicated especially Judaism which 22:25 would be blamed for all the wars and 22:27 destruction of the world by then the 22:30 Rothschilds would once again more for 22:32 themselves into a complete new identity 22:34 not associated with Judaism in any form 22:37 not even world Zionism it is important 22:40 to realize that the rothschild km took 22:42 Germany down to nothing after WWI 22:45 created a vacuum for fascism and then 22:48 rebuild it creating Nazism and 22:50 installing tiller as a counterforce to 22:53 their russian bolshevism hitler became a 22:56 problem for the km when he broke free 22:58 and begin acting in the interests of the 23:00 German people in the three people of the 23:02 world and developed his own banking 23:04 system free of the Rothschilds Hitler 23:07 introduced the financial system that was 23:09 free of usury and beneficial to the 23:11 working class this mandated the other 23:13 destruction of Germany and the German 23:15 people because they're off child and the 23:18 Kazon Arians could never allow an 23:19 economic system that did not depend upon 23:22 usually to exist we see the same thing 23:24 today with the cavs Aryan war against 23:27 Islam because Islam forbids usury that 23:30 is why Israel is so vocal and aggressive 23:32 about destroying the Islamic people of 23:34 the world the km expected this to be a 23:37 large we I and when they supported both 23:39 sides 23:40 this could be used to industrialize the 23:42 whole world and maximize their bankster 23:44 money power 23:45 the rothschild k and then bribed and 23:47 induced members of Congress to send 23:49 American soldiers to their priest age 23:51 and engineered WWI as a continuance of 23:54 their well-proven pattern of financing 23:57 both sides and any war to maximize 23:59 profits the acquisition of more federal 24:01 tax monies and increased international 24:03 power the rothschild calves Arians once 24:06 again brought blackmailed and induced 24:09 members of Congress to declare war 24:10 against Germany in 1917 this was 24:14 facilitated by a km false flag attack 24:17 with the sinking of the Lusitania the 24:19 rothschild km has since developed the 24:21 usual pattern of covered least aging 24:23 false flag attacks as a standard 24:25 operating procedure for inducing 24:27 Americans to fighting wars for the Cavs 24:29 Aryan mafia after we I was finished the 24:32 rothschild km deployed the Cold War and 24:35 use this as an excuse to bring Nazi 24:38 scientists and mind control experts to 24:40 America under Operation Paperclip 24:43 this allowed them to set up the 24:44 worldwide spine and espionage system 24:47 that far exceeded any of their prior 24:49 efforts under this new system they 24:51 continue to infiltrate and hijack all 24:54 american institutions including the 24:56 various American church systems 24:58 Freemasonry especially the Scottish Rite 25:01 in New York right 25:02 the US military us Intel and most 25:05 private defense contractors the 25:07 judiciary and most agencies of the usg 25:10 including most state governments and 25:12 both major political parties as well the 25:15 rothschild km sets of Nazi work camps as 25:18 a pretext to later manipulate the Allies 25:21 into granting their own private colony 25:23 and Palestine using land stolen from the 25:26 Palestinians the rothschild km was able 25:29 to use their self mislabeled so-called 25:31 Holocaust to serve as a mind-control 25:34 trigger to thwart and resist any 25:35 criticism of their Zionist ways the 25:38 truth of the matter was that the 25:40 rothschild k and set up the Nazi work 25:42 camps to make huge profits for their 25:44 corporations that ran their work camps 25:46 and supplied their Nazi war machine once 25:49 the rothschild km gained their own 25:52 private homeland and Israel in 1947 25:55 through their covert political 25:56 manipulations they began to seek 25:58 leave you all of Palestine as their new 26:00 calves area and began plotting how to 26:02 genocide all the Palestinians and steal 26:05 all of Palestine for themselves their 26:08 plans include their fantasy of 26:09 constructing a greater Israel by taking 26:12 over the whole Middle East and 26:13 manipulating dumb American going to 26:15 fight and die on their behalf taking all 26:18 the Arab land for Israel and the Kazon 26:20 Aryan mafia km so they can ask that 26:23 strip their wealth and natural resources 26:25 especially their crude oil recent 26:28 peer-review johns hopkins genetic 26:30 research by a respected Judaic mb shows 26:33 that 97.5 percent of Judaic living in 26:36 Israel have absolutely no ancient Hebrew 26:38 DNA are therefore not Semites and have 26:41 no ancient blood ties to the land of 26:43 Palestine at all 26:45 by contrast eighty percent of 26:47 Palestinians carry ancient Hebrew DNA 26:49 and those are real Semites and have 26:51 ancient blood ties to palestinian land 26:54 this means that the real anti-semites 26:56 are the Israelis who are stealing 26:58 Palestinian lands in order to build 27:00 Israeli settlements and it is the 27:02 Israelis who are the ones terrorizing 27:04 the mass murdering innocent Palestinians 27:06 the rothschild km decides to morph again 27:09 and expand their ranks in the meantime 27:12 the rothschild km realized that they 27:14 could not stay hidden much longer from 27:16 the public unless they morphed again and 27:18 expanded their secret leadership so they 27:21 worked hard to further infiltrate and 27:23 hijack Freemasonry and its secret 27:25 offshoots and inducted talk members into 27:27 their petafile network and child 27:29 sacrifice rituals also key members of 27:33 Congress were inducted into their secret 27:35 satanic network by giving them special 27:37 power how usg military and Intel's 27:40 positions accompanied by great monetary 27:43 rewards and high status massive km 27:46 espionage front using israeli-american 27:48 Israeli first dual citizens as cutouts 27:51 were set up and signed America to funnel 27:53 the Kazon Aryan banksters counterfeit 27:55 money to politicians for their election 27:57 campaigns in order to own and control 28:00 them when elected the rothschild km 28:03 decides to mind control the American 28:05 masses to make it much easier to 28:07 manipulate them into approving their 28:09 legal and constitutional unprovoked on 28:12 declared unwinnable perpetual war is 28:14 needed to make huge profits in gain more 28:16 world power their office child km 28:19 decided to gain complete control over 28:21 all public education by setting up the 28:23 Department of Education and creating 28:25 globalist and socialist curriculum is 28:28 based on political correctness diversity 28:30 and perversion is normal teachings 28:32 chloride is added to the public water 28:35 and toothpaste and dentists our mind 28:37 control to believe that fluoride 28:39 prevents cavities and is not harmful to 28:41 brain function or thyroid function which 28:44 it is the addition of fluoride to the 28:46 public water supply into toothpaste is 28:49 to dumb down Americans by on average 28:51 lowering the operation like you and 28:53 making folks much more dasol than they 28:55 would normally be programs to develop 28:58 and deploy vaccinations to dumb down 29:00 children and create huge numbers of 29:02 future chronic health problems were 29:04 initiated doctors have been 29:06 mind-controlled and misled by bias to 29:09 research that was cherry-picked ignoring 29:11 any studies that were negative and that 29:13 included most of them all vaccine cell 29:16 lines are contaminated with sv40 unknown 29:19 carcinogenic slow-acting virus the km 29:23 used its monetary power to gain control 29:25 over all of the elastic medical schools 29:27 and setup and control the American 29:30 Medical Association and other medical 29:32 societies in order to make sure their 29:34 agenda based on lies and deceit was 29:36 continued part of this massive plan to 29:39 dumb down in mind control the American 29:42 masses was the km buying up and 29:44 consolidating all the American mass 29:46 media and 26 controlled major mass media 29:48 comm owned and controlled by their 29:51 cutouts on their behalf the CMM 29:54 functions as an illegal news cartel and 29:56 it should be broken up under antitrust 29:59 laws and for inflicting espionage and 30:01 illegal propaganda as a weapon of war 30:03 against the American people the 30:05 rothschild km chieftains decided it is 30:08 time to use America to complete their 30:10 final take down in occupation of the 30:12 whole world by instituting a major false 30:14 flag attack inside America to blame on 30:17 the Islamic some they want America to 30:18 round the attack on their behalf 30:20 so the km chief confuse their top 30:23 Israeli american-israeli first dual 30:25 citizens living in America aka the 30:28 majors and top neocon cutouts to plan a 30:31 major nuclear attack on America on sep 30:33 tember 11 2001 bibi netanyahu the 30:38 operational head of the km deployed the 30:40 Mossad and these dual citizens to setup 30:42 and Institute this attack on America 30:45 which was to be blamed by the CMM on 30:47 Muslims they inform their top rabbis and 30:50 Friends of worlds scientism not to fly 30:52 on that day and to stay out of NYC as 30:55 did Larry silverfish one of the primary 30:57 men involved in the operation they used 31:00 their main cutout in the DoD to learn 31:02 the able danger investigators to the 31:04 Pentagon naval Intel meeting room where 31:07 they would be assassinated by a Tomahawk 31:09 cruise missile that was fired from an 31:11 Israeli dolphin class diesel submarine 31:13 ball from Germany 35 of the able danger 31:16 investigators who are investigating and 31:19 tracking the Israeli theft of 350 31:21 decommission w 54 Davy Crockett nuclear 31:25 pits out of the back door at fantex in 31:27 Texas were murdered by this tomahawk it 31:29 which was timed with the donation of 31:31 bombs pre planted in the naval until 31:33 wing which was newly hardened to no 31:35 avail 31:36 the Israeli Mossad front company urban 31:39 moving systems was used to transport the 31:42 mini nukes made from the stolen w50 for 31:44 nuclear pitch from pantex and originally 31:47 made at the hanford processing plant 31:49 where they were stored in the Israeli 31:51 embassy in NYC and transported to the 31:53 twin towers for detonation on sep tember 31:56 11 2001 the rothschild km planted 25 32:00 nukes and major American cities and 32:02 other major cities in Europe in order to 32:04 blackmail them this is referred to as 32:07 their sense and options and was first 32:09 discovered and disclosed by seymour 32:11 hersh the rothschild km also gained some 32:14 s19 and s20 warheads from a corrupt 32:17 member of Congress assigned the task to 32:19 buy up Ukrainian moves on behalf of the 32:22 usg in order to decommission them 32:24 instead he sold them to the Israelis and 32:27 split the money with other key 32:28 congressmen involved 32:30 this is high treason and a capital 32:32 offense punishable by execution right 32:34 after their attack on America the 32:37 rothschild km told the US administration 32:39 that they would detonate city Buster 32:41 sighs nukes in some American cities 32:43 including DC if the administration 32:46 refused to allow Israel to create their 32:48 own large police state occupation force 32:51 inside America based on the 32:53 consolidation of all american law 32:55 enforcement and alphabets under one 32:57 central Israeli control this new israeli 33:00 occupation force called homeland 33:02 security DHS was initially run by dual 33:06 citizens and perverts former DHS 33:09 director Janet Napolitano is being sued 33:11 for sexual harassment of men working at 33:14 DHS mean she ordered to move their 33:16 offices into the men's lavatory dual 33:19 citizen trader michael chertoff a name 33:21 translated from russian as son of the 33:23 devil was the criminal masterminds of 33:25 setup DHS along with former head of the 33:28 East German Stasi Marcus Wolff who was 33:31 hired as a special consultant and died 33:34 mysteriously as soon as his mission was 33:36 completed the rothschild km never 33:39 thought they would get exposed for their 33:40 nuclear attack on America on sep tember 33:43 11 2011 but they made one of the biggest 33:46 tactical mistakes and history and 33:48 overplayed their hand from excess hubris 33:50 based on too much easy success due to 33:53 their extreme money power in the past in 33:55 mainstream America will know that Bibi 33:57 Netanyahu and is like you just party 34:00 deployed the attack on America on sep 34:02 tember 11 2001 on behalf of the 34:04 rothschild km they thought that they had 34:07 complete control over the cmn could 34:09 prevent any of the secret idea and 34:11 Sandia Labs investigation from ever 34:13 being released to the American public 34:15 they made a serious tactical error 34:18 because now the truth about their role 34:20 in the sep tember 11 2001 attack on 34:23 America is being published on the 34:24 worldwide internet the world's new 34:27 Gutenberg press what the rothschild k 34:30 and did not understand was the power of 34:32 the internet and how truth nuggets 34:34 published in broadcast on his resonate 34:36 with the people of the world and spread 34:37 like wildfire at the speed of light 34:40 truth is being diffused to the masses 34:42 everywhere this incredible tactical 34:45 error by the km is so great that it will 34:47 actually do them to the complete 34:49 exposure and eventual complete 34:51 destruction they deserve 34:52 bibi netanyahu is ordered to proceed and 34:55 deliver the nuclear attack on America on 34:57 sep tember 11 2001 will go down in 35:00 history as one of the km's biggest 35:02 mistakes and the one that will be blamed 35:04 for their exposure and destruction by 35:06 the world that is now getting up against 35:08 them 35:09 the Russians have now leaked the ayaat 35:11 yo and sandia labs and able danger files 35:14 given to them by Edward Snowden soon all 35:17 of these files will be provided to all 35:19 Americans and the world via the internet 35:21 and this cannot be stopped the number of 35:24 Russians and the high military command 35:26 in Russia and in the highest positions 35:28 of leadership in the Russian government 35:30 realized that it was the same Organised 35:32 Crime Command that organized the 35:34 kandarians into Bolsheviks to mass 35:36 murder 100 million innocent Russians and 35:39 these men want payback 35:41 that is why they are making sure that 35:43 the rothschild banksters will be put out 35:45 of business which will decapitate the 35:47 Kandarian mafia from its endless elastic 35:50 counterfeit money supply 35:52 this is why the brakes Development Bank 35:54 was created to replace the u.s. petro 35:57 dollar is the world's reserve currency 35:58 but this one 36:00 unlike the u.s. Petro dollars backed by 36:03 gold silver and the real commodities 36:05 with no counterfeiting allowed the CMM 36:08 is failing and most Americans no longer 36:11 believe any of their primetime national 36:13 stories especially the under-30 crowned 36:16 to cherry-pick fax from the internet and 36:19 constructed their own beliefs so many 36:21 internet users now reject the CMM that 36:24 the truth about the Israelis attacking 36:26 American on sep tember 11 2001 is 36:29 becoming easier each day to believe 36:31 soon all of mainstream America will know 36:34 that Bibi Netanyahu and his Mossad and 36:36 dual citizens did the sep tember 11 2001 36:39 attack on America the American military 36:42 High Command knows that Bibi Netanyahu 36:44 ordered his Mossad and stateside dual 36:47 citizens to attack America using new 36:49 concept ember 11 2001 36:51 on behalf of the rothschild Kazarian 36:54 mafia km various deep-cover covert 36:57 operations are now being deployed 36:59 globally to expose and decapitate the 37:01 rothschild km from their endless elastic 37:04 money supply their days of anti-human 37:07 power are now limited the secret 37:09 incredibly well trained us team called 37:12 the nuclear snake eaters is now hard at 37:14 work searching all incoming Israeli 37:16 diplomatic pouches and shipment driving 37:19 by and flying over synagogues and 37:21 Israeli embassies in Mossad safe houses 37:23 with high-tech gamma-ray and helium-3 37:25 Neutron detectors and using ultra 37:28 high-tech custom tunes and focused 37:29 satellites to search for any store 37:31 nuclear pits as well as working hard to 37:34 recover all stolen nuclear pits by the 37:36 Israelis anywhere in the world outside 37:38 of Israel this super elite team was 37:41 alerted by Michael shrimpton phone call 37:43 to mi6 no to find them that an Israeli 37:46 city Buster was planted near the Olympic 37:48 Stadium this call wrongly has landed him 37:51 in jail the city Buster was recovered by 37:54 the nuclear snake eaters who entered 37:56 England and recovered and disarmed a 37:58 large city Buster sadly mi6 wanted this 38:02 new detonated in order to gain more 38:04 power for the Kandarian mafia in England 38:06 their home base inside the city of 38:08 london financial district since it has 38:11 been losing power fast a secret name for 38:14 these km chieftains which run much of 38:16 the world out of the city of london is 38:18 Gog and Magog despite what so many 38:20 historians believe is the secret name of 38:23 Russia which it is not it is the secret 38:25 name of the top km and apparently 38:27 represents where they originally came 38:29 from the secret team of super league 38:32 nuclear snake eaters is ready to be 38:34 deployed to Israel anytime should the 38:36 nation collapse after most European 38:38 corporations divest from Israel and the 38:41 u.s. cuts off all aid in order to comply 38:44 with American law it is illegal to give 38:46 a to a nation that has nukes and which 38:49 has not signed the nuclear 38:50 non-proliferation agreement 38:52 Israel has nukes detectable from 38:54 satellite-based helium-3 sensors and has 38:57 never admitted it 38:58 North has it signed the nuclear 38:59 non-proliferation agreement 39:02 we must all demand that our Congress and 39:04 administration obey the law and 39:06 immediately cut off all aid monetary and 39:08 military aid to Israel and arrest all 39:11 Israeli espionage front directors of 39:13 ipaq ginsa the defense policy board the 39:16 joint in NYC and the ADL etc it is 39:20 unknown but suspected that a significant 39:23 number of these stolen nukes have been 39:25 already recovered it has been reported 39:27 by insiders that a very solemn message 39:29 was communicated to BB Netanyahu and his 39:32 locusts as well as all top members of 39:35 Israeli espionage front in America like 39:37 I pack 39:38 ginsa the defense policy board the ADL 39:41 and the like 39:42 what was this serious warning if Insider 39:45 reports are accurate these folks were 39:47 told that if there is one more 39:49 israeli-based false flag attack those 39:51 who ordered it or were involved will be 39:53 hunted down under American national 39:55 security and eliminated and the Israeli 39:58 Defense structures associated with such 40:00 will be turned to dust the rest of 40:02 Rothschild k and history will likely be 40:05 determined by you the future of the 40:07 rothschild km will likely be determined 40:09 by veterans today readers and we the 40:12 people who learn the secret forbidden 40:14 history of the Kazon Aryan mafia that 40:16 was excised from the history books and 40:18 libraries by the km to protect their 40:20 evil history that no one would accept 40:22 this it was known so share this story 40:25 with your family friends and associates 40:27 and take it viral be clear about this 40:30 unless the km is able to operate in 40:33 abject secrecy it will be attacked from 40:35 all sides and destroyed forever so take 40:38 away their secrecy by exposing their 40:40 hidden history for all Americans to know 40:42 and understand that is why they have 40:45 worked so hard to buy up and control the 40:47 cmn public mass education including 40:50 colleges and universities to make sure 40:52 the people of the world would never find 40:54 out about their secret evil which is so 40:57 inhuman so homicide of that the whole 40:59 world would gang up on them and attacks 41:01 him from all sides at every level they 41:03 exist at the big question remains was 41:07 the true cause of leaders of the Kazon 41:08 Aryan mafias and credible evil and 41:10 savagery toward the human race a 41:12 by-product or nature or nurture some 41:15 believe that 41:16 this grows parasite ism and inclination 41:18 to mass murder engage in pedophilia and 41:21 child bloodletting and child sacrifice 41:23 is due to a toxic culture best described 41:26 as malignant tribalism characterized by 41:29 a paranoid group racial superiority 41:30 delusion other think the leaders of the 41:33 kmr the bloodline of King that is 41:36 children of Cain that are the devil's 41:38 own and have absolutely no soul or human 41:41 conscience but are pure predators like a 41:43 wild beast while at the same time being 41:46 incredibly two-faced that is able to put 41:48 on a good content a nice face on the 41:50 outside 41:51 perhaps it could be both factors in any 41:54 case it is time to expose this evil the 41:57 greatest evil the world has ever 41:58 experienced it is time for the world to 42:01 work together to eradicate this problem 42:04 now and forever by whatever means 42:06 necessary

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The Zionist Christian Alliance & The Great Deception

Event Is Coming Soon - The Zionist-Christian Alliance and the Great Deception. There is a war starting, but it’s not one of the wars we are being told about. The plans for this war may be a hundred years old or more, and they provide the path by which the “Great Work” of returning humankind to its Golden Age may be achieved. This is World War Three, the Apocalypse, Armageddon. And it promises to come on the heels of rebuilding Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem. Observation #1 – A Strange Alliance

Transcript : The Zionist-Christian Alliance and the Great Deception. 0:22 by Tony Smario. 0:24 There is a war starting, but it�s not one of the wars we are being told about. The plans 0:29 for this war may be a hundred years old or more, and they provide the path by which the 0:34 �Great Work� of returning humankind to its Golden Age may be achieved. This is World 0:39 War Three, the Apocalypse, Armageddon. And it promises to come on the heels of rebuilding 0:46 Solomon�s Temple in Jerusalem. Observation #1 � A Strange Alliance 0:52 There is something remarkable, and telling, in the fanatical unity of the Judeo-Christian 0:57 alignment over the past hundred years. Remarkable, because these two religions have no way to 1:03 reconcile their theological differences: one waits for a future �messiah�; one blames 1:08 the other for killing the �messiah� more than 2,000 years ago. The two make an all 1:13 the more unexpected pair considering the Christians were originally persecuted by the Jews, whose 1:18 holy writings in the Talmud reject Jesus as a bastard who is boiling in hot excrement 1:24 for eternity, whereas Christianity went on to persecute the Jews mercilessly for killing 1:29 their messiah, while warning everyone that if you don�t believe in Jesus you�re going 1:34 to hell forever. What�s telling, then, is that Western Christianity is so committed 1:39 to Zionism that it undertakes extraordinary political and social machinations to preserve 1:45 the union. In the seventh century, the two were united by the loss, to Islam, of the 1:50 �holy land,� which they both held sacred, and by the loss of the city at the center 1:55 of their religious history. Today, they are united by ancient prophecies about the arrival 2:00 of the messiah, the end of the age, and the kingdom to come. 2:05 That land and city were mandated to �Christians� more than a hundred years ago in the Sykes-Picot 2:10 Agreement of 1915, which put modern-day Syria and Lebanon under French jurisdiction, with 2:16 Iraq and Palestine under British jurisdiction. England disregarded the agreement it had made 2:22 with Hashemite king Faisal I of Iraq (1883�1933) to support him in establishing a Muslim caliphate 2:30 in that land (i.e., Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Saudi Arabia) after asking 2:37 the Hashemites to help the British defeat the Ottomans in World War One, which they 2:42 did. Instead of a caliphate, the Muslims were eventually divided into puppet governments 2:47 like those that exist today and, at that time, faced the birth of �radical Islam� in 2:52 the newly created Kingdom of Saud, founded and supported by the same British government 2:57 that had just double-crossed the Hashemites. It is worth observing that the current Hashemite 3:03 king (of Jordan) has made it clear that he expects England to make good on its word to 3:08 help establish a Hashemite caliphate on that land, and ISIS is not what he envisions. 3:14 While Britain and France were dividing up the Middle East and screwing the Hashemites, 3:19 in 1917 British foreign secretary Arthur James Balfour declared in a letter to Walter Rothschild, 3:25 a leader of the British Jewish community, that England intended to help establish a 3:30 Jewish homeland on the piece of land called Palestine. The Jewish holocaust had not yet 3:36 occurred, but this empire that had subdued the world for Christianity declared that it 3:40 wanted to give the �holy land� to future generations of Jews in order to help them 3:44 perpetuate their rejection of Jesus as the messiah and enable them to await the true 3:49 messiah in their renewed homeland. Who thought this was such a good idea in Christian England 3:54 in 1917, and why? Who would pay for the creation of Israel? I will attempt to put the answers 4:01 to these questions in perspective in the following observations about where all the money and 4:06 political pressure to create the State of Isreal came from, and continues to come from, 4:11 and to what end. 4:13 History records that thirty years after the Balfour Declaration, in the wake of the atrocities 4:18 of World War Two, a new organization called the United Nations established the State of 4:23 Israel in Palestine, the immediate result being war with its Muslim neighbors, who had 4:28 been living side by side with Jews for a millennium until the sudden, hostile occupation of their 4:34 land. The wars continued for thirty years, and then an international �peace process� 4:39 was begun that continues to this day. The peace process has resulted in the death of 4:44 untold millions, the demise of stable governments, and the near destruction of the region and 4:49 much of the culture. It is easily observed that the entire pretense for the current wars 4:54 in the Middle East, and for the continuing threat of �terrorism,� is based on lies 4:59 and underwritten by Zionist-Christian money. 5:02 The final point in this first observation is that the Muslims of that land, as well 5:07 as orthodox Muslims everywhere in all corners of the globe, still on the losing end of this 5:12 hundred-year-old agreement by the Hashemites to help the British defeat the Ottomans, are 5:16 the ONLY other people on the planet, besides Christians, who believe Jesus is the true 5:22 messiah of the Jews, and they are currently awaiting His return in fulfillment of their 5:27 scriptures. Keep that in mind. Observation #2 � Follow the Money 5:33 Why did Walter Rothschild want a Jewish homeland in Palestine in 1917, why did England pledge 5:39 its support in the Balfour Declaration, and what kind of support did England provide? 5:44 A couple years earlier, England was in a bad spot in the war with Germany, and it seemed 5:50 as though the English would lose their country. Rothschild had promised to get the United 5:55 States involved on the side of the British IF England gave Palestine to Rothschild. History 6:01 has recorded, though journalism rarely does, that the financing FOR Germany in World War 6:06 One was also supplied by Rothschild�s banking cartel. The Rothschilds would go on to own 6:12 80 percent of the land comprising the State of Israel three decades later, according to 6:17 some records. 6:19 The Rothschilds� financial exploits and methods are well documented, including loaning 6:24 money to both sides of a conflict or funding a war to drive one side to compliance, as 6:30 in the War of 1812. The French Revolution, in 1789, was the coming-out party of this 6:37 mode of financial terrorism, which was destined to rule the world from then til now. In this 6:42 second observation, we notice where the money was flowing a hundred years ago, when the 6:47 United States was brought into World War One, so unpopular with its citizens, and instigated 6:53 under methods of intrigue and propaganda familiar to every military conflict since. 6:59 In 1913, after a hundred-year struggle against an obstinately aware Congress, the Federal 7:05 Reserve banking system was formerly institutionalized in the United States, with no doubt regarding 7:11 the system�s origins and benefactors. In 1914 Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was 7:17 assassinated, prompting European powers to go to war, including Russia, with Rothschild 7:23 money supplying both sides of the conflict. In 1915 the Lusitania was sunk, the event 7:30 designed to drag America into the war that the Rothschilds had promised England the United 7:35 States would enter. Also in 1915 the Sykes-Picot Agreement was signed, dividing the Muslim 7:41 Middle East into French and English mandates, financed by the Bank of England, which was 7:46 owned by the Rothschilds, and forcing the British to double-cross the Hashemites regarding 7:51 their caliphate and Muslim self-determination on that land. In 1917 the Balfour Declaration 7:58 was sent to Lord Rothschild in recognition of England�s intent to �support� the 8:02 establishment of a Jewish homeland. This was shortly after political Zionism began in response 8:08 to �anti-Semitism,� which itself arrived mysteriously in history without precedent 8:13 in 1894 in France in what is known as the Dreyfus Affair and unexpectedly in Russia, 8:18 Poland, and Bulgaria at the end of the nineteenth century as well. Lord Rothschild happened 8:24 to be president of the British Zionist Federation at the time of the Balfour Declaration. 8:30 Something else happened in 1917 that was clearly financed by the same Rothschild money responsible 8:36 for the Federal Reserve system in America and that was behind the intention to establish 8:41 a Jewish homeland in Palestine: the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. Why did Zionist Rothschild 8:48 want the czar replaced, and why with �communists�? Of all the possible answers to that question, 8:54 the one central to this second observation is the one least recognized or understood 8:59 in popular culture. The RESULT of the communist revolution was the unending genocide of one 9:05 particular type of people for nearly a century: orthodox Christians. It was Christian Russia 9:10 that sought the ancient orthodox Christian land of what is today called Turkey, and its 9:15 strategic city of Constantinople, during World War One. Christian Russia might have stood 9:21 against Rothschild�s Zionism. The Rothschild-funded Bolshevik Revolution made sure that wouldn�t 9:28 happen. And it did something else in preparation for the future war that the third observation 9:33 makes clearer: it set Christians up as future enemies of Islam, when Western Christianity 9:39 became one with the Zionists, who require ever more weaponry, pointed at their Arab 9:44 neighbors, for �security.� 9:46 I will finish this second observation by noting that the Rothschilds� agents drafted the 9:51 terms of the treaty with Germany after World War One and that those terms were designed 9:56 to provide the conditions for World War Two. The Rothschilds� money also funded Morgan, 10:02 Rockefeller, Herriman, Carnegie, Ford, and like industrialists, through Jacob Schiff, 10:08 who in turn supplied Hitler with the money, and technology, to fight the war and to create 10:13 slave labor camps, which benefited the industrialists. But why did Zionist Rothschild want slave 10:20 labor camps in Germany for Jews and a war with the Allies? War had already proven grossly 10:26 profitable, but were the wars intended only to provoke nations to borrow in order to fight 10:32 them? Or could a war be planned to do more than sell debt? 10:36 In 1811 when the American Congress had voted to throw the Rothschild-funded banks out of 10:41 the country, Nathan Rothschild famously said, �Either the application for renewal of the 10:47 charter is granted, or the United States will find itself in a most disastrous war.� That 10:52 war began the following year in response to the obstinate refusal of the American Congress 10:57 to renew the Rothschilds� bank charter. Until the terms of the Versailles Treaty created 11:03 the conditions for World War Two, the country where Jews enjoyed the most peaceful and integrated 11:08 existence anywhere in Europe was Germany. The Zionist plan from at least 1901 was to 11:14 establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine, but Palestine was full of Palestinian Arabs, 11:20 not Jews. Europe was full of Jews living happily and safely. The question was how to get the 11:26 Jews to WANT to leave Europe and immigrate to a new and strange land. We know the answer 11:31 as �World War Two,� and it was funded by the same people who gave us the Federal 11:36 Reserve system in America, political Zionism, the Jewish homeland, the Bolshevik Revolution, 11:43 and Nazi Germany, not to mention the Cultural Revolution in China. After World War Two, 11:50 Rothschild money was behind the establishment of the United Nations in 1945, as it had been 11:55 behind the League of Nations decades earlier. Shortly afterward, in 1948, the United Nations 12:02 created the State of Israel, and the so-called �Judeo-Christian alliance� was inseparably 12:07 forged. Meanwhile, the same Rothschild money was funding the �radicalization� of Islam. 12:13 What have the Zionist-Christian elite got in mind for the future? 12:18 Observation #3 � The Hegelian Dialectic 12:22 In 1769 Mayer Amschel Rothschild �became a court agent for Prince William IX of Hesse-Kassel, 12:28 who was the grandson of George II of England, a cousin to George III, a nephew of the King 12:34 of Denmark, and a brother-in-law to the King of Sweden.�[1] Mayer Amschel Rothschild�s 12:40 creation of the Illuminati via Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria in 1776, on the heels of Rothschild�s 12:47 association with Prince William IX, points to a more profound web of control over future 12:52 events than the whims of one man or one family, particularly given reports of the Illuminati�s 12:58 agenda: 12:59 The purpose of the Illuminati is to divide the goyim (all non-Jews) through political, 13:05 economic, social, and religious means. The opposing sides were to be armed and incidents 13:10 were to be provided in order for them to: fight amongst themselves; destroy national 13:16 governments; destroy religious institutions; and eventually destroy each other.�[2] 13:22 The aim was to divide and conquer by infiltrating the religions and every other spectrum of 13:27 humanity. The plan was, over time, to arm each side with ideals that were hostile to 13:33 one another and to promote violent confrontation, including the ever-advancing weaponry needed 13:39 to achieve the most offensive violations of moral conduct and the most ruthless and efficient 13:44 taking of life. The media were to be used to pit one side against the other and to program 13:49 humanity to accept war as an eventuality and �religions� as the cause. �Terrorists� 13:55 were to be created and fought. All of this was a classic application of what has become 14:00 known as the �Hegelian dialectic.� Meanwhile, any number of depopulation and eugenic programs 14:06 have been administered under the cover of �humanitarianism,� and the average citizen 14:10 is helpless, hopeless, ignorant, and impotent to interfere. 14:15 Our current state of affairs fits the strategy supposedly outlined by General Albert Pike 14:20 in 1871, which called for three world wars to achieve world dominance. Recall the power 14:27 that had been wielded sixty years before Pike provided his strategy when England was forced 14:32 into a war with the obstinate United States over renewing the Rothschilds� bank charter. 14:38 And observe the statue of General Pike just blocks from the Capitol building In Washington, 14:43 the only confederate general so honored. The accuracy of Pike�s �predictions� regarding 14:48 the first two world wars demands attention to the third. The control displayed in the 14:53 past hundred years over media, politics, education, medicine, justice, and the weather indicates 15:00 that popular narratives are highly subject to propaganda and manipulation. Observe also 15:06 the slogan of the State of Israel�s secret service, Mossad � �By Deception We Shall 15:11 Rule and Do War� � and ask yourself what deception has gone on over the past sixty-five 15:17 years during a constant state of war in Palestine. Terrorizing the Arabs while creating and blaming 15:23 Arabs for ongoing acts of �terrorism� is an observable possibility. 15:28 The great deception is this: the Zionists intend to use religious prophecy to dominate 15:34 the world by reclaiming the �promised land,� by rebuilding Solomon�s Temple, by REPLACING 15:39 the messiah according to a perverted interpretation of Jewish scripture called the Talmud, and 15:44 by ensuring their perpetual reign forever through superior military force. What remains 15:50 in the way of Pike�s strategy of 1871? Only the remnants of orthodox religion, namely 15:57 Christians, Muslims, AND orthodox Jews. Each of these groups has pointed out the Zionist 16:02 lie from the beginning and was undoubtedly targeted during World War Two, as orthodox 16:07 Christians have been continuously targeted for a hundred years. 16:11 The desire to eliminate orthodox Jews explains Britain�s �white paper� of 1939, in 16:17 which it suddenly withdrew its support conveyed in the Balfour Declaration by prohibiting 16:22 European Jews from immigrating to Palestine until AFTER World War Two and the Jewish holocaust 16:27 had largely fulfilled the task of eradicating a certain population of Jews, most likely 16:32 those with Semitic connections to Palestine, and instilling the rest with fear of �anti-Semitism.� 16:39 Only then did Britain facilitate their return to Palestine in order to repopulate it with 16:44 �Jews� seeking a homeland, then a state, and eventually a temple, all paid for by American 16:50 �Christian� industrialists, originally reimbursed by the Nazi slave labor camps they 16:54 knowingly funded. 16:56 Lastly, observe how the United Nations, formed in 1945 on the basis of ELIMINATING armed 17:03 conflict, has managed instead to mold a modern world where the largest market is weapons, 17:08 the largest industry is war, and the ONLY way conflicts are settled is through advanced 17:13 weaponry and superior military alliances. For what reason has a Zionist-Christian alignment 17:18 created this reality if not to ensure the (new world) order that its overseers plan 17:24 to create from the ashes of chaos? 17:27 Despite being obscured by a sea of distractions, the end game has only three observable goals, 17:33 on which all action is focused: a centrally controlled and universal electronic monetary 17:39 system, a far less populated �new world� upon which to impose �order,� and a final 17:44 temple in Jerusalem from which to rule the world forever. 17:48 Therefore, on the one hand, if I�m funding �radical Islam� with Zionist-Christian 17:53 money, if I�m building Zionist-Christian weapons to bring the world peace and security 17:58 but I�m not giving them to certain Arabs, and if I�m planning to rebuild Solomon�s 18:03 Temple in Jerusalem and to rule the world forever, then all I have to do is create an 18:08 excuse for the Zionists to kill certain Arabs, while making a �peace deal� with the other 18:13 Arabs (which I will later break), a deal that includes my new temple on their hill. And 18:19 since Muslims themselves also expect a final �great war,� the decimation of Islam, 18:24 and the emergence of their true �Mahdi� at the time of the return of the true messiah 18:28 of the Jews, who they regard as Jesus of Nazareth, it is imaginable that Muslims will be easily 18:34 led into colluding in their own demise. 18:37 On the other hand, if I want to start a war that kills all the Zionists and Christians, 18:42 I need another enemy, one that I will have to provide with sufficient weapons for it 18:47 to be able to do just that. Among this enemy, I will have to introduce, foster, and fund 18:53 every anti-Christian-Zionist ideal so that when the peace deal over the temple is broken, 18:59 someone can be drawn into a war over it. I�m thinking of Russia, China, and their friend 19:04 Iran, joined by a host of others. By that time, the excuse for world war may not be 19:10 the new temple in Jerusalem and the Zionist-Christian fight with Islam but economic existence in 19:15 the new world. It is not hard to observe the future financial conflict being set up and 19:21 the eerie possibility of a complete collapse of the money system, as anticipated by ancient 19:27 prophecy � but that�s a different story. 19:29 Tony Smario has decades of experience interpreting eschatology with a unique voice. You can find 19:35 him at the on YouTube, where he provides weekly commentary on geopolitical 19:41 events and a nontraditional Bible study demonstrating the false understandings of modern Christianity.

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