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Obama: A Legacy of Ashes

Obama’s legacy is measured in ashes. From wars of aggression to a police state on steroids, banking bailouts and Obamacare, Obama has been the perfect captain to carry the New World Order football further down the field. But as Americans prepare for a new liner to be placed in their gilded bird cage, today we remember how the Deep State tricked the public in 2008 by giving them what they thought they wanted.

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Russia and China Further Dump The Dollar - Buy Gold; Economic Collapse Coming?

Russia and China Are Continuing to Buy gold and dump dollars

Transcript : this is by the Russia insider goodbye 0:09 petro dollar Russia and China dumped us 0:12 treasuries and buy gold on this is 0:14 posted on thursday februari 9017 gold is 0:18 appealing to Russia and China because 0:20 its shields them from the US 0:21 government's ability to control the 0:23 value of their holdings 0:24 it's no secret that Russia and China 0:26 both share a growing appetite for gold 0:29 but how excited are they about us 0:32 treasuries the most boring but safe 0:35 investment which basically translates 0:37 into we believe that everything will 0:39 basically stay the same 0:41 from the looks of it Moscow and Beijing 0:43 no longer think t-bonds or a safe bet or 0:47 the flower international interests as 0:49 bloomberg zoo zhang explains Russia and 0:52 China are selling and treasuries and 0:54 buying up all the gold they can get 0:56 their hands on as they sharply increase 0:58 their gold reserves China and Russia are 1:01 selling off their US Treasuries with 1:03 their hunger for the metal coming amid a 1:05 strict diet including excluding dollars 1:07 goal is appealing to these countries 1:09 because its shields them from the US 1:11 government's ability to control the 1:12 value of their holdings goals a country 1:14 list currency a continuing trend of 1:17 reserve buildup in treasury sales might 1:19 weaken the dollar and pressure gold 1:21 prices higher China and Russia have 1:23 officially added almost 50 million 1:26 ounces of gold to their central banks 1:28 while selling off more than 260 seven 1:31 billion dollars and treasurer of 1:32 treasuries yes for those who missed it 1:35 Gold is appealing to these countries 1:37 because its shields them from the US 1:39 government's ability to control the 1:40 value of their holdings gold is a 1:43 country less currency a continuing trend 1:46 of reserve build-up and Treasury sales 1:48 might weaken the dollar and pressure 1:50 gold prices higher we imagine this is 1:52 also part of an effort to increase 1:53 confidence in their own currencies which 1:55 are increasingly being used for 1:57 bilateral trade a year ago Moscow became 2:00 China's top crude exporter after degree 2:02 to accept chinese jaan for its oil 2:05 Moscow realizes that despite the risks a 2:07 policy of gradual d dollarization is 2:09 crucial in order to shield itself from 2:12 Western economic 2:13 warfare China of course is in the same 2:15 boat 2:16 these countries aren't just dumping the 2:18 dollar they're also positioning their 2:19 own currencies for trade throughout 2:21 Eurasia and the fact that growing demand 2:25 for gold could lead to a weekend dollar 2:27 is definitely of course an extra a few 2:31 to Washington we see what's going on 2:34 around the world and something massive 2:35 is coming with the markets with the 2:37 economy a massive shift is about to take 2:39 place i showed you just a couple days 2:41 ago in one of the the wires post that I 2:43 did we did we're looking at by the year 2:48 i think it was 20 30 or 20 50 the u.s. 2:51 is going to be ranked third below india 2:54 as the most powerful economies in the 2:57 world China really was China India and 3:00 in the u.s. currently we're number two I 3:02 believe because China is one this is a 3:06 very dangerous trend given that the u.s. 3:08 is the reserve currency of the world so 3:10 I wonder what is going to to happen once 3:12 it all shakes up maybe one of those 3:17 scenarios that of course a lot of people 3:19 have been warning about four years we'll 3:22 see what happens that's all I've got for 3:23 you god bless and carry on

The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative journalists , researchers , Whistelblowers , truthers and many more

The New World Order Manifesto

 Event Is Coming Soon - The New World Order Manifesto.

As we have control of everything in the world: economics, agriculture, production, transportation, media, education, governments, alimentation, health-care, technology, water, land, sea, air, space, legal system (national and international) and we have reached a certain pinnacle of technology. It has become necessary to take steps to ensure our survival in this realm; this means we must eliminate the imminent threat and cull our herd at the same time.

This accelerated program comes as a galactic awakening is happening which must be suppressed in order for us to continue our rule in this realm; this has awakened energies which we have long thought eradicated.

The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative journalists , researchers , Whistelblowers , truthers and many more

Major Money Managers Have A Grim Outlook For The US Stock Market

Transcript : monetization scheme for the unilateral 0:52 initiative that was planned features a 0:55 small group of insiders tied in with the 0:58 upper excellence of India's government 1:00 the strategy was to instantly not a 1:03 slide or 500 and 1000 rupees banknotes 1:06 the most common currency denominations 1:09 in the country and then eventually 1:10 replaced them with newly designed more 1:13 secure 502 thousands rupee notes should 1:17 forfeit a two-time that's not strictly 1:19 true that last we've seen similar moves 1:23 in places like Sweden and even county 1:26 cork or somebody home place my home 1:29 state Ireland has talked about and has 1:32 initiated scheme 3 move cash completely 1:34 from the city this is not a joke 1:37 let's welcome our first guest to the 1:39 program then he's got plenty to say 1:40 there's this is a financial journalist 1:43 an economist and heroes a critically 1:45 acclaimed book called the abolition of 1:47 cash and the consequences 1:50 he's live in Frankfort right now and I'm 1:53 going to treat his blog by the way and 1:56 because then his blogs and even some of 1:58 the tweets on it while were chatting 1:59 with him 2:00 let's welcome to the prophet of the 2:02 program normal hiring Norbert welcome to 2:05 the program good evening how are you 2:06 good evening and fine thanks 2:09 and thanks so much for coming on them 2:11 delighted to be chatting with you 2:12 normal just before you and I talked 2:15 about this issue i did mention to you 2:18 earlier on that former spokesman from 2:21 the greek Finance Ministry Demetrius 2:24 analysis on the program last night and 2:26 he said a couple of things that probably 2:28 won't surprise you 2:30 he said Greece is a concentration camp 2:32 these days and he said the European 2:35 Union is basically the fourth right now 2:38 and they did according to me when he 2:41 said that German men and women might be 2:44 sensitive to such terminology and they 2:47 might find the wording very strong you 2:49 want to give me a quick comment on what 2:51 he said 2:52 you agree with him what's your take on 2:54 what's happening degrees right now I'm 2:57 afraid and not a charity turban opinion 3:00 on this issue 3:01 I do sympathize very much for the Greek 3:04 a test of statistics from the IMF which 3:08 show that it's worse than the great 3:10 depression in Greece and that's just 3:12 that's just for you could even call its 3:16 bite before some principles because they 3:19 could have easily been helped but 3:21 they're very Search Search just some 3:24 some principles and force because 3:28 they're weak and because we elected 3:30 wrong government so it's really close to 3:33 crime but has been done to the greek i 3:35 would say that to ya but we're also 3:38 being used as a guinea pig that but also 3:41 for mean this is not reverse problems 3:45 but all sorts of and anti cash measures 3:48 are being imposed by the troika the 3:51 government doesn't mind so much because 3:53 it plays in their hand but au commission 3:57 which is a big anti cash warrior entry 4:02 IMF and the ECB all against cash where 4:05 the Troy career that basically rules 4:07 against the about the government and 4:11 we're trying out all sorts of stuff 4:13 they're there they're doing a lot of 4:15 similar stuff to the Indians know you 4:18 and we're going to talk with your 4:19 excellent article shortly with you 4:21 someone that you wrote a month ago or 4:23 thereabouts and I cannot promise i'm 4:25 going to tweet this I want people to 4:26 follow you and we're all about finding 4:29 people like you in orbit because it's 4:32 not often that people like you tell the 4:34 truth and and this is the fact that it's 4:37 the reason we had to meet your place on 4:38 the program yesterday before we talk 4:40 about what happened in India you 4:43 mentioned their Greece being used as a 4:45 guinea pig is it punitive I mean you 4:47 said you said is punishing is it in some 4:49 way designed what's happening to Greece 4:52 to terrifying other countries who might 4:54 step out of line or who might challenge 4:57 the hegemony of the trike at the 4:59 European Central Bank and the European 5:02 Union isn't punitive to warn others most 5:05 certainly I mean it's happening in the 5:07 series being elected but some 5:10 conservative government they could have 5:13 expected a lot more leniency and you 5:16 could see it with Portugal to they they 5:20 had the screws pretty tight and this new 5:23 government's I think they say where they 5:27 are elected a leftist government with 5:30 their sort of lucky that at the time and 5:33 the screws are tightened on them 5:35 the Spanish at an election and we wanted 5:38 to help the Conservatives there been so 5:41 and it was kind of hard to distinguish 5:43 between Portugal and Spain it would have 5:46 been too obvious so they got a fairly 5:49 lightly and they're also not not picking 5:52 as much of a fight that syriza so but 5:56 you could observe that a lot that 5:58 whenever leftist government was elected 6:02 or in danger of being elected that that 6:06 would not have done all these harsh 6:08 austerity measures so likely they 6:11 tighten the screws pretty severely and 6:13 suddenly every every deficits Argus and 6:17 all that think these things are becoming 6:20 a lot more important suddenly by the way 6:23 normals blog is them is excellent 6:26 website can be found at normal hiring 6:29 that h.a.t.e or ing if I'm 6:31 mispronouncing your name Norbert don't 6:34 hesitate 6:34 tell me by the way how you're going 6:36 pretty good its hard protective in the 6:38 area and it looks like hearing or 6:40 hearing and normally targets heading is 6:43 perfect hearing it from its normal 6:45 hearing hae or ang dot de /e and between 6:51 that we've got to read this man nor 6:53 Virgil is brilliant 6:55 so certain vested interest in the united 6:59 states are behind india's push towards 7:02 the cautious society who are these 7:04 interest and people are telling me 7:07 george soros his name is popping up all 7:08 over the place 7:09 who are these interest and we're doing 7:12 well on on my stories more bill gates 7:16 the the building million decades 7:19 foundation is is one of the biggest bank 7:23 rollers if not the biggest bank roller 7:26 of a whole variety of initiatives that 7:28 go against cash 7:31 although first it was always sold as a 7:35 as financial inclusion which was 7:38 translated as digitalizing finance so 7:42 that it would be more easy to bring it 7:44 to the people but then it morphed into 7:47 really going against cash there's 7:50 actually a better than cash alliance 7:55 that was formed in 2012 most money 8:01 presumably is coming from a bill and 8:03 melinda gates foundation that Microsoft 8:06 basically so the take an IT companies in 8:12 the US the big ones are one big group 8:16 that's behind that we ever ones 8:19 obviously are the payment services 8:21 providers that's also globally dominated 8:24 by the US companies and these are in 8:27 that better than cash alliance that Visa 8:30 and MasterCard and then there's also big 8:33 bang's Citigroup this in there and some 8:38 foundations 8:41 like the Ford Foundation which well in 8:46 the past at least they have often been 8:49 involved then inserted certain dark 8:53 money had to be distributed that 8:55 shouldn't be traced back to certain 8:58 government sources or whatever and there 9:01 is US aid the development finance 9:05 company of the US government and so we 9:09 are forming the better than cash 9:11 Alliance which has the goal of pushing 9:14 back cash worldwide and it's also very 9:18 obvious why would have an interest in 9:20 that because the take an IT companies 9:24 they're going into payment services but 9:28 we're also providing the infrastructure 9:29 and these us come companies are globally 9:33 dominating where's the perp payment 9:36 services provider they want to make 9:38 money of every litre of milk let your 9:41 buying so if you don't do it in cash we 9:43 get their percentage one and where's the 9:48 American government which has the 9:51 interest of these American companies at 9:54 heart they they make a lot of money like 9:57 the the the current account gets a lot 10:01 of money from from all these exports of 10:05 payment services 10:06 there's a huge surplus in that and of 10:10 course it's also a big source of power 10:13 for the u.s. government is they can 10:15 control the international payment system 10:18 normal i said while there because you 10:22 just described the massive conflict of 10:24 interest with detect companies designing 10:25 the software and for this but at the 10:28 same time of benefiting from it but when 10:31 you mentioned Bill and Melinda Gates is 10:33 it fair to suggest that somebody like 10:37 gates and his wife sunday and under the 10:40 gates foundation would be chosen as a 10:44 vehicle with which to sell this to 10:46 people because their public image is 10:48 quite good 10:49 now I have a lot of problems with Bill 10:51 Gates a multivariate made a lot of sense 10:53 certainly 10:54 to choose them if they let themselves be 10:56 chosen my goodness how interesting 10:59 now we have what we learned since this 11:04 happened in india in december what do we 11:07 know what it meant for people in that 11:10 country i'll just give you a quick tweet 11:12 before you answer that Comanche is that 11:15 living in India and just looks like 11:17 delhi in fact that she's tweeting this 11:20 to say she's listening intently networks 11:21 in the small errors on thursday morning 11:24 there and she said 'i transactions are 11:26 now used more and more 11:29 what do we know about what impact it had 11:31 on indian people there 11:34 well yeah I mean first of all it was not 11:38 known it wasn't botched or anything that 11:41 it would be a terrible hardship of the 11:43 people the people was known like there 11:45 was a that's what I was writing about 11:48 was a partnership of us ate involving 11:51 the better than cash foundation and the 11:54 Indian finance ministry to push back 11:56 cash that's been going on since 2015 12:01 there have been ever close links even 12:04 things 2013 so the various us groups 12:08 they're very very much involved so i 12:11 would take issue that it was a closed 12:13 circle around around the finder of a 12:17 prime minister and the finance minister 12:20 that I think these stories are to 12:23 deflect attention from these known us 12:27 links because they vary in the open 12:29 which they're just they just had to be 12:31 deflected from you may not have normal 12:34 you mentioned usa's there this is 1-2 12:36 dimensioning george soros because he's 12:40 connected obviously with with the USA to 12:42 the usual suspects 12:44 so this is the app you know so so you're 12:47 there asking a y-yeah I was saying it's 12:53 it was known so doing it during this 12:56 partnership there were studies made and 12:58 in these studies you can read that only 13:01 half of the Indians have a bank account 13:04 and even of that our half a very large 13:07 proportion wasn't used probably a lot of 13:10 them are phony or something just for 13:12 fraud or something 13:14 so a very big part of the the majority 13:18 of the Indians don't have a bank account 13:20 and more than ninety percent of 13:23 transactions have been done in cash so 13:26 it was totally clear and known that it 13:30 would be a disaster for the people that 13:32 they couldn't just to additionally or 13:34 something that they were just not have 13:36 cash and that's what happened like all 13:38 these people in the shadow economy not 13:41 like not being able to buy stuff they 13:44 couldn't earn their living they depend 13:46 from day today to make enough money to 13:48 buy food for the children and stuff by 13:50 by doing small services driving a richer 13:54 or whatever and they couldn't find 13:56 anybody anymore for weeks or even months 13:58 to who had the cash to pay them and they 14:02 just didn't have any means to to do that 14:05 it's chilly so people are starving and 14:08 didn't have enough to eat because of 14:10 that and that plus no one and it was 14:12 intended to inflict hardship off on all 14:15 these traders so that they would really 14:18 a at the first opportunity and if they 14:22 could afford it all get something to do 14:24 digital payment and i'm pretty sure it 14:27 was also intended we would be bad 14:29 international uproar and everything 14:31 because now everybody in every country 14:33 knows that it's dangerous not to be able 14:36 to do do digital payment if your 14:38 government can do these things to you so 14:41 very effective in this in terms of 14:44 getting digital payments up and running 14:47 better incredible so it sounds like what 14:50 happened in India is a massive 14:52 scientific experiment and they're 14:54 watching for the reaction and how would 14:56 I was perceived around the the rest of 15:00 the world have the Indians at the indian 15:03 and women how they react to us i have 15:05 the cold but it's just a big experiment 15:06 right there we're talking like that like 15:10 if you what i've been doing after that 15:12 happened was just reading up on things 15:15 that have been happening before Christ 15:17 statement 15:18 around this partnership and all that and 15:20 they were talking about it being an 15:24 example of what we were trying to do a 15:26 scalable model that could be transferred 15:29 to some barrels we weren't letting out 15:33 what they're planning they were just 15:34 talking about experiments in the single 15:37 city so it is guys did pretty well so 15:40 that it just looked like we're looking 15:42 for a right city to make these 15:44 experiments and nobody knew it would 15:46 people of India but they were talking 15:49 about it being being an example for the 15:51 rest of the world in other countries and 15:54 this better than cash Association and 15:56 other similar group which are very 15:59 well-connected and tied up this with 16:02 some UN organization the World Bank is 16:05 heavily involved governments are part 16:08 and they're active in all sorts of 16:10 places like Nigeria Kenya and they're 16:14 very pc so it's not like we're just 16:16 doing that in India so so nigeria and 16:19 places like this this is what's coming 16:21 next 16:21 we had a tweet from mark who tweets and 16:24 cashless society if the banks make bad 16:28 bets and become insolvent they can 16:31 legally Constance Kate the deposits of 16:34 their customers to balance their books 16:37 now we saw this in Cyprus is this the 16:40 big worry 16:40 normal start with the reason my dms that 16:43 to Detroit the European Central Bank the 16:45 World Bank the Bretton Woods 16:47 institutions but i think their tires 16:50 these are criminals 16:51 this is the job this is what it's all 16:53 about here is this is about the coming 16:55 of the billion right 16:56 yes we have the daily legislation so 17:01 it's the law now in Europe that that 17:06 creditors have to be shaved first and 17:10 who is that it's not like a big finance 17:14 who was stupid enough to give some Bank 17:16 a big loan it's you and me and everybody 17:19 who has money at the bank and so it's 17:23 clear that they have their money taking 17:26 surveys the blankets in trouble so if 17:28 they have that rule they can't do 17:30 anything over there 17:31 when taking of a cash and making it hard 17:35 to to get your money 17:37 actually i did an experiment for my book 17:39 i went to my bank and by rights and 17:43 rules i can take my money out any day 17:46 without giving notice or something and I 17:49 just wanted 15,000 oils and we wouldn't 17:52 give it to me you wouldn't get or even 17:54 for because i stayed there and just 17:57 refused to go away and they couldn't 18:00 refuse it legally 18:02 after letting me sit there half an hour 18:04 and calling the police here they wanted 18:06 to check for all that they gave it to me 18:09 eventually just because I insisted but 18:11 we would have sent anybody else away who 18:14 would have believed them but they just 18:16 didn't have it where 18:17 normal normal excuse me for interrupting 18:19 they called the police to do in the 18:23 beach that day 14 I mean all this money 18:25 laundering stuff is is also a way to to 18:30 make you feel like a criminal if you if 18:33 you deal this cash if you have any kind 18:36 of Mount like more than 5,000 or 18:40 something that you want to take from a 18:42 bank they make you sit there and wait 18:44 they call the police so that they can 18:46 come if they think it's iffy now I was 18:49 in a suit and everything and everyone is 18:50 fine and we didn't come but if I have 18:53 some Eastern accent and speak bad German 18:57 isaiah 17 thousand rows of my own money 19:01 it's not unlikely that police comes and 19:04 I've from my lawyer I've heard never 19:08 case there's somebody had their account 19:12 canceled just because he's using cash a 19:15 lot and repeatedly a took took out cash 19:20 from the money machine of more than a 19:22 thousand or rose and they just cancelled 19:25 physical his account this no warning or 19:28 anything it's just said now account is 19:31 cancelled so they they make it they say 19:34 it's against money laundering but it 19:36 also works perfectly that if they have 19:40 these baleen rules and everybody knows 19:43 and knows about side products 19:45 and then there's rumors that a bank is 19:47 in trouble and you can get your cash out 19:50 everybody would run of command these 19:52 rules would would just cause fires 19:55 everywhere but if you can't get your 19:58 cash out because there isn't any more 19:59 cash or they only give you a hundred or 20:01 rows then your money is locked in and 20:05 they can very calmly decided wherever 20:07 they take away ten or twenty or thirty 20:09 percent to make the bank over again I 20:11 want to just remind our listeners we've 20:13 got Norbert hearing on the line 20:16 normal hearing dot de /a en noir bespoke 20:21 by the way is the operation of cash 20:23 I'm the consequences it's time to have 20:25 them on the program i think the 20:27 government by the way too so that nobody 20:29 is disappointed googling it well you 20:31 gotta seriously no but you gotta get 20:33 that translated into English 20:35 yeah I'm thinking about writing the 20:39 follow-up which covers that stuff that i 20:42 was talking about on how how this is 20:45 important for the US and the u.s. 20:47 control of the financial system and all 20:50 that so I'm concerned I'm not sure yet 20:53 we're reminded in english or turn get 20:56 honest i want to mention by the way and 20:58 again I'm you know I it's a huge thrill 21:00 for us 21:01 I'm not being subservient empty were not 21:04 procrastinating in front of you but it's 21:06 a massive thrilled to us when people 21:08 have seen the inside of the system have 21:11 the courage to come out and talk all 21:13 things the way they are you and I both 21:15 know and some of furnaces won't know 21:17 what we won idol not tech firms in the 21:20 United States DARPA and other firms like 21:23 that we've patented already scanning 21:26 equipment in order you know for payment 21:29 seem to be made using always kind of 21:31 been patented this is being developed 21:33 evolved patented Joshua's payment risk 21:36 times I mean normally it's not an 21:39 exaggeration to say this is straight 21:42 from the pages of george orwell this is 21:44 the best surrounded and control run mean 21:46 coach / currently have dreamed of it but 21:49 it's it's amazing how close he came to 21:52 what we have now actually mastercard has 21:56 recently 21:57 a patent in something or put the 21:59 application in on how to how to 22:04 calculate people's weight and size from 22:07 their purchases so it's a ver padding 22:11 abuse of our data they would use our 22:15 purchases that we know about from their 22:18 cards estimated our weight and size from 22:22 our shoes we buy and the clothing and 22:26 sell that to the to the airline's so 22:31 that they can tell us the right seat or 22:34 something 22:35 I mean it's absolutely tremendous that 22:37 way but we want to have abused of data 22:40 patterns into that certain way of 22:43 abusing it it's really amazing and of 22:47 course I mean there's so much 22:49 information if a a pole and MasterCard 22:54 know everything we buy and that includes 22:58 like a journal be by it i mean if you 23:03 don't dare to subscribe to a colonel 23:05 that's kinda off off-the-beaten-track 23:08 you buy it at the kiosk for cash 23:11 you can't do that anymore so any journal 23:15 that's kinda off the government line you 23:20 you might be on a list and and all this 23:25 information is consolidated it's not 23:28 like MasterCard has some and people had 23:30 some there are companies that 23:33 consolidated all this information they 23:36 may collected themselves or they buy it 23:39 from all these all the website of the 23:43 payment providers put it together in the 23:45 file and anybody who asks for money can 23:47 buy it so it's all there and it's au 23:50 trial this with all information about 23:54 you and if if you can't even if you're 23:57 trying to preserve some some privacy by 24:01 doing a lot in cash so that it's not 24:04 registered you can't do that anymore so 24:07 it's the which makes it a lot more 24:09 valuable because 24:11 you know that everything is in there so 24:13 the information becomes a lot better and 24:17 that is really terrible and the other 24:21 thing is you saw it then this wiki leaks 24:25 all they took list or the US government 24:28 no Parliament no court or anything just 24:32 the President or somebody calling 24:34 mastercard visa papal american express 24:38 and that asking them please don't do 24:42 business with WikiLeaks and that was 24:45 enough that WikiLeaks couldn't get any 24:48 any money anymore couldn't collect money 24:51 and had severe financial problems you 24:56 can do that to anybody and it's done 24:58 already like the US government if they 25:02 improved some sanctions on iran or 25:05 something for financial deals with them 25:08 our countries don't have them like 25:11 Germany's and wears a company making 25:14 totally legal financial deals with them 25:17 the Americans just put them on a terror 25:19 list which we can do unilaterally and 25:22 then no finance provider finance company 25:26 will make any deals with you anymore and 25:29 you're basically broke you're finished 25:31 you can't even stop by an iphone anymore 25:33 until underwater and i'm not talking 25:35 about me personally even though we have 25:37 a massive audience but how long before 25:40 independent media like those who have 25:43 guests like you on the program how long 25:46 before they make it impossible for our 25:47 listeners to make financial donations 25:50 for us to pay our bills 25:52 this is most common generally spreading 25:53 sake lose anyway that's not surprising 25:56 but that's nice that the fake news 25:59 business that was very influenced that 26:01 certainly that's money they can do it a 26:03 lot better yes I can't believe we're 26:05 talking I'm delighted you're on the 26:07 program we've only got about five or six 26:08 minutes last normal hearing is on the 26:12 line folks normal here in RTE /c n and 26:16 this is going to let you understand this 26:17 information isn't it 26:20 it obvious then that what people need to 26:23 do is just are talking to one another 26:25 and to understand help finance works how 26:29 banks lend money or the same here how to 26:31 create money out of nothing and more 26:33 importantly it's not countries have to 26:35 become sovereign again and we have to 26:37 get out of the criminal European unity 26:39 answer 26:40 normal isn't it people have to 26:42 understand us that don't make me say 26:44 it's a criminal your opinion you're not 26:47 really tough but the first part as 26:49 certainly subscribe I just come from 26:52 from a place where i was giving a talk 26:57 on how the money system works in front 26:59 of teachers who are trying to learn 27:02 about it which is hard to an important 27:05 because all the textbook or kinda 27:07 weirdly wrong on back there sort of 27:11 describe what was going on 300 years ago 27:13 and it's absolutely essential that 27:15 people understand i agree and it's a 27:18 central let me use cash so that it's not 27:22 possible to criminalize everybody with 27:25 just minor amount is it's customary to 27:28 to this girl 900 pounds and pay this it 27:33 then it's much less in unusual that's a 27:36 big thing that you can do against that 27:38 was not so much i'm also using the legal 27:43 way I'm I'm insisting on pain of our our 27:49 public broadcasting see in cash which we 27:54 won't let me do and I'm in court because 27:56 of that because by law its it's the not 28:03 legal tender and the government and 28:06 refuse to to accept the legal temple 28:09 tender and they do it anyway and i'm 28:11 doing that too to make our members of 28:15 parliament makeup because they're never 28:17 making money laws they just let the 28:20 thanks to that together with the central 28:22 banks and it's clear to whose benefit 28:25 will be is if they can do it so I want 28:29 to make bye-bye causing this legal 28:33 problem 28:33 them that of course cash is tedious and 28:36 they would have to make some sort of a 28:39 better 28:39 severn money that you can also use 28:42 digitally I want to force meant to do 28:44 that by just insisting on on on the law 28:50 normal travel that's another thing you 28:52 can do nothing other things are um 28:53 you're welcome back anytime you want to 28:55 come back 28:56 look we we don't hide here all you 28:59 believe personally and I I'm not thrown 29:01 too fanciful notions and I've heard so 29:05 many speeches made by people like Bill 29:06 Gates and others have read the UN 20-30 29:12 documents the elite i believe as always 29:16 with the money and the power they 29:17 ultimately want to reduce the population 29:19 of this planet and I think this is some 29:22 there are many reasons for the cashless 29:24 society but one of them i believe is the 29:26 star people i mean i really do believe 29:28 that i know you probably want to accept 29:30 that but that's something i believe is 29:32 part of the overlapping and because i 29:34 think it's vicious but i think that 29:36 would be a an introspective way to get 29:40 after that go royal you don't listen 29:43 you're right it's on its own it would be 29:45 but alongside other things that are 29:47 going on around the world it plays his 29:48 part 29:49 listen I want to thank you for coming on 29:50 the extraordinary thank you for having 29:52 me numbers great normal hearing 34 / 29:55 again and please come back anytime you 29:57 want to love to have you back Norbert 29:59 thank you at like to thank our cells are 30:02 in Frankfort tonight normal hearing 30:04 fantastic guests and of course in 30:07 frankford a there's so much i coulda 30:08 said about Frankfurt for him I didn't 30:12 want to do is ask assassinate what's 30:14 happening you know three years ago when 30:19 i was here in a half to one nearly three 30:21 years ago in fact when things were tins 30:24 when things are vastly different for me 30:28 and I was going to go back into 30:30 commercial broadcasting not today was 30:34 inundated with offers but I had a couple 30:35 of offers and David said look and this 30:39 is the way to go to a program like this 30:42 one of the things he did say and then 30:45 the case of the off sometimes if you 30:46 notice that you everybody knows when we 30:48 like to have a doctor I'm not saying 30:50 they're never wrong but don't have to 30:52 knock 30:53 he's wrong from time to time he's not 30:55 that often rocks he stayed the night 30:58 that i would only ever do it if we got 31:00 people from the system talking about 31:03 these issues and I don't think we ever 31:05 will so it's a waste of time and at that 31:09 time he said no it isn't they will talk 31:12 to a show like yours people like that 31:14 will come on and they won't mind that we 31:18 talked about satanic pedophilia and it 31:21 won't mind that we talk about other 31:22 things they will focus box them and they 31:26 will calm was like them he said it to 31:28 time and it's sam its extraordinary and 31:31 maybe it's because another thing that 31:35 we've talked about over the years as the 31:36 agenda as they speed off they can't 31:40 conceal it anymore and by not being able 31:43 to conceal it anymore 31:44 it gives courage to people like Demetria 31:48 see Annapolis it gives courage to people 31:50 like sound effect wonderful woman to 31:53 give courage to people like nor were 31:55 there to say well you know what an 31:57 awesome you know I want to speak out on 32:00 this i'm going to talk about it i can't 32:02 and denies any longer

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Donald Trump Finally EXPOSES George Soros! -- Anonymous

Transcript : greeting citizens of the world we are 0:03 anonymous 0:04 George is running out and friends with 0:07 the election of Donald Trump first 0:09 president of the United States and the 0:11 upset in great britain the pattern is 0:14 beginning to learn this happens is 0:16 indicating that a major takedowns George 0:19 society foundation among other 0:23 organizations both there's an individual 0:25 the process off evidence to support such 0:28 a claim is difficult to collect his 0:30 presence because of the very nature of 0:32 such an operation outside of conspiracy 0:35 sites which promote similar stories like 0:38 Putin issuing an arrest warrant for 0:40 secret service members something which 0:43 is not yet been improving real 0:45 information and evidence is all but 0:47 impossible to find and suggestive 0:51 evidence is about this evidence is 0:53 considered and process to understanding 0:55 the mandates of strategies which service 0:58 has been involved in has been attempting 0:59 to influence this will be contrasted 1:02 after it is the rising opposition which 1:04 is represented by the election of Trump 1:07 I won't waste WorkSafe by going into too 1:09 much detail of these connections as the 1:11 internet is full of reliable and valid 1:13 sources which can be easily googled and 1:17 found we will focus on the broad strokes 1:20 obvious connections which make up the 1:23 larger pattern the most obvious is open 1:26 borders George presented for the 1:29 foundations and organizations have been 1:32 involved in the funding of Isis and 1:35 subsequent migrant crisis which has 1:38 spread around the world it has even been 1:40 suggested that has been involved in the 1:44 funding of Isis recruitment within 1:46 America the open society foundation and 1:50 the host of subsidiary organizations are 1:53 now being openly exposed for their and 1:55 the Israeli operations 1:58 this could be an attempt to several 2:00 Israel's connections with the United 2:02 States and isolate the nation 2:04 international 2:05 doing this is not an easy obvious as we 2:11 explained the Western like you which 2:14 overthrew the democratically elected 2:16 government of Ukraine will also include 2:19 by George through which is also stood 2:23 for Russia improved are well known but 2:25 preventing Putin from having to control 2:28 the natural gas flow through Ukraine was 2:31 the overriding factor interesting the 2:34 casino VP job in there and set on the 2:38 board the natural gas company in eastern 2:41 Ukraine the victims are representatives 2:44 of the American establishment and serve 2:47 the interests of george soros this is 2:50 how it works 2:51 the establishment use they are to 2:53 infiltrate and take of the business and 2:56 the industry of nations from the inside 2:58 because in addition Ukraine with getting 3:01 further absorbed into the Eurasian Union 3:03 through trade deals with Russia and 3:05 China removing the support was 3:07 instrumental in preventing all of Europe 3:09 for being alive with a larger Eurasian 3:12 Union validate the breech plug itself 3:14 represents the interests within great 3:17 britain heading a geopolitical strategy 3:19 in case they needed to separate from 3:22 Europe and remain alive with North 3:25 America service has also been directly 3:27 involved in the attempted overthrow of 3:29 Syria there are many reasons for this 3:32 area is aligned with Russia the enemy 3:34 assaults but is that also represents a 3:37 problem for business interests of boats 3:39 awesome the Clintons along with others 3:41 in the American establishment the 3:43 natural gas line which was meant to 3:44 connect the car with Europe traveling to 3:47 Saudi Arabia Syria and Turkey is the 3:50 major problem let's catch pipeline has 3:53 been invested in by the Clintons and 3:54 others have set of friends of Russia and 3:57 Putin has refused to have a growing 3:59 through cydia source that the American 4:00 establishment required to have 4:02 the state line in place to keep your 4:04 from being drawn into the larger 4:06 Eurasian Union the region union is an 4:08 important piece of developing global 4:10 governance framework as it's becoming 4:12 more obvious it is also important to 4:15 understand what chapters relations with 4:19 the house of these ties will be further 4:21 revealed of the deeper investigation 4:23 into the terror attacks are set over 11 4:26 2001 convinces and the truth is revealed 4:29 regarding the full nature of the 4:31 American establishment of its control 4:33 over both the Republican and Democratic 4:35 parties it is still my confusion that 4:38 911 was an attempt to stop the 4:40 transformation of the international 4:42 monetary system in its early stages by 4:45 using the manufacturer to hijack the 4:47 global government process this hijacking 4:50 is now failed george soros has also be 4:54 instrumental in manipulating Western 4:56 policy towards Russia and China in 4:59 general the later built up in Russia 5:01 borders is taking place at the same time 5:04 as the attempted coup in turkey and 5:06 ukraine along the war in Syria evidence 5:09 is now beginning to learn that both 5:11 Clinton insurance had been involved in 5:13 the cooler champion turkey reopen was 5:15 beginning to realize the country with 5:18 Russia which would have severely 5:19 affected the interests of service 5:21 including threatening the rules of 5:23 migrant being forced into Europe for 5:26 chapter the interests of Rothschild to a 5:29 larger extent the broader international 5:31 banking interests have been well 5:34 represented with the right of aviation 5:37 superpower and integration into the 5:39 international monetary system china is 5:41 playing an important role in removal and 5:44 replacement of the US dollars that 5:46 international reserve currency the SDR 5:49 the International Monetary plugins being 5:52 groomed for this role with the support 5:54 of China the American delays that 5:57 implementing the ims 2000 5:59 and can quotient government's reforms 6:01 are better understood as the working of 6:03 George to hijack the process and prevent 6:07 chipped away from the US dollar a steely 6:10 photosystem alternatively they could be 6:13 attempting to control the development in 6:15 order to ensure that the dollar remains 6:16 the dominant asset within a separate 6:19 another interesting aspect of what we 6:22 are doing here is the Panama papers 6:24 leaks the case has been made the George 6:26 service was behind this integral was to 6:29 expose the Roth child connection 6:32 throughout the global banking network 6:35 with the intent of taking control of the 6:37 global governance process this attempt 6:40 cool against the Rothschilds and Morgan 6:42 international banking powers which they 6:45 represent is now collapsing in the 6:47 backlash could very well be violent as 6:50 stated above the UK book it was the 6:52 first obvious countermove against george 6:55 soros's American establishment 6:58 this was followed by the election of 7:00 Donald Trump the trunk platform 7:02 represents the direct attack on the 7:05 organization than strategies of George 7:08 along with the UK vote Donald Trump will 7:11 be enacting policies to reduce and stop 7:13 immigration from terrorists supporting 7:15 nations this can be assumed the nation's 7:19 that are in alliance with george soros 7:21 trunk is also openly stated that he will 7:24 be willing to work with Russia and 7:26 destroy Isis and returning stability to 7:29 the Middle East it is my estimate that 7:32 this will include the removal of the 7:33 house of tourism their establishment 7:37 this will make a stronger Israel the 7:39 anti-israel actions of throws are in 7:42 direct conflict with the support which 7:44 tribe States you will be given to Israel 7:46 the American Embassy will even move from 7:49 Tel Aviv to Jerusalem what this means 7:52 the Greater Israel project is not yet 7:55 determined it can be assumed that any 7:58 renegotiation between Iran and North 8:00 America the nuclear deal well involve 8:02 discussions about his race 8:04 Trump could very well be the first u.s. 8:07 president along with Putin who brings 8:10 peace to the Middle East such a thing 8:12 would be a major loss for George third 8:15 jump will also be moving forward with 8:17 alternatives to nato russia is now 8:21 called on Trump to remove NATO troops 8:24 from exporters this will likely happen 8:26 and correspond with the joint military 8:27 action in Syria and throughout the 8:31 Middle East the representatives of the 8:33 American establishment within the 8:35 European nations are now beginning to 8:37 understand that a major shift is taking 8:39 place in a geopolitical world repairing 8:42 relations with Russia should be at the 8:44 top of the list of the region Union 8:46 continues to grow in size and scope with 8:49 constitute a major blow to the interest 8:52 off George tourism his companions in the 8:55 American establishment it is becoming 8:57 increasingly clear that George services 9:00 and those who have used both American 9:02 political parties are running out of 9:04 places to hide the mainstream media is 9:07 one of those the alternative media alive 9:09 with their larger mandates of global 9:12 governance will be one of the winners 9:14 I know such a thing may be hard to 9:16 believe by some but in time you will see 9:18 an empire is always replaced from within 9:21 the seeds of the alternative to the 9:24 existing Empire are planted years and 9:26 decades in advance replacement of Donald 9:29 Trump and the internet-based alternative 9:31 media are reflective of that sarah's 9:34 attempt to reverse the election decision 9:36 in the US has failed just like his 9:38 efforts to rock and manipulate things in 9:40 the lead-up to the election it should be 9:42 obvious that this resistance two series 9:45 and the establishment is not just an 9:47 organic uprising of the people 9:49 present his power behind his opposition 9:51 and the new sense of nationalism which 9:53 is guiding the masses service is 9:56 attempting to guide his master's into 9:59 two masses resisting each other could 10:01 mean little more but i don't think that 10:03 will forces those work to remove 10:05 sarosans his weapon foundations and 10:08 organizations both from within and 10:09 without where George Souris understood 10:12 that he was being used to the part of a 10:13 larger game it's hard to determine the 10:16 international banking interests of which 10:18 the Rothschilds are only the outer face 10:20 of immense power and influence over this 10:22 world 10:23 George may have been presented with a 10:25 cleverly crafted opening which is 10:27 corrupt human nature couldn't resist the 10:29 development that he demanded some 10:31 strategies open border terrorism liberal 10:34 of socialism directly led to the rise of 10:36 a new form of nationalist new 10:38 nationalism is now being used to Harold 10:41 in a broader framework of the global 10:43 government system betrayed and the 10:45 pattern is cleared from whereas it is 10:47 hard to connect keep watching for events 10:49 in the world that prove what has been 10:51 said here major war between the world 10:54 players has been averted but the risk of 10:56 small regional wars remains the chess 11:00 game is not over there could still be 11:02 some causalities both sides the game may 11:06 have been rigged against the rhythm 11:08 there American establishment from 11:11 infection interesting side note from 11:13 within the American political and media 11:15 establishment found out switching side 11:18 they could have been planted there all 11:20 along we are anonymous

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Will Trump Start a War with Iran?

What's behind Trump's tough talk on Iran?

Even Trump does not want a war with Iran. I do not think anyone want that. not that Iran would not be defeated but because who wants a war? Well, who is in sound mind, wants a war?

Trump is not going to war anywhere. Reason one - the American army is tired fighting two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and loosing both and now almost fighting a third one in Syria. Most of teh Generals and tehir men are in no mood to get embroiled in another endless war, escpailly in the ME. Reason two - the United States does not have the money to finance wars any time soon. The effects of the last wars still remain in a big way. The smartest thing President Obama did was largely extricate USA from useless wars in Afghanistan, Iraq etc and allow the natives to slaughter each other till they get tired of it. Costs the US Tax payer next to nothing and keeps the enemies busy butchering each other. Reason three - Iran is no Iraq. Iran has 2.5 times the population of Iraq. If USA could not win a war with Iraq with how does Trump plan to win a war with Iran? If USA can bomb Iran, the Iranians have the capability to serous hobble every major economy in the world by simply mining the Straits of Hormuz. Reason four - The Iranians have opened their economy and with massive demand for just about anything any industrialized nation would want to sell, there will be no appetite for war or any more sanctions. The Germans, French, the Chinese, Indians, and Russians are in no mood to say NO to Iranian business coming their way. One does not hatch plots to bomb one's best customer's backyard. Conclusion - Donald can say whatever he wants at his election rallies. Running America and bombing or even sanctioning Iran will be a totally different ball game, as Donald will realize if he occupies the Oval Office.

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Peter Schiff Warns : Crisis Coming and Trump Will Be Blamed

Peter Schiff on CNBC World 7/7/2017

Transcript : ok let's get our next guest in that 0:02 leadership CEO of euro pacific capital 0:04 he doing this from toronto in Puerto 0:07 Rico and peter schiff of course that for 0:09 the predicted the financial crisis as 0:11 far back as 2006 appear to have you on 0:13 the show I'd love to get your comment 0:15 here about department there again just 0:17 read the quote here it's saying that if 0:19 things go wrong we could find ourselves 0:21 at the beginning beginning of a lengthy 0:23 decline and dollar had the money and a 0:25 rapid rise in interest rates and 0:27 inflation and global banks I mean you 0:29 agree 0:30 well it's going to happen regardless 0:34 whether things go right or wrong I think 0:35 it's inevitable at this point so it's 0:37 not a question of will that happen it's 0:40 just a question of when it's a question 0:43 of when ok let's talk about the trade 0:45 deficit very quickly because even 0:47 numbers that you know don't don't get a 0:48 whole lot of attention usually but this 0:51 year because of the focus on the trade 0:53 deficit from the Trump administration a 0:54 lot of people paying attention to it the 0:56 trade balance negative for the 41st year 0:59 in a row 1:00 how effective do you think that Donald 1:02 Trump policy will be in narrowing that 1:04 gap s 1:08 well so far not always sure what the 1:10 policy is going to be I don't think that 1:13 terrorists are necessarily going to do 1:16 it i think what the problem is that 1:19 America you know we don't save and often 1:21 so we don't have the capital available 1:23 to make the investments that are 1:24 necessary to finance production our 1:27 taxes are too high or regular that the 1:29 regulations are too many so we need 1:31 substantial deregulation we need lower 1:33 taxes but in order to finance that we 1:35 need a smaller government so major 1:37 reforms have to take place you know 1:39 meanwhile the trade depth that we had 1:40 last year was the largest I think it's 1:42 for years it's over 500 billion dollars 1:45 and there are a lot of people out there 1:47 that don't think a trade deficit is a 1:48 bad thing because they think the trade 1:50 deficit is enabling a capital account 1:52 surplus but a capital account surplus is 1:55 not a good thing it means you're selling 1:57 off your assets are going into debt and 2:00 your trading partners are accumulating 2:01 asked that's in exchange for the 2:04 products they sell you so you don't want 2:06 to go into debt you don't want to be 2:07 obligated to pay interest and dividends 2:09 to your trading partners you want to run 2:12 a surplus and you want to get richer you 2:14 want to accumulate assets but we're not 2:16 doing that and I don't think that we're 2:18 going to achieve a meaningful reduction 2:20 in our trade deficits simply by 2:22 negotiating better deals we have to get 2:25 to the real heart of why America is so 2:27 uncompetitive and it's yet to be seen 2:29 whether the Trump administration is 2:31 actually going to be able to achieve 2:32 that net and I wanted to get your 2:35 thinking on the trading dynamics right 2:37 now we've gotta start getting a record 2:39 tonight do you think that investors are 2:42 placing too much of the best on Trump's 2:45 policies in this expansion real physical 2:47 agenda 2:49 yes I do and I think they're overlooking 2:53 the contractionary impact of rising 2:56 interest rates not necessarily just a 2:58 red the rates of the Fed controls but 3:00 look at what happened to the long end of 3:02 the bond market since Trump was elected 3:04 and even though you know we did get that 3:06 big reaction in the market at the end of 3:09 last year so far this year in 2017 the 3:12 that was not making much in the way of 3:14 games that's up maybe another one 3:16 percent but nobody no one is talking 3:18 about boulders up seven percent so far 3:20 in 2017 you know there's a gdxj is an 3:24 index of junior gold mining stocks it's 3:26 up 3:27 thirty-three percent this year just as 3:30 january first and meanwhile the dollar 3:32 is starting to go down it hasn't gone 3:35 down to that much yet against the euro 3:37 but you look at the australian dollar i 3:39 think it's up six percent or so this 3:41 year against the US dollar but i think 3:43 the dollar starting to roll over 3:45 gold was breaking out gold stocks are 3:47 really started to move so i think most 3:49 investors are missing what's really 3:50 going on up because they are fixated on 3:53 the doubt the emerging markets are 3:54 starting to starting to improve and I 3:57 think those trends will continue 3:58 throughout the year and anyone who knows 4:00 that shift stick to take anyone in his 4:03 village really closely knows you're an 4:05 absolute gold bola in the core of your 4:07 heart and tell me how do you think the 4:09 Fed responsibility to this expansion 4:11 real physical agenda especially at the 4:13 peak of the cycle is well teta we're 4:15 getting the stimulus at a time when we 4:17 don't really need it 4:21 well we never needed stimulus because 4:23 this stimulus is actually a sedative 4:25 everything the Federal Reserve did to 4:27 stimulate the economy undermine the 4:29 economy that's the reason that Donald 4:31 Trump is president because all the 4:33 stimulus made the economy so sick me 4:36 what we need to stimulate is not stock 4:38 prices are real estate prices or bond 4:40 prices but real economic growth and that 4:42 comes from under product consumption 4:44 from savings from capital investment and 4:47 that comes from higher interest rates 4:49 that's what we needed all along with 4:51 higher interest rates but we got a 4:52 monetary heroin instead and so the 4:55 economy never got healthy it's sicker 4:57 than ever and that is the problem and i 4:59 do believe that the Federal Reserve is 5:01 going to ignore rising inflation as that 5:04 manifest and consumer prices i don't 5:06 believe that that will be the case on 5:08 the other side of the Atlantic I think 5:09 that will be enough pressure from the 5:11 Bundesbank on the ECB that they're going 5:14 to have to take away some of their 5:15 stimulus just as the Fed is adding so I 5:18 think you're going to see tighter 5:19 monetary policy in Europe and you're 5:21 gonna get looser monetary policy in the 5:23 u.s. because the Fed is going to try to 5:25 artificially prop up the economy as it 5:28 weekends with uh eventually dialing back 5:31 to rate high talk eventually cutting 5:33 rates and going back to Cuba for none of 5:35 this is going to work but it is going to 5:37 accelerate the decline of the dollar and 5:40 you know bring about the the problems 5:43 that the hedge fund manager alluded to 5:45 with respect to what would happen if 5:47 things go wrong because there's no other 5:49 way that they could go but wrong 5:51 okay and also just wanted to ask you 5:54 about the topic du jour Akiko and I were 5:57 talking about this earlier which is 5:58 under dodd-frank are you concerned about 6:01 the ambiguity surrounding the plan to 6:05 scale back dodd-frank and what does it 6:06 present when it comes to risk in your 6:09 view 6:12 well dodd-frank was a bad idea I mean 6:15 look at it was named after Chris Dodd 6:17 and barney frank two of the most 6:18 influential members of Congress that 6:21 helped to create the financial crisis 6:23 because they protected fannie mae and 6:25 freddie mac and they resisted all 6:27 efforts to rein them in the financial 6:29 crisis was not caused by a lack of 6:31 regulation but by the central bank by 6:34 alan greenspan keeping rates too low and 6:36 by the moral hazards of a fannie and 6:39 freddie and government-guaranteed bank 6:40 accounts oh god Frank did nothing to 6:43 mitigate the prospects for future 6:45 financial crisis of anything it is 6:48 accelerated them because what we needed 6:50 to do in the aftermath of the 2008 6:53 crisis was to take power away from the 6:55 Fed in the government instead they got 6:57 more but what scares me is to the extent 7:00 that we do manage to roll back some of 7:02 the regulation that never should have 7:03 been enacted and when the inevitable 7:05 financial crisis hits to the extent that 7:08 happens after this deregulation I can 7:11 already hear the left now blaming the 7:13 crisis on that deregulation that crisis 7:16 is inevitable it's going to happen 7:17 whether we get rid of dodd-frank or not 7:20 but it was bad legislation and we should 7:22 get rid of it but when we do it is not 7:25 going to be the reason that we have 7:26 another financial crisis the reason is 7:28 is going to be the Fed the same the same 7:30 reason that we had the first one is why 7:33 the second one is good even worse and 7:35 Peter you said that investors are sort 7:37 of missing the bigger picture here 7:39 they're so fixated on the dell and that 7:41 level there you mentioned emerging 7:44 markets as a potential spacer where are 7:46 you seeing the opportunities outside of 7:47 the US 7:51 yeah i mean they're happening in many 7:53 countries just like if you remember when 7:55 a bill clinton was president and when 7:58 his president he ended and george bush 8:01 came in there was a lot of optimism that 8:03 the rally in the US stock market would 8:05 continue that the strength of the dollar 8:07 would continue and instead everything 8:09 reversed if you remember the emerging 8:12 markets had a lot of difficulties in the 8:14 late nineteen nineties with the asian 8:16 economic meltdown in 97 and there are a 8:19 lot of things happening outside the 8:20 united states so emerging markets really 8:22 got beat up 8:23 I also in in South America or Latin 8:25 America but that all changed 2001 as the 8:28 US stock market went down money started 8:31 to flow back into those areas and people 8:33 made a lot of money in emerging markets 8:35 and commodities in precious metals you 8:37 in oil and agriculture and I think the 8:40 same dynamics are lining up again 8:42 only I think that President Trump has 8:45 inherited a much bigger bubble up from 8:47 Obama than the one that Bush inherited 8:50 from clinton and so I think that dollars 8:52 gone a lot lower this time and I think 8:54 commodity prices could go a lot higher 8:56 so there's a much more bigger profit 8:58 potential now I then there was back then 9:00 in the right markets ok feet are gonna 9:03 have to leave it on that no it's always 9:05 good to get your insights peter schiff 9:06 joining us from euro pacific capital

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Son of Hamas Leader, Reveals the Shocking Truth About Islam

 Ban Islam ( Not Muslims) & Educate Muslims !!

Mosab Yousef, is the eldest son of Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, spoke at a Jerusalem Post conference last May and explained to the West that Islam is comparable to Nazism and needs an international coalition to defeat it.

Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the “Still Report”, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington.

Transcript : good morning i'm still reporting on the 0:12 invasion 0:13 masab Yousef is the eldest son of hamas 0:17 co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef Hamas is 0:21 the Palestinian version of the Muslim 0:23 Brotherhood dedicated to wiping Israel 0:25 off the map pushing the world's only 0:28 Jewish state back into the sea he was 0:31 first arrested by the Israelis when he 0:34 was ten for throwing rocks at israeli 0:36 settlers he was subsequently arrested 0:39 and jailed by Israel numerous times and 0:42 was seen as the heir apparent of Hamas 0:45 however masab was secretly converted to 0:48 Christianity in 1999 at the age of 21 by 0:52 a British missionary subsequently he 0:55 worked as a spy for the Israelis helping 0:57 port many suicide bombing attacks he now 1:01 lives with his wife and children in san 1:03 diego california he wrote a book 1:06 entitled son of hamas which resulted in 1:08 the 2014 documentary the green prints 1:12 which was his code name in Israeli 1:15 intelligence circles the green prince is 1:18 being remade into a feature film when 1:21 masab first came to the US the Obama 1:24 administration threatened to deport him 1:26 because he had provided material support 1:28 to us designated terrorist organization 1:32 massage attorneys argued that he would 1:35 likely be executed by the Palestinian 1:37 Authority if deported 1:39 no matter the only thing that saved him 1:42 was his Israeli intelligence handler had 1:45 to reveal his identity in jun 2010 when 1:48 he came to the u.s. to testify in his 1:51 behalf saying he risked his life every 1:54 day in order to prevent violence last 1:57 may 2016 masab spoke at a conference in 2:01 New York put on by the jerusalem post he 2:04 told his audience that Islam as a whole 2:07 is comparable to Nazism and must be 2:10 defeated by a worldwide coalition it's 2:15 point I thought the Jewish people were 2:18 the enemies of humanity 2:21 I thought they were the enemies of our 2:23 people the Palestinian people until I 2:26 came to experience what the Jewish 2:30 nation really is through intelligence 2:35 service witnessing the truth Democratic 2:38 model in an ocean of darkness the only 2:43 life in the middle east in the Muslim 2:47 society i witnessed a woman who sent 2:50 five of her children to die in suicide 2:53 bombing attacks one after another 2:56 she would put the explosive built on 2:59 them and bless them and say go kill the 3:02 juice to gain respect in her society 3:08 this is hypocricy my father disowned me 3:14 because he's a hypocrite on a personal 3:19 level is the loving father but when he 3:23 puts the Hamas mask that he cannot exist 3:25 without he's a monster is something else 3:28 we cannot fall ourself there is an 3:31 Islamic problem al-qaeda Hamas Hezbollah 3:38 and somebody had Isis Boko Haram all of 3:42 them are killing by the name of Allah 3:45 they're not getting by the name of Jesus 3:50 they're not kidding by the name of 3:51 Jehovah they're not getting by the name 3:53 of Mahavira or the Buddha or allowed to 3:57 their kidding by the name of Allah there 4:01 is an Islamic problem and I think 4:03 humanity needs to stand against this 4:06 danger because this danger is not only 4:08 against a set of Israel 4:10 this danger thank you thank you 4:15 this danger is against the involvement 4:20 of mankind the Muslim people have a 4:24 problem and their problem is in their 4:27 belief system they have to face it and 4:31 we need to encourage them to fight the 4:33 good fight as I did if I was able you 4:41 know I had privileges at the front of 4:44 Optimus later I had something to lose 4:46 but the average Muslim and don't have 4:50 lots of things to lose they already 4:53 living in darkness and misery if they 4:55 leave it it's better for them humanity 4:57 and the free world needs to unify as 5:00 eventually even though it was too late 5:03 the world unified against NASA's them 5:06 today three people need to unify against 5:10 Islam not against the Muslim people 5:11 against Islam itself as a belief system 5:14 when the president of the free world 5:19 stand and say when the president of the 5:22 free world stand and say that Islam is a 5:24 religion of peace he creates the climb 5:29 is he provides the climate's the perfect 5:32 climate to create more terrorism bunch 5:36 of hypocrites called BDS come and 5:39 compare Israel to the racist regime of 5:44 south africa africa 5:45 how can you compare if it's the capital 5:48 of the Jewish people and the Israeli 5:51 government and not allowing the Jewish 5:53 people to worship freely in their 5:56 capital on their holiest site for 6:00 political correctness not to offend the 6:04 Muslims and give them that kind of 6:06 freedom 6:07 how can we compare this to that I love 6:11 Israel and over to trade stands for its 6:14 ethics its values its democracy its love 6:20 a nation that was able to overcome the 6:24 Holocaust and instead of playing the 6:27 victim mentality and blame everyone for 6:32 their suffering they were able to build 6:34 the state democratic state make it from 6:37 a newborn safe to an advanced and 6:47 completely developed state in less than 6:50 25 years 6:52 this is a great example i'm still 6:55 reporting from Washington today

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Rise In The Number of Americans Renouncing their Citizenship

The Mornings with Maria panel discusses what is causing the rise in the number of Americans giving up their citizenship.

The sharp increase in renunciations is due to FATCA. The legislation that makes it impossible to open bank accounts in other countries for Americans. FATCA was passed as a means to stop money laundering and other criminal behavior, but it is being used to target lawful expats. With increased targeting of expats by the IRS, expats have no choice but to give up their US citizenship. It's a shame, really, The USA is so broke that it is chasing after every last dollar that they can fleece.

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WARNING: SPIES on you! is now BIG BROTHER. Be warned and learn the truth about how is spying on you!

Transcript : is becoming a big brother and 0:08 it's becoming a danger to our privacy 0:11 and to our security many people don't 0:14 realize how dangerous it is to have one 0:16 company that knows everything you buy 0:19 everything you consume that building a 0:21 psychological profile of who you are and 0:24 what your needs are and what your 0:26 interests are if you're watching movies 0:28 from amazon prime they're building a 0:29 psychological profile based on your 0:31 movies if you're using amazon fire or 0:34 amazon kindle there they're building a 0:36 profile on what you're reading 0:39 it's like a librarian that computer into 0:41 your life at the same time they know 0:42 exactly what you're buying and consuming 0:44 and now Amazon rolls out its amazon echo 0:48 device which is a listening device it 0:50 literally fits in your living room and 0:52 it listens to everything you say and it 0:54 record things that you say and law 0:57 enforcement authorities across America 0:59 are already trying to access that 1:02 recorded data from amazon devices so 1:05 that they can use it against you to 1:08 indict you to declare you to be a 1:10 criminal and throw you in prison for 1:12 things that you said in the privacy of 1:14 your own home and that's not the only 1:16 risk 1:17 amazon is also owned by jeff bezos and 1:19 he owns the Washington Post The 1:22 Washington Post has become a source of 1:25 what i call journal terrorism it is 1:28 engaged in the deliberate fabrication of 1:30 false news with the intended purpose of 1:33 terrorizing the American citizens for 1:35 political gain the washington post for 1:37 example completely fabricated the 1:40 Russian hacking story about the Russian 1:44 hacking the election and handing Trump 1:46 of victory was completely fabricated the 1:48 Washington Post fabricated the story 1:50 about 200 websites including my website 1:52 natural is they claimed that we were 1:55 working with the Russian that that I'm a 1:57 Russian spy or something this is also 1:59 Washington Post the paper got caught 2:02 fabricating another story claiming the 2:04 Russians hacked a Vermont utility in 2:08 burlington I believe claiming that the 2:10 Russians had it had penetrated the u.s. 2:12 power 2:13 it by hacking that that company turned 2:15 out to be a complete fabrication so the 2:18 Washington Post is engaged in really the 2:20 most malicious and dangerous type of 2:22 propaganda for America which is the the 2:25 use of fear and terrorism that to spread 2:28 this information for political purposes 2:30 when you combine this with the Big 2:34 Brother surveillance attitude of 2:36 and the fact that it has 2:38 become a monopoly that's putting 2:40 retailers out of business left and right 2:42 it controls now maybe a third of all 2:46 online sales during the holiday season 2:48 you're looking at a very dangerous 2:49 entity in the hands of one person who is 2:52 a globalist Jeff basis is a global he's 2:56 like dr. evil from austin powers you 2:59 know except actually scary and not 3:02 really very funny 3:03 yes maybe this is a threat to our 3:05 freedom threat to our Liberty a threat 3:06 to our privacy and he's demonstrated 3:08 that by intentionally deploying the 3:12 washington post as a propaganda weapon 3:14 to spread knowingly this information and 3:18 false news fake news that's what the 3:20 Washington Post does and he's funding 3:22 the washington post by using revenues 3:25 from to subsidize a paper 3:28 that otherwise would have gone bankrupt 3:29 because the Washington Post cannot run 3:33 itself can't finance itself based on 3:36 advertising revenues have to be 3:37 subsidized that that effort to be a 3:42 propaganda rag a disinformation hub that 3:46 entire agenda of the Washington Post to 3:49 destroy America to destroy the Trump 3:52 administration to to be educate the 3:56 population to revise history to spread 3:59 false false information all of these 4:02 things take money and jeff bezos is 4:04 financing those operations through 4:06 profits which are of course 4:08 substantial so what we need to do as 4:12 consumers is realized that if we 4:14 purchased through we are in 4:17 effect funding journal terrorism 4:19 and i encourage everyone to really find 4:23 alternatives of where you can purchase 4:25 goods online you know I've been a 4:27 longtime customer of and I 4:30 I've enjoyed the many of the benefits 4:33 the prime shipping and so on but today 4:35 I'm deliberately trying to reduce my 4:37 purchases from amazon and support other 4:40 smaller retailers specialty retailers 4:42 for example uh I purchase a lot of 4:45 outdoor sports and survival type of 4:48 supplies so I try to go to places like 4:50 Midway USA or a sportsman's guide or 4:54 other just other alternatives that that 4:57 aren't tied into the jeff bezos dr. evil 5:01 global propaganda agenda and that's what 5:03 we each have to do individually we have 5:05 to stop stop letting amazon have our 5:08 money and have our minds by building a 5:11 psychological profile of the movies we 5:13 watch the food we eat the products we 5:15 buy the gifts we buy and also even you 5:18 know installing devices in our living 5:19 room that listen to our voices i 5:22 wouldn't be surprised by the way if 5:24 Amazon fire devices are also listening 5:27 devices that can be activated by law 5:29 enforcement or by the NSA i think that 5:31 most amazon devices that have 5:33 microphones in them can and probably at 5:36 times are used to spy on individuals in 5:41 ways that we we never know about we know 5:43 that government spooks our clients of 5:47 amazon technology systems that the 5:50 hosted servers and then within 5:51 processing systems GIS is one of the 5:54 larger clients to the and Amazon does 5:56 huge business with the federal 5:58 government so if there's leverage on the 6:00 part of the government to to twist the 6:03 arm of Bezos and amazon and and force 6:05 them to handover customer records or 6:08 audio recordings from your living room 6:10 or even your bedroom for that matter 6:12 there's influence from state actors to 6:14 convince to sacrifice your 6:19 privacy in in its goal to maintain 6:22 business relationships profitable one 6:24 with the government at large so another 6:27 important rule of thumb is never 6:29 purchase any device that is a listening 6:32 device 6:33 and put it in your private home if you 6:35 do then all of your conversation which 6:37 you thought the private can be recorded 6:39 and they can be analyzed they can be put 6:42 through speech recognition systems to 6:43 make transcripts and those can be 6:44 keyword search using very simple 6:46 algorithms i have been written similar 6:48 types of algorithms for my content 6:50 systems 6:51 it's not a difficult thing to create a 6:54 large database of everything you've ever 6:55 said and then to use that to index 6:58 keywords in the transcripts of your 7:00 speech that you thought was private and 7:02 then to use that against you in a court 7:04 of law and that's what law enforcement 7:06 can do and that's what the NSA can do 7:09 and that's what even the CIA can do at 7:12 amazon is making that possible amazon is 7:15 enabling big brother to listen to your 7:19 words and also to peer into your mind 7:22 amazon itself is not your big brother 7:24 but amazon is the gateway to Big Brother 7:26 amazon is what allows big brother to 7:30 know everything about you that you want 7:32 spot with secret including what you're 7:34 saying in your private moments or even 7:36 the things that you're watching the 7:38 things that you're reading 7:39 amazon knows the the text that you 7:41 highlight in a book on your kindle 7:44 devices and that is late to your credit 7:47 card which is linked to your social 7:49 security number which is linked to your 7:51 driver's license which is linked to your 7:53 home address 7:54 so for the typical consumer who's by 7:57 books kindle books or 8:00 watching movies for amazon even without 8:04 an essay the jeff bezos big brother 8:07 surveillance Empire knows everything 8:09 about you 8:11 that's why they can predict what you 8:13 want to buy you ever noticed that Amazon 8:16 suggest things for you they suggest 8:18 movies for you they suggest books for 8:20 you 8:21 they suggest products for you why do 8:23 those fit why are those such good 8:25 suggestions in other words highly 8:26 relevant to your state of mind or 8:29 interest why because amazon already has 8:32 decoded your mind they know everything 8:34 about you they know what you're 8:36 interested in 8:36 they know what you read they know what 8:38 you say and they have a record of all of 8:40 it 8:40 and all of that can be and will be used 8:43 against you in a court of law 8:44 if you do anything that falls outside 8:46 social norms for example you may be like 8:50 me a proper you might be interested in 8:52 preparedness for self-reliance you might 8:55 have been critical of the Obama 8:56 administration so you might be labeled 8:58 anti-government even though you're not 9:00 really oppose the government you're 9:01 opposed to corrupt government but that 9:04 doesn't matter they can label you 9:05 anti-government can label you an 9:07 extremist for any reason at all just 9:09 have any opinion that's not considered a 9:11 status quo and they can go in and look 9:14 at all the books you bald look you 9:16 bought emergency medicine you bought a 9:18 ditch medicine you bought how to how to 9:22 repair your ar-15 and then they can go 9:25 to your Amazon echo audio recordings and 9:27 they can actually bring in a recording 9:29 of you talking about your rifle or your 9:33 ammo supplies or how you think the 9:35 system is collapsing they can use all of 9:37 that to make you look like a lunatic and 9:40 then they can use that to prosecute you 9:42 or even worse when you to a psychiatric 9:45 treatment center will put you on 9:47 psychiatric drugs take away your 9:49 willpower and basically imprison you 9:52 chemically for the rest of your life 9:54 this is what Amazon now has enabled and 9:58 every day that you buy from amazon or 10:00 watch a movie from amazon or read a book 10:02 from amazon you are surrendering a 10:05 psychological profile you are in essence 10:08 incriminating yourself to a an unjust 10:12 corrupt police state surveillance state 10:15 regime that historically has had no 10:18 respect whatsoever for your privacy 10:21 look at what Edward Snowden revealed 10:22 about the NSA and the fighter court 10:25 orders which are a total joke this 10:28 government and this corporate fascist 10:30 system which which jeff bezos helps lead 10:34 has had zero respect for your privacy 10:37 they have abused that privacy at every 10:40 turn 10:41 look at look at all the back doors at 10:43 the NSA is built into google to Twitter 10:46 to Microsoft into yahoo facebook and 10:49 also of course no doubt 10:51 10:52 you think the things that you buy are 10:55 your little secrets with their private 10:57 think again and in exactly the same way 11:00 that facebook is really a NSA spy 11:04 machine designed to build a 11:06 psychological profile of you and your 11:09 friend creating the the social 11:12 connections that can incriminate you in 11:15 the future 11:15 is allowing the NSA or Jeff 11:20 basis to build psychological connection 11:23 between you and certain topics are 11:25 certain authors are certain even actors 11:28 in type certain types of movies on all 11:31 of this this entire profile exist to 11:34 exploit you to manipulate you to control 11:39 you 11:39 none of it exists to set you free it 11:43 Jeff Bezos does not have an aim to 11:46 expand human liberty and knowledge and 11:48 freedom and set people's minds free know 11:50 his goal is to exploit everything that 11:54 he can find out about you two 11:56 initially sell you stuff and then after 11:59 that perhaps sell your profile to the 12:03 NSA or the CIA or handed over to the 12:05 government or perhaps all third-party 12:08 marketers who use it to try to 12:10 manipulate you 12:11 this is the surveillance empire that 12:13 Jeff Bezos has built disguised as a 12:17 retailer we all need to be reminded of 12:20 the benefits of anonymous retail 12:23 transaction when you go to a grocery 12:26 store and you pay in cash 12:28 no one knows what you bought there's no 12:30 record of it unless you're using one of 12:33 those you know food discount cards which 12:35 you shouldn't use if you if you shop at 12:38 a hardware store it's anonymous if you 12:39 shop at bestbuy anonymous if you're 12:42 paying cash and even if you're using a 12:44 credit card that credit card record 12:46 doesn't detail every little product that 12:48 you purchased in one transaction so you 12:51 have you have privacy in your 12:53 transactions and whether you're going to 12:55 the grocery store to purchase something 12:57 that you might be embarrassed by or 13:00 something that you think could be used 13:02 against you 13:03 even though you are acquiring it for an 13:05 innocent reason you know duct tape you 13:08 know you just buying duct tape you you 13:10 have to do some household repairs well a 13:12 law enforcement authority could say well 13:13 that's the same tape that's used to bind 13:15 the hands of hostages you know that 13:17 that's the kind of crap they come up 13:18 with 13:19 well maybe I don't want people to know 13:20 how much duct tape but I purchasing or 13:23 or baking soda or bleach or you know 13:26 fertilizer or anything that that an 13:28 innocent use on a farm where I live but 13:31 which some you know in saying prosecutor 13:35 could try to connect dots that aren't 13:37 there and so you must be a terrorist you 13:39 must be the next oklahoma city bomber or 13:42 oh my god you purchased ammunition you 13:45 know something wrong with you know I 13:47 live in the country we we use ammo it is 13:50 part of running a ranch operation we 13:52 have firearms nothing unusual about it 13:54 at all just the fact that they have this 13:57 information about you is a surrender of 14:00 your Liberty because history has shown 14:03 that sooner or later they will abuse it 14:06 so what's your real course of action in 14:09 all of this 14:10 stop buying from stop 14:13 watching movies for amazon prime and 14:16 reading books for amazon kindle take 14:18 your business somewhere else and and i 14:21 would strongly recommend you buy 14:22 physical books anonymously that you can 14:25 put on the shelf and that that will 14:27 survive the next EMP attack by the way 14:29 you know digital digital book disappear 14:32 physical books don't I also strongly 14:34 advise that you stop using Facebook or 14:37 social interactions and that you stop 14:39 using credit cards for any transactions 14:42 at all because they're all creating 14:44 records of your psychology of your 14:47 interests of your behavior that will be 14:49 used against you that's what history has 14:52 shown and that's what governments do 14:53 there they're not in the business of 14:55 giving you more freedom there in the 14:57 business of restricting your freedom for 15:00 their own benefit but they can create a 15:02 more power more control more 15:04 exploitation really larger tax farms 15:08 where they basically extract well from 15:11 the working masses that you and me we 15:14 are just animals on their tax farms and 15:16 they don't want the animals to realize 15:18 what's going on 15:19 they don't want animals to be free any 15:21 more than a modern-day rancher wants his 15:23 cows to wake up and realize hey we're 15:25 all going to slaughter the farmer 15:27 doesn't doesn't try to educate cows 15:29 about why they're there 15:31 what is the grand plan and neither do 15:34 globalist like Jeff Bezos tell us 15:36 they're real plans about how they're 15:38 going to build psychological profile 15:40 databases and share those with super 15:43 secret spy agencies and violate our 15:45 fourth amendment violate our privacy and 15:47 violate our right in their quest to make 15:50 more money and remain in good standing 15:53 with an oppressive government that that 15:57 despite his privacy 15:59 the bottom line is don't trust Jeff 16:02 Bezos don't trust the Washington Post 16:04 don't trust 16:06 don't trust any of these systems that 16:08 gather profile information on you and 16:12 your consumption patterns in your 16:13 interests and the thing is that that you 16:16 are interested in terms of movies or 16:18 books or product very dangerous there 16:22 will be a day that someone's life is 16:25 destroyed because of their interaction 16:28 with whether it's their voice 16:32 recording on amazon echo device or 16:34 perhaps a an amazon fire TV device 16:39 snooping on them and getting information 16:42 that use against them in some kind of 16:45 malicious prosecution or perhaps a a 16:48 profile of someone who's reading habits 16:51 and and purchasing habits being used 16:53 against them in a court of law in some 16:55 other kind of malicious prosecution 16:56 there will be a day where a customer 16:59 is declared guilty and sent 17:03 to prison because of information that 17:06 Amazon acquired from their transactions 17:09 that day is coming it may have already 17:11 happened and we're just not aware of it 17:13 yet but it if it hasn't happened 17:15 it will happen very soon and it will 17:16 happen over and over again and it will 17:19 become normalized you give up your 17:22 freedom you give up a lot you give up so 17:25 much when you allow to open 17:30 your brain and peer into it and 17:32 essentially make a Xerox of what you're 17:36 thinking and what your desires are and 17:39 what your actions are what your 17:40 interests are is a very dangerous thing 17:42 to put in the hand of the globalist like 17:45 Jeff Bezos who has proven that he is 17:47 malicious that his newspaper in 17:49 Washington Post is a deliberate 17:50 propaganda disinformation journal 17:53 terrorism organization Bezos has already 17:56 proven that he will use his power 17:58 against you and that he will engage in 18:00 psychological warfare the four for His 18:03 purposes 18:05 not your freedoms 18:07 you've got in mind 18:08 if you'd like to help support this video 18:11 and other videos like this visit health 18:13 ranger where everything we 18:16 sell is laboratory tested for heavy 18:18 metals and more you'll find superfoods 18:21 storable survival food nutritional 18:23 supplements and a full line of synthetic 18:25 chemical free body soaps shampoos and 18:29 oral care products everything we sell is 18:32 non-gmo and it's all completely free of 18:34 chemical sweeteners artificial colors 18:36 hydrogenated oils and other toxic 18:39 ingredients that you want to avoid find 18:41 all this and much more at Health Ranger 18:43

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Alex Jones Show (VIDEO Commercial Free) Friday 2/10/17: News & Commentary

 -- Date: February 10, 2017 --
Today on The Alex Jones Show
On the jam-packed Friday, Feb. 10 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, globalist 9th circuit court judges set up a Supreme Court battle after blocking an executive order signed by President Donald Trump banning entry into the US from 7 terror-prone nations. On today’s show, former Navy SEAL and author Matt Bracken discusses the lower court’s challenge to Trump ’s constitutional authority. Also, author Jon Rappoport continues analyzing the rise in social justice warrior culture. And libertarian commentator and VICE co-founder Gavin Mcinnes also breaks down what to expect at the upcoming Milo / Alex Jones speaking event in Berkeley. You don’t want to miss this worldwide transmission.

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Red Alert : Trump Readies Massive Drone Strikes On Mexico

 A grim new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin states that elite “Shadow Government” globalist forces battling against Freemason leader President Donald Trump are now uniting their “Forces of D[e]ath”—and that America’s new Commander-In-Chief is responding to by preparing to launch massive dr[o]ne strikes on the “failed state” of Mexico.

Transcript : februari 10 2017 properties massive 0:04 drone strikes on Mexico as forces of 0:07 death against him unite a grim news 0:09 Security Council SC reports circulating 0:13 in the Kremlin states that elite shadow 0:15 government globalist forces battling 0:17 against freemason leader president 0:19 donald trump are now uniting their 0:22 forces of death and that America's new 0:24 commander-in-chief is responding to buy 0:26 preparing to launch massive drone 0:28 strikes on the field state of Mexico 0:30 according to this report for the first 0:33 time in this historic war between 0:35 freemason forces and their Vatican 0:37 adversaries whose last emergence in the 0:40 late seventeenth and early eighteen 0:42 centuries Saudis freemason forces 0:45 destroy the power of European monarchies 0:48 and catholic church through both the 0:50 American and French Revolutions and 0:52 establish a new world order the American 0:54 mainstream fake news media is openly 0:57 siding with the Satanic Jesuit forces 0:59 loyal to Pope Francis of evidence by The 1:02 Washington Post cheering the pond of 1:04 destruction of the nine hundred year-old 1:06 Knights of Malta for their supporting of 1:08 freemason leader president drum with the 1:11 radical leftist but mainstream the 1:14 washington post warning that Pope 1:16 Francis is on a collision course with 1:18 what they call the Trump man and white 1:20 house this report continues this fake 1:23 news organization began a public 1:25 smearing yesterday of the reputation of 1:27 American Knights of Malta leader 1:29 Cardinal Raymond Burke by shockingly 1:31 calling him Cardinal Raymond Breitbart 1:34 Burke and who was deposed by the 1:36 pontiff's for his daring to state that 1:38 capitulating to Islam would be the death 1:40 of Christianity equally as shocking of 1:43 this freemason shadow government second 1:45 were now going public 1:47 this report notes is that one of the 1:49 world's most feared genocided monsters 1:52 named Paul eric has joined the forces of 1:55 death against freemason leader president 1:57 Trump by proclaiming that he is thrilled 1:59 by what Pope Francis is doing and who 2:02 for those not knowing is the undisputed 2:04 father of the modern pro-abortion 2:07 population control movement whose God is 2:09 the founding profit of modern and 2:11 humanism 2:13 the smallest in quick retaliation 2:15 against these forces of death seeking to 2:18 destroy him 2:19 however this report says freemason 2:22 leader president Trump just hours after 2:24 the washington post published their 2:26 declaration of war against him with 2:29 their siding with the Vatican signed the 2:31 chilling document titled presidential 2:33 executive order on enforcing federal law 2:36 with respect to transnational criminal 2:38 organizations and preventing 2:40 international trafficking not being 2:42 understood by the American people about 2:45 this executive order signed by freemason 2:47 leader president drum and their 2:49 mainstream fake news media not telling 2:52 them either is that joins organized 2:54 crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces 2:57 Rockets Special Operations Division 3:00 forces with those of the Pentagon whose 3:02 u.s. military forces are already 3:04 deployed in Mexico and waging battle 3:07 against the drug cartels this executive 3:10 order also this report explains 3:13 activates the octet fusion center and 3:17 you know paso Intelligence Center epic 3:19 has begun cooperation with their US 3:22 military counterparts at Arizona's Luke 3:24 Air Force Base who's Hellfire missile 3:27 armed drones are preparing to strike 3:29 with fury the mexican drug cartels who 3:31 with vatican and shadow government aid 3:34 have threatened to assassinate freemason 3:37 reader president drum also being 3:39 deliberately kept from the American 3:41 people about what is now occurring this 3:44 report continues is not shortly before 3:47 the obama regime took power in 2009 the 3:50 United States Joint Forces Command who 3:54 is charged with anticipating global 3:56 threats to the US issued a grave report 3:59 titled joint operating environment 2008 4:02 that names pakistan and Mexico as the 4:05 nations whose governments are most 4:07 likely to undergo what it termed rapid 4:09 collapse failing to act on this grave US 4:13 military warning about Mexico being 4:15 completely being taken over by drug 4:17 cartels 4:18 however this report details the obama 4:22 regime did nothing and instead stood by 4:25 during its entire 4:26 your reign over America as the deaths in 4:28 Mexico skyrocketed to nearly 500,000 4:32 with associated drug and gang violence 4:34 deaths in the u.s. likewise now being 4:38 recorded in the hundreds of thousands as 4:41 to why the obama regime failed to stop 4:43 this wholesale Mexican carnage this 4:46 report explains was revealed in 2007 4:49 when a Gulfstream to jet aircraft hash 4:52 and 987 Seth used by the CIA to 4:56 transport rendition prisoners from 4:58 Europe to America to Guantanamo Bay Cuba 5:01 crash-landed in Mexico and was found to 5:04 be carrying over 4 tons of cocaine and 5:07 that by 2014 when the FBI zeroed in on 5:11 the high-ranking US officials who ran 5:13 this drug smuggling operation these FBI 5:16 investigators were not only blocked from 5:19 doing so but were stunningly thrown out 5:21 of US Justice Department's drug task 5:24 force office entirely unbeknownst to 5:27 anyone in the obama regime though this 5:30 report continues was that secret US 5:33 intelligence operative named Harold 5:35 Martin three who will go down in history 5:37 as America's most prolific private spy 5:40 not only had evidence about the CIA's 5:43 drug-running but all other crimes 5:46 committed by the Obama Clinton Bush 5:48 regimes and that instead of his standing 5:50 by while all of it was destroyed took to 5:53 his home what is now described as 5:55 breathtaking quantities of top-secret 5:57 information with private spy Harold 6:00 Martin three refusing to cooperate with 6:03 the obama regime since his August 27th 6:06 2016 arrest this report further notes 6:09 upon freemason leader president Trump 6:12 baking power he began to reveal all of 6:14 the secrets he knew and who has been 6:16 rewarded yesterday by Trump's US Justice 6:20 Department officials only charging him 6:22 with medium crimes instead of treason 6:25 and that he will most likely serve in 6:27 modest detention as a mentally ill order 6:30 this report concludes in the most 6:32 bizarre manner due to a federal security 6:35 service FSB addendum attacks to it 6:38 written by their religious cult expert 6:40 it's describing the factional duality 6:42 warning messages of an American film 6:44 named Jackie about the life of the 6:47 assassinated president john f kennedy 6:49 and the Russian science fiction 6:51 blockbuster movie attraction about a UFO 6:54 crashing in Moscow and how they are both 6:56 related to the surprise announcement 6:58 this past week that the entire Russian 7:01 naval baltic fleet is being sent to 7:03 Antarctica a massive military presence 7:06 in this region not seen since shortly 7:08 after World War two when the mysterious 7:11 american-led operation Highjump occurred 7:13 leading to catastrophic losses of life 7:16 though not contained in this report the 7:19 best understanding one can have this FSB 7:21 addendum relates to the secrets 7:23 discovered by russian soviet 7:25 intelligence operatives after World War 7:27 Two through their examination of Nazi 7:30 Germany knockout magic practices most 7:33 particularly ethereal time that FSB 7:35 experts suggest have led to the pre 7:37 knowledge of numerous historical 7:39 tragedies including the 1898 book titled 7:43 futility that predicted the sinking of 7:45 the Titanic 14 years before it secured 7:48 and most recently the American lone 7:51 gunman television series that correctly 7:53 predicted the sep tember 11 2001 911 7:57 attacks on America six months prior to 8:00 executing too 8:02 what

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Gerald Celente - Has Trump Duped all of Us and America? Shocking Developments

 Clip from February 09, 2017 - guest Gerald Celente on the Jeff Rense Program.

Gerald Celente : Founder of The Trends Research Institute in 1980, Gerald Celente is a pioneer trend strategist. He is author of the national bestseller Trends 2000: How to Prepare for and Profit from the Changes of the 21st Century and Trend Tracking: The System to Profit from Today's Trends (Warner Books). Gerald Celente's on-time trend forecasts, vibrant style, articulate delivery and vivid public presence makes him a favorite of major media.

Gerald Celente
Gerald Celente

The world's only trends analyst covering 300 diversified trends fields, Gerald Celente and The Trends Research Institute provide trend research studies and consulting services to businesses and governments worldwide. Celente also designed the nation’s first professional course in trend forecasting. In addition to providing specialized trend research services,
Mr. Celente is called upon by businesses, governments and associations to deliver keynote addresses and seminar presentations worldwide. Gerald Celente is recognized by the major media as the truth in trends.

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