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Anybody who wins an argument with a Liberal is a Racist -- Mike Rivero

What Really Happened: Michael Rivero (Mike Rivero) Thursday 2/9/17

Mike Rivero is the host of the What Really Happened radio shows on the Republic Broadcasting Network and webmaster of, now in its 22nd year. Both the radio show and website enjoy a large and growing global audience. He is a frequent guest on talk-radio and has appeared in television programs such as History Channel’s “America’s Book of Secrets.” Mike Rivero’s background is as eclectic as his radio show and website. Formerly with NASA, Mike transitioned his image processing skills (along with a brief stint as a child actor) into the then-new computer animation field, starting with award winning commercials, then working on films such as “Star Trek”, “The Day After Tomorrow”, and later supervising visual effects on “Brainscan”, “LOST”, and “Hawaii Five-0”. Mike Rivero has taken a sabbatical from film work to focus all his efforts on peace activism. Mike Rivero’s foray into blogging began before the word was even invented, and happened almost by accident when he spotted a suspicious photograph being broadcast on ABC news in 1994 related to the murder of White House Deputy Counsel Vincent Foster.Since that abrupt beginning, What Really Happened, both website and radio show, has expanded to cover diverse topics including the assassinations, the accidental shoot-down of TWA 800, election fraud, health issues, Saddam’s non-existent nuclear weapons, 9-11, the economy, and the ongoing propaganda used to trick the American people into wars of conquest in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and other nations. Mike Rivero currently resides in Hawaii with his wife Claire, who is a composer, choir conductor, and creates much of theme music used on the What Really Happened radio show, as well as occasionally participating as a commentator.

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Final Orgasmic Rally - The Crash is Coming

The CRASH Is Coming! 2017 Will See The Biggest Stock Market Crash Global Economic Collapse

Stocks are useless paper bets on horses aka corporations. the only real damage done by a crash is to the morons that borrow money to gamble in the exchange. Of course if the companies in question go belly up and shut down their actual business, then supply could be shorted sending the prices up..ta day! inflation

Since 1913, the stock market has been used as a political tool by the Democrats, in cahoots with the Federal Reserve. Democrats are scared to let the market self-correct, which is really what it needs. As they say in the Futures Market, past performance is no guarantee of future earnings. This election has defied all rules; the stock market may be another one. OTOH, since the neocons drove up the market, maybe the neocons ought to be in power when it drops 50%. There is only so much propping they can do before the market wins out.

The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative journalists , researchers , Whistelblowers , truthers and many more

Gerald Celente : Stop The American Fascism

Jeff Rense & Gerald Celente Slaughter Around The World

Gerald Celente : Founder of The Trends Research Institute in 1980, Gerald Celente is a pioneer trend strategist. He is author of the national bestseller Trends 2000: How to Prepare for and Profit from the Changes of the 21st Century and Trend Tracking: The System to Profit from Today's Trends (Warner Books). Gerald Celente's on-time trend forecasts, vibrant style, articulate delivery and vivid public presence makes him a favorite of major media.

Gerald Celente
Gerald Celente

The world's only trends analyst covering 300 diversified trends fields, Gerald Celente and The Trends Research Institute provide trend research studies and consulting services to businesses and governments worldwide. Celente also designed the nation’s first professional course in trend forecasting. In addition to providing specialized trend research services,
Mr. Celente is called upon by businesses, governments and associations to deliver keynote addresses and seminar presentations worldwide. Gerald Celente is recognized by the major media as the truth in trends.

start things out tonight with the master 0:40 of trends gerald Celente who was with us 0:42 once month to spend an hour of his 0:44 valuable time with all of you folks who 0:46 really appreciate it and I get a lot of 0:47 emails thank you 0:49 hello mr. see how are you a great being 0:52 with you Jeff thanks for having me I'm 0:54 doing Granger as we as we look around 0:57 this this planet which does seem to be 1:00 in serious decline on all fronts are 1:03 nearly all friends what we're seeing in 1:06 the media is is a constant diet of 1:10 slaughter and death and this isn't 1:13 Hollywood stuff this is that you know 1:15 desensitizing everybody with the real 1:17 deal slaughter in Egypt another 300 or 1:20 so dead 1:21 you don't know what the total areas 1:23 let's not forget about the other 1:25 slaughters though folks about the 1:27 slaughters in yemen by Obama death 1:29 drones in gaza by Israelis new killer 1:33 drones or that devastated wreck that 1:38 she'll that ghost of a country Iraq 1:41 destroyed and decimated by Western 1:44 banking interests and personally 1:46 delivered by of course bush and the 1:48 American military car and suicide 1:51 bombings almost daily now killing scores 1:54 and scores of people Syria maybe up to a 1:57 hundred thousand dead thereby mercenary 1:59 terrorist paid for by American tax 2:01 dollars the Brits the French and the 2:03 others 2:04 ultimately you know who now Afghanistan 2:07 gosh 12 years of death and slaughter by 2:11 this great Republic of ours northern 2:14 Pakistan Obama death drones at work 2:17 there too 2:18 and let's not forget the corpse of Libya 2:21 which again was once a remarkable Arab 2:24 country now reduced to rubble and don't 2:27 forget the first announcement by the 2:29 terrorists they were sent into Libya and 2:32 many of them went on to fight and die in 2:34 Syria as some of you know the first 2:37 announcement in Libya Gerald was the 2:39 opening for business 2:42 this is the this isn't Benghazi this is 2:44 the terrorists mercenary army that 2:47 ultimately took 2:49 moammar qaddafi down and killed him 2:51 their first announcement was at the 2:52 brand-new central bank of Libya was open 2:55 for business 2:56 the second announcement was that their 2:57 brand new oil contracts available so 3:00 this again the rothschild City of London 3:02 central banking template which is being 3:06 installed in country after country Iraq 3:09 didn't have it 3:10 libya didn't have it Iran doesn't have 3:12 one 3:13 north korea doesn't have one and killed 3:15 it doesn't have one 3:16 pretty much everybody else does anyway 3:19 it's a pretty grotesque seen out there 3:21 but the sad part for me is our young 3:23 people are growing up with death and 3:26 violence constantly in their faces if 3:30 they even choose to look at the phone 3:32 news that's out there 3:33 the lies the MSM puts forth its quite a 3:36 scene yeah and then of course you know 3:39 let's look over in Bahrain that's ready 3:42 to explode right now but who cares about 3:44 Bahrain I mean the United States as the 3:47 Fifth Fleet stationed there 3:49 pea in the Gulf kingdom they are great 3:52 democracy those Gulf kingdom yet out 3:55 things and then of course is also 4:00 tunisia lets me get that and that was 4:03 the first kickoff of the so-called Arab 4:05 Spring which we said from the very 4:07 beginning we wrote about it before we 4:10 have it happened we wrote history before 4:12 it happened to trends journal we said 4:14 these are no Arab springs user not 4:17 pro-democracy movements these are people 4:21 rising up against dictators when they're 4:24 people are poor and you know my saying 4:28 when people lose everything and have 4:29 nothing left to lose they lose it 4:32 this has nothing to do with you now 4:33 we're looking for democracy oh yeah give 4:36 me like democracy in the United States 4:38 to democracy where know that not only 4:41 can they stop and frisk you 4:43 they could listen and watch you in 4:46 everything that you do that democracy 4:48 democracy that you call elections that 4:52 are controlled by it to edit one-party 4:55 system a political mafia of that 4:59 democracy so anyway this had nothing to 5:02 do with 5:02 democracy what's going on over there and 5:06 then of course there are those countries 5:07 that no one really cares about having 5:10 you mentioned the rocking to everyday 5:13 virtually you know their suicide bombers 5:16 and beyond lying in a rock it doesn't 5:18 make the news 8 three people died in 5:21 Boston 5:21 yes the tragedy but there's those 5:24 tragedies or monumental in scope that 5:29 are created every day in Afghanistan and 5:31 Iraq but worse than that of course all 5:34 these people are dark tone skin so they 5:37 don't count as much and the ones are 5:39 really not count at all 5:41 and what's going on the Congo who cares 5:44 yeah you get home and they're really you 5:46 know of course you know nobody cares 5:48 about himself because they're not white 5:50 like us so they don't count as much know 5:53 when white people get killed like what 5:55 happened over there in the UK when some 5:58 angry middle eastern guy killed a 6:02 British soldier for destroying their 6:05 country 6:06 oh it was great outraged but when the 6:10 British colonialists murderers go into 6:13 following countries with their Sun never 6:17 sets over the English Empire of BS that 6:21 they're still hanging onto then that's 6:24 okay you can kill all of them that you 6:27 want but don't know no you can't kill 6:30 any of those Americans or the French or 6:34 the English or any of the Westerners 6:37 because they're better than everybody 6:39 else and they're bringing peace and 6:42 freedom and democracy the people around 6:46 the world 6:47 yeah it's a glorious sight to behold you 6:50 said something else and i kinda like the 6:53 segue into what's happened to the 6:54 American law enforcement profession and 6:58 how many of these men and women i should 7:00 know more be wearing a badge than a 7:02 snail I an insane snail at that these 7:06 people are crazy 7:07 I that you said that they could cops 7:09 here can stop and frisk you 7:11 it can also and they do it like think 7:14 they can stop and 7:16 who you and you don't have to do 7:18 anything and I'll kill you just kill the 7:20 guy with a girl holding a garden hose 7:22 SWAT team in in California they thought 7:25 it was I God now these guys are they 7:28 know those bulletproof stuff all over 7:30 them and they have enough on the beach 7:32 to go breathe out of the boys on a 7:34 breath and blow every right he made a 7:36 threatening move i tellya you're a cop 7:39 is supposed to be able to deal with this 7:41 and that's the other thing one cop gets 7:43 killed 7:44 they close down the city huh true you 7:46 know really always I didn't think you 7:48 wanted that job became with that risk 7:51 Kenisha that's why you took the job 7:55 absolutely totally right blog but one of 7:58 us gets killed and you know we should 8:01 overhaul careful we don't care as much 8:03 as we don't over 500 Americans now by my 8:06 count executed by taser taser and the 8:12 trannies guys to shoot in the heart 8:14 they should write for the chest and 8:15 shoot the legs shoot for the heart with 8:17 these damn to physics 50,000 volts and 8:21 they wonder why people die 8:23 I just killing the 95 year old guy do to 8:25 exactly right i mean they're out of 8:28 their minds America starting into a 8:30 military state it's fascism i said this 8:33 when George W Bush when he began the 8:38 too-big-to-fail program on the henry 8:41 paulson Frankenstein Paulson former CEO 8:45 of Goldman Sachs in US Treasury 8:47 secretary 8:48 no i said that's the merger state 8:50 corporate powers there's no such thing 8:51 in capitalism as too-big-to-fail it's 8:55 fascism and that's what we're seeing 8:57 we're seeing the fallout of fascism you 9:01 have the corporations in charge 9:03 look pick up the papers today this is 9:05 something going on should it you know 9:07 American Airlines merge with the was 9:11 that other one that US air 9:13 oh yes had a terrible merge with the 9:15 worst and and again i'm old enough to 9:18 remember before deregulation when flying 9:21 was fun and that little weasel that 9:24 Alfred cod that works for call yeah yeah 9:29 another hour good guy guess what he's 9:32 dead 9:32 I love these guys however again they 9:35 already after did dead like cotton she 9:37 was another one may a Koch you know 9:40 another arrogant out your dead Jack 9:43 you're only dust get ova ego trip when 9:46 you're alive else group no repent 9:51 forget it folks they only get worse they 9:53 don't give up their guns and go right 9:55 down with their egos blazing that it's 9:58 true 9:59 koch I forgot about you forget there's 10:00 too many to keep track of it was an 10:02 interesting little flashback here Mayor 10:05 Ed Koch 10:06 didn't turn out to be he had some big 10:09 skeleton in his closet they can't 10:10 remember what it was not what they all 10:12 do 10:13 alright hold on a second will come right 10:15 back trends research and the master of 10:18 trends gerald Celente just a minute this 10:22 country has been brought down so far so 10:24 fast of course is the the death of the 10:29 Arts this is all being done by design 10:31 every city used when you were a kid 10:34 journal every city everywhere you went 10:36 had a classical music station 24 hours a 10:39 day 10:41 yeah no more mr. has to you know they 10:45 have both of them say but again you know 10:47 to answer your questions why see 10:48 anything you don't see anything in the 10:50 absence of that it could in my belief it 10:53 cannot happen it because to me art is 10:56 the way of finding the true meaning of 10:58 the human spirit and of course I'm 11:00 talking about art knowledge forms and 11:03 you know not only on campus and it all 11:06 of its heart and so unless that happens 11:08 I don't see any real change 11:11 well you know on we can also carry a 11:14 little further and say the way people 11:16 live their lives is art as well they 11:19 become enlightened through the arts and 11:22 they manifest that in their day-to-day 11:23 living in their behaviors and I don't 11:26 care if it's a little tiny act of 11:28 kindness or are large sweeping gesture 11:31 by someone who has we means and wealth 11:34 good is no longer chic and trendy good 11:40 is corny good is mocked in too many 11:43 Hollywood films the good little kid the 11:46 nice little boy a nice little girl 11:47 mocked picked on you know the story 11:50 folks and we have a spiritual crisis in 11:54 this country it has been engineered it 11:57 didn't just happen these people who are 11:59 running this show know exactly precisely 12:02 how to engineer millions tens of 12:05 millions hundreds of millions of people 12:07 go back to tavistock Edward L béarnaise 12:10 mass mind control 12:12 it's very easy to do there's no guess 12:15 work in it it's a hard exact science 12:18 they know how to make the masses respond 12:21 they know how to make them think and if 12:24 they don't come along voluntarily 12:25 believe me there are many ways to force 12:27 them to do it you have now approximately 12:29 eighty percent of the population I know 12:32 you saw the story facing what the story 12:35 said 12:36 our poverty and joblessness eighty 12:40 percent that was not 20 not 2580 put 12:45 that see that's terminal to a culture 12:48 you can't have that again and you go to 12:51 the y 12:52 it's a takeover it's a plantation 12:55 economy it's no longer the plantations 12:58 in the South the plantations of the 13:01 corporations that you work for example 13:03 even if it's even a better deal because 13:06 unlike the plantations we had a house 13:08 and feed them you don't you have to do 13:10 that any snow home you know just so this 13:13 is much better you could just use them 13:15 up and spit them out you don't care 13:16 about you at all 13:17 it's a the age of extensibility exactly 13:20 so again I don't see any any changes 13:24 coming in together thing about you 13:26 talking about the art how about the art 13:28 of self respect me you go like you I'm a 13:31 researcher I have to go to malls and and 13:35 see what's going on and two weeks ago i 13:39 did my mall travel so I'd love to sit 13:41 next to you and observed for an hour 13:43 that would be a kid what i said looking 13:47 at all these young kids oh I'm gon 13:50 dressed like pigs as heavy as pigs and 13:54 identical they look almost all the same 13:56 that happened I cannot believe the young 13:58 boys and girls in you know in their 14:01 early teens being so grossly fat piggy 14:06 piggy 14:07 I had my rest like slobs they're doing a 14:10 movie up here in kingston dynamic got it 14:15 too big stars I don't know their names 14:17 and about into that stuff anyway and I 14:20 walked by before and the whole crew the 14:26 whole crew was just like as we would say 14:28 come phones 14:30 yeah everybody's dressed like a slob 14:32 slobs 14:33 yeah there's no decorum know so i don't 14:36 think i think the human spirit has to 14:38 change and people then write to me well 14:41 you know can't afford to dress up 14:43 look if you could buy a pair of jeans 14:45 it's not too light shirt you could dress 14:47 nicely 14:48 that's right exactly 14:49 talking about designer clothes no no and 14:52 you could go to what you could go to a 14:53 good will you go to a Salvation Army go 14:55 to surf shops with a call about vintage 14:58 stores now and you could buy really find 15:01 someone doing very cheap price might 15:03 have seen ya and then of course you know 15:07 let's look over in Bahrain that's ready 15:10 to explode right now but who cares about 15:12 Bahrain I mean the United States as the 15:15 Fifth Fleet stationed there 15:17 hi Mia in the Gulf kingdom they had 15:20 great democracy those Gulf kingdom yet 15:23 out things and then of course is also 15:27 tunisia let me get that and that was the 15:31 first kickoff of the so-called Arab 15:33 Spring which we said from the very 15:35 beginning we wrote about it before we 15:37 have it happened we wrote history before 15:40 it happened into trends journal we said 15:42 these are no Arab springs these are not 15:45 pro-democracy movements these are people 15:49 rising up against dictators in there 15:52 people are poor and you know my saying 15:55 when people lose everything and have 15:57 nothing left to lose they lose it 15:59 this has nothing to do with you now 16:01 we're looking for democracy oh yeah give 16:04 me like democracy in the United States 16:05 to democracy where was that not only can 16:09 they stop and frisk you 16:11 they could listen and watch you in 16:13 everything that you do that tomorrow 16:15 arab country now reduced to rubble and 16:19 don't forget the first announcement by 16:21 the terrorists they were sent into Libya 16:23 and many of them went on to fight and 16:25 die in Syria as some of you know the 16:28 first announcement in Libya Gerald was 16:31 the opening for business 16:34 this is the this isn't Benghazi this is 16:36 the terrorists mercenary army that 16:39 ultimately took moammar qaddafi down and 16:42 killed him 16:42 their first announcement was at the 16:44 brand-new central bank of Libya was open 16:46 for business 16:47 the second announcement was that their 16:49 brand new oil contracts available so 16:51 this again the rothschild City of London 16:54 central banking template which is being 16:58 installed in country after country Iraq 17:01 didn't have it 17:01 libya didn't have 17:02 Iran doesn't have one north korea 17:05 doesn't have one and killed it doesn't 17:07 have one 17:08 pretty much everybody else does anyway 17:10 it's a pretty grotesque seen out there 17:12 but the sad part for me is our young 17:15 people are growing up with death and 17:18 violence constantly in their faces if 17:21 they even choose to look at the phone 17:23 news that's out there that the lies the 17:25 MSM puts forth its called death and this 17:29 isn't Hollywood stuff this is that you 17:31 know desensitizing everybody with the 17:33 real deal slaughter in Egypt another 300 17:36 or so dead 17:37 you don't know what the total there is 17:38 let's not forget about the other 17:40 slaughters though folks about the 17:42 slaughters in yemen by Obama death 17:45 drowns in gaza by Israelis new killer 17:49 drones or that devastated wreck that 17:54 she'll that ghost of a country Iraq 17:57 destroyed and decimated by Western 18:00 banking interests and personally 18:02 delivered by of course bush and the 18:04 American military car and suicide 18:07 bombings almost daily now killing scores 18:09 and scores of people Syria maybe up to a 18:12 hundred thousand dead thereby mercenary 18:14 terrorist paid for by American tax 18:17 dollars the Brits the French and the 18:19 others 18:19 ultimately you know who now Afghanistan 18:22 gosh 12 years of death and slaughter by 18:26 this great Republic of ours northern 18:30 Pakistan Obama death drones at work 18:32 there too 18:33 and let's not forget the corpse of Libya 18:36 which again was once a remarkable 18:48 [Music] 19:15 start things off tonight with the master 19:19 of trends gerald Celente who was with us 19:22 once a month to spend an hour of his 19:24 valuable time with all of you folks who 19:25 really appreciate it and I get a lot of 19:27 emails thank you 19:28 hello mr. see how are you oh great being 19:32 with you Jeff thanks for having me I'm 19:34 doing Granger as we as we look around 19:37 this this planet which does seem to be 19:40 in serious decline on all fronts are 19:43 nearly all friends what we're seeing in 19:46 the media is is a constant diet of 19:50 slaughter and receipt the democracy that 19:53 you call elections that a controlled by 19:57 a two-headed one-party system a 20:00 political mafia of that democracy so 20:04 anyway this had nothing to do with 20:06 democracy what's going on over there and 20:09 then of course there are those countries 20:11 that no one really cares about every you 20:14 mentioned the rocket to everyday 20:16 virtually you know their suicide bombers 20:19 and beyond dying in a rock it doesn't 20:22 make the news 8 three people died in 20:24 Boston 20:25 yes a tragedy but there's those 20:28 tragedies or monumental in scope that 20:32 are created every day in Afghanistan and 20:35 Iraq but worse than that of course these 20:37 people are dark tone skin so they don't 20:41 count as much as the ones that really 20:43 don't count at all 20:45 and what's going on the Congo who cares 20:47 how you get and they're really you know 20:50 of course you nobody cares about 20:52 themselves because they're not white 20:53 like us so they don't count as much know 20:57 when white people get killed like what 20:59 happened over there in the UK with some 21:02 angry

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Why Trump’s tax cuts are good for businesses

Kingsview Asset Management Chief Investment Officer Scott Martin and Cato Institute senior fellow Dan Mitchell on President Trump’s corporate tax reform plan and whether there should be a carbon tax.

The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative journalists , researchers , Whistelblowers , truthers and many more

ALERT : Petition to Arrest George Soros, 1490

A trusted old friend sent me a petition intended for the eyes of President Trump if 100,000 signatures can be gathered by Feb. 20th. It asks the U.S. Government to issue an international arrest warrant for George Soros. It caught my attention right away. How many negative stories over the past year have had George Soros funding attached to it? Plenty. So it had crossed my mind, why hasn’t President Trump declared him public enemy #1 and do something about it? On what charge would he be arrested? How about something along the lines of sedition? What’s that? According to Title 18 of the U.S. Code: “If two or more persons in any State … conspire to destroy by force the Government of the United States … or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States … “… they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.” That certainly fits Soros’ role in the funding of Black Lives Matter or other violence-prone groups.

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The Jew World Order is The Real Swamp !!

If this info doesn't amaze you, you're still asleep & should probably stay that way! A wealthy & highly respected Hebrew blew the whistle on the elite "Jews" and their global hidden agenda... long ago.

 NOT ALL JEWS ARE MALEVOLENT or MISGUIDED! I know personally that many genuine Hebrews (and some fake Jews) are actually honest, loving, caring human beings. However it is entirely possible that there are a disproportionately large number of negative entities inhabiting Jewish bodies, as compared with averages in most other races of humans & humanoid beings. After all, Jews were the race of choice by Yahweh (the Reptilian impostor "god") who needed a bloodline he could reliably corrupt with his evil agenda.

The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative journalists , researchers , Whistelblowers , truthers and many more

Illuminati 2017: Predictions!!

if there is 99% of us... why can't we consider the federal government terrorist and beat em at their own game? if their objection is to have us kill each other, why not come together as one... like fire ants.. or anything that is small. but when united... it's beast mode time..

America was built on Slavery, America was engineered by the Illuminati and Free Masons. America was a conqured country, and now the decendants of the slaves are still there, the Conqurers children are still there shouting our streets. They own nothing in their country all they are today are DEBT Slaves to a system out of control. TRILLIONS of Dollars in debt, and spend their lives attacking foreign countries trying to conqure them too to put those Nations in the same Debt riddled nations theirs are, via WARS lies theft and robbery. The question is what has these people learnt from History, nothing just doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past and vote in one group of Liars and thieves, and killers after another. Today they speak about Intelligence, and still have their brain stuch firmly up their ASS.

The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative journalists , researchers , Whistelblowers , truthers and many more

Audit the Fed -- Rand Paul

Tucker Carlson interviews Senator Rand Paul about his latest attempt to audit the Federal Reserve

Transcript : welcome to you 0:11 fine to audit the Federal Reserve for 0:13 years now 0:15 it's impossible of course under an 0:17 ordinary Republican administration it 0:18 would be pretty unlikely but perhaps you 0:21 can pull it off under President Trump 0:22 who has endorsed the idea better quality 0:25 introduced and audit the Fed bill into 0:27 the Senate is campaigning hard for the 0:29 Republican majority to pass it while 0:31 they can 0:32 Senator Paul joins us here in Washington 0:34 sir thanks for coming on 0:35 absolutely so why would we want to audit 0:38 the Fed why is this of concern to the 0:40 average person who's not a banker i 0:41 think it is your question is why would 0:43 he want to that means about transparency 0:45 it's about knowing what your government 0:46 does the Constitution gives the power to 0:50 Congress to mention point money we sort 0:52 of transfer that power to the Federal 0:54 Reserve in 1913 I think I don't know 0:57 what they're doing the dollars lost 0:58 ninety-six percent of its purchasing 1:00 power what does that mean your prices 1:02 have gone up every year what was once 1:04 more the dollar you know is now takes 1:07 twenty-four dollars to buy what was once 1:09 when that all results policies made at 1:10 the Federal Reserve absolutely they 1:12 printed the mining but it's sort of a 1:13 codependency and this is a dirty little 1:15 secret 1:16 you need to have a federal reserve and 1:18 you have 20 trillion our debt why they 1:20 buy your get but they fired at by 1:22 printing up money you can't have an 1:25 enormous debt if you don't have a 1:26 federal start putting up the money but 1:28 there are ramifications and the 1:30 ramifications are higher prices so a lot 1:32 of senior citizens will say oh gosh I 1:34 tell me there's no inflation and I don't 1:36 get an increase in my Social Security 1:37 check but the price is really are going 1:40 up from the grocery store it all depends 1:42 on how you measure inflation so there's 1:45 a massive amount of wealth floating 1:46 around over the past 10 years but 1:48 famously most of it seems to have 1:49 stopped or is relatively small number of 1:51 people it's one of the factors behind 1:53 selection i think most would agree how 1:55 much of that has to do with fed policy 1:58 the interesting thing is you know 1:59 everybody particularly Democrats talk 2:01 about income inequality but i think the 2:03 federal reserve has a lot to do with it 2:04 because people get richer who already 2:06 have money so you and I might have to go 2:09 out and our mentor if you're a 2:10 schoolteacher you gotta work to earn 2:11 your money but if you have a bunch of 2:13 money and you park at the Fed they pay 2:14 you to keep it there so we actually use 2:17 taxpayer money to pay people just to 2:19 have it sitting at the federal reserve 2:21 was the 2:22 average person get out of that such 2:24 policy you could they get to the 2:26 government borrows an enormous amount of 2:28 money we get stuff we don't pay for but 2:30 we also get something that we don't want 2:32 and that is the recessions and 2:35 depressions that go about their been 2:36 more recessions and depressions bad 2:38 things since we got the best in the 2:40 world before the Fed they gave us the 2:42 president we're gonna have less 2:43 depression for the great depression came 2:45 right after the Fed and all the 2:47 downturns we've had been with the fed in 2:49 existence sweetheart it's been a hundred 2:51 year so it's a long time when you have a 2:53 lot of downturns have happened through 2:54 if you want to look at the most recent 2:56 one the crisis where the banking system 2:58 was teetering on the brink and resonate 3:00 that was caused because the federal 3:02 reserve kept the interest rates low and 3:04 people get building houses instead what 3:06 should happen if a bunch of people are 3:08 building houses and you and I go out 3:09 we're all buying houses the price of 3:11 money the interest rate should go up and 3:14 then the economy will slow down as 3:15 interest rates couple what happened in 3:17 the Federal Reserve keeps the interest 3:19 rates low permanently then what happens 3:21 is you get a boom and people are 3:23 building houses like crazy but they 3:24 build too many houses because no one 3:26 told me to stop building 3:27 why did the Federal Reserve keep 3:29 interest rates low to pay for a 20 3:31 trillion-dollar debt if interest rates 3:33 were to go back where they were 3:34 historically five percent or even seven 3:37 percent the government campaign for 3:38 their dad so Kenny Allen who runs the 3:40 Fed is against this she said auditing 3:43 the Fed raha tha size monetary policy 3:46 leaving expenditure why that's bad i 3:49 mean shouldn't elected the others have a 3:50 role in our Omni it seems pretty 3:53 political to me already 3:54 do you think it is well it makes me so 3:56 mad that i introduced further 3:58 legislation to make it illegal for the 4:00 Federal Reserve lobbyists we pay them we 4:02 appointed them and we're supposed to 4:04 oversee them and their lobbying against 4:07 transparency their lobbying against our 4:08 oversight it's insulting the main lobby 4:11 against auditing the bed is the Fed and 4:14 who else I mean you don't have majority 4:15 support moment for this why would rise 4:18 but no that's not true we had 53 votes 4:20 for it we really 51 Republicans and two 4:23 Democrats voted for Bernie Sanders voted 4:25 for it but I know that having 4:26 involvement did and fifty all 51 out of 4:29 50 4:29 three Republican what I've got a little 4:31 initiated i just want to give a fair 4:32 hearing that what they're arguing com 4:34 some see that the Fed paces massive debt 4:38 and they love big government and they 4:39 know that we have to have a big debt 4:41 that big government and have to pay for 4:43 it so I want to mess with the Fed 4:44 because right now it's able to 4:45 accommodate his enormous debt one of the 4:47 reasons i want oversight though is that 4:49 I think a lot of people get hurt in the 4:51 downturn 2008 when the housing market 4:54 would rust I blame that on the Federal 4:56 Reserve and we're right in the middle of 4:58 another boom 4:59 anybody seen the stock market lately it 5:01 is a boom just like the real estate 5:03 people 2008 and it will come to an end 5:06 I wish I knew exactly when so i can give 5:08 you a reviewer some investment advice 5:10 but it will come to an end there will be 5:12 a correction we have a huge bubble 5:15 Indian in the stock market created by 5:18 easy money free money everybody's got 5:20 money Federal Reserve when you do k the 5:23 money but there will be repercussions 5:24 and that'll be the downturn there will 5:27 be a response or reaction to all of this 5:29 extra money so we're looking for all 5:31 that time Elliot Abrams who served in 5:33 the last Bush administration is under 5:35 consideration to become deputy secretary 5:37 state you with this crack the door to 5:39 admit Elliot Abrams and the neo-cons 5:41 will become scurrying in by the hundreds 5:44 yeah I I think someone who's never 5:46 Trumper Abrams with the nevertrump ER he 5:49 was disparaging and said to the 5:51 president of things about the president 5:52 that he would never vote for any said 5:54 that share that Washington and Lincoln's 5:56 at in that Trump wasn't fit to sit in it 5:59 someone who's the nevertrump should 6:00 never be in it from State Department I 6:02 mean for goodness sakes 6:04 but he also represents things that 6:05 Donald Trump doesn't president Trump has 6:07 been different than he said the 6:09 nation-building hasn't worked when he 6:11 said that led a room came forward and 6:13 said he's absolutely wrong nation 6:15 builders what we need to do regime 6:17 change iraq war led a ruse was one of 6:19 the key architects of the Iraq war we 6:22 don't need people with the failed 6:24 policies back in down Trump does 6:26 represent something new and different 6:28 four dollars and i think a welcome 6:30 relief from the neo-cons so I hope he 6:32 doesn't point to me who doesn't really 6:34 agree with him 6:35 I'm baffled by I got 6:36 on several topics like thank you 6:38 appreciate it

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ANONYMOUS - Operation Peace: Wake The World

PEACE! END THE DIVISION PEOPLE! The division among us is the creation of propaganda by the elite who are struggling to hold their wealth and power! THE POWER AND WEALTH IS OURS! We the People! Join in peace and unity to TAKE IT BACK, the opportunity has presented itself like never before!

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

it's just like we've all just walking up 2:38 one morning and thought the dream is a 2:42 night where what's going on and we're 2:43 just gonna make the next day is better 2:46 war is a game that's gone too far every 2:49 country has had an evolution for one 2:51 reason the village not one of them has 2:53 the freedom what are you talking about 2:54 so we're saying give peace a chance you 2:57 know that nobody's ever done and it's 2:59 not a matter of not thinking in terms of 3:02 10 years thinking in terms of whatever 3:06 and everybody now I want to meet now we 3:10 can get now if we want it now and the 3:13 left wing talk about giving the power to 3:15 the people you know anybody knows the 3:18 people have the power 3:20 all we have to do is awaken the power 3:22 and the people the people on the world 3:24 it's like they're not educated to 3:26 realize that they have power they put 3:29 the politicians in power they vote for 3:32 the local they're the people do it 3:34 the system is so here's everybody 3:36 believes it's just fix everything 3:40 the father in the government someone to 3:43 fix everything 3:44 it is all government false 3:46 we are the people of the government of 3:51 people have the power but i'm aware 3:54 honor that implies no violence no 3:58 starving children no violent minds no 4:01 violence household no violence no 4:04 frustration no fear 4:07 so we decided to work for world we do it 4:10 by the advertising methods we believe 4:13 that today's society as the timing of 4:15 the things politicians commercial peace 4:23 [Music] 4:35 [Music] 5:10 America today the strongest the most 5:14 influential and most productive nation 5:16 in the world 5:18 understandably proud of this agreement 5:21 we realized that America's leadership 5:25 and prestige depends not merely upon our 5:28 unmatched material progress with his and 5:31 military strength but on how we use our 5:34 power in the interest of world feat and 5:38 human better we have been compelled to 5:41 create a permanent armaments industry of 5:44 vast proportions of this conjunction of 5:48 an immense military establishment in a 5:50 large organ new in the American 5:54 expressions 5:55 until the latest of our world conflicts 5:58 United States had no armaments industry 6:01 American makers of powershares good with 6:07 time and as required make swords as well 6:10 the council's of government we must 6:13 guard against the acquisition of 6:16 unwarranted influence whether sought or 6:18 unsought by the military-industrial 6:20 complex the potential for the disastrous 6:24 rise of misplaced power exists and will 6:28 persist we must never let the weight of 6:31 this combination endanger our liberties 6:33 or democratic processes we should take 6:36 nothing for granted only an alert and 6:40 knowledgeable citizens can compare the 6:43 permission of the huge industrial and 6:46 military machinery of Defense with our 6:48 peaceful methods and goals so let's 6:52 security liberties may prosper together 6:55 [Music] 6:57 slave very of this world on you you want 7:03 trouble my mom was adjusted for free 7:05 between your fingers like many people 7:07 counting on you was drinkin breaking 7:09 their waist you are thinking point it's 7:12 like a sports impressions of your eyes 7:14 online delivery the only because you 7:17 keep their exchange money for them when 7:19 the machines run themselves will be 7:21 complete 7:22 go back to sleep you want it you will 7:24 not be too much longer having somebody 7:32 please explain to me what the hell 7:33 that's all about is that idiot living in 7:36 this

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The Economic Crisis Will Start This Year & Last For 5 Years:Clif High

our US debt clock is constantly moving higher! Especially when the government only pays the interest on the debt and has to borrow the money to pay the interest on the debt. Any blithering idiot can see this one fact and realize Clif High is right and that the compound interest on 20 Trillion + debt is unsustainable, which in turn means our country is in for a huge crash!

Currency is created a few different ways. The US Treasury creates bonds lets say 100 billion and can sell them to US Banks, then the Federal Reserve which doesn't really have any $ buys the bonds from the bank and puts electronic digits in the Banks acct. An easy way to think about it is the Goverment buys its own debt creating $ and debt at the same time. It's a form of counterfeiting so the Goverment won't prosecute it's self. The Fed also buys toxic debt from the banks bailing them out and giving them more currency to loan. Another way is when you deposit $1,000 in a checking acct the bank loans out $900 and that gets deposited to another bank and that trickle effect from bank to bank is estimated to create $10,000

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Trump's Wall could become Tourist Attraction

 9 Things That COULD Happen if Trump Builds "The Wall"!

 So what exactly would happen if President Donald Trump actually built "The Wall"?! Learn all about the possible effects of a giant wall separating the United States and Mexico!

Here are 9 things that could happen if Trump builds “The wall!” 0:06 9 - The Wall becomes a tourist attraction 0:09 According to Donald Trump, the wall will be at least 35 feet tall and 2,000 miles long. 0:15 That’s not nearly as long as the Great Wall of China, which is 13,000 miles, but it would 0:20 be higher. 0:21 The Great Wall was only 26 feet tall at its highest points, a good 10 feet shorter than 0:25 the Trump Wall. 0:26 And still, it’s one of the great tourist attractions of China. 0:30 Another popular wall- turned-attraction was the Berlin Wall, which was around 12 feet 0:34 tall and ran about 66 miles. 0:37 Anytime you build something so massive, people are going to want to get a look at it. 0:41 Two things that make the Berlin Wall and the Great Wall of China better tourist attractions 0:44 are their accessibility. 0:46 You can walk on the Great Wall, and West Berliners could walk right up to the Berlin Wall and 0:50 paint on it. 0:51 That might not be the case for the Trump wall. 0:54 Americans may be able to get close, but they sure won’t get to walk on it. 0:59 Although, with the cost of maintaining the wall, Customs and Border Protection may start 1:02 offering paid tours. 1:04 In areas like Tijuana the wall will go through urban areas. 1:08 Right now there’s an ugly corrugated metal wall, but a shiny concrete wall might attract 1:13 the kind of artists that decorated the Berlin Wall, maybe on both sides. 1:17 8 - The Wall goes way over budget Trump estimated that the wall would cost anywhere 1:22 4 billion to 12 billion dollars; the numbers keep changing. 1:27 Well, the wall will be 35 feet high and 2,000 miles long. 1:31 Building experts estimate 10 billion dollars for the concrete panels, 5 billion for steel 1:36 columns to hold the panels (including labor) and another 1 billion for concrete footings 1:42 and foundation. 1:43 That’s 16 billion dollars before taking transportation costs into account. 1:48 You also have to build new roads to accommodate trucks hauling concrete and steel to remote 1:53 desert areas. 1:54 Let’s say that costs 2 billion dollars. 1:57 Now add 30 percent for the management costs, engineering, and design. 2:01 That makes 23.4 billion dollars if everything goes according to budget. 2:06 Now, when’s the last time any major government project came anywhere near the budget? 2:12 And that’s just building the wall. 2:14 It also has to be maintained. 2:15 The Congressional budget office estimates the costs of maintaining the wall would exceed 2:20 the building costs in 7 years. 2:23 Oh, and you have to staff it. 2:25 Even with only one person per mile, that takes 2,000 officers per shift - all federal workers 2:31 with pensions and everything. 2:33 Whew. 2:34 7 - The Wall Only Stops Half What do we mean when we stay it only stops 2:39 half? 2:40 Around half of the people that are in the United States illegally came into the country 2:44 through an airport or official border crossing, all perfectly legal. 2:49 They just didn’t leave when their thirty day visa ran out. 2:52 A wall won’t stop these people. 2:55 Obviously, there’s no guarantee that a wall would stop every illegal person coming from 2:59 Mexico either. 3:00 During the Cold War, over 1200 people directly escaped East Germany every year, despite a 3:05 massive wall, shoot to kill orders, and a secret service system keeping tabs on everybody 3:10 and their dog. 3:12 People are pretty ingenious, and if there’s a will, there’s a way. 3:16 The sheer length of the US border will make it hard to control the entire stretch, and 3:20 you can take a short boat trip around either end. 3:24 And there are always tunnels. 3:26 Israel, another wall building nation, has detected at least 30 tunnels under walls in 3:30 its Gaza strip. 3:32 Some of the tunnels have been miles long, 60 feet underground, and big enough to ride 3:37 a motorcycle through. 3:38 Hey, there may be job openings for Palestinian tunnel diggers in Mexico! 3:43 6 - The Wall causes environmental change The Rio Grande river forms the border between 3:48 Mexico and Texas. 3:50 The rest of the border runs over mountains and through New Mexico and Arizona, and even 3:54 a city in California. 3:56 You can’t build a wall in a river or even right next to one, because of erosion and 4:00 shifting soil. 4:02 So you have to move it away from the border, like a lot of the border fences are now. 4:07 An actual wall would stop water from draining into the river, which would cause floods along 4:12 the wall when it rains, and start drying up the river. 4:15 Animals such as pronghorns and jaguars that move back and forth to use the river would 4:20 be forced to come up with different migration patterns. 4:23 When President George W. Bush put up fencing along much of the border, Homeland Security 4:27 had to override over thirty environmental protection statutes to get the job done, including 4:32 the endangered species act and the safe drinking water act. 4:35 And that was just for a fence! 4:38 5 - The Wall makes Smugglers rich Just like the best thing you can do for drug 4:43 cartels is make drugs harder to get and drive up prices, a wall will have the same effect 4:48 on people smugglers, the Coyotes as they’re called, who take money to guide people across 4:52 the border. 4:54 As crossing gets more complex, professionals get more clients. 4:58 Coyotes and drug cartels that profit from desperate would-be migrants are already using 5:02 the wall as a marketing tool, urging people to act now before it’s too late. 5:07 And it’s working. 5:08 Prices are up and still going up, and attempts to cross increased dramatically since the 5:12 election results of 2016. 5:15 But the coyotes know they’ll still have a business after the wall goes up. 5:18 They’ll just be able to charge more, but of course they’ll have to figure out new 5:22 ways to get around the wall. 5:24 4 - Illegal aliens build the wall President Trump should call the Golden State 5:29 Fence Company in Riverside, California. 5:32 That company won a contract to build fences on the US-Mexico border in 2001 and employed 5:37 750 employees at one point. 5:40 They had to change their name to Fenceworks after they were busted several times for hiring 5:44 illegal immigrants - to build fences to keep out illegal immigrants. 5:48 Why do companies in that part of the world hire so many illegal immigrants? 5:51 Simple, they work for less and they’re available. 5:54 The US is going to have a hard time getting enough people to work in in the remote places 5:58 where the wall will go up. 6:00 Most Americans don’t want to relocate to a labor camp in the desert and slave in the 6:05 hot sun for minimum wage, which is exactly what illegal immigrants are used to doing. 6:10 3 - The Wall helps the Mexican economy One of the companies that may really profit 6:15 from the wall is Cemex. 6:16 Cemex is a Mexican cement company, the largest in North and South America, with operations 6:21 on both sides of the border. 6:24 Cemex’s share price jumped 2.6 percent in one day and its stock is up 18 percent since 6:29 news of the wall came out. 6:32 They and their workers stand to make a lot of money on the wall construction, since no 6:36 American company is near their size and wouldn’t be able to provide enough material in the 6:41 time needed to build the wall. 6:43 Grupo Cementos Chihuahua, another Mexican construction company, is putting in bids to 6:48 build the wall, and looks to be very competitive. 6:51 Already, 70 percent of their business is with US construction projects. 6:55 Other businesses that stand to profit are naturally the people smugglers, spray paint 6:59 sellers, ladder makers, and dirt mover companies. 7:03 2 - Mexico doesn’t pay for the wall President Trump has promised that Mexico will 7:07 pay for the wall. 7:08 His plan is to tell Mexico to pay for the wall, and if they don’t, he’s going to 7:12 put a tax on money that Mexican workers in the US send back to their families in Mexico. 7:16 Or, he’s going to raise tariffs on goods coming from Mexico into the United States. 7:22 He says that the US imports more from Mexico than they export, so that would be a good 7:26 way to balance that out. 7:28 Taxing money from Mexican workers and exports means taking money from individual people 7:33 and businesses, and not actually getting the Mexican government to pay for the wall, although 7:37 they’ll ultimately feel the loss. 7:40 But Trump also seems to suggest that Mexico would pay for the wall straight up, just to 7:44 avoid those actions that he’s threatening to do. 7:46 That’s not too likely. 7:49 Mexico has political parties that can’t stand each other, just like in the United 7:52 States, but one thing they do agree on, is that there is no way they’re going to pay 7:56 for a US wall. 7:58 It would be political suicide for any leader in Mexico to agree to such a set-up. 8:03 What about raising border tariffs and stripping away money from workers? 8:07 First of all, Trump can’t raise border tariffs. 8:09 He has to ask Congress to do that. 8:11 Would they? 8:12 Food prices would go up, a lot. 8:14 And if there is one thing Americans agree on, it’s that they like to eat cheap food. 8:19 Congress might not want to go on record for jacking up food prices. 8:21 Plus, a lot of agriculture in Mexico is owned in part by American farm co-ops, who would 8:27 lose out if higher tariffs went into effect. 8:30 Those lobby groups have congressmen on their speed dials, and they will be calling. 8:34 Now, the other point about taking away money sent home to Mexico. 8:39 Most of those payments are made through Western Union, but more and more are starting to go 8:43 through bitcoin and other digital currencies. 8:46 Not only is it cheaper to send money that way, it’s also faster and would be almost 8:50 impossible for the US government to block. 8:53 There’s even a service that lets you send money directly to ATMs in Mexico, where family 8:57 members can get it in pesos. 8:59 This trend will only accelerate if the US puts fees in place. 9:03 If the fees were actually successful in siphoning off money, Mexican workers, many of them legal, 9:09 might just go home, which would be a huge blow to American agriculture, which is completely 9:14 dependent on Mexican labor. 9:15 Uh oh. 9:16 Food just got even more expensive. 9:18 1 - The wall never gets finished Right now, President Trump is pushing the 9:23 wall, but big projects like that take time to get started. 9:26 There’ll be an awful lot of planning involved, contracts to draw up, roads to build, people 9:31 to hire, and so on. 9:32 Bottom line - it’s going to take a while to get started and quite a while to finish. 9:37 It took over thirty years to complete the first coast to coast interstate highway - I 9:42 80 from California to New Jersey, and that was flat. 9:44 Of course, if the wall is a top priority it will go faster, but it won’t get finished 9:48 in four years. 9:50 If Trump can stay in office that long, he better get re-elected, or whoever comes after 9:54 him will likely but the kibosh on the wall. 9:57 That would leave an interesting, half-completed ruin, like a pyramid standing in the desert. 10:02 Although nowhere near as amazing. 10:15 Here’s what’s next!

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Alex Jones Show (VIDEO Commercial Free) Thursday 2/9/17: Roger Stone

 -- Date: February 09, 2017 --
Today on The Alex Jones Show
On this Thursday, Feb. 9 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we discuss Trump's "PHENOMENAL" tax cuts coming soon and how the White House needs to floor the accelerator to repeal Obamacare. There's nothing to "repair" - Obamacare is simply a wealth-transfer scheme that impoverishes Americans through excessive healthcare costs while enriching the private, off-shore mega banks who wrote the law. We also look into the pro-amnesty protest outside an ICE center in Arizona where protestors are demanding the release of an illegal who may have committed a felony. Tune in!

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War with China -- Trump Prepares 30 Million Man Army

 Another stunning Security Council (SC) report on the escalating w[a]r between “Shadow Government” globalists and Freemason leader President Donald Trump circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Putin’s fearful order for the Federation military to be prepared to “launch attacks at any minute”, and his further ordering the rapid redeployment of strategic long range nu[c]lear b[o]mbers, was due to Minister of Defence Sergei Shoigu being told by his South Korean and Japanese counterparts that US Secretary of Defense General James “Mad Dog/Warrior Monk” Mattis (who had just visited these Asian nations) had revealed to them that a massive plot had been discovered where China would conduct a massive Pearl Harbor type att[a]ck on the United States, and then shortly afterwards, begin an occupation in defense of the “new nation” of California.

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Bill Gates thrown out of India?

India Kicks Out Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

look this is james corbett of 0:11 and i'm james evan 0:13 pilato of Bill Gates 0:15 gets the boot 0:17 we've got that story plus celebrate gets 0:19 the hack but first via the mail on 0:22 sunday James you know we kind of ended 0:24 last week's episode say and Jesus there 0:27 is a lot of rough news 2017 is already 0:29 shaping up to be pretty rough 0:31 I like this story to begin with not that 0:34 it's haha funny but I find it's an 0:36 interesting insight into what we kind of 0:38 see going on all around the world when 0:40 it comes via the mail on sunday the vast 0:43 majority of left-wing protesters 0:45 arrested on suspicion of politically 0:47 fuel defenses in Berlin are young men 0:50 who live with their parents 0:51 the figures in a new report which were 0:54 published in the daily newspaper Bild in 0:56 Germany revealed that 873 suspects were 0:59 invested by authorities between 2003 and 1:01 2013 in a decade of these eighty-four 1:04 percent were men and seventy-two percent 1:06 were between 18 and 29 more than half of 1:09 the arrests were made in the Berlin 1:10 districts of Friedrich Sean kreuzberg 1:12 and mita mostly during demonstrations a 1:15 third of them were unemployed and 1:16 ninety-two percent of them still live 1:18 with their parents 1:19 the figures published in the Berlin 1:21 newspaper said the offenses committed 1:23 against the person in four out of five 1:25 cases the victims were police officers 1:27 in only fifteen percent of these cases 1:30 are rather in fifteen percent of these 1:32 cases the victims were right-wing 1:35 activists the new figures were released 1:37 by the federal office for the protection 1:38 of the Constitution also notes between 1:41 2009 and 2013 build rapport come claims 1:45 left-wing assassins attempted to commit 1:48 11 murders now I'm glad I actually 1:51 translated the original build story from 1:54 determine because I learned that their 1:56 headline was ninety-two percent of the 1:59 radically left-wing ones still live with 2:01 Mummy James well indeed it reminds us of 2:07 that quote that has been attributed to 2:09 winston churchill probably falsely if 2:11 you're 23 2:12 you're not a liberal at 25 you have no 2:14 heart if you are if you're not a 2:16 conservative 35 you have no brain 2:18 yeah but this is just more of that left 2:21 right 2:22 divide and conquer nonsense that I see 2:25 being pushed out absolutely as hard as 2:27 I've ever seen in my life right now I'm 2:30 not just from the mainstream but from 2:31 the pseudo suppose that alternative as 2:33 well it's all about at just hating and 2:37 making fun of and mocking and basically 2:40 trying to put down anyone who doesn't 2:42 agree with you one hundred percent on 2:43 everything and it is about hate your 2:45 neighbor 2:46 I'm not your rulers and which is the 2:48 exact opposite of what I think we need 2:50 to be concentrating on so that that's 2:53 the way I see the story and I have a lot 2:55 more to say about this because I really 2:57 think this is probably the most 2:58 important issue we're dealing with right 2:59 now and true story media's put up a 3:01 couple of great videos in the past week 3:03 about this about the divide-and-conquer 3:05 and about chaos program chaos and all of 3:08 this so i will direct people to those 3:10 recent videos and you don't want to be 3:14 humanized your quote-unquote enemy 3:17 because the real enemy is not your 3:21 neighbors it's not people living with 3:23 their mommy or whatever it is the the 3:26 people who own and control the system it 3:29 is the banksters it is the people at the 3:31 top of the system it is not your 3:33 neighbor 3:35 an interesting flip side to this one 3:38 James vole include as a related story 3:41 from the BBC police forces across the UK 3:44 paid out at least 22 million pounds to 3:47 informant over the last five years 3:49 according to figures obtained by BBC 3:51 Radio 5 I think it's these kind of 3:54 stories may I mean all of these all of 3:56 these stories that will talk about up 3:58 this week on episode 297 of next week 4:01 for februari night 2017 hopefully should 4:04 try and get at the heart or at least 4:07 strike at the root and look at kind of 4:09 deep state politics of what really goes 4:12 on behind the scenes of how this divide 4:14 and conquer has been going on and on and 4:16 on and James I think unfortunately in 4:18 some ways it still hits on the purge 4:21 means that i have been talking about for 4:23 the better part of the last year so hate 4:25 my neighbor it is you know seasons no 4:28 matter anymore we talk about the summer 4:30 of rage it turned into the fall it's 4:32 just continues on and on and on our 4:35 second story this week comes the redmond 4:39 pie online as back in spring 2016 and we 4:43 made only brief mention of it in some of 4:45 the related headlines towards the end of 4:47 the new world next week episode spring 4:49 2016 when Apple refused to unlock an 4:52 iphone 5c for the authorities following 4:55 the San Bernardino incident in December 4:57 2015 company made the argument that is 4:59 created a tool for opening up an 5:01 encrypted iphone then it would create 5:03 the potential for that tool to fall into 5:06 the wrong hands and ultimately make 5:07 iphone encryption obsolete the FBI 5:11 disagreed and went ahead and found some 5:13 well-to-do the hacking Israeli firm 5:15 style right now in turn of events that 5:17 have more than a hint of irony to them 5:19 celebrate has now had their own servers 5:21 tax with most parts of that I phone 5:24 hacking tool leak now on the web 5:26 a report by motherboard cite the source 5:29 who hacked into a remote celebrate 5:31 server install 900 gigs of data 5:34 including evidence that celebrates also 5:36 works for countries like Russia Turkey 5:39 and UAE I feel like I'm i may be heard 5:41 those countries mentioned in the news 5:44 recently since this story happened a few 5:47 weeks ago released 5:49 we hear about it a few weeks ago and now 5:51 that's just the kind of catching your 5:53 interest and everyone else's interests 5:54 as well what makes you hit up on the 5:57 story right now 5:58 well I think this is just particularly 6:00 interesting given that we're just now 6:02 seeing the confirmation of jeff sessions 6:05 with attorney general and his people 6:06 know who are watching my recent 6:08 interviews like the one with Derrek 6:09 throws where jeff Sessions has talked 6:12 about the need to put back doors into 6:14 things and who is very much a supporter 6:17 of the iphone incident that we saw last 6:20 year with the San Bernardino thing in 6:22 the US government trying to get Apple to 6:24 force the door open course we now know 6:26 they went with celebrate 22 so they 6:29 didn't have to force it legally but this 6:31 is exactly exactly why you do not want 6:35 to put back doors into software or 6:37 hardware that so that the government can 6:40 have their backdoor access is because 6:42 that access will be discovered by others 6:45 and now is out there it's out in the 6:47 wild so this super-secret way that the 6:50 government was able to unlock iphone SE 6:52 não não is out there and you know 6:55 presumably out there on the black market 6:56 and will be used by criminals 6:58 surprise surprise surprise of absolutely 7:00 no one this is why you do not want to 7:03 purposefully weekend 7:05 security this is why it is so dangerous 7:07 so I will direct people back to my 7:08 conversation with their it grows about 7:11 sessions and about the war on encryption 7:13 that I think is going to be another one 7:15 of the main themes of the incoming Trump 7:17 administration and and you just said 7:21 sessions got confirmed i mean he just 7:23 got confirmed mere moments ago pretty 7:25 much as we were sitting down to take 7:27 this episode 2 points 7:30 James I want to include right here I did 7:32 actually I cover this story back on 7:34 january 17 on my morning show and do a 7:37 daily morning show that I broadcast lot 7:40 israeli phone hacking burn celebrate 7:42 confirmed information security breach 7:45 and at another one that goes home with 7:48 this actually talked about this very 7:50 morning but I'll include a link in the 7:52 show notes to a clip from that episode 7:54 this morning 7:55 ohio man's pacemaker data betrays him in 7:59 arson insurance fraud case 8:02 the really interesting story about 8:03 obviously a guy trying to burn his house 8:07 down but the data on his heart says a 8:11 different story about what may have 8:12 actually haven't I think it goes along 8:14 with that story of the hot tub smart 8:17 meter data being used as evidence in a 8:19 murder trial and these are the stories 8:21 now of which means that we've talked 8:23 about for wasn't seven-plus years on 8:26 neural next week have not only grown and 8:31 hatched it's sort of there now having 8:33 they're having their offspring and we're 8:35 seeing these stories now play out in 8:37 court and they even become just sort of 8:38 part of the mundane background and of 8:41 course this also massively 8:42 precedent-setting as well so I'll plug 8:45 myself with episodes morning monarchy 8:48 links as another thing we noted James 8:51 last week was pretty depressing in some 8:54 bit of good news as i did not do a good 8:56 news next week episode this week Gates 8:59 Foundation mission shutdown india for 9:02 their big pharma ties and we grab this 9:04 via indiatimes india has shut down the 9:07 melinda gates foundation on a critical 9:09 national health mission and possible 9:11 conflict of inch of interest issues 9:14 arising from the Foundation's ties with 9:16 pharmaceutical companies being just one 9:18 of the reasons all financial ties of the 9:21 country's immunization advisory body 9:24 with the Gates Foundation have been cut 9:26 off 9:26 indiatimes learned that the government's 9:28 decision was informed by among other 9:30 factors arguments from senior medical 9:32 professional centered around 9:33 conflict-of-interest issues or questions 9:36 about gates foundation's ties with 9:38 pharmaceutical companies and the 9:40 possible influence this may have had on 9:42 the country's vaccination strategy 9:44 global policy forum race some of these 9:46 concerns and in a study from december 9:48 2015 called philanthropic power and 9:51 development who shapes the agenda it 9:54 cautioned on the growing influence their 9:57 sought or unsought of the large global 9:59 philanthropic foundations especially the 10:01 bill and melinda gates foundation on 10:03 political discourse and agenda-setting a 10:07 lot of times it's kind of like 10:09 whack-a-mole with eugenics obsessed 10:11 so-called elite like the gates 10:13 foundation but we'll take a good 10:15 a condom James yeah I exactly right i 10:18 mean let's take this when we can get it 10:20 I'm not sure exactly spelled the end for 10:23 cases immunization plans but at any rate 10:27 it is an interesting move and i would 10:29 like to think this is part of that kind 10:32 of dominoes that we've seen with 10:33 Kazakhstan stripping US aid workers of 10:37 diplomatic immunity and then shine a 10:39 passing laws regulating NGOs and then 10:42 Russia declared the national endowment 10:43 for democracy and undesirable and geo 10:46 india place to Ford Foundation on a 10:49 security watch list all of this happened 10:51 in the last couple of years i wrote an 10:52 article about this at the time back in 10:54 2015 called beware Americans bearing 10:57 gifts ngos of trojan horses that i will 11:00 put in the show notes that people can 11:01 read through about that but i think it 11:04 is i mean it's obviously I i I'd like to 11:07 think it's part and parcel of that and 11:09 yet I know that there's not it's not 11:11 like there's any love lost between 11:12 Narendra Modi and bill gates in fact 11:15 gates was in town visiting Modi and the 11:19 top-ranking Indian parliamentarians in 11:22 the very week of the d monetization and 11:24 he was praising it and saying how all 11:26 this will springboard of the india into 11:29 the you know new in tech revolution and 11:31 blah blah blah so i'm not sure this is 11:34 necessarily directed gates per se i 11:37 think there may be obviously different 11:39 organizations that are involved in 11:40 putting pressure on the government to 11:42 try to dissociate themselves with the 11:44 gates foundation for a number of reasons 11:46 and that every say let's take it for you 11:48 know there's a victory as it is but it's 11:51 obviously not the final victory you've 11:54 makes so many good points there and I 11:56 think just maybe this is closing note on 11:58 all of this that goes through the 12:00 stories of the informants in the 12:01 divide-and-conquer in the hacks and all 12:03 of it there's a lot of theirs for the 12:06 chest going on 12:08 it's complicated there's not a unified 12:11 field conspiracy theory and everything 12:13 is all kind of connected 4ths going on 12:17 and essentially they want us to all kind 12:19 of just play checkers and think it's all 12:20 that simple and that it is just kind of 12:22 black and white so in closing all I'll 12:25 say is James you and I both have patreon 12:28 account we are completely listener 12:31 supported non-commercial alternative 12:33 media outlet where on patreon and we got 12:36 this coin and we will continue to do 12:38 that work like we've been doing 12:40 yes we will I'm looking forward to it 12:42 again next week

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Donald Trump: The "Anti-Christ" Agenda Exposed

Donald Trump just chose Wilbur oaths a 0:04 billionaire investor and senior managing 0:06 director of Rothschild zinc as Secretary 0:10 of Commerce it's still hard to believe 0:12 anyone is making excuses for how 0:14 blatantly swampy Trump's administration 0:18 is becoming drain the swamp 0:21 what about mutant swapping to a future 0:23 lake support of the rest child would 0:27 become even more apparent collect Donald 0:29 from says exxonmobil chairman and CEO 0:32 will be his Secretary of State mr. Trump 0:35 announced this morning that it will 0:37 nominate Rex teleson as the country's 0:39 next top diplomat Donald Trump decided 0:42 to nominate the swamp for treasury 0:44 secretary he went with a guy named Steve 0:47 minuchin minuchin is a second-generation 0:51 goldman sachs partner haha double swamp 0:55 for you and what the whole game was was 0:58 to get us to accept their agenda yet 1:02 again but Christians were out 1:05 celebrating God has answered our prayers 1:09 really you notice reflect the Holy 1:14 Spirit has spoken feeling your heart 1:16 dead 1:18 this is in answer to your praise 1:24 I'd let some person sending your message 1:27 last night is God is Donald Trump God's 1:33 men to bring revival that was in the 1:40 back of another question is Donald Trump 1:42 the Antichrist well what are we gonna do 1:45 this country going down the tube nodded 1:48 and I mean we could have another eight 1:50 years of Hillary Clinton and the worst 1:53 mess that anybody could make out of a 1:56 nation this is God's nation and no body 2:02 is going to take it away from the only 2:04 mr. Trump he says that he was a 2:07 Presbyterian if you look at who is 2:10 pastor was norman vincent peale when you 2:13 look at the government's appeal and what 2:15 he taught I you'll find that it has 2:17 absolutely nothing to do with true 2:20 Orthodox Christianity and I whether or 2:24 not Trump is complicit with spreading 2:27 that particular philosophy of the pot 2:31 power positive thinking and all that 2:32 which is actually comes out of 2:35 Freemasonry you when you look at his 2:40 philosophical bent and how he speaks and 2:43 what he does it doesn't line up with 2:46 biblical Christianity it does line up 2:49 with our positive thinking it's actually 2:53 very a more I like to work we don't 2:56 really have to ask if I like to do the 2:58 right thing we're going to actually ask 2:59 for forgiveness does that make sense to 3:00 you know what you don't make such bad 3:03 things that you don't have to ask for 3:05 forgiveness I mean I try and lead a life 3:07 we don't have to ask God for forgiveness 3:08 but I'm promise I'm presbyterian which a 3:13 lot of people are surprised to hear i go 3:15 to church the great norman vincent peale 3:17 was my Minister for years the power of 3:19 positive thinking it was fantastic mr. 3:21 Trump sounds like a conservative 3:24 he has casinos and his portfolio you 3:28 know a digi digi say that that could 3:31 potentially be a link to the frankest a 3:35 gender and ideology within and he 3:38 absolutely either if Trump is not a part 3:42 of that group then he is being played or 3:45 he may I don't I can't say what the 3:49 man's motivation truly is i really don't 3:51 know but he has surrounded himself with 3:54 people that are linked to Frank this 3:57 ideology Jacoby and going back to 4:02 sabotage he he is surrounding himself 4:06 with people that their ultimate goal is 4:09 complete eradication of all things 4:12 biblical in essence in order to bring 4:15 about the one world government which is 4:18 the the charter of the United Nations 4:20 and if you actually look at what's 4:22 behind that philosophy going to the 4:24 writings of Aleister Bailey it's the 4:27 ushering end of their Cosmic Christ who 4:30 the Bible calls the Antichrist or the 4:33 beast or the coming world ruler the a 4:36 Syrian their ideology is you have to 4:42 make every person on the planet wicked 4:44 or you have to make them all righteous 4:47 since it's impossible to make every man 4:48 righteous it's going to be a lot easier 4:51 to make every man wicked let's go down 4:53 the wicked route 4:55 and that's what the United Nations is 4:58 based on the total eradication of 5:01 anything that's of a biblical nature is 5:04 by very definition is a war if you know 5:08 if that's the case is a wolf in sheep's 5:09 clothing is very anti Christian these 5:11 people for those listening our enemies 5:14 of the church this audio yeah it's also 5:20 much enemies of the church because the 5:21 church is corrupted in many ways as well 5:24 d organized churches you're going to 5:28 find this power of positive thinking 5:29 talk with in almost every single Church 5:31 in the United States unfortunately it's 5:33 it's integrated into most denominations 5:36 in the world this this concept I that 5:41 the main thing the main thing is there 5:43 is a reduction on the focus of becoming 5:46 sanctified but an increase on let's 5:50 build our positive self-image that's the 5:53 biggest problem that we're seeing in the 5:55 churches that this is going 5:56 this feeds into where in the bible does 5:59 the Bible teach that the governments of 6:02 the world will be controlled and ruled 6:04 by born-again believers if you can show 6:07 me one scripture where in scripture does 6:11 it say that the church will gain such 6:13 influence that we will rule the world to 6:17 put your trust in Princes nor in a son 6:20 of man in whom there is no help 6:23 maybe this is a sign of the falling away 6:25 that these characters can rise on the 6:28 scene in such a big way in full so many 6:30 within organized religion and churches 6:32 that has become like a beacon of 6:35 deception 6:37 well yeah absolutely deception is the 6:40 main sign of the end of time at the end 6:44 of time as we know initiative before 6:46 Christ returns 6:47 the disciples asked him what are the 6:50 signs of you return and what's the very 6:52 first thing he says do not be deceived 6:55 it's not earth quakes yeah that's one of 6:58 them but that's not the most important 6:59 thing he talks about earthquakes once he 7:02 talks about I rewards rumors of words 7:05 once but when it comes to deception and 7:08 do not be deceived be you know be awake 7:12 to what's really going on that is spoken 7:15 over and over and over we have to worry 7:20 about work Wilson sheep's clothing in 7:22 our own personal lives but when Trump 7:25 comes on the scene and speaks really i 7:29 mean very good rhetoric 7:32 I mean if you listen to what he says in 7:34 his speeches it resonates it sounds 7:37 wonderful 7:38 it's very positive you're going to think 7:40 very positive but you're going to forget 7:43 he when you start to look at what he 7:45 actually does does it actually line up 7:47 with Scripture and so far it doesn't and 7:51 that really is my my main concern and 7:54 worry is the figures coming on the scene 7:57 and speaking such large profound words 8:01 and itching is and it really concerns me 8:05 just just as an example as a test run 8:07 they're just how many people who are 8:10 Christians flock to it and what's it 8:13 going to be like in the future because 8:15 i'm sure this Antichrist figure is not 8:18 going to be speaking hate what what 8:21 seems like hate they're going to be 8:22 saying things that are very swelling and 8:24 very alluring and interesting and is 8:27 going to grab people's attention 8:29 oh yeah is the any crisis not going to 8:33 come across as you know a big giant you 8:36 know whether winged demon know he's kind 8:39 of anti doesn't mean against Christ 8:42 necessarily it means in place off he's 8:44 going to come in and Alice a baileys 8:48 ratings 8:48 he's going to be Christ at the Ascended 8:51 master he's going to come across someone 8:54 that 8:55 everybody in the world will fall down 8:58 and worship unless you have a saving 9:01 faith in Christ and even Christians 9:03 might be deceived 9:07 so that the lack of discernment the lack 9:11 of repentance the lack of humility in 9:15 just our individual lives should bring 9:18 us pause we need first first and 9:20 foremost we need wisdom so so with this 9:24 information in mind lastly what a way to 9:26 deal with told in the Bible to pray for 9:28 our leaders and governance what what do 9:31 you think is a solution for those that 9:33 kind of see what's going on but don't 9:35 really know the next steps if you'd read 9:39 in the New Testament there are a variety 9:42 of places in there that we are 9:44 admonished to pray for the Emperor at 9:47 that time they improve home the king or 9:49 whoever it is in government we need to 9:52 pray for our leaders not just our 9:53 pastors but our civil leaders as well 9:56 however if even if they are quote 10:01 unquote evil and even if they are 10:03 effectively persecuting Christians and 10:08 and doing things that are evil we're 10:10 still to pray for them gods in control 10:13 definitely he can use these people 10:17 without them 10:19 converting to faith in Christ they can 10:23 still be influenced by God himself 10:27 you know we were admonished to pray for 10:29 them because if we're not praying for 10:30 them then the influence of the enemy is 10:33 going to be influencing them it is our 10:35 responsibility to also try to live 10:39 peaceable lives and try to obey the laws 10:41 of the lab as best we can 10:42 that way that I we're not doing anything 10:46 to bring attention to ourselves in a 10:48 negative light 10:50 we're going to try to do everything that 10:51 is you know good and moral and pure 10:55 within the framework of the laws of the 10:58 lines we live in 10:59 and eventually because of that people at 11:02 arm's length will hopefully see that 11:04 we're not subversives we're just trying 11:07 to be people that shine the light of in 11:09 love of Christ and we're just trying our 11:14 best to make disciples for Christ in the 11:19 last days which I believe we're in 11:20 things are just going to get worse and 11:23 worse and worse for Christians we're 11:24 going to get more persecuted the more we 11:27 disciple guess what we're going to get 11:30 more persecuted the more you step out 11:32 the more persecution is gonna come 11:34 before you know it we're going to be 11:36 it's going to be illegal to be a 11:38 Christian just like it was in the days 11:39 of Rome and if you are trying to 11:42 disciple people for Christ's there's a 11:46 book of Revelation promises that you 11:49 will be rounded up and executed so our 11:53 leaders are not our salvation only 11:54 ultimately jesus is our salvation we 11:57 can't assume that just because we're 12:00 praying for our leaders and just because 12:01 they have good rhetoric that they're 12:03 going to be on our side and ultimately 12:06 promises i find comfort in mainly is 12:09 just that all of this is working 12:10 together for the heavenly promise and 12:14 hope that we actually have there are 12:16 diapers in this world to have a 12:18 different painting systems of a 12:20 different kingdom so that's that's one 12:22 of the biggest lies that we have today 12:23 is this whole concept of you know being 12:28 positive and trying to build our little 12:31 bubbles of security on this planet and 12:34 trying to assume that everything you 12:38 know we just be good be you know 12:41 positive be conservative and all that 12:44 and that's all that matters 12:46 reality now we need to be preparing to 12:49 meet Jesus face-to-face and we need to 12:51 be preparing others to do the same 12:54 Jesus might not come in our lifetime but 12:57 were eventually going to meet him 12:59 face-to-face and so the people around us 13:00 if you don't want if the Antichrist 13:04 actually does come on the scene and we 13:06 are not taken out of here 13:07 I we're going to have to deal with that 13:09 and like Jesus kept saying and Paul and 13:13 all the others there's going to be a 13:15 massive deception and unless you can 13:17 discern truth from deception we we 13:22 Christians maybe fall for it and if 13:25 somebody like Trump can come on the 13:26 scene and you thinking that he's all 13:28 that and a bag of chips 13:31 well wait till you the real thing comes 13:33 on the scene i'm not saying that 13:35 trumpets is auntie Antichrist but he 13:38 definitely is not a conservative I'm 13:41 looking I mean ultimately looking 13:43 forward to just this whole stormer we're 13:46 going to have to go through potentially 13:48 that the separation of the sheep and 13:50 goats and all the all that were told in 13:52 the Bible is just these things are tools 13:56 that are being used to refine us and 13:58 prepares for a place with the terminal 14:01 consequences and and that's the most 14:04 amazing thing ever that the hope that 14:07 lies underneath all of this all of these 14:09 coming things 14:10 yep exactly we need to embrace it and 14:15 and learn from it if we don't learn from 14:18 it will have to keep relearning at we 14:22 need to practice wisdom and discernment 14:24 as much as we need to practice grace and 14:28 mercy when we look at the fruit of the 14:32 Spirit and that's outlined by Paul 14:35 it's not just love it's also 14:38 self-control is also long-suffering it's 14:41 also patients 14:42 well we're going to be suffering you 14:45 know as Christians we are going to be 14:46 suffering not just from our internal 14:48 battles between the flesh and the spirit 14:50 we're going to be suffering because 14:52 we're going to be persecuted and if 14:55 we're not able to discern things like 14:58 you know who is really Trump working for 15:01 then when the real Antichrist shows up 15:05 when the actual man of sin the man of 15:09 lawlessness finally arrives on the scene 15:11 and he looks like everything that we've 15:15 ever wanted in a man god are we going to 15:19 be able to determine that he was not 15:21 really the Christ are we are we going to 15:25 fall for it 15:26 I certainly hope not because when Jesus 15:29 comes back in reality and you are with 15:32 the you fallen further the big lie as 15:35 outlined by Paul in his letter to the 15:38 Thessalonians here if you're not on the 15:41 right side of all that you're toast 15:44 there's there's no going back I hate 15:47 people already and that's partly why we 15:49 do these videos is just really to 15:52 prepare people for the reality of the 15:54 truth of what is to come and not 15:57 sugarcoat it and try and bring you the 15:59 truth thank you so much for joining us 16:00 today corner of the reef and I'm sure 16:04 castigated say is sir mr. mass you have 16:07 a wonderful day god bless you god bless

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President Trump Declares War on Drug Cartels

President Trump Signs 3 New Executive Orders - Att General Jeff Sessions Swearing-In - Happening Now

Trump is the president, the grown up in the people's house.It is time to put your foot down and do your job that the people gave you permission to do. Your job is to protect us not the federal judges. Dems the the time for playing games with American people's lives is over. Trump is our president, he won not Hillary. Keep the e.o. in place.

The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative journalists , researchers , Whistelblowers , truthers and many more
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