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Trump got the NWO Insanity under Control -- Mike Rivero

What Really Happened: Michael Rivero (Mike Rivero) Wednesday 2/8/17: (Commercial Free VIDEO)

Mike Rivero is the host of the What Really Happened radio shows on the Republic Broadcasting Network and webmaster of, now in its 22nd year. Both the radio show and website enjoy a large and growing global audience. He is a frequent guest on talk-radio and has appeared in television programs such as History Channel’s “America’s Book of Secrets.” Mike Rivero’s background is as eclectic as his radio show and website. Formerly with NASA, Mike transitioned his image processing skills (along with a brief stint as a child actor) into the then-new computer animation field, starting with award winning commercials, then working on films such as “Star Trek”, “The Day After Tomorrow”, and later supervising visual effects on “Brainscan”, “LOST”, and “Hawaii Five-0”. Mike Rivero has taken a sabbatical from film work to focus all his efforts on peace activism. Mike Rivero’s foray into blogging began before the word was even invented, and happened almost by accident when he spotted a suspicious photograph being broadcast on ABC news in 1994 related to the murder of White House Deputy Counsel Vincent Foster.Since that abrupt beginning, What Really Happened, both website and radio show, has expanded to cover diverse topics including the assassinations, the accidental shoot-down of TWA 800, election fraud, health issues, Saddam’s non-existent nuclear weapons, 9-11, the economy, and the ongoing propaganda used to trick the American people into wars of conquest in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and other nations. Mike Rivero currently resides in Hawaii with his wife Claire, who is a composer, choir conductor, and creates much of theme music used on the What Really Happened radio show, as well as occasionally participating as a commentator.

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The New Travel Ban You Didn’t Hear About Is Against U S Citizens

 As emotions intensify over Trump’s recent immigration ban, the State Department and IRS have quietly used it as a smokescreen to roll out a new policy that targets U.S. citizens for unpaid taxes.
The passports of these individuals can now be revoked and their citizenship status undermined at the behest of one of the government’s most corrupt agencies. By granting the Internal Revenue Service control over passports, due process has been significantly undermined. The shield of protection that U.S. citizenship used to represent has transformed into an inescapable brand of ownership. The desperate financial condition of the federal government will only worsen in the future, forcing it to further consume its own people’s wealth in order to survive.

Transcript : The New Travel Ban You Didn�t Hear About Is Against U.S. Citizens. 0:23 As emotions intensify over Trump�s recent immigration ban, the State Department and 0:28 IRS have quietly used it as a smokescreen to roll out a new policy that targets U.S. 0:34 citizens for unpaid taxes. 0:36 The passports of these individuals can now be revoked and their citizenship status undermined 0:41 at the behest of one of the government�s most corrupt agencies. 0:45 By granting the Internal Revenue Service control over passports, due process has been significantly 0:52 undermined. 0:53 The shield of protection that U.S. citizenship used to represent has transformed into an 0:58 inescapable brand of ownership. 1:00 The desperate financial condition of the federal government will only worsen in the future, 1:05 forcing it to further consume its own people�s wealth in order to survive. 1:10 The new program is set to be implemented over the next few months, and currently only those 1:15 with �seriously delinquent tax debt� are in the crosshairs. 1:18 An individual must have $50,000 worth of tax debt to be subject to revocation, but that 1:24 number can easily be adjusted downward in the future. 1:28 Once identified by the IRS, a certification is sent to the State Department to begin the 1:34 process. 1:35 The taxpayer is then informed of the action taken against them, but any recourse from 1:40 there is extremely limited. 1:42 This policy blatantly targets citizens living outside of the country who may not have filed 1:47 with the IRS while earning an income abroad. 1:50 The United States is one of only two countries in the world that entitles itself to tax citizens 1:55 while they work in other countries. 1:58 These regulations were bolstered by FACTA legislation, which requires all foreign financial 2:03 institutions to report account information on Americans. 2:07 The additional risks that come with having to deal directly with the U.S. government 2:11 have led many foreign banks to deny American clients altogether. 2:16 As society progresses into the next age of authoritarianism, it�s clear that control 2:21 over travel is going to play a key role in the power structure. 2:25 The National ID is just one sign of the changing tide and will require federal identification 2:31 instead of a state driver�s license to travel. 2:34 These new cards would establish a kind of �domestic passport� system that would 2:38 open the door to serious abuses against law-abiding citizens. 2:42 The consolidation of authority into agencies like the TSA and IRS should act as a canary 2:48 in the coal mine to those worried about the suppression of their freedom of movement. 2:53 The ACLU has come out strongly against this kind of control grid being established: 2:58 �Americans have long had a visceral aversion to building a society in which the authorities 3:03 could act like totalitarian sentries and demand �your papers please!� And that everyday 3:09 intrusiveness would be conjoined with the full power of modern computer and database 3:14 technology. 3:15 When a police officer or security guard scans your ID card with his pocket bar-code reader, 3:21 for example, will a permanent record be created of that check, including the time and your 3:26 location? 3:27 How long before office buildings, doctors� offices, gas stations, highway tolls, subways 3:34 and buses incorporate the ID card into their security or payment systems for greater efficiency? 3:39 The end result could be a nation where citizens� movements inside their own country are monitored 3:45 and recorded through these �internal passports.�� Considering all of this, the implications 3:51 of Trump�s border wall should start to appear more sinister than ever to individual freedom. 3:56 In the years to come, the wall could just as easily be used to keep people in rather 4:01 than out. 4:02 Sign up for the free Anti-Media newsletter the establishment doesn't want you to receive 4:08 The pride that used to be associated with American citizenship created a country of 4:12 opportunity for those willing to work hard, but now that pride has been replaced with 4:17 a ball and chain that drags down the prosperity of those hindered by it. 4:22 Tax evasion is seen by many as a crime deserving of severe punishment, but the hypocrisy of 4:27 a nation like the United States claiming the moral high ground is laughable. 4:32 Those who can distance themselves from the jurisdiction of bureaucrats in Washington 4:36 should do so as soon as possible. 4:38 America is starting to resemble the Titanic, and there aren�t enough lifeboats for the 4:43 passengers. 4:44 The objective now should be to avoid being pulled under the water when the $20 trillion 4:49 debt bubble implodes.

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Michael Savage - The Leftist Destruction Of America

Michael Savage gives an epic, full-blooded rant about how the disease of Leftism is destroying America

Transcript : I can't say anymore now the rest of 0:43 course is commentary upon next statement 0:45 I just made i'll repeat in case you 0:47 missed it we are all confused by Trump's 0:50 plans and our plans still being stalled 0:52 by suicidal left this fanatics who if 0:55 not stopped will get many of us killed 0:57 whatever else i'm going to say today and 0:59 the rest of the week is commentary upon 1:00 that one statement the American Cultural 1:02 Revolution that we are living through is 1:04 what i'm going to talk about a little 1:05 bit leading right up to the superbowl 1:07 ads which was disgustingly political I 1:10 ask you again what happened to our 1:12 beloved America we want to put a man on 1:14 the moon now left-wing fanatical 1:15 protesters give us their full moon in 1:17 broad daylight in san francisco in other 1:19 cities we in America with no help from 1:21 Al Gore invented the information 1:22 superhighway into that entrepreneurs 1:25 create a great companies like eBay and 1:26 Amazon accelerating global commerce how 1:30 did we declined so rapidly that we're 1:31 doing nothing but watching Atticus and 1:32 the streets being supported by 1:34 congresswoman who say it was beautiful 1:36 the only thing certain is that America's 1:38 wounds are internal radical Islamists 1:40 are determined to kill us and white 1:41 Great Satan America and little satan 1:43 Israel off the map Isis iran al Qaeda 1:46 boqueron Hamas Hezbollah and Saudi 1:48 Arabia not having that cases all want to 1:50 destroy us the world war two generations 1:53 face threats head-on now by inactivity 1:55 other liberal self-loading we have those 1:57 were trying to kill us 1:58 the Iran nuclear deal by obama gave over 2:00 a hundred fifty billion dollars to a 2:02 nation sharing every day for our 2:03 destruction how insane that we become 2:05 Iranians yell death to America we 2:08 respond by giving them the tools to 2:09 carry out their wishes the greatest 2:11 generation defeated the Nazis and 2:12 communism now radical Muslims are 2:14 threatening us and Millennials are too 2:16 busy to fight 2:17 Islamist watch training videos on how to 2:19 carry out against the infidels while our 2:21 kids will be texting at taking selfies 2:23 everything is a selfie our enemies are 2:25 preparing our funerals are young people 2:27 worry that pictures of the funeral will 2:29 not show up on their Instagram accounts 2:30 Iran is trying to set up a global 2:32 Caliphate what we strive to become the 2:34 next mozambique one of the poorest 2:36 nations on the planet 2:37 how did how did the Islamist go from 2:39 being a regional power to a global 2:41 fighting force how the Americans end up 2:43 actually supporting our enemies with 2:45 crackpot judges from Seattle supporting 2:47 them 2:48 it starts with a culture that shares a 2:51 common bond with our enemies they don't 2:53 want us to existing is do we get good 2:55 breeding we don't do any breathing 2:57 Islamist have 14 children apiece so 2:59 losing seven children homicide bombings 3:01 is a drop in the bucket 3:02 we went from having 2.3 children to an 3:04 abortion culture and all the price 3:06 Manhattan loft a three-bedroom family 3:08 houses a waste when there is no family 3:09 Islamists van birth control and then 3:12 turn their women into baby she had 3:14 factories we have feminists demanding 3:16 life of free sex with unlimited trips to 3:18 the abortion clinic most people would 3:20 never connect abortions radical Islam 3:22 but you're smarter than most people 3:24 don't just take my word for it look at 3:26 the numbers there 1.2 billion Muslims in 3:29 the world America has at last count 3:31 three and twenty some odd people with so 3:33 many illegals flooring and it's tough to 3:35 get an accurate count there are roughly 3:37 four times as many Muslims as Americans 3:39 they keep adding to their ranks and we 3:41 keep importing illegal because our own 3:42 people eliminate their babies at this 3:44 rate we'll go the way of your you're up 3:46 to stem italy had a declining birth rate 3:48 in recent years 3:49 Europe is finished they refuse to 3:51 reproduce while Islamic women keep 3:53 churning out the next generation of 3:54 Islamists the Center for Disease Control 3:56 reported in 2011 / 730,000 abortions 3:59 will form the united states that is 4:01 100,000 more people in the entire state 4:03 of Vermont imagine if you woke up one 4:05 day and start all over mark was reported 4:06 as tempting it is as it is not to bring 4:09 the next Bernie Sanders into the world 4:10 think of an entire state just empty that 4:12 was in one year since roe v wade in 1973 4:15 54 million abortions have taken place we 4:18 voluntarily killed off between fifteen 4:19 and twenty percent of population and by 4:21 the way the next time you're left to say 4:23 that illegal do the jobs Americans 4:25 refused to do just remember how many 4:26 Americans we killed off those baby has 4:28 been born there would be no labor 4:29 shortage today 4:30 their children in rare cases 4:31 grandchildren could have joined united 4:33 states military instead Islamist 4:35 breeding Americans are bleeding 4:37 I'll say it again in case you missed it 4:38 it's got nice iambic pentameter mostly 4:41 to pay attention you psychotic moron you 4:42 Jake Tapper you stupid drug addict moron 4:45 you're a drug addict you're addicted to 4:46 liberalism you sick man you idiots more 4:49 on CNN Islamist of reading and Americans 4:52 are bleeding 4:53 it's easy for Islamist the champ to 4:55 America we eliminated one-fifth of their 4:57 obstacles and made a judgment percent 4:59 easier to take at least some Americans 5:00 are still having children unfortunately 5:02 many of those children spend their 5:04 formative years being taught how to 5:05 surrender 5:06 Thank You berkeley the emasculation of 5:08 American Voices one step short of 5:09 suicide Muslims are living in 5:11 patriarchal societies while American 5:13 boys are being emasculated by feminism 5:15 schoolyards used to be filled with kids 5:17 at recess playing games like kill the 5:18 guy with the ball 5:19 nobody died if we played smear the queer 5:22 nobody stood anybody boys play with GI 5:25 Joes and girls play with dolls kids play 5:27 freeze tag without a single incident of 5:28 sexual harassment 5:30 cartoons were filled with violence Bugs 5:32 Bunny tied together not now funds gun 5:33 kaboom covering his own a black suit 5:35 while etot chase the Roadrunners fell 5:38 off his debt go off the cliff to his 5:39 debt we have children do not to try and 5:41 jump off the roof th boys watch rocky 5:44 and rambo we came home without trying to 5:47 kill anybody 5:48 we did not need liberals to tell us the 5:49 difference between pretend and real-life 5:51 common sense of parents handle that now 5:54 schools across the country cancel gym 5:55 class even rock-paper-scissors is too 5:58 violent 5:59 Roxas can be used by children on each 6:01 other take requires murdering trees it's 6:03 no wonder Islamist produce strapping 6:05 young men all-american produces center 6:07 of crybabies Muslim children are taught 6:09 to hate the madrasas they're taught how 6:11 to kill the infidels and blasphemers 6:12 American Voices suspended from school 6:14 for arranging the school lunch 6:16 vegetables in the shape of a gun Rapids 6:18 perhaps it's good they get suspended 6:21 Michelle Obama's to start my children 6:22 anyway piece of burgers and fries a 6:24 replace with gluten-free calories lee 6:26 three flavor free garbage the kids throw 6:28 away then they race and grab a hamburger 6:30 on the way because growing boys want 6:31 more than apple slices the fiber protein 6:33 bar during world war two young boys 6:35 volunteer to go overseas to save the 6:36 world 6:37 the korean war colonel david heck we're 6:39 teaching our young military that's to 6:40 kill accounting for money now American 6:43 kids on college camp 6:44 mrs. retreated a safe spaces to escape 6:47 for potential microaggressions Islamist 6:49 cut off heads and limbs and are young 6:51 boy shriek at the drop of a 6:53 microaggression marching with Islamists 6:55 and hating Trump this is michael savage 6:58 i'm reading to you is a continuation of 7:02 what i wrote for you in my last books 7:03 government 0 a scorched-earth but 7:05 everything to you can be found on this 7:07 radio show and Trump's war we are in 7:10 this war we are all fighting this war 7:11 truck is losing the war 7:13 he's writing these laws and not going 7:15 anywhere because of wackadoodle suicidal 7:17 left us in the media and in the courts 7:19 during world war two young boys as i 7:23 said to you volunteer to go overseas to 7:24 save the world and i said to the korean 7:27 war colonel david Hackworth teaching our 7:29 young military best to kill accounting 7:31 for money and now your children on 7:33 college campuses 7:34 Retreat retreat to their faces to escape 7:37 from so-called microaggressions Islamist 7:40 cut off heads and limbs and a young boy 7:41 shriek at the drop of a microaggression 7:42 do after remind you what happened in 7:45 berkeley you know what happened over the 7:47 weekend after the Berkeley riots a 7:50 congresswoman so-called from Florida 7:52 said it was beautiful to watch the quote 7:54 young people destroying University 7:56 College University of California at 7:57 Berkeley you know what i watch movies 7:59 and TV shows in the fifties I see an 8:01 America that was bold daring macho 8:03 unafraid and proud of itself when I look 8:05 in America today I see something else 8:06 that is because a very small band of 8:09 radical fanatical leftists in the media 8:11 in the schools and in the courts have 8:15 seized every aspect of the media and 8:17 every avenue of government imaginable 8:19 they're ashamed of the very idea of 8:20 America they're not the majority they 8:22 don't speak for the people they are a 8:24 group of political deviance they are 8:26 political deviance in a statistical 8:27 sense in a political sense and in a 8:30 social sense this small band of deviant 8:33 judges and devious media types have 8:36 wrecked the united states of america and 8:38 turn this into a nation of almost slaves 8:39 these Craven apologists of terms of the 8:43 grandchildren of the greatest generation 8:44 into jellyfish less brave than the 8:47 average freshman it is easy to blame the 8:49 nineteen sixties flower power and the 8:51 radicals that spawned them nihilistic 8:53 forces like the Black Panthers and the 8:55 weather underground 8:56 it takes a village of people to destroy 8:58 a child and need to be called up by name 9:00 Hillary Clinton Barack Obama was just 9:02 symptoms of a much bigger disease you 9:04 see my friends of the savage nation what 9:06 we're living through right now is part 9:08 of the disease of the cultural 9:09 revolution started right around the time 9:11 very sottero was born and i'm going to 9:14 go shortly to the super bowl and play 9:16 the ads and you'll see why I'm talking 9:18 about you will see how even our sports 9:20 events have been infected by the radical 9:23 leftists this is a savage nation 9:25 you just got more than you're gonna get 9:26 for the rest of the week from everything 9:28 else in the media 9:29 stay tuned because more is coming

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How Trump is The Ultimate Divide & Conquer Puppet: Duality, The Hegelian Dialectic & The NWO Hyrda

Stein, Zuckerberg, Epstein, Schumer, Rosenthal, Bloomberg, Feinstein, Soros (Schwartz), Kissinger, Blumenthal, Bernacke, Yellen, Greenspan, Geithner, Lieberman, Sulzberger (NYT), Rothschild, Goldman-Sachs, Blankfein, Lehman Brothers, Ginsberg, etc., etc. Starting to see the picture yet?

Transcript : you know I've mentioned a few times 1:00 before that Trump has a way of putting 1:02 truth in plain sight and spinning into 1:04 the biggest lie ever and the 1:06 presidential election was definitely one 1:08 of those times 1:09 special thanks to youtube channel 1:11 branding right for the clip i just 1:12 showed you and I love that you chose and 1:14 the montage on that last clip it's one 1:17 big six so I know I'm like six weeks 1:19 late on this but the lead-up to the 1:21 election was one giant fake out non-stop 1:24 talking about Hillary's camper in the 1:26 election the Russians getting involved 1:27 all the cyber hacking and this clown 1:30 wins no problem in fact you walk through 1:33 the primary the election and the recent 1:35 electoral vote with no problems 1:37 whatsoever so yeah it's one big fix its 1:39 rigged but it was scripted for him to 1:41 win and you know the shop that so many 1:44 people are in the reactionary diatribes 1:46 online or suffocating and more than ever 1:49 both sides want you to take 1:50 responsibility for the weight of your 1:51 vote or non vote and it begs the 1:53 question who did you vote for 1:56 of course Donald was telling us all 1:57 along that it didn't matter he was 2:00 telling us is that it's one big six 2:01 because it's the one-party system your 2:03 vote doesn't count but it also brings up 2:05 another point who exactly is it that's 2:07 behind the curtain 2:08 what are they doing so I see a picture 2:10 like this for about a month ago and they 2:12 shook hands and that photo opportunity i 2:14 basically see something like this and if 2:18 you remember i'm talking about the 2:19 Marvel movies they created that internet 2:21 meme hell Hydra and i'm not just having 2:23 a little bit of fun there we'll come 2:24 back to that later 2:25 there is seriously a fascist element 2:27 hidden within our government running the 2:29 show so it's no surprise that within 10 2:32 minutes of logging onto my computer back 2:34 on november nine I was hit by this 2:36 imagery so I snagged a few their promos 2:39 will play back in a moment you'll see 2:41 how blatant the messaging is on all 2:43 three of those promos you'll see a 2:45 December 16 state that's the start of 2:47 the second season beyond that really pay 2:49 attention to what these ads are telling 2:51 us especially right around election day so these visions of 4:14 coming in our near future that 4:15 authoritarian police state the truth is 4:17 have warned about four years and much of 4:19 the public is becoming aware of that 4:21 possibility through Trump selection and 4:23 its association with the alt right 4:25 personally I'm surrounded by people who 4:26 are utterly terrified by this vision the 4:29 false awakening that I talked about all 4:30 year is taking shape but below all that 4:34 of course is another truth this corrupt 4:36 system already exists and these images 4:38 are already true the fascist government 4:40 behind the government is merely stepping 4:41 out into the daylight to reveal itself 4:43 so not many spoilers here but this show 4:46 is one that mirrors our reality pretty 4:48 closely the basic premise involved in 4:50 generations people in the early nineteen 4:53 sixties waking up to the fact that the 4:55 outcome of world war two was a lie and 4:56 that their world is a sham and their 4:59 world the Axis powers have somehow won 5:01 the war and outright control America so 5:04 they know it's a mirroring of our own 5:05 reality and in the upper left corner I 5:08 don't have lost to show but there's a 5:10 film reel getting passed around it has 5:13 footage revealing that their history the 5:14 sham and then the war went differently 5:16 than they were told and then that scene 5:18 when those girls watching it 5:19 they're really honing on her eyeballs 5:22 and the projector lens and there's a two 5:24 symbols that are hugely important it's 5:26 all about projection and perception 5:28 it's all about people choosing to see 5:30 what they want to see the world around 5:31 them and overwhelmingly people choose to 5:34 think that they are free when they are 5:35 not so if you go to their facebook page 5:38 and scroll through its one piece of 5:40 truth after another in plain sight 5:43 here's one from july 4th freedom is in 5:45 the eye of the beholder independence day 5:47 and got somebody who is completely 5:49 distracted by the facade of society all 5:51 the symbols the advertisements 5:53 essentially the matrix and they also use 5:56 projection to tell us in our own world 5:58 what's coming and you remember last year 6:01 they wrapped an entire train and all 6:02 this imagery now this was so blatant 6:05 have to take it down but what I'm saying 6:07 is all this programming has been 6:09 building for years and it perhaps 6:10 viewers to become more responsive when 6:12 the real threat shows up in the future 6:14 and I got pointed out before Trump is a 6:17 walking projection image of Hitler and 6:19 Hitler's rise to power is coming out 6:21 time and again in relation to the guy 6:22 and not by accident whether it's the 6:25 frightening side the clear mirroring of 6:27 history or the humorous side we've been 6:30 surrounded by all these lavas for a long 6:32 time and it's a lot like the 1930s 6:35 Germany where they fell into an 6:36 artificial bubble of a reality and no 6:39 kidding all this together is really 6:42 hypnotic even dangling this right in 6:45 front of us and again here's the dustbin 6:47 of history like quality to it this quote 6:49 right here 6:50 our history is being used to protect our 6:51 future alright so here's the thumbnail 6:54 from that video is going to point this 6:56 out i was pretty much spot on with this 6:58 visual is from my video that i posted 7:01 back in March and it's called Donald 7:02 Trump Civil War and secret societies 7:04 america's health cards and I never 7:07 predicted the Trump would take the white 7:08 house but i was paying attention to all 7:10 the visual they're sending to us and it 7:13 only made sense that i came up with this 7:15 thumbnail the end of the video helped 7:17 the Trump upside-down flag signaling the 7:19 stress and it's about a divided nation 7:21 72 half months later 7:23 this is on our new stand out of cars 7:25 upside-down flag from seasons divided 7:28 States of America and what they're 7:30 saying is a house divided cannot stand 7:33 and ever since doing that video i've 7:35 noticed every Nazi story that popped up 7:38 in front of me so when I started this 7:40 presentation like a month and a half ago 7:41 I went back and found the first news 7:45 story i can think of which is this one 7:46 from late-september and I chose it for a 7:49 symbolic nature naughty time capsule on 7:51 earth in Poland because again we're 7:53 taking out the past and raising 7:54 awareness of a very old very real threat 7:56 and as always it's not just about Nazis 8:00 about Hitler's rise to power he talking 8:03 to it disillusions are disempowered 8:05 populace that wants to return to 8:07 greatness 8:08 you've seen that story a hundred times 8:10 how they keep mirroring Trump and Hitler 8:13 so than any wonder that this came out 8:15 more recently time magazine and I'm not 8:19 going to add any new thoughts on this 8:20 one just belongs in this presentation 8:22 but again they're back to back the 8:24 mirror each other and that's not by 8:25 accident and all throughout the campaign 8:29 we solve stuff like this so that you 8:30 wouldn't forget because it gave becoming 8:32 a very real threat and everyone's minds 8:34 your lady gaga sending mixed signals at 8:38 a Hillary rally right before the 8:40 election so of course conservatives 8:42 attacked it liberals defended it 8:44 everyone defends their side of the aisle 8:46 now this was interesting this next one 8:48 after i saw those advertisements for the 8:51 man in the high castle 8:53 i SAT back and like just give it 5-10 8:54 minutes I know something else is going 8:56 to pop up it's one of those days 5-10 8:58 minutes later this came up on the screen 8:59 November 1938 today's the 78th 9:04 anniversary of kristallnacht which is 9:06 kind of dark joke i would roll my eyes 9:08 at if I read it in a novel again the 9:10 lines between fiction and reality are 9:12 blurring and crystal knockers the night 9:14 of broken glass when a bunch of German 9:16 citizens were incited to go out and 9:18 smash a bunch of your storefront and so 9:20 is it any wonder that exactly 70 years 9:22 later that the day we had similar 9:24 visions going on in our own backyard now 9:28 we're not all out there attacking Jews 9:30 but it's bringing up that is eliciting 9:32 that same visual that there's an 9:33 authoritarian power coming out is going 9:35 to bring out every prejudice that 9:36 America has right now setting up against 9:38 one another and since the election a lot 9:42 of stuff like this isn't popping up on 9:43 my screen and this is the programming 9:46 really taking hold on people so here 9:48 this tweet here 9:49 ever wonder what it'd be like to go back 9:51 in time help fight naughty support civil 9:53 right there resist native genocide 9:55 now's your chance we got this article 9:58 right here white nationalist alright if 10:01 you see an avi einat see and she's 10:03 borrowing from that if you see something 10:05 say something campaign so I scrolled 10:08 through this article really quick and of 10:10 course it didn't take long to see what 10:11 she was after just a snippet given the 10:14 close ties between the alright and trans 10:16 cabinet how the top story on every front 10:18 page on some version of neo-nazis 10:20 attempting to seize control of American 10:22 government 10:23 meanwhile over here almost in the same 10:25 day 10:26 fighting Nazis is an American tradition 10:27 stop the alright so you can see how 10:30 people are primed and ready to accept 10:32 this because they've been seeing it in 10:34 their entertainment and in their news 10:36 for honestly for years now so we're 10:38 gonna go to one of those movies right 10:40 now and the movie I want to talk about 10:43 is captain america the winter soldier 10:44 and this is one of those Marvel movies 10:47 and put a lot of truth in plain sight 10:49 like they all do but in this movie the 10:51 symbol of America Captain America finds 10:54 out that a fascist not the element known 10:56 as Hydra is embedded deep within shield 10:57 which is basically the 10:59 military-industrial complex so these 11:01 members of Hydra hide in plain sight and 11:03 greet each other with the phrase hail 11:05 Hydra like I showed you earlier you'll 11:07 remember this is a popular internet mean 11:09 from a couple years ago that allowed the 11:11 sleeping classes to take part in the 11:13 joke and that's one of the side effects 11:15 of putting the truth in plain sight done 11:17 properly put people to sleep if you try 11:20 to tell them not to use the same as or 11:21 better deeper than our own government 11:22 right now though is completely laughing 11:25 remember those means it's very easy to 11:27 make fun of 11:28 so this section get very dense but i 11:30 really want to bring up this main point 11:32 and all about the duality game or evil 11:35 latched itself onto something good and 11:37 it does that in a fight so that the to 11:40 get mixed together and was time for evil 11:42 to take a fall it pulls something good 11:44 down with it and I'm going to make a 11:46 huge point out of that later 11:48 so through compartmentalization numerous 11:51 elements of shield have no idea who's in 11:53 charge of what we are working for a 11:55 given time and all that 11:56 halfway through the movie captain 11:58 america find the secret military bunker 12:00 that as yet another secret bunker 12:02 underneath it so there's layers upon 12:04 layers of these organizations but a lot 12:06 of people don't know who they're really 12:08 working for at the bottom is discovered 12:11 that a character named dr. Zola with who 12:13 is a scientist for hydrogen world war 2 12:15 has survived as a computer program his 12:19 monologue revealed that Hydra during 12:21 World War Two learned that they could 12:23 not to do the World War outright 12:25 humanity always fights back against an 12:27 over enemy remember that want to talk 12:29 about the police state and the 12:30 revolution is going to be used on us 12:32 again we're supposed to fight against 12:34 this authoritarian state so how'd you 12:37 learn that they had to convince the 12:38 world to give up his freedom gradually 12:40 between all mouth through Operation 12:42 Paperclip Zola was able to come to 12:44 America create a parasite organization 12:46 within shield over time they gradually 12:49 overtook the joint sewing see the 12:50 division and chaos throughout the world 12:53 this is representative of an internal 12:54 struggle that apparently happens within 12:56 our own government which allowed 12:58 fashions to get embedded into very high 12:59 places 13:00 more importantly this is what i really 13:03 want to get to know you want to mention 13:05 that shield and Hydra are two sides of 13:07 the same coin that is going out of 13:08 currency and get rid of the evil that is 13:11 Hydra both sides have to go and that's 13:13 the Hegelian dialectic that we talked 13:15 about so much 13:16 and credit goes to KJ also enter this 13:18 one if you look at the higher logo 13:21 design has a couple of 666 is in plain 13:23 sight and I noticed that if you split 13:26 the logo down the middle you'll see that 13:29 they mirror each other and they oppose 13:30 one another and this is evil fighting 13:32 itself in a control battle to advance a 13:34 larger agenda 13:37 so one more movie James Bond specters 13:40 came out a year later it's pretty much 13:41 the exact same plot at least the exact 13:43 same premise and bonds world he 13:45 discovers that there's a secret shadowy 13:47 organization that has tentacles and all 13:49 forms of government particularly in the 13:51 intelligence community they're getting 13:53 ready to launch a massive surveillance 13:55 program to take down all their enemies 13:57 and just do humanity and to effectively 13:59 bring about a new world order same thing 14:02 is happening captain america with 14:03 project insight it's no coincidence then 14:07 that both of these organizations have 14:08 just about the same logo tying into that 14:12 squid or octopus that be a lead love so 14:14 much they have their tentacles and 14:16 almost everything and they're developing 14:18 a world of it so this was 2014 this is 14:21 2015 in 2013 i don't know if you know 14:24 this or not but the NSA and nasa 14:27 announced that they launched a satellite 14:28 called n roll 39 and here's the catch 14:32 phrase for the Logan came up with 14:34 nothing is beyond our reach and it has 14:36 the squid with the tentacles all over 14:38 the globe and it just happened to 14:40 coincide with the time that Edward 14:42 Snowden defected and released all that 14:44 information and i just want to point out 14:47 real quick here 14:48 this is not how you keep a secret this 14:50 is how you make an announcement so again 14:53 this is them coming out in the open and 14:54 waving hello saying we exist 14:57 this is why they're being cartoonishly 14:58 sinister in their approach here we know 15:01 about the surveillance programs and all 15:03 this other stuff because we're supposed 15:04 to 15:05 so why is it why are they putting 15:07 themselves out in the open and the 15:09 concept is called externalization of the 15:10 hierarchy you've heard me say time and 15:13 again that the system is exposing its 15:14 own corruption this is entirely what I'm 15:16 talking about 15:17 I just relabeled this concept and why 15:20 they're doing it spiritually they have 15:22 to tell us what they're up to 15:23 which is all well and good but they're 15:25 using it to reach a far greater end 15:28 that's what I want to get through there 15:29 going to use it to latch anything that's 15:32 good about this world to something evil 15:33 and flush it down the toilet so in that 15:37 scene and told you about earlier with 15:38 dr. Zola he mentioned in passing that if 15:41 you cut one head off of the Hydra one or 15:43 two go back in its place 15:45 he's referring to the ritualistic 15:46 beheading of the hydro and keep it 15:48 really sure the leakage 15:50 both sides of a given conflict to create 15:53 a predetermined outcome usually someone 15:55 needs to take the fall 15:57 whoever is involved in the fighter knows 15:58 about it needs to see a bad guy lose the 16:00 fight as such one of the many heads of 16:03 the hydros beheaded so everyone can have 16:05 closure and in the captain america 16:07 example at Hydra losing the fight 16:09 pulling shield down with it 16:11 meanwhile evil shape-shift into a new 16:13 form replicate the same duality program 16:16 all over again 16:17 advancing numerous agendas kudos to 16:19 whoever came up with this spiral graphic 16:21 right here it's exactly what I had 16:23 pictured in my mind when I went looking 16:24 forward 16:25 so you got anyone in your life who won't 16:28 believe in something like that just 16:29 sounds too stupid right out of the 16:31 movies it would never happen a lot of 16:33 this stuff is public information i'm not 16:35 going to go into depth about Operation 16:37 Paperclip if they know those movies tell 16:39 them to go look at Reinhart Galen he is 16:42 everything i just talked about one 16:43 person surrounded himself with Nazi war 16:45 criminals create an entire intelligence 16:47 apparatus that is still in effect today 16:49 in Europe 16:52 so I want to end on this point which is 16:54 that most shooters out there seemed to 16:56 think that the fascist police state will 16:57 be the new world order when in fact it's 17:00 a means to an end 17:01 if you've been away for even six months 17:03 you know the basic premise of the 17:04 revolution a global leader losing 17:06 control and they don't like it and the 17:08 more truth comes out about them the more 17:10 they will need to clamp down in our 17:11 rights and sent to us by force taking us 17:14 into global warming financial collapse 17:16 that's this section over here the call 17:18 for revolution is telling us that if we 17:20 rise up and fight them we can stop them 17:22 but if you look at the murals at the 17:23 denver international airport you can see 17:25 that they know all about this awakening 17:27 they wanted to happen and you can see 17:29 war personified coming in and slice into 17:31 society killing peace and later on the 17:35 world has conquered and United under the 17:36 banner of peace 17:38 so keeping it really simple we're going 17:40 to put through a really dark phase 17:42 having lost control 17:44 evil will come right out in the open and 17:45 Barrett thing that humanity 17:47 they're forcing themselves out in the 17:48 open where corruption can be seen now 17:51 keep in mind the union of opposites 17:52 wherever truth pair of the lie and 17:54 everything good is paired with something 17:56 evil the bigger and darker they go the 17:58 more truth they can misrepresent in the 18:00 worst way possible and this is why 18:02 they're externalizing and overtly 18:04 corrupt hierarchy and it served its 18:06 purpose and it needs to auto-destruct to 18:08 bring in the new age like i said earlier 18:10 people need someone to resist and they 18:13 need to see the bad guys take a dive by 18:15 the time that happens I'll take down our 18:17 current society with them and everything 18:19 that was good about it 18:20 this is ritually beheading the Hydra and 18:23 it's all meant to prep survivors to 18:24 accept peace at any cost and bring about 18:26 false spiritual awakening 18:29 will be the simple no on the surface 18:32 will be chaotic and fragmented as 18:33 possible you can see how we're being 18:35 pitted against one another in this fight 18:37 many people the right thing to resisting 18:39 the global agenda many people on the 18:41 Left think they're about to resist the 18:42 fascist regime least here in America 18:44 unfortunately both sides are controlled 18:47 by the same invisible powers 18:49 and this is why a very potent question 18:51 is resurfacing which side of history 18:53 will you choose to be on it's what you 18:55 call loaded question 18:57 we're frequently told to take sides and 18:59 every argument because whichever side 19:00 you're on the establishment has you in 19:02 their narrative that's the duality trap 19:05 playing out endlessly the only true 19:07 fight is whether or not you stand with 19:09 Jesus Christ Yeshua and stay true to the 19:11 scripture now I personally believe Jesus 19:13 will be misrepresented in the worst way 19:15 possible during this time 19:17 that's why he warned us that all nations 19:18 will eventually hate us for his namesake 19:20 by the end I point you to Matthew 19:23 chapter 24 verses 9 through 11 for that 19:25 and I have more thoughts on this but 19:27 they're gonna have to wait for another 19:28 time if you like this video please share 19:31 it with comment below if you haven't 19:33 already please subscribe to this channel 19:34 thank you for listening 19:36 I'll catch you next time

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The Fed Will Sacrifice Dollar to Prop Up Bonds -- Peter Schiff

 Money manager Peter Schiff says, “The Fed is going to try to keep interest rates as low as possible because we have so much debt that these artificially low rates are the only way we can service it. So, the Fed, I think, is willing to sacrifice the dollar to keep propping up the bond market. Even if we launch QE4, it may not have the effect on the bond market that prior round of quantitative easing had. They may lose control of the long end of the bond market. And certainly when it comes to corporate bonds or muni bonds, or any bonds that are not being monetized, rates are going a lot higher. . . . I think the dollar is going to tank.”. . . In order for the Fed to keep the air from coming out of this bubble (in bonds), they will have to sacrifice the dollar.”

Where does that leave hard assets like gold? Schiff contends, “Gold stocks were the best performing stocks in 2016, and they are already the best performing stocks in 2017. I think the bear market in gold and gold stocks ended at the end of 2015. It’s a new bull market. I think the big gains we got last year are just a small down payment on the gains we are going to get in the years ahead. Very few people are positioned properly.”

Schiff goes on to say, “Donald Trump is not the cause of these problems. We’ve got a giant wound that we’ve got a band-aid on. Nobody is really looking at the wound because it is hidden by this band-aid, and it’s getting worse, and worse and worse. Maybe Trump will peel back that band-aid, and we actually get a good look at how bad we are wounded. . . . I think this has gone on so long and the bubble has gotten so big . . . . We did not get to celebrate the Dow 20,000 party, but I think that we are going to have the last laugh and do the most celebrating when the bottom drops out of the dollar and reality sets in.”

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TRUMP "Crazy Like A Fox" Secrets You Don't Know, yet

Trump is well aware of the globalist tactics being used around the world. It is almost funny to watch the controlled press trying to contain it by calling Trump "crazy" and hoping the "sheeple" will buy their distorted version of reality.

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Get Ready WW3 on The Horizon !!


now China in Russia 0:10 now plotting an offensive a currency 0:13 offensive against the United States it's 0:15 going to take place in april at the IMF 0:17 all this on the heels of new tensions 0:19 are rising in asia as you know general 0:22 mad dog madness has responded to the 0:25 Chinese and the Japanese stating that 0:27 they will the United States will stand 0:29 by Japan if there is any attack on Japan 0:33 of course with the the Senkaku Islands 0:36 now being buzzed by the Chinese of 0:39 course this is all global saber-rattling 0:41 and here to talk to us now is Charles 0:44 thorn grand he is a financial he's been 0:47 financed for 25 years he's with noble 0:49 gold investments and he's here to help 0:51 us understand exactly what this all 0:53 means for your wallet because at the end 0:55 of the day at the end of the day all 0:57 these global saber-rattling actions 0:59 affect us in some capacity so Charles 1:03 welcome to the next news network 1:05 thank you glad to be here and scary so 1:08 we just did a report on this general Mad 1:10 Dog Madison said yes we will stand by 1:12 Japan will we will we will hold by our 1:14 article 5 treaty if trying to decide to 1:18 do anything now personally I don't think 1:20 China is but they are planning something 1:22 with Russia's we just stated tell us 1:25 more about what's going to happen at the 1:27 IMF in April and I'd love to you know 1:30 you see the these maneuvers and a lot of 1:32 times with China it's very hard to 1:35 understand what they're doing they're 1:37 not as transparent as most nations are 1:39 armed and so you see these offensive 1:42 movements these that the buzzing of the 1:44 islands and things it's all a way to 1:46 distract you from what they're planning 1:47 on doing and what we have happening in 1:50 April is is an IMF meeting 1:52 ok it's going to discuss the reserve 1:55 currency as you know or may not know the 1:58 United States dollar has been the 1:59 reserve currency for the world with 2:02 everything that's going on that standing 2:06 it is is not as secure anymore 2:09 we're seeing pressure applied by by 2:12 China 2:13 as well as Russia and we're seeing that 2:16 in a way that really begins to minimize 2:21 our effectiveness around the world 2:23 because besides power the next thing 2:25 people care about his money and this is 2:28 what we're talking about reserve money 2:29 for the world so they want to go ahead 2:31 and change the reserve currency from the 2:35 United States into it into what 2:38 well that's the discussion they know 2:41 that they can't do it on just that you 2:42 want itself or the rule itself so what 2:46 they want to impose is a basket of 2:48 currencies and what that will do for 2:50 them is give them much more clout in the 2:52 financial world they want to have the 2:55 ruble and as the one included in that 2:58 basket with the dollar that will do a 3:01 couple things it will strengthen them we 3:03 already know that that China has control 3:06 of a manufacturer no question about that 3:08 but we'll do then is give them the 3:11 ability to use their currency to 3:14 generate their own forms of debt to 3:16 expand 3:17 ok that's key because it's going to 3:21 cause the world to need less US dollars 3:24 and what will happen that scenario 3:26 there's a couple different scenarios 3:28 that could happen when it becomes much 3:30 more difficult for us to be able to to 3:32 sell our depth to the rest of the world 3:34 ok and to the worst-case scenario is 3:37 people decide they don't want to hold 3:39 that that anymore because now they have 3:41 options and China doesn't have the 3:44 deficit that the United States has 20 3:47 trillion dollars that's a lot of debt 3:50 it's much more than we can we actually 3:52 produce its larger than our gdp so 3:54 ineffective terms if we were a company 3:58 we would be a bankrupt company and 4:01 seizing this moment is is seizing right 4:05 at the right time where we have some 4:07 weakness it's a good thing that Donald 4:10 Trump knows how to handle love bankrupt 4:11 companies sister simple so let's talk 4:15 about China for a minute because we know 4:17 that China and Russia they are just 4:19 vacuuming up gold we know that's one of 4:21 your one of your strong points to 4:23 actually convert people's IRA is into 4:25 gold 4:26 people can learn more about that the 4:27 link in the description to or the phone 4:28 number below up but the point is what is 4:32 how does that tie into this IMF vote the 4:36 gold that I mean they're literally 4:37 buying up so much gold you can actually 4:39 buy gold and other banks even to write 4:41 correct 4:44 so how does the color the goal play into 4:45 the IMF Oh what does what does it 4:48 actually it does what it does it plays 4:51 into the vote because regardless of what 4:52 happens with that vote you know that you 4:55 have yourself protected take your IRA 4:58 get some form of protection against 5:01 currency itself because you now have an 5:04 asset that moves counterproductive to 5:07 the dollar so if we see weakness in the 5:09 dollar gold goes up your values go up so 5:15 China is buying up gold and people can I 5:19 mean if a nation does it in their own 5:21 right individuals can do that to through 5:23 their IRA but let's talk about Japan 5:27 now there's a Reuters report that was 5:29 recently out and it's actually really 5:32 good news you know we're seeing the 5:35 Japanese put together a package I think 5:37 it's 160 billion dollar high tech 5:40 infrastructure investment they're 5:43 touting through the package seven 5:44 hundred thousand new jobs in the United 5:48 States how do you think that is going to 5:52 affect it is it gonna affect the economy 5:54 how because we're seeing all these new 5:56 jobs popping up personalized companies 5:58 like hey we want to reinvest in America 6:01 we want to put these companies back in 6:02 america are we going to see a ripple 6:05 effect of prosperity that Trump said is 6:08 going to make America great again 6:10 yes that that's the short answer the 6:14 long answer is we will but it's not 6:15 going to be as quick as we'd all like 6:17 macroeconomics is not something that 6:20 happens quickly so you have your initial 6:23 investment plans have to be built people 6:25 have to be higher 6:26 we will get to the point where all the 6:28 people who lost their jobs you know in 6:31 2007-2008 are beginning to get work back 6:34 that is meaningful they'll be able to 6:37 start planning for the return 6:39 once again be able to start doing things 6:40 again but that takes time 6:43 there's a lot of recovery that has to 6:44 happen before we see the effects of that 6:46 um the money being put in is going to be 6:50 a fantastic thing for us workers there's 6:52 a benefit for japan for doing it 6:54 obviously you know I'm sure they've 6:56 negotiated some some form of means we're 6:59 not having to pay tariffs or anything on 7:01 that goods that are produced here arm 7:03 getting the great American worker 7:05 involved is also a huge benefit and that 7:07 will all pay off but it's not right away 7:10 we have some scenarios where there's an 7:13 immediate threat to your retirement if 7:16 you've seen me when you have the 7:17 download an all-time high and that is 7:20 with tremendous step being out there it 7:23 doesn't really make sense for it to be 7:26 at the levels that it is so expect to 7:28 see some some correction there which is 7:30 very normal for the market you have 7:33 cycles arm will it be as bad as 2008 7:36 nobody knows but it could be 7:40 it's gone much higher than it wasn't 7:41 2008 so there's a lot of risk their get 7:44 yourself protected get yourself a 7:47 portion of that of that retirement 7:48 account and put it in something that 7:49 offers protection against that kind of a 7:52 collapse and that's what precious metals 7:54 does and i think you know with these 7:57 jobs coming back in it's gonna be great 7:59 for America but it's not gonna happen 8:01 for a couple years you're not going to 8:02 see the benefit for that three four 8:05 possibly five years from now and that's 8:07 just the economics works so the process 8:10 of actually converting your your 8:12 retirement account into gold I mean that 8:16 we're talking about tangible gold now 8:17 like real physical tangible world 8:20 absolutely and you can do like many of 8:22 my clients do when it comes time to 8:24 retire you can have them actually 8:25 deliver the gold to you if you decide 8:27 you wanted as well as dollars 8:29 absolutely it's oh so you can take a big 8:33 shit with a gold bars huh 8:35 absolutely wow that's where security is 8:38 it's a tangible asset it's not something 8:40 that's backed by someone to promise it's 8:42 the real thing 8:43 so where do you source their goal from I 8:45 mean this 8:46 probably always the world all over the 8:48 world we deal with all the major ments 8:50 arm world minutes governmental minutes 8:53 we have an extension of our clients as 8:55 well we're here to buy back metals from 8:57 our clients so we get from a variety of 8:59 sources and that's what really keeps it 9:01 cost effective for our customers as well 9:03 what's the difference between say 9:05 bullion bars and the coin coin in 9:09 government coinage government coinage is 9:11 going to cost you a little bit more for 9:13 the coinage it does take a little bit a 9:16 lot more manufacturing process and 9:19 central buying it from the government we 9:20 all know government is anything cheap 9:22 it's going to cost you a little bit more 9:23 arm but it also has that recognize value 9:27 so you can get bullion coins there are 9:31 many options available on bars and 9:33 bullion coins or are the best bet for 9:35 customers 9:36 you can have the least cost there are 9:39 some some other assets out there they 9:41 talk about specially coins and things 9:43 like that and if you were an art 9:44 collector 9:45 yeah we could do something there but for 9:47 your retirement you go where the value 9:49 is bullion bars million coins or a 9:52 combination of both of them and that's 9:54 what my team here will help do for you 9:56 to help establish what is the best 9:58 scenario for each individual customer we 10:00 can take you know your your scenario and 10:04 what your personal portfolio looks like 10:07 and Taylor so that we can get the best 10:08 benefit for you now you mention the 10:11 stock market before recently breaking 10:14 20,000 you mentioned that you you 10:18 anticipate a correction in the market 10:20 soon 10:21 how do you plan how do you think that's 10:24 really going to go well is tough to say 10:27 it's really tough to say arm right now 10:30 there is so much uncertainty not just 10:33 within the world within the United 10:35 States we see the country fighting 10:37 amongst itself but what we don't see is 10:42 a plan to keep the stock market propped 10:45 up we got here by all that quantitative 10:48 easing it wasn't based on yours and my 10:51 investment in the stock market it was 10:53 based on your your your stock firms 10:57 the boys the bank's they all had that 11:00 extra money that was given to them as 11:01 part of what was necessary by the 11:03 so-called say what they said we need 11:06 this to help save the economy and they 11:08 put it someplace they put into the stock 11:09 market now Bernie Sanders just came out 11:12 really was he was on the Clinton news 11:14 network and he said he called flat-out 11:17 called Donald Trump a fraud for hiring 11:20 goldman sachs executives and for working 11:24 to create an executive order that would 11:26 repeal some key provisions of the 11:28 dodd-frank bill now Trump's excuses that 11:32 hey there's the banks need to be able to 11:35 lend money so that these companies can 11:37 take the money 11:39 expand and hire more people now Bernie 11:43 Sanders in the critics of that say hey 11:45 you're removing key provisions that 11:48 protect consumers from fraud against of 11:52 bad investors but what it was your take 11:56 on this whole executive order to repeal 11:59 dodd-frank is it is it a positive for 12:01 who 12:02 it's it's actually a positive for the 12:05 government is it's a positive for people 12:07 who want to control the way money flows 12:09 how does it affect individual you know 12:14 for the individual it's not so fantastic 12:16 and let me tell you why 12:17 if you try to do any business and tried 12:20 to get loan recently it's very difficult 12:23 they say it was standards we have 12:26 certain criteria that has to be met 12:28 really what it was about was it wasn't 12:30 worse the bank's risk because what they 12:32 would get in return on that interest was 12:35 insufficient that's why you saw all that 12:37 money flowing in the stock market it was 12:39 it was a game that they could control 12:41 they knew where it was going 12:43 they had all these financial firms that 12:45 deal in the market they were there and 12:47 remember the bank's all bought a 12:50 financial firm when we had that issue 12:53 with with the stock market and everyone 12:56 needs to be bailed out the government 12:57 decided it was a great idea to have 12:59 banks by these stock firms and this is 13:02 where you see that combination now 13:04 bank of america / Maryland 13:07 JPMorgan / chase now that was all 13:10 originally not supposed to happen they 13:12 were supposed to be separation there but 13:14 it was done to save us as they said okay 13:16 what you have now is with interest rates 13:20 being what they are it doesn't make 13:24 sense for a bank to loan money they 13:26 cannot cover their costs to run an 13:27 operation for that alone 13:30 this is why you're seeing you know 13:33 president Trump saying we need to remove 13:34 some of these stipulations so that we 13:36 can get money not just flowing flowing 13:38 to the correct people do you think it's 13:43 going to create more jobs as Trump's us 13:44 it couldn't hurt 13:48 we we have a scenario now where jobs 13:54 need to be created but they need to be 13:55 funded to be done for that to be done so 13:58 if you're a larger corporation and now 14:01 you're worried about how do I you know 14:04 open up this new plant the United States 14:06 forward as an example how do I spend 14:09 seven hundred million dollars to open 14:12 this plant it takes financing we're 14:15 talking with Charles thorgrin with noble 14:18 gold investments the telephone number is 14:21 down below if you want to convert your 14:22 IRA that is the number to call and we're 14:27 watching china as we began this 14:29 interview we were watching China make 14:31 some pretty bold moves okay we've seen 14:32 the South China Sea tensions rising 14:34 we're seeing a transition team that 14:37 everyone's just like watching from afar 14:40 waiting for some something crazy to 14:42 happen and of course matters making his 14:45 moves with Japan so going back to the 14:49 initial target of topic here this IMF 14:53 vote is coming up soon 14:55 what's in a room in April what do you 14:57 anticipate to be the outcome before we 15:00 go you know it's it's tough to say the 15:03 IMF moves and very mysterious ways 15:06 they're not be open to anyone but it's 15:10 not a line to see some form of split 15:13 reserve currency it's been talked about 15:15 in the past 15:18 and based on the numbers split reserve 15:21 Carson's I mean a currency that has gold 15:23 backing up that has been talked in the 15:25 past but it's been removed because when 15:28 you look at the amount of debt there is 15:31 in the world gold doesn't make enough of 15:33 a difference to be included in that 15:35 currency basket and this is why you see 15:37 China saying hey we're great choice 15:39 because we have so much gold so not only 15:42 could you make us part of that basket of 15:44 currencies are currency has value there 15:48 there's a tangible asset behind it 15:50 what do you want to make when people say 15:52 the gold is going to get 5000 gold is 15:54 undervalued gold is undervalued no doubt 15:58 about that isn't being isn't they 16:00 artificially suppressed it is it is 16:03 armed 16:04 some of it's done purposefully and some 16:07 of its arm unintended consequence with a 16:11 dau at 20,000 it's very hard for people 16:15 to remove the emotion of trying to jump 16:17 on board with that with with that new 16:20 high on and get themselves protected to 16:22 get diversified so unfortunately with 16:26 metals you don't have the giant firms 16:29 like you do with the stock market you 16:31 don't have a merrill lynch of the gold 16:33 world you don't have a JPMorgan of the 16:36 gold world 16:37 ok so you see is an area where obviously 16:41 benefits them to recommend their clients 16:44 to keep investing in the stock market 16:46 that's where they make their money 16:48 so when you look and say can go over 16:52 5,000 it could it could afford to take 16:56 forward to take for the for the rain so 16:58 just be the wheels you know the rains 16:59 come training wheels come right off the 17:01 gold and then just goes it just goes to 17:03 it corrects to work should be worshipped 17:05 gold really be you know a fair value for 17:08 gold right now you'd be looking at 2,700 17:11 dollars an ounce would be a pretty fair 17:14 value 17:15 wow wow 17:18 and while we saying that we talked a lot 17:20 about gold but silver is included in 17:22 that conversation as well do you 17:25 encourage people to put up do you do 17:27 silver on the IRA 17:29 absolutely we 17:30 we we like to set up a basket of metals 17:33 for our clients that makes sense and 17:35 they both have a place depending on your 17:38 investment parameters and the time 17:40 you're looking for towards retirement to 17:42 that's part of the factor we always look 17:44 at you know what's going to best serve 17:46 you but yes 17:47 gold and silver is typically included 17:49 into that basket for my retirement 17:51 account 17:52 Charles any any final thoughts for our 17:54 viewers and how they cannot take 17:56 advantage of your program 17:58 yeah i think the best thing to do is 18:00 call us you know talk with us find out 18:03 if this makes sense for you as an 18:05 organization we were not a pressure 18:07 company we're here to help people that's 18:09 what we focus on and you can see that in 18:11 the reviews of our company but give us a 18:13 call 18:14 that's the best way to find out get the 18:16 information and make an informed 18:18 decision 18:19 that's always the best way to go about 18:20 anything spend the time do a little 18:22 research and then make the decision 18:24 that's right for you 18:25 noise is there value to doing it 18:28 obviously it's important to put a 18:30 percentage of your savings in gold 18:32 ok but with the IMF vote coming up is it 18:36 doesn't put any more pressure on the 18:37 time frame of when people should convert 18:39 it can um there's there's nothing worse 18:44 than saying you know what I was thinking 18:45 about buying metals and now they've gone 18:48 up in price it's important to have them 18:50 so regardless of the price that you get 18:52 when you start you should really get 18:54 protected if you don't have any but no 18:56 one wants to pay more than they need to 18:58 so it really is important give us a call 19:00 now and find out that way you're 19:02 prepared 19:03 you don't want to have to go and you 19:06 know gold right now just a little over 19:07 twelve hundred dollars an ounce 19:09 no need to be paying fourteen fifteen 19:11 hundred dollars an ounce for it 19:12 yeah certainly wouldn't want to take a 19:15 pic but if you can get now so buy low 19:19 sell high that's the mantra of course 19:21 and you can always get the gold yourself 19:24 that's cool you can have it actually 19:25 sharing yourself and in keeping your in 19:27 your own so where do you keep the stuff 19:28 is kept in a safe for what you know for 19:31 the IRA it started a depository it's in 19:33 a segregated account so it's in its own 19:35 box inside the vault 19:37 no one can touch with you wonderful 19:39 alright Charles well thanks for your 19:41 insights especially with the IMF 19:43 vote coming up that is something we 19:46 should all be watching and how 19:48 especially hard on trucks going to play 19:49 you know he's been a wild card since he 19:52 started this election now he's the 19:53 President and we'll see how he responds 19:55 if the United States is dumped as the 19:58 world reserve currency and of course 20:00 Mad Dog Madison Japan and other and of 20:02 course the jobs coming back the United 20:04 States all these things are good but we 20:06 are still on one charted territory right 20:10 now and we're going to continue to watch 20:12 it all so better be safe than sorry 20:15 if you have savings and that worthless 20:19 paper you better act and capture stuff 20:22 converted into gold 20:24 Charles thank you for joining us on this 20:25 program I was my pleasure thank you for 20:28 having us 20:29 alright folks you heard it here the next 20:30 news network that was Charles thorgrin 20:33 with the noble gold investments company 20:35 the link to act is in the description as 20:38 well you can call the number on the 20:40 screen to protect yourself ahead of any 20:43 uncertain future especially the IMF vote 20:46 coming up in April leave your thoughts 20:48 and comments below subscribe for updates 20:51 if you want to find out what's going to 20:52 happen with that IMF vote and of course 20:54 we appreciate it to give us a thumbs up 20:56 if you got something out of this report 20:58 for the next news network and Gary 21:00 franchi you possess the power to impact 21:03 the global manotick please share this 21:06 report and to get more videos like this 21:09 become the next news subscribe by 21:10 clicking the link below thank you for 21:13 watching the next news network

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Anonymous - Donald Trump Muslim Ban Exposed

Greetings world, We are Anonymous.

On Friday January 27th, 2017 President Trump issued an executive order suspending the Syrian refugee program and temporarily banning entries for people coming from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Syria.

The backlash has been fierce and public figures around the world have voiced their outrage. On one hand this is understandable, given the humanitarian implications, however one has to ask: Where was this outrage when the refugee crisis was being created? Where was the righteous indignation in 2011 when the Obama administration toppled the Libyan government, first by sending in the CIA to back rebel groups (that ended up having direct ties to Al-Qaeda) and then using airstrikes to finish the job?

Prior to this intervention Libya had one of the highest standards of living of any country in Africa (according to the UN). They even had free healthcare.Today the country is a failed state, plagued by ongoing violence. That's why these people are trying to escape.

And where was this righteous indignation in 2012 when the U.S. began providing weapons, money and training to rebel groups in Syria in an attempt to overthrow Assad? Even at the time it was known that most of these weapons were ending up in the hands of jihadists, and it was no secret that these groups were committing horrific atrocities. Again why do you think these people are trying to escape?

Then there was Yemen, where the Obama administration quietly supported Saudi Arabia's bombing campaign for over a year, before finally getting their hands dirty and launching direct airstrikes in 2016.

This warmongering continued till the very end. Here's a map of where the 26,171 thousand bombs Obama dropped just in his last year of office fell.

Bombs dropped by Obama in 2016

You know it seems to me that the inhabitants of these countries would have preferred that you stand up against the wars that destroyed their homeland before and while it was happening, rather than take issue to where they are allowed to go in the aftermath. Just saying.

None of this is a defense of Trump's order. It doesn't make any sense that Iran be included on the list while Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Egypt get a free pass. Especially considering that Saudi Arabia is most prolific purveyor of Wahhabi extremism in the world. That is of course unless you look at this through a geopolitical lens. Which brings us back to the real crux of the issue: war.

After 8 years of covering for Obama's foreign policy, the left already has a credibility problem, and the current strategy of throwing temper tantrums at Trump's each and every turn (which started before he took office) isn't helping. Inside your echo chamber you might feel like revolutionaries, but from the outside, your selective outrage is reeks of hypocrisy and low brow partisanship. You're also burning through your ammunition before the battles that are really going to count (like another war or an expansion of police state powers).

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect us.

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Is the Agenda a New Civil War?

The not-so-secret word is "Chaos". Whenever you hear it, the system wants you to scream real loud.

Speaking of the left-right power struggle that has played out for thousands of years, the book of Daniel says this: "And both these kings' hearts shall be to do mischief, and they shall speak lies at one table; but it shall not prosper: for yet the end shall be at the time appointed." (Daniel 11:27) During His earthly ministry, Jesus Christ remained aloof of worldly politics, and instructs His followers that His kingdom is not of this world. Any true change in men can only come from a change of heart; politicians and kings who act to compel others through the barrel of a gun or a stack of laws and regulations never understand that. Any effort we expend to support the Hegelian dialectic's left-right paradigm is wasted energy. Imagine what could be accomplished if the energies wasted in protests was rather directed to serving others as per the example of Jesus Christ.

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ARMageddon: How Your Smartphone CPU Breaks Software-Level Security and Privacy

 by Moritz Lipp & ClĂ©mentine Maurice

In the last years, mobile devices and smartphones have become the most important personal computing platform. Besides phone calls and managing the personal address book, they are also used to approve bank transfers and digitally sign official documents, thus storing very sensitive secrets. Their exposure or misappropriation would not only be a fatal infringement of privacy, but could also lead to disastrous consequences in terms of financial security and identity theft. So what if it is possible to silently monitor and track what the user is doing on his smartphone or recovering encryption keys without any permissions or privileges?

In this talk, we will show that all of this is possible by mounting cache side-channel attacks on ARM that have been believed to work solely on x86 architecture. We will discuss how we overcame the challenges to perform such attacks on smartphones and demonstrate their immense attack potential. We prepared a live demo to show an unprivileged app that records the exact timestamps of user input activity. We will also present how two apps on a system can communicate with each other, circumventing the permission system and show how we can attack Bouncy Castles AES implementation. We will release source code that allows the user to perform platform-independent attacks within minutes. It serves as a starting point for research on cache side-channel attacks on smartphones and a foundation to build more sophisticated attacks.

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Alex Jones Show (VIDEO Commercial Free) Wednesday 2/8/17: Philip Haney

-- Date: February 08, 2017 -- Today on The Alex Jones Show On the Wednesday, Feb. 8 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, conservative politician Kevin Martin is in studio to discuss false MSM narratives. Whistleblower Philip Haney also joins the show to go into detail about how the DHS will benefit from a Trump presidency. Also, Milo Yiannopoulos talks about his plan to return to UC Berkeley and continue the fight for the First Amendment. We'll also take your calls on this worldwide transmission.

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Upcoming Stock MARKET CRASH! Economic Collapse Of America 2017

Our press does not tell us the truth about anything. The central bankers want war with Russia. I assure you the American people do not want war. Our gov is provoking Russia by surrounding them with tanks, soldiers, weapons, etc. right on their border.

Transcript : amazing the creative destruction we're 0:09 seeing as they begin to remove this 0:11 treacherous bureaucracy that is now 0:13 fighting for its life 0:15 the problem is it wanted to bring down 0:17 what was left of America security 0:19 dominance it had to be defeated and the 0:23 eleventh hour it began to happen 0:25 the problem is they're planning on 0:26 plunging the world economy ron paul's 0:29 mr. dent they all agree that were in 0:31 serious trouble 0:32 they are trying to now cut the qe3 to 0:35 stall Trump's recovery 0:38 they just gave him six months a year 0:39 longer and be assured that they're 0:41 stalling it right underneath his feet 0:43 that's why he is accelerating as fast as 0:46 he can so what do you make of two 0:48 trillion out of the stock market 0:51 [Music] 0:53 I think we I was thinking it was going 0:55 to meet a late last year until truck 0:59 came along he beat the polls and one and 1:02 then BB markets who said he would be bad 1:05 for the markets that are good the 1:07 markets going straight up ever since 1:08 this to me is that final orgasmic rally 1:12 and in the third stock bubble and we've 1:14 got three stock bubble in a row this has 1:16 never happened in history because it's 1:18 so much stimulus from the government 1:19 every time of all the first instead of 1:22 restructuring the debt get real and 1:23 cutting costs and doing the type of 1:25 things normal businesses and even 1:26 governments the past due 1:27 they just throw money in the economy and 1:30 create more bubbles bunch of money come 1:31 from economy is going to go chase real 1:33 estate and stocks again and now we have 1:35 a bigger stock bubble by far than ever 1:37 larger real estate bubbles in many 1:40 cities and an extreme around the world 1:42 especially in places like China London 1:45 australia and these bubbles are gonna 1:47 burst that's all bubbles do in a burst 1:49 twice as five when they crash half the 1:53 crash will come in the first three 1:54 months when the smart money finally 1:56 realizes bubbles over because they're 1:58 playing a leveraged a get out really 2:00 quick 2:02 [Music] 2:04 I think policies that we have design 2:07 about you know incremental over the last 2:09 hundred years I have worked us into this 2:12 position because it's a failed system 2:13 just as nice is a lecture many many 2:18 years before communism failed he 2:20 explained why socialism always fails and 2:23 communism would fail and we didn't have 2:25 to have a fight in a water without so 2:27 but the same rules apply to Keynesianism 2:31 interventionism Federal Reserve 2:33 inflation is and militarism it fails all 2:37 empires ii and then where the Empire and 2:40 it's going to end is going to be for 2:41 economic reasons not because the 2:43 Russians are coming it's not going to be 2:45 because the Chinese are coming in the 2:47 Iranians are going to get us and they're 2:49 we're going to fail because we're 2:51 working with a failed system especially 2:53 in this century in the last 17 years 2:55 it's been a disaster and trunk was able 2:58 to recognize this and go to the people 3:00 who have suffered the most but this is a 3:02 monetary problem this is a spending 3:04 problem this is a foreign power problem 3:07 and that is what's going to bring us 3:09 down is going to be financial assure you 3:12 about a year-and-a-half ago I was a 3:13 question from was talking to him off air 3:15 and on here he said let me just give you 3:18 a newsflash Trump knew all about this 3:21 when he was a young man before you were 3:24 born and I pressed him and others and I 3:28 did some research of what i was told to 3:29 talk to people they said listen Trump 3:31 has been waiting his entire life for 3:34 this Trump is basically beyond John 3:40 Bircher Trump knew about all this 3:43 what he was a little kid and then later 3:48 in life was heavily immersed in new york 3:51 city and has been sitting there watching 3:54 all these people the whole time getting 3:56 ready 3:56 you don't just think the enemy has 3:58 sleeper cells to you 4:01 I love it it's crazy and there's a good 4:06 part 2 minute he turned sideways honest 4:08 we know you got compromised but it's not 4:09 gonna happen 4:10 he's so pigheaded it's beautiful he's 4:12 ready for him to kill him he doesn't 4:13 care he doesn't care he told The Secret 4:16 Service I don't care what you say I'm 4:17 getting out walking down pencil that you 4:19 haven't you seen mark tugging and I can 4:21 get back in 4:22 he doesn't care he wins they kill him he 4:26 wins if they don't the only way he loses 4:28 if he doesn't deliver and i said i will 4:32 believe it drop if he delivers our dies 4:33 trying and you know what he is going to 4:36 do it or die trying 4:38 and you know what I'm not gonna get into 4:40 the conversation that would promise to 4:42 stop right there because it becomes a 4:43 diversion but let me just tell you you 4:46 wouldn't have these discussions with 4:47 people you were a hundred percent real 4:50 [Music] 4:54 and as we don't like national debt at 19 4:58 trillion 965 billion so 20 trillion 5:01 around the corner we just took twenty 5:03 thousand yesterday and the dow jones or 5:05 whatever day before dow jones industrial 5:08 average so my question to you is simple 5:11 okay is there any way that any president 5:14 is going to avoid a debt bomb know that 5:19 the debt bomb is going to explode but 5:21 what we've been doing with the debt bond 5:23 to defuse it is the Federal Reserve is 5:25 kept interest rates practically a zero 5:27 so at least we can afford to service the 5:30 debt repaying it is completely 5:32 impossible but at least we can service 5:34 it when interest rates are at rock 5:36 bottom but that's already changing 5:38 interest rates are going up inflation is 5:40 going up and so creditors are going to 5:42 demand a higher premium to hold our 5:44 paper and we are headed off the edge of 5:46 a cliff and I think that the Fed is 5:49 going to try to inflate its way out of 5:52 this problem but it's going to inflate 5:53 its way into a bigger one 5:54 all right now let's take things one step 5:57 at a time okay 5:59 there was a time where infrastructure 6:00 under previous administrations was a 6:03 tough one 6:04 okay so have the republicans are they 6:07 going to give the new president an issue 6:10 is there a difference between 6:11 infrastructure spending with this 6:14 administration versus others or is it 6:16 all pretty much the same in your mind 6:18 but it's the same and plus 6:21 infrastructure spending is not going to 6:23 help the economy you don't help the 6:24 economy by spending money to the extent 6:27 that we need to repair our 6:28 infrastructure that's awesome we have a 6:30 parent 6:31 listen I agree with you on a lot of 6:32 things Peter but i just put a roof on my 6:34 house okay and I don't look at that is 6:37 you know unnecessary infrastructure 6:39 spending it was leaking we have a lot of 6:41 quote-unquote right here oops out there 6:43 but it is so really it's not stimulus 6:47 it's more like green pears now I'm not 6:49 saying that but get the money is going 6:51 to be easy but sometimes there is a 6:52 difference 6:53 yeah but it would have been better if 6:55 your roof didn't leak and you didn't 6:57 have to repair it is you could use the 6:59 money for something else 7:00 so the fact that we have infrastructure 7:02 that is in need of repair is a negative 7:05 it is a burden it's a sacrifice that we 7:07 have to 7:08 spend money building up our 7:09 infrastructure the fact that it creates 7:11 jobs that's not a good thing because 7:13 we're diverting resources that we might 7:15 otherwise have been able to use more 7:16 productively to make necessary repairs 7:19 story infrastructure but the other 7:21 problem is we're broke we can't afford 7:23 to repair our infrastructure that is the 7:25 problem and if we're going to divert 7:27 resources to rip the building our 7:29 infrastructure what are we not going to 7:31 do right what are Americans going to 7:33 stop spending money on so we can free up 7:35 the resources to make these repairs 7:37 well sometimes Peter don't you have to 7:40 step out of the box a little bit though 7:42 i'll give you an ocean we have trillions 7:44 of dollars overseas that this president 7:46 said he's going to allow businesses to 7:48 repatriate you ever hear Build America 7:50 Bonds so why doesn't he say listen you 7:52 can repatriate it but in order to do 7:55 that you have to play this little game 7:57 of bond covenants you have to 7:59 participate in a building America Bonds 8:02 scenario where the covenants give you 8:04 bit less interest rates and for that you 8:06 will be allowed to bring this money back 8:08 at a very low or maybe negligible tax 8:12 rate your final common can we get 8:14 creative is there no answer here 8:17 well I hate to make rope not micromanage 8:20 it and of course you know they don't 8:21 have to bring the money back they can 8:23 leave where it is and pay no taxes on it 8:25 and so if we try to be you know too 8:27 funny about all these requirements they 8:29 don't have to bring the money back at 8:30 all right because they got a zero tax 8:32 rate where they are right now but the 8:35 bottom line is you talked about at the 8:36 beginning all of this debt 8:38 everybody is ignoring this people are 8:40 talking about we're going to get all 8:41 this fiscal stimulus the reason we 8:43 haven't had it before is because we're 8:45 broke and we've been relying on this 8:47 phony monetary stimulus but if we 8:49 actually try to increase already 8:51 enormous annual budget deficits with tax 8:53 cuts and more spending that 8:55 unfortunately the Federal Reserve is 8:56 going to go back to the well we're going 8:58 to do more quantitative easing and we're 9:00 going to end up destroying the value of 9:02 our currency and right now sure the 9:04 dollars that are 14 15-year high but 9:06 it's a long way together Peter I'm gonna 9:08 have to stop here but i am going to 9:09 bring it back in here to see if all 9:11 these clouds are still there thank you 9:13 for taking the time and 9:17 [Music] 9:19 I believe you weren't really keen on a 9:21 crash either so what say you now in 2017 9:24 fits and never both say something bad is 9:27 coming our way in 17 what do you say yes 9:30 so I mean as you said I in 16 I i peg 9:34 the non crash and the extension alright 9:36 some dudes do and and that was because 9:39 and we saw that we saw extra 9:41 manifestations I called artisanal money 9:44 creation relative to my book and just 9:46 the artisanal money people being the 9:48 central bankers finding just new ways to 9:52 extend their money creation policies and 9:56 that's what kept the markets up there 9:58 was a separate bit on the markets that 10:01 kept them up after trunk was elected on 10:03 the expectations that he would be good 10:07 for growth that he would create 10:09 infrastructure that he would create jobs 10:10 and again the jury still needs to be out 10:12 on that and how it relates to Congress 10:13 will discuss the beginning of this but i 10:15 do think there is some there's a little 10:19 juice left in the central bank's I mean 10:20 I i keep thinking that that there 10:23 shouldn't be i thought this for years 10:24 but they they keep surprising all of us 10:28 I think with their ability to to boost 10:30 the markets to artificially basically 10:32 stimulate so many different asset 10:35 bubbles whether that's in debt which is 10:36 which is you know epic war in all the 10:39 stock market some many of which are at 10:41 their historic ties so there's room to 10:43 go down but there's also a little bit of 10:45 room for the for the central bank's to 10:47 continue to manipulate it and I think 10:49 with 2017 that's going to be the story 10:52 if we have a crash in 2017 again it's 10:56 going to be in that second half of the 10:57 year after these promises the rate hikes 11:00 dollar being high just just collapse 11:02 into the realities of instability and 11:04 assistance artificial pneus and the 11:06 central banks don't have much room to go 11:09 that what that is going to hinge not 11:12 just what happens globally but 11:13 particularly what happens in Europe the 11:15 ECB has now extended its and it was that 11:17 it was the catalyst I thought would 11:19 create more of stability and less of a 11:22 crash last year it has now increased its 11:24 it's a purchase program through the end 11:27 of 2017 11:29 so if i look at the trend of 11:31 ECB justice as one central bank example 11:34 of a very artificial stimulator we could 11:39 see volatility to the downside not 11:42 necessarily a crash into the fall of 11:45 2017 if and that will be after the 11:48 elections happen if they really do go 11:50 and tell York with the last election in 11:52 october's is sort of a very anti current 11:54 German leadership vote that's gonna 11:58 basically create an out of steam 12:00 situation with the ECB other things 12:02 could happen with other countries like 12:03 as i mentioned Russia China and so forth 12:05 up between now and then so I think 12:09 animal a little less sure about this 12:11 crash this year I gotta say I i think if 12:13 we see a real big decline it's going to 12:16 be around that time it's gonna be 12:17 towards again the end of the year but 12:19 did not second half of the second the 12:21 last quarter 12:22 that's when I see it happening but I 12:23 really just see a sort of downward trend 12:26 into that I don't see necessarily as a 12:28 crash I just see a staying in a range of 12:30 the first half of the year and then as 12:34 these elections as these arrangements as 12:36 the realities what's happening vs was 12:38 promised I'm come into effect i think we 12:40 start seeing more of a decline in the 12:42 second half and depending on what 12:44 happens in Europe most particularly 12:46 charming in October we could see crash 12:49 in the final couple of months that 12:53 that's that's where i'm at right now I'm 12:54 looking at all of these factors as they 12:58 interrelate and in what potential juice 13:00 and at this point it's primarily ECB 13:03 maybe a little bit of people's bank of 13:04 china but they've sort of stepped off 13:06 the pedal of their version of 13:08 quantitative easing and I think Japan is 13:10 pretty much done so there's a little bit 13:12 of juice left the Fed could come in and 13:14 got 50 basis points of room to work with 13:16 and and introduce rates if they really 13:18 needed to there's just a little bit of 13:20 juice there so i take it is looking 13:22 again towards the end of the year for 13:23 those factors 13:25 [Music] 13:28 the epicenter of this next great world 13:31 shift will be right here in America now 13:35 I must warn you that some of the facts 13:38 i'm about to tell you may seem 13:40 incredible yet their true in fact we've 13:44 recently passed what i believe to be the 13:48 point of no return 13:49 [Music] 13:50 which means that a crisis is now 13:52 inevitable and unstoppable it will start 13:57 small 13:58 maybe you'll try to get money out of an 14:00 ATM machine one day and find that it 14:03 isn't working maybe you'll be at a 14:05 restaurant with your wife and when the 14:08 check comes your credit card will be 14:10 denied you call your bank you get a 14:14 pre-recorded message from some 14:16 government agency you don't recognize as 14:19 i said it will start small and now I 14:24 believe we're past the point of no 14:26 return when this house of cards 14:30 collapses which it will of systemic 14:33 shock will disrupt our lives in ways you 14:37 never thought possible 14:39 you will suddenly be locked out of your 14:41 own bank account unable to withdraw cash 14:44 or deposit a check your stocks will 14:48 swing wildly out-of-control you won't 14:51 even be able to access your Social 14:53 Security money like a virus it will 14:56 spread to our food supply chain causing 14:59 massive shortages in the cities and 15:02 suburbs the same thing will happen to 15:05 our gas network America's highways will 15:08 become quiet and empty and one by one 15:12 every service you've come to depend on 15:15 from your bank to your grocery store to 15:18 our federal government will shut down 15:21 you won't be able to get cash and 15:24 without cash you won't be able to buy 15:26 food or gasoline and what happens to 15:29 America then as a society we are now 15:34 more than ever dependent on convenience 15:36 on free government services instead of 15:40 our own 15:40 hard work on credit instead of our own 15:44 hard-earned cash what happens when 15:47 people can't use their credit cards when 15:50 they can't drive to get their checks 15:53 because there's no gas when the only 15:55 thing you can count on is cash and no 15:59 one seems to have any of it will you be 16:04 able to rely on your neighbors your 16:06 fellow citizens but lately I'm not so 16:09 sure 16:10 now I realize that to someone who hasn't 16:14 been studying this for 35 years the idea 16:17 of a serious crisis like that hitting 16:21 America may not seem possible 16:24 after what I'm about to tell you I think 16:27 you'll reconsider quote literally your 16:32 ATM wouldn't work you type in your code 16:36 no money comes out you get your paycheck 16:38 you can't cash it close quote 16:41 those are the words of the architect of 16:45 the 2008 bank bailouts Treasury 16:49 Department insider neel kashkari 16:53 what he's describing is a crisis that 16:55 you and I came very close to 16:58 experiencing just a few years ago if it 17:01 sounds similar to what I'm describing 17:03 it's for a good reason 17:05 former secretary of the Treasury Tim 17:08 Geithner has stated we Came 17:10 exceptionally close you could hear the 17:15 fear and the panic because anybody 17:19 living in that world at that time 17:21 running a business at that time knew 17:23 that we were on the edge of losing the 17:26 capacity to function 17:28 this has been confirmed by former 17:30 secretary of the Treasury hank paulson 17:33 as well as two former congressman and 17:37 while President Obama assured Americans 17:40 that quote the shadow of the crisis has 17:43 passed in his State of the Union address 17:46 I recently came across video footage of 17:50 janet yellen the current chairwoman of 17:52 the Federal Reserve openly admitting 17:54 that the u.s. is still facing a very 17:58 real threat we could find ourselves in a 18:03 devastating spiral says janet yellen she 18:07 goes on to assure everyone that the 18:09 Federal Reserve is fully in control of 18:11 the situation but the truth is that by 18:14 their own standards the feds policies 18:18 have not worked in fact official records 18:21 indicate that the highest levels of our 18:24 government have already spent 4.5 18:27 trillion trying to contain this threat 18:30 more than we spent on World War two 18:33 it's a desperate move and I don't think 18:37 they'll be successful at

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Geopolitical analysis 2017: Middle East

 BAKU - The Middle East is on fire. The traditional borders are becoming obsolete. The region is steadily fragmenting into factions defined by religion, economic interests, and kinships. But, if you thought that 2016 was a bad year, then brace yourself for 2017 as the region will undergo a geopolitical shift.

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Now It Is The Elite That Are Feverishly ‘Prepping’ For The Collapse Of Society

 Event Is Coming Soon - Now It Is The Elite That Are Feverishly ‘Prepping’ For The Collapse Of Society.

Once upon a time, “prepping” was something that was considered to be on “the lunatic fringe” of society. But in 2017, wealthy elitists are actually the most hardcore preppers of all. This is particularly true in places such as Silicon Valley, where a whole host of young tech moguls are putting a tremendous amount of time, effort and money into preparing for apocalyptic scenarios. So while interest in prepping among the general population has fallen extremely low right now, the election of Donald Trump has given liberal wealthy elitists even more urgency to prepare for what they believe is a very uncertain future.

In the January 30th, 2017 edition of the New Yorker, reporter Evan Osnos has done an extraordinary job of profiling these wealthy elitists that are “getting ready for the crackup of civilization”. One of the people that he interviewed was Steve Huffman, the young co-founder and CEO of Reddit…

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Europe 2017 : Geopolitical Analysis

BAKU - Eastern Europe finds itself at a turning point. The NATO militarization in the Baltics, the standoff in Ukraine and Russia’s increasing internal complications are just a few of the geopolitical dilemma’s the region will face in 2017.

Given the volatility of the situation, a lot can go wrong. Unpredictable events will occur, such as a sudden death or an attack. Therefore, this analysis focuses on the trends. 

The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative journalists , researchers , Whistelblowers , truthers and many more

President Donald Trump Speaks at the MCCA Winter Conference

AMAZING SPEECH: President Donald Trump Speaks at the MCCA Winter Conference Delivers Remarks
President Donald Trump Speaks at the MCCA Winter Conference Delivers Remarks Major Cities Chiefs Association Law Enforcement I dont KID! The Wall is beeing designed right now! Belive me...

Transcript : thank you very much this is the great to 0:22 be with people i truly feel comfortable 0:25 with police it then they'll say I didn't 0:29 get a standing ovation because they 0:32 never sat down and I say I got one 0:35 standing ovation because they never said 0:38 down but i want to thank you all have 0:40 great great love for what you do and the 0:43 way you do it and when I'm with the 0:45 police chiefs and I'm with the Sheriff's 0:47 of our country and these are the big 0:49 ones these are the really big ones i 0:51 just want to thank you very much and I 0:54 thought before I spoke about what we're 0:56 really here to speak about i would eat 0:59 something to you because you could be a 1:02 lawyer 1:03 well you don't have to be a lawyer if 1:06 you were a good student in high school 1:08 or bad student in high school you can 1:10 understand this and it's really 1:13 incredible to me that we have a court 1:17 case that's going on so long as you know 1:20 in Boston we wanted with a highly 1:22 respected judge and a very strong 1:24 opinion but now we're in an area that 1:27 let's just say they are interpreting 1:32 things differently than probably a 1:35 hundred percent of the people in this 1:37 room and I'd like to almost notice 1:40 anybody disagree when I when I read this 1:42 but I'm going to read watching what's in 1:44 dispute What's in question and you'll 1:47 see this it's I n 8 to 12 f 8 USC 1182 f 1:55 suspension of entry or imposition of 1:59 restrictions by the president 2:02 ok now this isn't just me this is for 2:06 obama for Ronald Reagan for the 2:10 President and this was done very 2:12 importantly for security something you 2:14 people know more about them all of us 2:17 was done for the security of our nation 2:20 to security of our citizens so that 2:24 people come in who aren't going to do us 2:27 harm and that's why it was done 2:30 and it couldn't have been written any 2:34 more precisely it's not like oh ji wish 2:36 it were written better was written 2:39 beautifully so just listen here's what 2:42 it says this is what they're arguing 2:43 when other the president finds that the 2:47 entry of any aliens 2:49 ok the entry the entry of any aliens or 2:56 of any class of aliens so any aliens any 3:01 class of aliens into the United States 3:04 so the entry of people into the United 3:08 States let's say just to be possessive 3:10 aliens into the United States so anytime 3:16 whenever the president finds that the 3:18 entry of any alien worthy class event 3:21 into the United States would be 3:24 detrimental to the interests of the 3:27 United States right so if i find as 3:31 president that a person or group of 3:35 people will be detrimental to the 3:38 interests of the United States and 3:42 certainly there's lots of examples that 3:46 we have but you shouldn't even have them 3:48 necessarily he may be and he made by 3:53 Proclamation and for such period as he 3:58 shall deem necessary now the only 4:01 mistake is they should have said he or 4:03 she 4:04 but hopefully it won't be a sheet for at 4:06 least another seven years after that 4:08 mold 4:10 today i just noticed that actually just 4:16 noticed that I'm saying well this is not 4:18 politically correct 4:19 it's correct but it's not politically 4:21 correct in the old days he made by 4:25 Proclamation and for such period as he 4:28 shall deem necessary so here it is 4:30 people coming in suspend the entry of 4:38 all aliens right success 4:41 it's not like again a bad high school 4:44 student would understand this 4:46 anybody would understand this suspend 4:49 the entry of all aliens or any class of 4:52 aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants 4:54 or impose on the entry of aliens 4:59 ok so you can suspend the aliens but can 5:02 suspend the aliens from coming first 5:05 wrong or impose on the entry of aliens 5:09 any restrictions he may deem to be 5:14 appropriate 5:15 ok so you can suspend you can put 5:19 restrictions you can do whatever you 5:21 want emphasis for the security of the 5:23 country which again you're the chips are 5:26 the sheriff's you understand this and I 5:30 listened to lawyers on both sides last 5:32 night and they were talking about things 5:34 that had just nothing to do with it 5:36 I listened to a panel of judges and i'll 5:39 comment on that but i will not comment 5:41 on the statements made by certainly one 5:44 judge but I have to be honest that if 5:47 these judges wanted to in my opinion 5:52 help the court in terms of respect for 5:58 the court they do what they should be 6:01 doing 6:02 i mean it's it's so said they should be 6:04 you know when you read something so 6:06 simple and so beautifully written so 6:09 perfectly written other than the one 6:11 statement of course having to do with 6:14 hiyoshi but when you read something so 6:18 perfectly written and so clear to 6:19 anybody and then you have lawyers and 6:22 you watched i watched last night 6:24 in amazement and i heard things that I 6:27 couldn't believe things that really had 6:32 nothing to do with what i just read and 6:36 I don't ever want to call a court bias 6:38 so won't call it the highest and we 6:40 haven't had a decision yet but courts 6:44 seem to be so political and it would be 6:49 so great for justice system if they 6:54 would be able to read a statement and do 6:57 what's right and that has to do with the 6:59 security of our country which is so 7:01 important right now we are at risk 7:05 because of what happened 7:08 general Kelly is an extremely talented 7:11 man a very good man now secretary Kerry 7:14 Homeland Security we are doing our job 7:18 great man 7:20 we're doing that job and one of the 7:26 reasons you probably heard that we did 7:28 it so quickly we like what if I don't 7:30 like I said let's give a one month 7:32 notice and then law enforcement and 7:35 general Kelly was so great because he 7:36 said we totally knew about it would know 7:38 about everything we do things well we 7:40 took things right but the law 7:42 enforcement people said to me oh you 7:44 can't give a notice because if you give 7:46 a notice that you've got to be really 7:47 tough and one month from now or in one 7:49 week from now I suggest a month and I 7:51 said well what about a week they said no 7:53 you can't do that because then people 7:55 are going to pour in before the 7:57 toughness goes under you people agree i 7:59 mean you know more about law than 8:00 anybody law enforcement so I wanted to 8:06 give like a month then i said what about 8:07 a week 8:08 thank you well then you're gonna have a 8:09 whole pile of people perhaps perhaps 8:12 with very evil intentions coming in 8:14 before the restrictions so there it is 8:19 folks it's as plain as plain as you can 8:22 have it 8:23 I didn't and I was a good student i 8:27 understand things I comprehend very well 8:29 okay better than I think almost anybody 8:34 and i want to tell you i listen to a 8:36 bunch of stuff 8:37 last night on television that was 8:41 disgraceful it was disgraceful because 8:44 what i just read to you is what we have 8:46 and it just can't be written any plainer 8:50 or better and for us to be going through 8:53 this and by the way a highly highly 8:56 respected judge in Boston ruled very 9:00 strongly in our favor you heard that 9:01 like i said to my people why don't you 9:05 use the Boston case and there were 9:08 reasons why they couldn't use the Boston 9:10 case this one can later the various 9:12 reasons but use the plastic case and I 9:16 won't read that but there were 9:17 statements made by that judge who again 9:20 highly respected that were right off 9:22 that was perfect 9:24 they were perfect so I think it said I 9:28 think it's a sad day i think our 9:30 security is at risk today and it will be 9:33 at risk until such time as we are 9:36 entitled and get what we are entitled to 9:38 as citizens of this country as chiefs 9:42 and sheriffs of this country we want 9:46 security one of the reasons i was 9:48 elected was because of law and order and 9:51 security 9:52 that's one of the reasons i was elected 9:54 also jobs and lots of other things but i 9:59 think one of the strongest reasons is 10:01 security and they're taking away our 10:07 weapons one by one that's what they're 10:09 doing and you know it and I know it and 10:12 you people have been very unhappy for a 10:14 long period of time and I can read the 10:16 polls may be better than anybody because 10:18 it seems that I understood the polls a 10:20 lot better than many of the pollsters 10:22 understood the pulse assuming they were 10:25 honest poles which I you know I think 10:27 probably many of them weren't i really 10:29 believe that 10:31 but we need security in our country we 10:36 have to allow you folks to do your job 10:38 you're great people great people great 10:40 men and women and we have to allow you 10:43 to do your job and we have to give you 10:46 the weapons that you need and is the 10:49 weapon that you need and they're trying 10:51 to take it away from you 10:54 maybe because of politics or maybe 10:56 because of political views 10:57 we can't let that happen so with that 11:00 let's get on to business right 11:03 it's really something thank you i want 11:12 to thank sheriff Sandra Hutchins and 11:16 Chief Tom banger for your leadership and 11:19 frankly for the service you have had 11:22 great service everyone has told me about 11:24 you two legendary people all of us here 11:26 today are united by one shared mission 11:29 to serve and protect the public of the 11:35 United States during my campaign for 11:38 president I had the chance to spend time 11:40 with law enforcement officials all 11:43 across our country they're the most 11:45 incredible people you will ever meet and 11:49 I just wanted to say to all of them 11:52 right now from the bottom of my heart 11:54 thank you thank you thank you 11:57 [Applause] 12:05 there are many actions we in the federal 12:08 government can take to help improve 12:10 safety in your communities but i believe 12:14 that community safety begins with moral 12:17 leadership our police officers sheriff's 12:21 deputies risk their lives every day and 12:25 they're entitled to an administration 12:27 that has their back the first step in 12:39 restoring public safety is affirming our 12:41 confidence in the men and women charged 12:44 with upholding our laws and i'm going to 12:48 add justices judges in that category and 12:53 I'm very proud to affect judge Gossage 12:57 who I think is going to be an 12:58 outstanding member of the Supreme Court 13:01 outstanding 13:06 so I'd like to begin my remarks with a 13:09 declaration issued to all of you and 13:11 delivered to every member of the law 13:14 enforcement community all across the 13:16 United States my message today is that 13:20 you have a true true friend in the White 13:25 House you have I stand with you I 13:33 support our police i support our 13:36 sheriff's and we support the men and 13:39 women of law enforcement right now many 13:49 communities in America facing and public 13:51 safety crisis murders in 2015 experience 13:56 their largest single year increase in 13:58 nearly half a century in 2016 murders 14:02 and large cities continue to climb by 14:05 double digits in many of our biggest 14:08 cities 2016 brought an increase in the 14:11 number of homicides rapes assaults and 14:14 shootings in Chicago more than 4,000 14:18 people were shot last year alone and the 14:21 rate so far this year has been even 14:24 higher 14:26 what is going on in Chicago we cannot 14:31 allow this to continue 14:33 we've allowed too many young lives to be 14:35 claimed and you see that you see that 14:37 all over claimed by gangs and too many 14:41 neighborhoods to be crippled by violence 14:44 and fear 60-percent of murder victims 14:48 under the age of 22 are african-american 14:52 this is a national tragedy and it 14:55 requires National Action this violence 14:59 must end and we must all work together 15:02 to end it whether a child lives in 15:05 Detroit Chicago Baltimore or anywhere in 15:09 our country he or she is the right to 15:11 grow up in safety and then peace no one 15:16 in America should be punished because of 15:18 the city 15:19 where he or she is born every child in 15:24 America should be able to play outside 15:26 without fear walk home without danger 15:30 and attended school without being 15:32 worried about drugs or gangs or violence 15:35 so many lives and so many people have 15:41 been cut short their potential their 15:43 life has been cut short so much 15:46 potential has been sidelined and so many 15:49 dreams have been shattered and broken 15:50 totally broken 15:53 it's time to stop the drugs from pouring 15:57 into our country and by the way we will 16:00 do that and I will say this general now 16:04 secretary Kelly will be the man to do it 16:07 and we will give him a wall and it will 16:10 be a real wall and a lot of things will 16:13 happen very positively for your cities 16:16 or states believe me 16:19 the wall is getting designed right now a 16:24 lot of people say o.o Trump was only 16:27 kidding with the one with the kid a 16:28 little kid I know kid I i watch this and 16:34 they say i was kidding 16:36 now I don't kid how to get about things 16:38 like that i can tell you know we will 16:39 have a wall it will be a great wall and 16:41 it will do a lot of will be a big help 16:44 just ask Israel that walls the walls 16:47 work just ask Israel they work if it's 16:51 properly done it's time to dismantle the 16:54 gangs terrorizing our citizens and it's 16:57 time to ensure that every young American 17:00 can be raised in an environment of 17:03 decency dignity love and support you 17:06 have asked for the resources tools and 17:09 support you need to get the job done 17:11 we will do whatever we can to help you 17:16 meet those demands that influence a 17:19 zero-tolerance policy for acts of 17:22 violence against law enforcement 17:25 we all see what happens 17:31 we all see what happens and what's been 17:35 happening to you 17:36 it's not fair we must protect those who 17:40 protect us the number of officers shot 17:43 and killed in the line of duty last year 17:46 increased by fifty-six percent from the 17:48 year before last year in Dallas police 17:51 officers were targeted for X execution 17:54 think of this 17:55 whoever heard of this they were targeted 17:57 for execution 12 were shot and five were 18:02 killed these heroic officers died as 18:06 they lived protecting the innocent 18:08 rushing into danger risking their lives 18:11 of people they did not even know but the 18:16 people that they were determined to save 18:20 hats off to you people 18:24 the slain offices are an eternal 18:27 monument to all of the men and women who 18:29 protect our streets and serve our public 18:32 we will not forget them and we will not 18:35 forget all of the others who made that 18:37 final sacrifice in the line of duty 18:41 God has blessed our nation to put these 18:45 heroes among us those who serve in law 18:49 enforcement work long hours you work 18:54 long hours i know so many sheriff's so 18:57 many chief so many police work long 19:00 hours and dangerous hours often done in 19:03 difficult conditions and for not that 19:07 much pay relative to what you're doing 19:10 they do it because they care we must 19:13 work with them not against them they're 19:18 working against you for many years 19:19 they've been working against you 19:21 we must support them not undermine them 19:24 and instead of division and disunity and 19:27 which is so much this unity we must 19:29 build the bridges of partnership and of 19:34 trust 19:35 those who demonize law enforcement or we 19:39 use the actions of a few to discredit 19:41 the service of many are hurting the very 19:44 people they say that they want to help 19:46 when policing is reduced crime is 19:53 increased and a poor citizens suffer the 19:56 most and I see it all the time when the 19:59 number of police goes down crime goes up 20:02 to build need to trust between law 20:04 enforcement and the communities they 20:06 serve it is not enough for us to merely 20:08 talk to each other we must listen to 20:12 each other all share the view that those 20:16 in uniform must be held to the highest 20:18 possible standard of contact so 20:22 important you are the role models to 20:24 young Americans all across this country 20:26 many of whom want to go into law 20:28 enforcement many of home want to be a 20:31 sheriff or a police chief many of home 20:34 the great respect for you 20:37 tremendous respect you don't even 20:39 realize it but i will tell you they have 20:42 great respect and admiration for the 20:45 people in this room and the people that 20:48 you represent and don't let anyone ever 20:51 tell you different 20:52 don't let the dishonest media try and 20:54 convince you that it's different than 20:56 that because it's not 21:02 that is why our commitment to law and 21:08 law enforcement also includes ensuring 21:11 that we're giving departments the 21:13 resources they need to train recruit and 21:16 retain talent as part of our commitment 21:20 to safe communities we will also work to 21:22 address the mental health crisis prison 21:26 should not be a substitute for treatment 21:29 we will fight to increase access to 21:32 life-saving treatment to battle the 21:34 addiction to drugs which is afflicting 21:37 our nation like never ever before 21:41 [Applause] 21:47 I've been in two weeks I've met a lot of 21:51 law enforcement officials yesterday 21:53 brought them into the Oval Office is the 21:56 group what impact do drugs have in terms 21:59 of a percentage on crime 675 to 22:03 80-percent preset we're going to stop 22:06 the drugs employer and we're gonna stop 22:08 those drugs from poisoning our youth 22:11 from poisoning our people 22:14 we're going to be ruthless in that site 22:17 we have no choice and we're going to 22:23 take that slight to the drug cartels and 22:27 work to liberate our communities from 22:30 the terrible grip of violence 22:33 you have the power and knowledge to tell 22:36 general Kelly now secretary kelly who 22:40 the illegal immigrant grant gang members 22:42 are now you have that power because you 22:46 know I'm you're there your local you 22:48 know the illegal you know them by their 22:50 first name you know them by their 22:53 nicknames you have that power the 22:59 federal government can never be that 23:00 precise but you're in the neighborhood 23:02 you know the bad ones you know the good 23:05 ones i want you to turn in the bad ones 23:08 called secretary Kelly's representatives 23:11 and we'll get them out of our country 23:13 and bring them back where they came from 23:15 and we'll do it fast have to call up the 23:20 federal government homeland security 23:22 because so much of the problems you look 23:25 at chicago and you look at other places 23:28 so many of the problems are caused by 23:30 gang members many of whom are not even 23:33 legally in our country and we will work 23:37 with you on the front lines to keep 23:40 America safe from terrorism which is 23:45 what I began this with terrorism a 23:49 tremendous threat far greater than 23:53 people in our country understand believe 23:57 me I've learned a lot and the last two 24:01 weeks and terrorism is a far greater 24:04 threat than the people of our country 24:07 understand but we're going to take care 24:10 of it 24:11 we're gonna win we're going to take care 24:13 of it folks let it may be the beginning 24:17 of a great national partnership let 24:20 today serve as a great call to action 24:24 and let this moment representing new 24:26 beginning in relations between law 24:29 enforcement and our communities 24:31 I want you to know the American public 24:35 totally stands with you I want you to 24:38 know the american people support you i 24:41 want you to know how proud we are truly 24:44 proud to know you 24:46 we applaud your efforts we thank you for 24:49 your service and we promise that you 24:52 will always find an open door at the 24:54 White House an open invitation to our 24:58 great cups and sheriff's nationwide 25:02 they're great people 25:04 you are great people thank you God bless 25:07 you and God bless america 25:09 thank you very much

The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative journalists , researchers , Whistelblowers , truthers and many more
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