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How Government $ach$ Won The (s)Election

The Federal Reserve of the US is the enemy of all those who fight for freedom and liberty.

Left wing or right wing - you're gonna get it run by Zionists .
Why are they always Jewish Zionists?? I have nothing against Jewish people but it can't all be just coincidence......can it???

After appointing Goldman bankers to head the Treasury and the SEC and key economic advisory positions, it looks like the Trump era will be business as usual for Government Sachs. Today Carey Wedler of joins us to discuss her recent article, "Actually, Goldman Sachs 'Hacked' the Election."

why everybody seems to realize who the true "bad guys" are in our world - the CENTRAL BANKERS... and yet nobody offers up the only REAL solution against such Bankers... which is to STOP USING THEIR DAMN MONEY THAT IS LOANED TO US AT INTEREST. Our bought-and-paid-for "representatives" are never gonna do it... it's up to us to stop using the fake fiat. So why don't people do so? Because it's DIFFICULT to do... that's why. Life becomes much less comfortable and a lot harder when you avoid use of fake fiat Federal Reserve Notes. Basically, you must become "homeless" and scrounging for food in dumpsters when you refuse to use the Banker's money. And who really wants that kind of life, right? So people go right on enriching the Bankers with every dollar they "earn", and with every dollar they spend. Humans have been financing their own enslavement for hundreds of years, and the Bankers have 300 years of inertia behind them, 300 years of brainwashing the world into believing fake fiat green pieces of paper backed by NOTHING is actually something "valuable". It's pretty damn hopeless if you ask me... government isn't gonna change anything, and there's far too many people who would rather be comfortable wage slaves than be uncomfortable but truly free from the system.

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Will Donald Trump DESTROY America in 2017

Hillary would of destroyed America and the world too .

we think citizens of the world we are 0:24 anonymous the election of Donald Trump 0:28 has sent millions of people pouring out 0:30 onto the streets to protest the man they 0:32 think is a rate this misogynist a phobic 0:36 fully will destroy us democracy and his 0:38 quest to establish himself with supreme 0:40 ruler of the country 0:43 maybe they're right maybe something's a 0:46 fascist will destroy America but where 0:49 were these people when Obama was bombing 0:51 wedding parties in Kandahar or training 0:54 jihadist militant to fight in Syria or 0:57 abetting NATO destructive onslaught on 0:59 Libya or planting the Ukrainian two 1:01 freshmen seidel warfare or collecting 1:04 the phone records of innocent Americans 1:05 or departing hundreds of thousands of 1:09 undocumented workers are force-feeding 1:11 prisoners of Gitmo or providing bombs 1:14 and aircraft for the southeast to 1:16 continue their genocide war against 1:18 Yemen where were they they were asleep 1:22 weren't they 1:24 because liberals always sleep when they 1:26 landed in office particularly their man 1:29 is a smooth-talking cosmopolitan snake 1:31 charmer like Obama who proved about 1:34 personal freedom and democracy while 1:36 unleashing the most unspeakable violence 1:38 of civilians across the Middle East and 1:40 Central Asia be hard except that we must 1:45 take their plenty of steps we can take 1:47 right that's right now start getting our 1:49 economy back on track to help create 1:52 jobs and grow the company if we are 1:54 going to be a world tennis on foreign 1:56 oil 1:56 we're going to end our dependence on 1:58 foreign oil well recruit an army of new 2:00 teachers always make college affordable 2:04 make college more affordable and repair 2:08 our crumbling roads and bridges we've 2:10 got crumbling roads bridges tonight or 2:13 Americans are out of work you still got 2:14 friends out there family we're looking 2:16 for work at a time when so many people 2:18 struggling to keep up a moment when so 2:21 many people are still struck you are 2:23 willing to work with me if you're 2:24 willing to work even harder than 2:25 selection I problems that i promised i'd 2:28 rather to change will come the United 2:30 States has been as Walter eight straight 2:33 years and Rose bomb and during that time 2:35 there has been one size of land he will 2:38 march demonstration projects nothing no 2:42 one seems to care when articulate 2:45 biracial manager and kills mostly people 2:47 of color but when a brash and outspoken 2:50 real estate magnate takes over the reins 2:52 of power then what shall become here 2:55 come with protesters all three million 2:57 Muslims can we agree that there is at 2:59 least the appearance of hypocrisy here 3:01 if Hillary had won the drone strikes 3:05 would have continued the wars would have 3:07 continued the spine would continue 3:10 whistleblowers would continue being 3:13 prosecuted and hunted down and 3:16 minorities would continue bearing the 3:18 brunt of these policies both in the US 3:20 and across the world 3:22 the difference is that in such a 3:23 scenario Democrats if the last eight 3:26 years are any indication would remain 3:28 silence as there is under Obama offering 3:32 their minimum concern and verifying 3:34 anyone attacking their beloved president 3:36 has some sort of paper cities across the 3:38 US would remain free of protests and for 3:42 another 48 years Democrats would 3:44 continue doing absolutely nothing to 3:47 ending the same horrifying policies now 3:49 promoted by Republican how many of the 3:52 eight hundred thousand protesters who 3:55 marched on sunday would have flown to 3:57 Washington to express their contempt 3:59 that would be president Hillary Clinton 4:00 0 I'd wager and yes Hillary who wanted 4:05 to implement the no-fly zone 4:07 syria that would have put Washington in 4:09 direct confrontation with Moscow just 4:11 like with Hillary who wanted to teach 4:13 you connecting or two in Ukraine but is 4:16 that what the people want 4:18 would people prefer to be led into world 4:21 war three by a vote five champion of 4:23 liberal values and conceived the post to 4:25 a grassy billionaire who wants to find 4:27 common ground on fighting Isis with its 4:30 Russian counterpart it seems like a 4:33 no-brainer to me and it's not like we 4:36 don't know who is responsible for the 4:38 killing in Syria either we do Barack 4:41 Obama and his culture of blood first 4:44 friends in the political establishment 4:45 are entirely responsible 4:48 these are the people who funded armed 4:50 and trained the Salafist maniacs that 4:53 has decimated the country and created 4:55 millions of refugees that are now 4:57 tearing a party you 4:59 that's right the spillover from 5:01 America's not so covert operation is 5:03 ripping the EU to shred it's just 5:06 another unfortunate side effect of 5:08 Obama's bloody Syrian debacle as 5:11 journalists Margaret Kimberly said in a 5:13 recent post at the black agenda report 5:15 all of the casualty the sieges the 5:18 hunger and the frantic search for a 5:20 future can be placed at the Medical feet 5:22 are men so that all the violence can be 5:26 traced back to 1600 Pennsylvania 11 you 5:30 home of the rock sustained Obama Nobel 5:33 Peace Prize winner 5:34 what a joke supporters of Barack Obama 5:38 and liberals in general artist Ingenuus 5:41 floors they have no excuse protesting 5:44 the lights of the a model warmongering 5:46 george w bush sure the racist senator 5:48 Donald J ground however when it comes to 5:52 Barack Obama they can find no reason to 5:55 protect his mass-murdering escapade 5:58 obama supporters were weakly nostalgic 6:01 and teary eyed after he gave his last 6:03 major speeches president of the united 6:05 states yet can find little reason to 6:08 shed tears over the matters of civilians 6:10 who were destroyed directly as a result 6:12 of Obama's policy 6:14 where were the emotions and here's when 6:16 men women and children were getting 6:18 blown to bits by us a drone attacks 6:21 indiscriminate airstrikes and bombs 6:24 those who protested the rate system 6:26 Jennifer public drunk but not to Obama 6:29 or Clinton are nothing more than 15 6:31 generous fraud and a model coward as 6:34 Obama lexus still White House never 6:37 forget his destructive imperialists 6:39 legacy let's be honest 6:42 Obama got the past from his supporters 6:44 strictly because of experiences because 6:47 he looked and sounded like it thoroughly 6:49 reasonable blur to only acted on the 6:51 latvia to principal Obama was hailed as 6:54 a moral giant a political rock star a 6:57 leader among leaders but it was all fake 7:01 all make-up and glyphs behind which 7:03 operated the vicious national security 7:05 state extending its tentacles around the 7:07 world toppling regimes wherever it went 7:10 and leaving an Fe and destruction in its 7:12 wake 7:13 isn't this of armors real legacy when 7:16 you strip away the sweeping hand 7:18 gestures and pumps rhetoric of course it 7:21 is but Trump's won't have that advantage 7:24 will he comforted not a public relations 7:27 invention upon which heartsick liberals 7:29 in their highest hope trumpet trumpet 7:33 warts-and-all the proverbial bull in the 7:35 china shop 7:36 that's not to say trunk wont be allows 7:39 the President judging by the wall street 7:41 cutthroats and hard-edged military menus 7:44 surrounded himself with he probably will 7:47 be but the American people are no longer 7:49 asleep so there's going to be limited to 7:52 what he can help to a key so the 7:54 question is how should one approach the 7:57 trump presidency should we denounce him 7:59 as a fascist before he ever set foot in 8:02 the Oval Office should we deny his 8:04 legitimacy even though he was elected 8:06 via a process we have honored for over 2 8:09 hundred years should we launched 8:11 impeachment proceedings before he's done 8:13 anything that would warrant his removal 8:15 from office the current stranger for 8:18 Democrats and progressives that by 8:20 matching everything that jump seven jobs 8:23 they will further alienate the white 8:25 working-class voters who became his 8:27 basement will push away and he wore 8:29 activity there is a risk that the left 8:32 world trade places with the right on the 8:34 question of war and peace with Democrats 8:37 and progressives associating themselves 8:39 with Hillary Clinton support for endless 8:41 war in the Middle East the political 8:44 machinations of the CIA and a new cold 8:47 war with Russia essentially moving into 8:49 an alliance with the military and 8:51 intelligence industrial complex many 8:55 populace already view the national 8:57 Democrats with elitist disdainful of the 8:59 working class providers of powerful 9:02 three grade field and internationalists 9:05 represented by billionaires that lifts 9:07 the annual Confederate of those 9:08 Switzerland if in a rush to demonize and 9:12 impeach President Trump Democrats and 9:15 addresses solidified support two wars of 9:17 choice in the Middle East a new cold war 9:20 with Russia and the coast i release ism 9:22 they could further alienated many people 9:25 who might otherwise to their allies in 9:28 other words selectivity and opposing and 9:31 criticizing trunk where he rightly 9:33 deserves it rather than opportunism and 9:36 rejecting everything that Trump says 9:38 might make more sense our movement built 9:41 entirely on destroying jump could drop 9:43 Democrats and progressives into some 9:45 politically destructive traps we are 9:49 anonymous

Donald Trump does not care if the poor or sick get to eat or have a home !!!!!! I hate him and all his fake Christians!!!! He leads us all astray like all the leaders of the past except Kennedy !!!!!! Obama and Donald Trump and ALL who are like him will burn in hell Satan is ready to torcher them for all eternity because of the wickedness these men and their supporters spread on the earth in the name of power and money ! I care not for any of them they will suffer the never ending death for what they all have done and keep doing to the innocent .

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9 11 / what Main Stream Media didn't tell you

It's obvious that it was our own government that have done this to our people. What's more disgusting though is that there are no riots, or no people standing around the white house asking for answers. You can give all the speeches you want, but until millions of us show up knocking down the doors for answers with proof, we will never pull the sheet over this lie.

it's the government who did it to kill the American people and points fingers at Saddam Hussein and Iraqi people who didn't do anything

the dust lady photo has become one of 0:22 the iconic images of 911 the image of a 0:26 woman shocked and disoriented completely 0:28 covered in dust from the demolition of 0:30 the Twin Towers brings the nearly 0:32 incomprehensible events of that day down 0:35 to a human scale but of course the dust 0:38 lady was not the only one to feel the 0:40 effects of the blanket of dust that 0:41 descended on manhattan after the towers 0:43 fell in the hours days and weeks that 0:46 followed thousands upon thousands of 0:48 victims first responders emergency 0:51 personnel cleanup crews and residents 0:54 were subjected to the poisonous to of 0:56 asbestos benzene mercury lead cadmium 0:59 and other particulates from which many 1:01 are now dying 1:03 dr. David present chief medical officer 1:06 with a New York Fire Department spent 1:08 seven years examining more than 10,000 1:10 firefighters those who were at the World 1:12 Trade Center site after nine eleven and 1:14 those who worked and we found an 1:16 increase in all cancers combined a 1:20 nineteen percent increase in cancers 1:23 compared to the non-exposed World Trade 1:26 Center group talk about the most 1:27 pressing medical issues facing i love 1:29 and first responders right now 1:31 cancer in the beginning the first few 1:35 years it was respiratory but now it's 1:36 cancers and this is just the first wave 1:38 of cancers to blood cancers the 1:40 leukemias the allgame cancers butt up in 1:43 5 10 20 years you're going to see the 1:45 asbestos cancers there'll be another 1:46 wave of Kansas and like I tell everybody 1:49 this is a generation long issue in a 1:51 generation long illness every morning I 1:54 wake up I'm gonna take 33 pills within 1:57 the course of the day at 47 years old i 2:01 have lungs of an 80 year old man that 2:03 would have been a smoker people say you 2:06 have to forget about 911 and I say how 2:10 could i forget about 911 every morning I 2:12 got to take this medication and walk 2:14 around with an oxygen tank if the brave 2:18 men and women who had rushed to the 2:19 World Trade Center in the chaotic days 2:21 after nine eleven to help with the 2:23 search and rescue have done so knowing 2:25 the risks they were facing that would be 2:27 one thing but of course they did not 2:30 they had been given false assurances by 2:32 christine Todd Whitman the epa 2:35 administrator who assured the public 2:36 just days into the cleanup that the air 2:39 was safe to breathe you know as bestest 2:42 was in there is a most buildings letters 2:44 in those buildings there are the 2:47 boc however 2:49 concentrations are such that they don't 2:52 pose a health hazard as the weeks and 2:56 months dragged on Whitman the EPA and 2:59 its officials made statement after 3:01 statement after statement reaffirming 3:03 that contaminant levels were low or 3:05 non-existent and that the air quality in 3:07 Manhattan posed no public health concern 3:10 we now know that these reassurances were 3:13 outright lies on September 18 the very 3:17 same day that Whitman and the EPA were 3:19 encouraging new yorkers to return to 3:21 work the agency detected sulfur dioxide 3:24 levels in the air so high that according 3:26 to one industrial hygienist they 3:28 exceeded the EPA standard for a 3:30 classification of hazardous by that time 3:34 first responders were already reporting 3:36 a range of health problems including 3:38 coughing wheezing I irritation and 3:41 headaches the evidence continued to pour 3:44 in that there were serious health 3:45 concerns for those in and around 3:47 manhattan but the information was 3:49 suppressed almost as quickly as it was 3:51 discovered when a local lab tested dust 3:54 samples from near the world trade center 3:56 site and found dangerous concentrations 3:58 of fiberglass and asbestos the New York 4:01 State Department of Health warned local 4:03 labs that they would lose their licenses 4:05 if they process any more independent 4:07 sampling when US Geological Survey 4:10 scientists began performing tests on 4:12 their own dust samples they were shocked 4:14 at the alphabet soup of heavy metals 4:16 they found in it they forwarded this 4:19 information to the EPA but the agency 4:21 continue to assure the public that there 4:23 was no evidence of long-term health 4:25 risks the drama continued to unfold as 4:28 information poured in about benzene lead 4:31 and other environmental toxins yet on 4:34 September 18 the EPA specifically 4:36 advised the public against wearing 4:38 respirators outside the World Trade 4:40 Center restricted area then just two 4:44 weeks later the agency distributed 4:46 respirators to their own staffers at the 4:48 EPA's region to building on broadway 4:51 street as scientists industrial 4:54 hygienists and even other government 4:56 officials began to accuse the EPA of 4:59 covering up the true extent of the 5:00 problem in New York the agency continued 5:03 with its dog and assertion that the air 5:05 was safe to breathe it wasn't until 5:08 $MONTH 2003 that the EPA's own inspector 5:11 general revealed that the white house 5:13 had been editing the agency's press 5:15 releases all along finding that the 5:18 White House Council on Environmental 5:19 Quality influenced through the 5:21 collaboration process the information 5:23 that EPA communicated to the public 5:26 through its early press releases when it 5:28 convinced EPA to add reassuring 5:30 statements and delete cautionary ones 5:33 when new documents were released to the 5:36 public in $MONTH 2011 on the eve of the 5:38 10th anniversary of 911 5:40 it was discovered that this editing was 5:42 even worse than originally feared there 5:46 were there were clear warnings 5:49 specifically on Water Street which were 5:51 those people in and this area know is 5:53 not far from Wall Street that showed 5:55 that that the levels of contaminants in 5:57 here were too high for people to go back 5:59 that was removed which was bad enough 6:01 and then replaced with in a 6:04 recommendation that people go back to 6:06 work they were urged to go back even 6:09 though the early samples were showing 6:14 that there were high levels of 6:15 contaminants and then you point out also 6:17 that in many cases they were telling 6:20 people it was safe before they had even 6:22 finished conducting initial tests in in 6:27 one email exchange that happens on the 6:30 13th so it's just a day and a half later 6:33 the people in Washington at the White 6:35 House Council on Environmental Quality 6:37 are telling the people up here 6:39 hey Christine Whitman is coming up she 6:41 don't talk to reporters because all the 6:43 results so far have been so positive 6:45 well all the results so far showed 6:47 almost nothing because there were almost 6:48 no results and yet they were they were 6:50 so they were committed to this message 6:53 of reassurance 6:54 despite the facts and that's not the way 6:57 it should happen 6:58 outraged at the fact that they had been 7:01 lied to and their lives put at risk 7:04 residents and workers in lower Manhattan 7:06 and Brooklyn sued Whitman and the EPA in 7:08 2004 into 2006 ruling allowing the 7:12 class-action lawsuit to proceed judge 7:14 Debra a bats of federal district court 7:17 in manhattan excoriated women finding 7:19 that her baseless assurances that the 7:21 air was safe increased and may have in 7:24 fact created the danger to people living 7:26 and working in the area ruling that the 7:29 EPA did in fact make misleading 7:32 statements of safety about the air 7:34 quality judge batt said the allegations 7:36 in this case of Whitman's reassuring and 7:39 misleading statements of safety after 7:40 the September 11 2001 attacks are 7:43 without question conscience shocking 7:46 that's his decision was overturned by a 7:50 panel of judges in 2008 who ruled that 7:52 misleading the public and contributing 7:54 to the health problems and deaths of 7:56 untold Ground Zero workers was not 7:58 conscious shocking enough to override 8:00 her immunity from prosecution as a 8:02 federal agent if Wittman has a 8:05 conscience at all it is evidently not 8:08 shocked by any of these accusations she 8:11 has not only never conceded guilt or 8:13 even expressed sorrow for the ongoing 8:15 sickness and deaths that her actions 8:17 helped bring about she has repeatedly 8:20 defended the actions of herself and the 8:22 EPA in general statements that ePA 8:25 officials made after nine eleven were 8:27 based on the judgment of experienced 8:30 environmental and health professionals 8:31 at EPA OSHA and the CDC who had analyzed 8:35 the test data that 13 different 8:37 organizations and agencies were 8:39 collecting in lower Manhattan I do not 8:41 recall any EPA scientists or experts 8:44 responsible for reviewing this data ever 8:47 advising me that the test data from 8:48 lower manhattan show that the air or 8:51 water proposed long-term health risk for 8:54 the general public 8:55 women's lies are not just those of 8:59 another self-serving politicians looking 9:01 to save their job or stay out of jail 9:02 they are the lives of someone who has 9:05 contributed to the deteriorating health 9:07 and even the death of thousands of in 9:09 isn't men and women for the victims of 9:12 christine Todd Whitman the EPA the White 9:15 House Council on Environmental Quality 9:16 and all of the other agencies and 9:19 officers who lied to the public about 9:21 the health risks in New York 911 is not 9:24 a single day of horror that occurred a 9:26 decade and a half ago 9:27 it is a slowly unfolding nightmare one 9:30 that every day brings them one step 9:32 closer to their grave the dust lady is 9:36 one of the icons of the tragedy of that 9:39 day shouldn't be any surprise then that 9:42 she too was ravaged by 911 related 9:44 diseases and ultimately died of cancer 9:46 last year she was not the first person 9:49 to die from the aftermath of 911 and 9:53 thanks to christine Todd Whitman and the 9:55 liars at the EPA who have consigned 9:57 untold thousands to a similar fate 10:00 she will not be the last 10:05 my name is david miller on September 11 10:10 2001 along with hundreds of my fellow 10:13 troops i went to ground zero 10:15 no one asked us no orders were given we 10:19 want because our city our country our 10:22 neighbors were under attack and we knew 10:25 what to do at least we thought we did 10:28 [Music] 10:33 on September 13th marched back in groups 10:36 of twos and threes at first and then 10:39 dozens until they must have been more 10:41 than 200 us carrying ropes ladders tools 10:45 of every kind back into the smoke and 10:50 the poison rubble where we recent 10:52 intersection with hundreds of civilians 10:54 cheering us on our uniforms were torn 10:57 and soiled or resolve was simple to stay 10:59 and dig as long as we had any hope to 11:01 save anybody I want to tell you about 11:04 how sick so many of these brave men and 11:06 women have become i want to tell you 11:09 about how the mayor refused to accept 11:11 the fact that not dozens not hundreds of 11:15 many thousands of us were contaminated 11:17 sickened poisoned by the most toxic 11:20 combination of building materials in the 11:22 history of disaster relief and that 45 11:25 terrible years he ignore that fact five 11:31 years of our family members watching us 11:33 drop dead and everytime popular 11:36 mechanics calls the people this movement 11:38 nuts 11:42 these propagandists professional liars 11:45 and tools who cannot by any stretch of 11:47 the imagination be considered 11:49 journalists strike another nail into the 11:52 coffin of another rescue worker timex I 11:58 actually figure very largely a number of 12:00 the key spiracy the fact of the matter 12:03 is we are coming from a country that 12:05 experiences terror daily our purpose was 12:07 the document the event

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ISIS The Latest Zionist Bogeyman -- Texe Marrs

Israel created ISIS so they can have America drop nukes on Syria , Iraq and Iran.

the Kosher Nostra does damage control... antisemitism is a buzz word to shield those who are criminals and claim to be "Jews." It's a tactical discrediting of anyone that challenges the criminal status quo in government and Israel... "I pledge allegiance to the flag of OurGreatestAllyIsrael and to the apartheid for which it stands, one helllhole, under Satan, incorrigible and with expanding settlements and highways for Jews only..."

we're gonna spend our third monday of 0:39 the month first are with our friend and 0:41 colleague text Mars who has done some of 0:44 the most extraordinary research of our 0:46 time period and has a catalog of 0:49 fascinating and essential material if 0:52 you really want to understand what's 0:53 going on the planet just go to text Mars 0:56 website click on his name and look 0:59 yeah i mean you can just read you don't 1:02 even have to buy you can read the titles 1:04 the footnotes and understand right away 1:07 what the general gist of things is right 1:09 now and things are not good they 1:11 actually they the controllers have 1:14 cranked up the volume so loud now that I 1:18 almost have a headache 1:20 there's that much going on I I shouldn't 1:22 complain because the people who are 1:24 really suffering of those i mentioned 1:27 are the ones who are being sacrificed 1:29 murdered and slaved bought sold 1:33 butchered you name the game there's a 1:36 lot of talk and chatter about Isis being 1:39 a CIA mossad original in its entirety 1:45 and it may it may well be they are the 1:48 perfect of course so you don't have to 1:49 be a brain surgeon to see what's going 1:51 on we're going to we Obama and the 1:55 pentagram and the controllers are going 1:58 to attack Isis allegedly in Syria to 2:03 help Bashar al-assad but in reality 2:08 we're going to use Isis to bomb and 2:11 destroy what's left of Syria that's 2:15 what's happening and the strategy is 2:18 very apparent very plain very 2:20 transparent and very ugly lot more 2:22 people are going to die 2:24 collateral damage you know how that 2:26 works so once again America disgraces 2:29 itself its heritage is history its 2:31 people because it's being done in our 2:35 name and it's not in our name but by our 2:39 silence we allow and we are allowing 2:41 this by not getting out in the streets 2:43 and doing something Americans have been 2:45 dumbed down drug down 2:46 and taken out of the game years ago so 2:49 they will not go out into the streets 2:50 and we will continue to support pay for 2:54 the genocide of the Palestinian people 2:56 that take over the middle east by big 2:59 oil and the ultimate controllers the 3:02 Zionist Rothschild banking cartel who 3:06 actually were behind the drawing of the 3:08 current released map after the first 3:10 world war plan before and we'll end up 3:13 redrawing the map of the Middle East 3:14 very shortly from this point forward 3:17 just watch hello tax welcome back hope I 3:20 didn't take too much of your time there 3:22 no gentlemen I'm so glad and what you 3:25 said is absolutely true and that you 3:28 know you were talking I just did here in 3:30 astonishment 3:32 I mean you know I I know you're much 3:34 more red than then almost anyone has 3:37 been in the whole world but I i mean 3:40 even the average American even the 3:43 ordinary American must know how horrible 3:47 this is mecom we know they wanted to go 3:50 in bombs area but they had problems in 3:53 that now they're going to get the bomb 3:54 stereo that all Isis operation i always 3:58 ask a question and it's this but Israel 4:02 is a couple of minutes from all of those 4:05 Arab countries 4:06 yep i mean it's it's what within one or 4:09 two minutes by air amman jordan from a 4:13 Beirut Lebanon from Cairo in Egypt it's 4:20 right there 4:21 I mean you know it's if 911 we're going 4:24 to occur 4:25 it's quite vulnerable folks it would be 4:27 buildings and tel aviv in the financial 4:30 the building's your banks that are owned 4:33 by rock child tip there are untouched 4:36 Isis smell we're being told it's a great 4:40 threat to america we're being told 4:42 they're coming across the border 4:44 you know that the terrorists are there 4:48 and they're finding all kinds of copies 4:50 of the Quran is just across Texas and 4:54 all this mean we're all shaking in our 4:57 boots 4:57 thank you know they get it anytime be 4:59 another 5:00 911 explosion somewhere in America 5:02 probably going to be to a nuclear plant 5:04 or some big football game water but 5:07 there is there is israel why wouldn't I 5:11 said it was a legitimate force made up 5:14 of these Muslims that are so full of 5:17 hate we're told that they're cutting the 5:20 heads off of people that they're killing 5:22 their owner there massacring you know 5:26 supposedly thousands and thousands of 5:28 Arabs uh that you know a rack of my life 5:35 working on israel why I mean Israel has 5:38 nothing to fear 5:39 I mean with Isis was boring and 5:41 attacking they went in and kill off 5:45 thousands and thousands of Palestinian 5:48 and unarmed you know innocent force 5:51 there but they knew they weren't gonna 5:53 get attacked by Syria they weren't going 5:56 to get attacked by Iraq or anyone they 5:59 know they know you is this dear that 6:02 they know it's not a force negative to 6:05 them and even making Yahoo's that Isis 6:08 is good for Israel you been 6:11 he did said yeah I mean so they be 6:15 Israelis have nothing that junior right 6:17 there just a couple minutes from 6:20 hundreds of millions of Arabs and 6:23 utterly vulnerable and nothing but a few 6:26 good bottle rockets from Gaza come on 6:29 that's right that's all they have to 6:30 fear which is basically nothing 6:33 meanwhile I this has been given we see 6:36 now probably two billion dollars at 6:39 least the armaments by the United States 6:40 why won't they use them on Israel you 6:46 know if it's amazing the western 6:48 capitals London Paris of course that 6:51 washington DC we're all shaking in our 6:54 boots worrying about what the next 6:56 muslim terrorist act is going to occur 6:58 why doesn't occur in Tel Aviv what's 7:02 going on why are the what were they so 7:05 protected in Israel it's just it's just 7:10 astonishing thing they're laughing all 7:12 they think we're about to then come 7:14 route and you know most of us are now I 7:17 did take exception to the people that 7:19 listen to this program I mean that 7:22 that's why they're listening but then 7:23 they're probably getting mad right now I 7:26 think not me txt Mars know they know but 7:29 he'll work where it's gonna start 7:31 massaging I mean what are people 7:35 watching on TV what are they doing 7:37 if they can't see this it's just it's 7:40 just of course you know our senator from 7:43 Texas senator Ted Cruz with to a meeting 7:46 them in the middle where is we don't 7:51 know you read about it 7:52 yeah he got up to this being a Christian 7:54 meeting on the middle middle east and he 7:57 thought they were gonna get this back in 7:59 because he was gonna say wonderful 8:01 things about Israel he gets up and he 8:04 immediately says we don't have a better 8:06 ally in the Middle East ben-israel now 8:09 this was a this had nothing to do with 8:13 Israel this this conference was about 8:15 the Middle East the problem middle east 8:17 with the Muslims of wood and you know 8:20 the people booting so much that cruise 8:23 he got the left he had to leave a they 8:26 were better about the you know 8:27 yeah we're taking basically kick dinner 8:30 cruise out of the problem thank God for 8:33 them they had the courage to do that i 8:36 mean after he got up and and and your 8:39 farm all over the Jews those Christians 8:41 were angry at him because they knew what 8:44 the jews but are still doing to the 8:46 Palestinian and crews left and what Cruz 8:49 Bay as the left there's so much hate 8:51 here there's so much hate against the 8:53 Israeli hey there's made against them to 8:56 wish I'd again and cruise because season 8:59 Israeli puppet 9:00 that's the truth it's absolutely the 9:04 truth you know your your point is so 9:06 right on 9:08 here's Israel sitting surrounded by 9:12 people that literally should be at it 9:17 doing something to do nothing million 9:20 yeah Egypt write on the board and maybe 9:24 just going to come over anytime and DP 9:26 and put 9:27 met the the people of Gaza and products 9:30 time this is right there if I mean it's 9:33 it's amazing 80 million yeah 80 million 9:37 Egyptian and what do they do that he 9:41 helped they assist they collude well 9:44 they work but with the Jews have a 9:47 massacre the Palestinian that's 9:49 interesting kind of art what kind of 9:52 mindset these injections should be 9:55 ashamed of themselves the horrible p22 9:59 earnings you know the average Egyptian 10:00 has no stay at all it's the army which 10:04 has been receiving billion dollars of 10:06 money from the United States government 10:07 for some years now it's uh it's a case 10:13 of two things one the samsung option 10:20 they've been told and to every 10:24 government in the Middle East has been 10:26 penetrated by the Israeli Mossad by 10:29 Israeli operatives by Israeli money 10:32 bribery blackmail it doesn't matter all 10:36 those countries have an Israeli 10:39 component to them that's why they do 10:42 nothing other groups they really get 10:45 what we have now that the stabilized 10:48 Middle East stay home and control about 10:52 by the Jews they love and it may it's 10:54 amazing only seven and a half million 10:56 people in Israel they have such control 10:59 because Rothschild let's face it the old 11:02 man is the richest man in the world no 11:04 doubt about it but where's the whole 11:07 question for your audience tonight Jeff 11:08 why does the Jews want to do this 11:12 what is in their minds of heart what 11:16 kind of people are they 11:17 I think it's time that we need to start 11:19 looking at the Jews and you know we know 11:23 that Psychopaths do certain things and 11:26 Psychopaths have no sympathy no empathy 11:28 for their nums know they can pull the 11:31 trigger on it and blow the head off a 11:33 three-year-old child and have no problem 11:35 whatsoever going to sleep at night 11:37 not exactly and so 11:40 we need to analyze the Israelis because 11:43 i want to know what makes the Israeli so 11:45 lethal so horrible you know so 11:49 hypocritical 11:51 yeah they hated the Germans they still 11:54 hate the German they still put out books 11:56 than a movies about the Germans they say 12:00 that you Germans sort of war two based 12:03 on their rate the Rays of the not be 12:06 pleased and they claim all that so 12:09 horrible that the exalted the not be 12:12 party and you know the dude did did 12:15 adolf hitler build roads for Germans and 12:18 a parallel set of roads for every other 12:21 nationality 12:22 no oh really that they have because of 12:26 your about it you can even drive a 12:28 quarter of some road 12:30 no no they have Arab only roads for the 12:33 in the low-class not kept up at all 12:36 look this is israel is the most racist 12:41 overtly racist state nation-state 12:45 privately-owned nation-state on the face 12:48 of the earth period know how horrible 12:52 this is amicable we know they wanted to 12:55 go in bombs area but they had problems 12:57 and that now they're going to get the 12:58 bomb stereo that all Isis operation i 13:02 always ask a question and it's this but 13:06 Israel is a couple of minutes from all 13:09 of those Arab countries 13:11 yep i mean it's it's what within one or 13:14 two minutes by air him on important from 13:18 a Beirut Lebanon from Cairo in Egypt 13:23 it's right there 13:26 I mean you know it's if 911 we're going 13:29 to occur 13:30 it's quite vulnerable folks it would be 13:32 buildings and Tel Aviv the financial 13:35 buildings your banks that are owned by 13:38 Rob child tip there are untouched Isis 13:43 smell we're being told it's a great 13:45 threat to america we're being told 13:47 they're coming across the border 13:49 you know that the terrorists are there 13:52 and they're finding all 13:53 kind of copies of the Quran you know 13:57 just across Texas and all this stuff and 14:00 we're all shaking in our boots 14:02 thank you know they get it anytime be 14:04 another office Heritage's history its 14:06 people because it's being done in our 14:10 name and it's not in our name but by our 14:14 silence we allow and we are allowing 14:16 this by not getting out in the streets 14:18 and doing something Americans have been 14:20 dumbed down drug down and taken out of 14:22 the game years ago so they will not go 14:24 out into the streets and we will 14:26 continue to support pay for the genocide 14:30 of the Palestinian people that take over 14:33 the middle east by big oil and the 14:35 ultimate controllers the Zionist 14:37 Rothschild banking cartel who actually 14:41 were behind the drawing of the current 14:43 released map after the first world war 14:45 plan before and we'll end up redrawing 14:48 the map of the Middle East very shortly 14:50 from this point forward 14:52 just watch hello tax welcome back hope I 14:55 didn't take too much of your time there 14:57 no Jim I'm so glad and what you said is 15:00 absolutely true and that you know you 15:03 were talking I just did here in 15:05 astonishment 15:06 I mean you know I I know you're much 15:09 more red than then almost anyone has 15:12 been in the whole world but I mean even 15:16 the average American even the ordinary 15:18 American mustard 911 explosion somewhere 15:22 in America probably gonna be to a 15:23 nuclear plant or some big football game 15:26 order but there is there is israel why 15:31 wouldn't I said it was a legitimate 15:32 force made up of these Muslims that are 15:37 so full of hate we're told that they're 15:39 cutting the heads off of people that 15:41 they're killing their owner there 15:44 massacring you know supposedly thousands 15:47 and thousands of Arabs uh that you know 15:52 a rally love of my life working on 15:56 israel why I'm Israel have nothing to 15:58 fear 15:59 I mean with Isis was forming an 16:01 attacking they win and and kill off 16:05 thousands and thousands 16:07 palestinian and unarmed you know 16:10 innocent force there but they knew they 16:13 weren't gonna get attacked by Syria they 16:15 weren't going to get attacked by Iraq or 16:18 anyone they know they know you I this is 16:21 that they know it's not a force negative 16:25 to them and even making Yahoo's that 16:28 Isis is good for Israel 16:31 you bet he did said yeah no I mean 16:34 cranked up the volume so loud now that I 16:38 almost have a headache 16:40 there's that much going on I I shouldn't 16:42 complain because the people who are 16:44 really suffering of those i mentioned 16:47 are the ones who are being sacrificed 16:49 murdered and slaved bought sold 16:53 butchered you name the game there's a 16:56 lot of talk and chatter about Isis being 16:59 a CIA mossad original in its entirety 17:05 and it may it may well be they are the 17:08 perfect of course so you don't have to 17:09 be a brain surgeon to see what's going 17:11 on we're going to we Obama and the 17:15 pentagram and the controllers are going 17:18 to attack Isis allegedly in Syria to 17:23 help but share al-assad but in reality 17:28 we're going to use Isis to bomb and 17:31 destroy what's left of Syria that's 17:35 what's happening and the strategy is 17:38 very apparent very plain very 17:40 transparent and very ugly lot more 17:42 people are going to die 17:44 collateral damage you know how that 17:46 works so once again America disgraces 17:49 it's 18:26 we're gonna spend our third monday of 18:29 the month first are with her friend and 18:31 colleague text Mars who has done some of 18:34 the most extraordinary research of our 18:36 time period and has a catalog of 18:39 fascinating and essential material if 18:42 you really want to understand what's 18:43 going on the planet just go to text Mars 18:46 website click on his name and look 18:49 yeah i mean you can just read you don't 18:52 even have to buy you can read the titles 18:54 the footnotes and understand right away 18:57 what the general gist of things is right 18:59 now and things are not good they 19:01 actually they the controllers have

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Geopolitical analysis 2017: Europe

 Western Europe has an important year ahead. Many EU member states will hold elections and carry out crucial political reforms. The Union will be tested from within by nationalist and populist forces. From without, factors such as immigration, security, and even the return of hundreds of radicals will create much anxiety in Europe.

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

I am scared about what is happening here in Europe. Maybe you don't read much history, but I do, and Europeans have been killing each other for millennia before the post WW2 period and the EU. Last time we saw nationalism on the rise in Europe, bad things happened. A particular dude with a weird mustache was involved.

Western Europe has an important here 0:02 ahead many EU member states will hold 0:05 elections and carry out crucial 0:07 political reforms the union will be 0:09 tested from within by nationalists and 0:11 populist forces from without factors 0:14 such as immigration security and even 0:16 the return of hundreds of former isis 0:18 members will create much anxiety in 0:21 Europe in part one of the analysis we 0:24 will go over the challenges that Western 0:26 Europe faces in 2017 the next episode 0:29 will focus on Eastern Europe and Russia 0:32 my name is Sherman and welcome to 0:34 caspian report if you want to help our 0:36 channel to produce more original content 0:38 like this please check out our 0:40 fundraising page at / kappa 0:43 p.m. report as explained in the Middle 0:46 East report the gradual decline of Isis 0:48 in Syria and Iraq will force therefore 0:50 members to return to their European host 0:53 patient's harboring violent intentions 0:55 for instance in 2016 more than 200 0:59 radical fighters returned from the 1:01 Middle East to the United Kingdom alone 1:03 in 2017 the number of returning jihadist 1:07 will exceed that of the previous year as 1:10 a countermeasure European intelligence 1:12 services will boost their efforts to 1:14 deal with the increased security threats 1:16 certainly many plots will be unfolded 1:19 however complete security cannot be 1:21 guaranteed it's inevitable that many 1:24 attacks will slip through the cracks as 1:26 a result in 2017 we will see a 1:29 continuation if not a search of 1:31 terrorist attacks in Western Europe 1:34 moreover these attacks will come at a 1:36 crucial time many European states are 1:39 scheduled to hold elections or past 1:41 reforms over the course of the year for 1:44 terrorist cells 2017 will be the 1:47 ultimate opportunity to exploit these 1:49 fault lines radical groups will use 1:52 terrorism 250 public agenda and shift 1:55 the political polls the objective of 1:57 these attacks is not to cause physical 1:59 damage but to polarize european 2:02 societies as well as isolate European 2:04 Muslims which will then contribute to 2:06 the recruitment of additional radical 2:09 fighters other than security threats 2:11 Western Europe 2:13 pieces and abundance of internal 2:15 complications 2:16 one example is breakfast with the 2:18 approval of the Parliament the British 2:20 leadership will implement article 50 of 2:23 the lisbon treaty in the spring of 2017 2:25 by activating the article of the UK will 2:29 begin a two-year departure course led by 2:31 the european commission 2:33 however the activation of article 50 2:35 will shake governmental policy every 2:38 detail about the xbox will be met with 2:41 opposition of a dilemma concerning 2:43 breakfast will continue to play out in 2:45 2018 and even 2019 but in 2017 as 2:50 article 50 is activated the harsh 2:53 realities of breakfast was practicing 2:55 him the level of uncertainty will 2:57 culminate in a rican national currency 3:00 and lower economic growth long as 3:02 primary objective will be to include as 3:05 many goods and services as possible in 3:07 its milk free trade agreement with 3:09 Russell's a possible outcome is that the 3:12 UK agrees to enter the e use customs 3:16 union this is a trade bloc which imposes 3:18 a common external tariff on all goods 3:21 entering the Union another showdown 3:23 between Pro and anti brexit camps will 3:26 occur there in the vote on the great 3:28 repeal bill somewhere in the summer 3:30 British lawmakers will debate whether to 3:33 instantly abolish the 1972 european 3:36 communities act which gives the laws of 3:39 the EU legal supremacy in the UK 3:42 meanwhile in France the nation will be 3:44 preoccupied with the presidential 3:46 elections scheduled for April and May 3:49 most of the candidates share a similar 3:52 policy on security and immigration and 3:55 nearly every major political party will 3:58 criticize the EU and the socialist 4:00 government the candidate disagree 4:02 however on economic policy therefore 4:05 french voters will essentially choose 4:07 whether they prefer protectionism or 4:10 free market economy among the main 4:12 contenders is left end of the National 4:14 Front her approval ratings have sharply 4:17 risen in the past few years mostly due 4:20 to her tough stance on immigration and 4:22 security another major contender 4:25 salon of the centre-right Republican 4:27 Party he served as the prime minister of 4:29 france under the sarkozy administration 4:32 in all likelihood alone will coordinate 4:35 the moderate voters against the pen and 4:38 seek to secure a victory 4:40 still even in defeat depends 4:42 anti-globalization and nationalist 4:45 sentiment will only strengthen 4:46 international 17 in Italy the 4:50 resignation of Prime Minister ng has 4:52 enabled new general elections which are 4:54 scheduled for 2018 however a major 4:57 political reform will take place in 2017 5:01 of the Constitutional Court of Italy is 5:03 most likely to approve a new legislation 5:06 to reform the electoral law which will 5:08 introduce a proportional electoral 5:10 system the new electrical system will 5:13 force political parties to form 5:15 coalition's insurance however the 5:18 changes are meant to reduce the 5:19 influence of Italy's Euroskeptic 5:21 political party the five star movement 5:24 to the north in the kingdom of the 5:26 Netherlands Dutch politicians will also 5:29 prepare for new general elections in 5:31 March although small in size the country 5:34 is one of the wealthiest members of the 5:36 EU yet 5:37 like most of Europe nationalist and 5:40 Europe skeptic forces will play a major 5:42 role in the voting process will serve 5:45 the leader of the party for freedom is 5:47 leading in the polls 5:49 however centrist the Dutch political 5:51 forces are likely to form coalition's in 5:54 an effort to prevent willders from 5:56 ascending to power but to accommodate 5:59 the coalition government and the Dutch 6:01 centrist forces are likely to refute the 6:04 authority of the European Commission 6:05 germany is another core EU member that 6:09 the hold elections in 2017 6:11 however the German parliamentary 6:13 elections are scheduled for September 6:15 and october which means that the outcome 6:17 of the elections will mostly depend on 6:19 the outcome of the French elections and 6:22 italian reforms of moderates remaining 6:24 control in Paris and Rome have been 6:27 Berlin will mostly focus on immigration 6:29 and security 6:30 however if nationalist parties will be 6:33 neighboring elections and then the 6:35 german elections will react 6:37 focus on damage control since the German 6:40 economy out stress the German people's 6:42 ability to consume the economy is 6:45 export-driven at least half of the 6:47 german gdp comes from exports and about 6:50 half of the exports are designated for 6:52 other EU members 6:54 furthermore many of the EU regulations 6:57 are designed to facilitate expert 6:59 dependency in other words Germany needs 7:02 the european union without the e use 7:05 free trade zone the country will face an 7:08 economic crisis as well as increased 7:10 social and political tensions Germany's 7:13 dependency on the European regulations 7:15 will determine Chancellor miracles 7:18 reaction to neighboring france and italy 7:20 if somehow the National Front and Paris 7:23 or the five star movement enrolled 7:25 prevails the german elections will focus 7:28 on finances stimulus packages national 7:31 currencies trade regulations and 7:33 basically start preparing the country 7:35 for a post Union environment 7:38 the thing is the moment of the national 7:40 forces gain power in France or Italy 7:43 they would organize referendums believe 7:45 the eurozone such a referendum would 7:48 even need to succeed the mirror 7:51 announcement of such an intent in a 7:53 quarry you state would trigger banks to 7:55 relocate their font across the continent 7:58 and the process the collapse of the euro 8:00 would be set in motion even if moderate 8:03 forces win the elections in 2017 the 8:07 nationalist and popular sentiment will 8:09 only grow stronger next year and 8:11 although the union can bear the 8:13 departure of Greece and the United 8:15 Kingdom it cannot survive the retro love 8:18 France or Italy we have mentioned this 8:21 before but there are just too many 8:22 conflicting interests within the 8:25 European Union its collapse may be 8:27 irreversible elsewhere in Europe the 8:30 refugee crisis will continue to divide 8:32 the nation some government will toughen 8:35 national migration laws and the pork 8:37 refugees others will seek to reintroduce 8:40 border controls within the Schengen zone 8:42 one of the leading complications of the 8:45 refugee crisis is the fact that the flow 8:47 of refugees arrived in southern European 8:51 states such as greece and italy yet the 8:53 destination of the migrants and refugees 8:56 is western and northern Europe like most 9:00 of the e use predicaments whether its 9:02 financial legislative or social there is 9:05 a lack of coordinated planning as such 9:08 european space will fail to set up a 9:11 coherent migration policy 1 prime 9:14 example of this failure is the e use 9:17 migration agreement with turkey Brussels 9:19 is supposed to grant recent 9:21 liberalisation to turkish citizens by 9:23 october 2017 9:25 however given the growing Euroskeptic 9:27 circumstances Brussels will fail to 9:30 honor its commitments to Ankara 9:32 subsequently this grant turkey the legal 9:35 rights to abandon the migration treaty 9:38 altogether but to avoid upsetting turkey 9:40 at the European Union is likely to delay 9:43 the visa liberalisation rather than to 9:46 deny it completely still however 9:48 Brussels is merely postponing a crisis 9:51 not solving one and Part two of the 9:54 European analysis we will focus on 9:57 Eastern Europe and NATO's entanglement 9:59 with Russia we will go over the 10:02 conflicts in Ukraine the militarization 10:04 of the Baltics and much more 10:06 in any case this was a casting report by 10:09 me Sherman I want to extend special 10:11 thanks to the following people on 10:13 patriotism for making this report 10:15 possible and if you want to help our 10:17 channel grow places its / 10:20 casting report anyway thank you for 10:23 watching and sold

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Rachel Maddow Show 2/3/17 Trump news

Rachel Maddow is sarcastic and opinionated but that is exactly the reason i watch her. her opinions are supported by facts... that's what allows her her sarcasms and gives her authority to do it.

we all lost, the world is in tremendous danger because of the twin evils T+B, they could blow up it any time now...

You have been lied to, your parents were lied to, your parents parents were lied to... You are living in a DECEPTION of Biblical proportions. The new freedom of expression brought by the Internet goes far beyond politics or religion. People relate to each other in new ways now, posing questions about how we should respond to people when all that we know about them is what we have learned through a medium that permits all kinds of anonymity and deception, just as our governments around the world have been doing to us all for centuries.

The Delusions placed over human mind are by far the most destructive kind of delusions. To create drama, and false hope, to place fear and worry into the heart of the human soul can be the most damaging form of deception. War, Famine, Disease, money, power struggles over nations, and God given lands. In a storm of struggles, we try to control the elements, we clasp our fist tight so as to protect our self's and remain happy, or content. But stress can be an addiction, and worry can be our quest for control.

Remember no matter what Deception of truth, or manifested Delusions you are suffering from in this world, that should not be your worry at all... Rather, our concern must be to live while we're alive, don't worry so much, 'cause in the end none of us have very long on this earth. Life is fleeting...

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#Trump Report on Second Week of Presidency

The Trump/Pence team has had a busy week 2 of their administration.

President Trump is showing no signs of slowing down. He is working hard moving full speed ahead to Make America Great Again and drain the Washington, D.C. swamp.
This week, there were four major issues that President Trump focused on. The first was making the United States more secure by improving the immigrant screening process. President Trump imposed a temporary travel ban on 7 countries known for training, harboring, and exporting terrorism.

good evening I'm still reporting on 0:11 president Trump the Trump pence team has 0:14 had a busy week two of their 0:16 administration President Trump showing 0:19 no signs of slowing down 0:21 he is working hard moving full speed 0:23 ahead to not only make America great 0:26 again but to drain the washington DC 0:29 swamp this week there are four major 0:32 issues that President Trump focused on 0:34 the first was making the United States 0:36 more secure by improving the immigration 0:39 screening process president Trump 0:42 imposed a temporary travel ban on seven 0:46 countries known for training harboring 0:48 and exporting terrorism 0:50 according to the White House this travel 0:53 ban is not about religion 0:56 this is about keeping our country safe 0:58 only fifteen percent of the Muslim 1:01 population of the entire world is 1:03 affected 1:04 there are over 40 majority Muslim 1:07 countries worldwide that are not 1:09 affected by this order the White House 1:12 will again the issuing visas to all 1:14 countries 1:15 once the administration has reviewed and 1:17 implemented the more secure policies 1:20 over the next 90 days 1:22 the second major issue this week was 1:24 president Trump's announcement of his 1:27 nominee to fill the ninth seat of the 1:29 Supreme Court Judge neo Gorsuch is well 1:33 qualified to be the worthy successor to 1:35 the late Justice Scalia the third major 1:38 issue was that President Trump signed an 1:40 executive order that makes every 1:43 appointee in every executive agency sign 1:46 and ethics pledge that they will not 1:49 engage in lobbying activities within 1:51 five years from leaving their post and 1:54 are not allowed to accept any gifts from 1:56 registered lobbyists or lobbying 1:59 organizations the fourth major issue was 2:02 fulfilling his campaign promise to 2:04 dramatically cut the regulatory burden 2:07 placed on businesses the president's 2:10 executive order mandates that for every 2:12 new regulation implemented by federal 2:14 agencies to existing 2:16 regulations must be cut the goal is to 2:19 end the damaging effects of 2:21 over-regulation on our small businesses 2:23 our economy and our entrepreneurial 2:26 spirit president Trump wants all 2:29 Americans to know that the American 2:31 Dream is back and we're going to create 2:34 an environment for small business like 2:37 we haven't had in many many decades a 2:40 fifth major issue came up very 2:42 unexpectedly president childhood / Air 2:46 Force Base on Wednesday to pay respects 2:49 to a fallen hero SEAL Team six member 2:52 chief petty officer William Brian Owens 2:55 president Trump was honored to be there 2:58 for the dignified transfer and give 3:01 thanks for his sacrifice Owens took part 3:04 in a daring raid that resulted in 3:06 valuable intelligence that will protect 3:08 American lives i'm still reporting from 3:12 Washington today

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Harry Dent : President Trump is Crazy , It is going to get Ugly !!

Harry Dent Outlines His Four Most Predicvtive Trends

Renowned Harvard Economist Harry Dent joined Peak Prosperity’s Chris Martenson to reveal his forecasts for the months ahead and discuss how cycle trends are leading us to the point of significant financial downturns. Harry outlines four of the most predictive trends and cycles he uses to forecast different markets and financial assets. Don’t miss Harry’s latest economic predictions for 2017 and on…

welcome to crash concept where the 0:04 economy energy and the environment are 0:06 explored up next fresh ideas and 0:09 insights into the fasteners that are 0:10 driving the world is shaping your future 0:12 presenting information you can't afford 0:14 to live without 0:15 here's Chris Martenson welcome to this 0:17 peak prosperity podcast it's January 0:19 2016 2017 and i am your host Chris 0:23 Martenson now as i'm recording this the 0:26 u.s. stock markets are excitedly hitting 0:28 new all-time highs 0:30 the dow is just cracked the 20,000 mark 0:32 in the world equity markets are powering 0:35 to New 17-month highs looking at 0:37 all-time highs as well the narrative is 0:40 that this has something to do with Trump 0:43 although i cannot find anybody who can 0:46 explain to me why Europe's markets 0:48 should be anything but threatened by the 0:50 trade stances of Trump regardless that's 0:53 the narrative being used to explain all 0:55 these seemingly unstoppable stock market 0:58 advances 0:59 however as you already well no the 1:01 explanations put forth in the media to 1:03 explain things are nearly always an 1:06 accurate just plain misleading sometimes 1:08 or just wrong 1:09 my own favorite theory is the stock 1:11 markets are no longer divination 1:14 machines capable of discounting the 1:16 future but merely liquidity gauge is 1:18 telling us that the world's central 1:20 banks have overdone it again important 1:23 too much fuel into the furnace now to 1:26 really understand the probable future 1:29 you have to be rooted in the 1:30 fundamentals always always always and I 1:34 know that fundamentals are out of favor 1:36 right now but trust me they will come 1:39 roaring back they always do today I'm 1:42 very excited to have with us one of the 1:44 world's great economist yes some do 1:46 exist and a master of the fundamentals 1:49 carry dent Harry is the author of the 1:52 sale of a lifetime and editor of the 1:54 free newsletter economy and markets 1:56 which can be found at Harry dent dot-com 2:00 mr. debt has correctly called nearly 2:03 every major economic trend over the past 2:05 30 years including the 1991 recession 2:08 Japan's lost decade the 2001 tech crash 2:11 the bull market and housing boom 2:13 last decade and most recently the credit 2:16 in the housing bubble now he's saying 2:19 that US equities are going to quote 2:21 crash to a degree we haven't seen since 2:25 the Great Depression and quote he has 2:27 recently predicted a drop in the down to 2:29 6,000 and quote when the dust settles it 2:32 will eventually plummet to 3300 long the 2:36 wait will see another real estate 2:37 collapse 2:38 gold will sink to 750 dollars an ounce 2:41 and unemployment will skyrocket it's 2:43 going to get ugly and quote certainly 2:46 provocative use that i know we are all 2:49 excited to explore with mr. dent Harry 2:51 welcome to the program a nice to be here 2:53 Chris 2:54 well thanks not hearing before we dive 2:55 into current events and your predictions 2:58 I would love for you to tell our 2:59 listeners about your methodology so they 3:01 understand the basis for your views and 3:03 predictions 3:05 what's your framework well you know 3:07 first what I do Chris I don't study 3:09 government policies because government's 3:11 react to what the real economy does in 3:14 the real economy eighty percent of it to 3:16 be exact is driven by consumers and 3:18 businesses and that's mostly consumer 3:20 spending so I definitely i look at the 3:22 predictable things people do as they age 3:25 and I look at things that impact 3:27 consumer spending and business growth 3:29 everything from the aging of the 3:31 population and people get you know it's 3:33 been more money and it there mid mid to 3:35 late forties get more productive his 3:38 workers i look at technology cycles and 3:40 when technologies come together most 3:42 favorably for business and productivity 3:45 of workers and and these things are 3:49 crystal clear and they're very easy to 3:51 forecast what I tell people against what 3:54 economist say the long term is easy to 3:57 forecast and see it's the short term it 4:00 can be incredibly difficult because more 4:03 and more cycles come in as you get more 4:04 short-term more and more political 4:06 factors i mean i mean just imagine how 4:09 hard it would have been an even the 4:11 smartest money I track didn't get this 4:13 one to predict the Donald Trump number 4:15 one would win against clear polls that 4:18 said Hillary had it in the bag eighty 4:20 percent chance of winning and then if he 4:22 did win by surprise would go against all 4:25 the pundits saying oh my gosh 4:27 he's going to create so much uncertainty 4:28 the markets are going to crash or go 4:30 down the opposite happened that that's 4:33 how difficult the short term can be to 4:35 predict what the long-term yes I could 4:38 see that Japan's baby boom generation 4:40 was peeking decades ahead of the rest of 4:43 the world because it was born my 4:45 primarily at peak just before and after 4:48 World War two art and in the japan was 4:50 going to crash in the nineties when the 4:52 rest of the world's baby boomers where 4:54 they're strongest spending stages in the 4:56 United States and Europe and other 4:59 countries and and you know we could see 5:02 that housing was gonna peek ahead of the 5:05 economy because housing spending peaks 5:07 ahead of peak spending and so i 5:09 summarize the most important indicators 5:12 i have I got into a tease 5:14 I is the first one was suspending way 5:16 it's simply a 46-year lag on the birth 5:20 index which I adjust for immigrants 5:23 legal and illegal that are here today 5:24 and when they were born on average and 5:27 and 46 years when the average family 5:31 spends the most money in their life and 5:33 then we get yearly updates from the 5:36 government and the Consumer Expenditure 5:37 survey on not only total spending and by 5:41 age but from cradle turn to nursing 5:44 homes 5:45 you know what i can tell you when potato 5:46 chips peak that's age 42 when cruise 5:50 ship travel piece that's age 70 nursing 5:53 homes are going to be the hottest thing 5:54 for the next three decades we've ever 5:56 seen because the baby boomers are just 5:59 about to start entering that last thing 6:01 that peeks at age 84 and largely for 6:04 women so we look at demographics but i 6:07 also look at geo political cycles on 6:10 time by the way the demographics which 6:12 we peeped predicted way back in the late 6:14 eighties when Japan was declining we're 6:16 predicting that we said hey the us baby 6:18 boomers not going to peak until 2007 and 6:21 then our economy will weaken as it did 6:24 on that 46-year leg in 2008 we've been 6:27 living off of QE ever since but there 6:30 was a cycle that I had to kind of come 6:32 up with because the second lumen bubble 6:35 from 2002 2007 which we predicted but I 6:39 i thought it would be much stronger 6:40 or might look much like the first bubble 6:42 from 95 to 2,000 I had to go back and 6:46 dig and find out why I found a 6:47 geopolitical cycle that it's positive 6:50 every 17 18 years you know 6:53 kumbaya in the world and then it's 6:55 negative well that cycle hit in 2001 for 6:58 obvious reasons 911 and has been 7:00 terrible ever since that cycle doesn't 7:03 bottom until around 2020 and then things 7:07 get more favorable again i've also track 7:09 a technology cycle i do you just look 7:12 back I mean this is one of the most 7:14 clock light every 45 years you know the 7:17 steam engine came and then peak and its 7:20 impact in factories and then steamship 7:22 speak on 1875 and then railroads peak in 7:26 1920 and automobiles saturation and 7:29 super highways and 1965 and now recently 7:32 the internet we've all got the internet 7:34 we've all got google email broadband all 7:37 these things and smartphones and stuff 7:39 and now innovations down to social media 7:42 and to me facebook is great but it but 7:44 it's entertainment dancing cats and dogs 7:47 it's not not going to triple the 7:49 productivity my research business like 7:51 Google and email did and then finally 7:53 there's a roughly ten year boom-bust 7:56 cycle which I have a secret way of 7:58 forecasting which nobody's aware of our 8:01 and and here's the point on Chris all 8:06 four of these cycles point down now 11 8:10 at the next is Pete in the last several 8:12 years all four point down into early 8:15 2020 or so that's only happened in the 8:18 early to mid seventies when we had were 8:20 stock crashes back then and an OPEC 8:23 immuno cartels and always thought the 8:25 worst crisis since the 1930s and of 8:28 course in the early thirties we had this 8:30 same complete figuration of all four of 8:33 these fundamental cycles that taken me 8:35 30 years to hone and say decent for that 8:38 matter 8:39 another problem economist chris is very 8:41 simple 8:42 they look at so many indicators and 8:44 short-term stuff that they can't see the 8:46 forest for the trees that's why they 8:47 missed these long-term trends that are 8:49 so predictable so the next three years 8:52 is likely to be very very light 8:54 really be the worst we see in our 8:57 lifetimes it will be more like the early 8:59 nineteen thirties and and when stock 9:02 shit this sort of debt bubble and 9:03 financial asset bubbles crashes which 9:06 they only do once in a lifetime like the 9:08 early 1930s stocks are going to be down 9:11 seventy eighty ninety percent that 9:12 should be expected in this stage of the 9:15 cycle after such a bubble so I've gone 9:18 from being the most bullish economist in 9:21 the eighties and nineties to now one of 9:23 the most bearish because what goes up 9:24 goes down and that's what cycles do in 9:28 in at heart I'm of cycle guy and 9:31 demographics just happens to be the most 9:33 important cycle in this modern era sense 9:37 and only sense we've had a middle class 9:40 format that the only really since world 9:42 war two has the everyday person mattered 9:46 so much because they have fifty sixty 9:48 thousand incomes and in can buy homes 9:51 over 30 years and borrow a lot of money 9:53 a distant this was not the case before 9:56 the Great Depression and World War two 9:58 so that's a brief summary of my 10:01 fundamentals and why i am telling people 10:05 this is not the time to believe in this 10:07 Trump rally and I'll go into that i'll 10:09 show you what that cannot last 10:12 and he cannot create four percent growth 10:13 and people should be getting real safe 10:16 especially for the next three years now 10:18 after that and the point of this book 10:19 new books available i think it's going 10:22 to be one opportunity at the next to buy 10:24 stocks or emerging market stocks or 10:26 commodities or gold or real estate and 10:29 we also go into which areas are going to 10:31 be favored by demographics and our 10:33 cycles but there is going to be you're 10:36 never going to see prices this low if 10:39 you protect your capital now and 10:41 converted to cash or safe long-term 10:44 high-quality bonds then you are going to 10:47 be able to take advantage of the Civil 10:48 lifetime if you don't you're going to 10:50 see your financial assets wiped out a 10:54 good bit more than they were in two 10:55 thousand eight and nine and the markets 10:57 aren't going to come running back to new 10:59 highs next time now hear water 11:02 prerogative and very interesting 11:03 information in there 11:05 let me start here with this then because 11:06 I think we can build off this nicely a 11:09 very open question for myself my 11:12 listeners all over the world as well 11:14 obviously is is this going to be 11:15 inflation or is this deflation you're 11:17 talking deflation that's what I'm 11:19 hearing a fallen in the financial asset 11:21 prices so when I have somebody like John 11:23 husband on or grant williams or other 11:25 astute fed observers axel merk people 11:27 like that who know the Fed the central 11:29 bank's well they say they committed some 11:31 of the most egregious policy blunders 11:33 ever because they tried to do things 11:34 like prevent the very cycle you're 11:37 talking about at least the business 11:38 cycle and assets cycles they want to see 11:40 if they can smooth those out prevent 11:42 them from going bust all of that and and 11:45 at this point when we try and resolve 11:47 the inflation vs deflation question 11:49 there are some who say that when this 11:51 next sort of deflationary wave comes the 11:53 central banks will they know what to do 11:56 they're just going to keep printing 11:58 you're saying they're going to lose that 12:00 battle don't have that right yes it and 12:04 i'll tell you why they've already 12:05 printed 13 trillion dollars globally and 12:08 of course Japan and Europe are still 12:10 going at it rapid rates especially Japan 12:13 and guess what we've gotten out of that 12:15 0212 2% at best inflation and all the 12:19 developed countries that are printing 12:21 all this money it's because this money 12:22 is being printed to stop and and Kane 12:27 deflation because deflation means dead 12:29 is deleveraging banks are failing 12:31 businesses are failing prices are going 12:33 down that squeezes margin it's the gets 12:36 that's what happened in the Great 12:37 Depression deflation is a wrecking ball 12:40 now the biggest problem here as you're 12:43 saying these other experts were 12:44 correctly saying this is terrible policy 12:47 to try to smooth out these cycles and 12:50 the economy the economy grows through 12:53 the dynamics of opposite free market 12:55 capitalism is the opposite of democracy 12:58 just like men and women are opposites 13:00 and you know positive and negative poles 13:03 on a battery that's how you create 13:04 energy and dynamic growth inflation and 13:08 deflation are part of this cycle booms 13:10 and busts third part of these cycles in 13:13 the bust in an inflationary and 13:15 deflationary x is when we get the 13:18 greatest enemy 13:18 nations that then move mainstream with 13:21 the next demographic boom 13:23 so this dynamic is necessary and by 13:25 stopping this dynamic and just creating 13:28 a coma economy where Japan has been 13:30 growing 0% now for 26 years and the US 13:34 has been growing it two percent now for 13:37 eight years and that's not going to even 13:40 last with demographics getting worth you 13:42 just basically freeze innovation you 13:44 kill the Golden Goose i call it so this 13:46 is this is terrible policy but also they 13:49 are fighting such persistent long-term 13:52 downward demographic and even 13:54 technological innovation trends and all 13:57 this sort of stopped 13:58 I mean retirement here's what happens in 14:00 an economy for the first time in history 14:02 where you have the baby boom generation 14:04 in most developed countries larger than 14:08 the millennial generation following them 14:10 as we move forward you get to the point 14:12 where there's more baby boomers retiring 14:14 the Millennials entering the workforce 14:16 all the workforce is not growing which 14:19 it's not it's negative for the next 14:21 several years then it's just above 14:22 fairly positive for decades to come how 14:25 do you grow four percent with that 14:27 productivity has been going down ever 14:29 since the baby boomers started to 14:31 retiring in the very late nineteen 14:33 nineties and it's gonna get it's gone 14:35 from sixty-seven percent now 62 and a 14:38 half percent and by the time they fully 14:40 retired by 2024 it's going to be fifty 14:43 eight percent by projector we're going 14:45 to lose another four and a half million 14:46 of our workforce how do you grow at four 14:49 percent with a declining workforce for 14:51 decades to come 14:52 how do you grow it it near zero 14:55 productivity were the lowest 14:56 productivity rates since the Bob Hope 14:58 generation was retiring in mass in the 15:00 early eighties them down of their cycle 15:03 and it's going to get worse so so this 15:06 Trump think he's gonna like just shift 15:08 around the pie and in ship taxes from 15:10 the government to the consumer and 15:12 businesses you know in and cut off some 15:15 regulations and things like that built 15:17 an infrastructure this is not going to 15:19 happen you're not going to create four 15:21 percent growth its demographically 15:23 impossible Japan has been stimulating 15:25 much longer than us at three times the 15:28 rate of quantitative easing in the last 15:30 several years and they're still 15:32 long-term growing 0 with 0 inflation and 15:36 0 productivity and they would have had 15:38 deeply shin and bank failures if they 15:41 had not printed so much money for the 15:43 money being printed is to keep the banks 15:45 from falling over like the Great 15:47 Depression but the price of that you go 15:49 into a coma economy like Japan you never 15:52 go from what I call the winter 15:53 deleveraging deflationary season back to 15:56 the next spring mild inflation boom as 15:59 we get going from the 30 to 40 50 60 so 16:02 this is horrible policy I if we don't 16:05 let this crisis happened and let some 16:07 banks fail and some companies fail and 16:08 gone to this we'd be over the worst by 16:11 now the great depression the worst of it 16:13 was over in three years and then we did 16:16 nothing but grow for decades after that 16:19 because we lifted a lot of debt offer 16:21 consumers and businesses when banks fail 16:23 it's because they have bad loans they 16:25 have to write them down or write them 16:27 off and then that that's why they go 16:29 under and then the stronger bank take 16:31 over their assets and you reorganize the 16:33 banking system but you come out of it 16:34 with far less debt japan now has more 16:38 depth than ever we have more depth than 16:39 ever and and our deficit our government 16:42 deficit which is the smallest part of 16:44 our death private debts much larger is 16:46 is doubling every eight years has 16:49 anybody noticed this 5 to 10 trillion 16:51 under Bush 10 to 20 under Obama it's 16:54 gonna be 20 to 40 over the next two 16:56 administrations and I don't think it's 16:58 gonna be Donald Trump I said when he got 16:59 elected I i would not be surprised if he 17:02 doesn't last the first year either 17:04 because he does something so stupid that 17:08 he kind of gets pushed out or in peace 17:10 or he gets shocked if anybody's going to 17:12 get shot people who shake up things and 17:14 he's shaking up things more than anybody 17:15 in history the most rapid rate people 17:18 who shake up things like Reagan like 17:20 Kennedy like Lincoln often get shot 17:25 well now there's a this decision we can 17:29 feel the pressure is building right so 17:30 you said we got nothing for all of our 17:32 queue is not quite right we got the 17:33 world not weekend to four percent growth 17:36 we wouldn't had in week we did stop a 17:39 banking system collapse like the 30 2008 17:42 look just like 93 no I i get Republicans 17:45 say that all 17:45 find me Chris you know Terry this 17:47 quantitative easing did nothing oh no it 17:50 it did a lot the problem is there's a 17:52 big price for it kills the whole free 17:54 market system and and and kills free 17:57 markets in general they did the central 18:00 banks have taken over the bond markets 18:02 and push down long-term risk free rate 18:05 and everything else real estate bonds on 18:09 stocks are heavily impacted by the 18:12 sub-zero rates hope not just impacted 18:16 but i'll give you the other thing that I 18:17 was heading towards is that it also gave 18:20 us the largest wealth gap in all of 18:22 history you know last year 62 people had 18:25 as much well it's half the world this 18:27 year that number is eight right 18:29 this breathe sort of social injustice 18:31 and we're primates for humans like we 18:33 hate unfairness this is deeply unfair 18:35 that the central banks are printing out 18:37 of thin air and its really 18:38 preferentially showing up in a very 18:39 small set of pocket book that's not 18:42 really good for the social experiments 18:43 we have a lot of tensions around all of 18:46 this but it lets talk about what hasn't 18:47 done it hasn't led to a real resurgence 18:50 in corporate R&D and the next wave of 18:52 investments that are going to do great 18:54 things for growth or future economy or 18:56 productivity we've got you know 18:58 financial engineering we've got 18:59 speculation we've got prop trading we 19:01 got listen Rome went down this path you 19:03 debase your current so you just printed 19:05 out of thin air out here you know you 19:06 know make your coins lesser and lesser 19:08 actual metal content and people catch on 19:12 we're smart we go hey if that's the game 19:14 i'll do this all out why would i expend 19:16 effort trying to create real new valued 19:19 products and services it's risky and 19:21 it's hard work i'll just go over here 19:22 into this a highly speculative arena 19:24 pool knowing that the central bank has 19:26 got my back 19:27 they're going to bail me out if I really 19:28 screw up here and make bad enough that's 19:30 right i just thought why not just like 19:32 not slip ons and speculated tech stocks 19:35 and I know exactly it's just something I 19:38 think economy its artificial it's 19:40 growing for the wrong reasons and all it 19:43 has created and people keep saying all 19:45 the feds going to hit massive inflation 19:47 at some point no they're not the problem 19:49 with the feds policies what's going to 19:51 kill them and defeat this is all they've 19:53 done is create even greater bubbles in 19:56 debt and in financial asks that's real 19:59 state and stocks and everything then we 20:00 had in 2007 and they're going to burst 20:03 again bubbles only birth and they don't 20:05 even need something big to happen real 20:08 estate started going down before the 20:10 economy went down before the subprime 20:12 crisis got nasty because it got too 20:15 expensive and baby boomers were running 20:18 out of their home buying cycle so 20:21 bumbles always burst and so that's the 20:24 danger here is what's going to trigger 20:26 this next bubble I mean a banking crisis 20:29 is already brewing big-time worse than 20:31 greece in southern Europe and Italy 20:33 Germany has worse demographics than the 20:36 Japanese had going in the nineteen 20:38 nineties in the decade ahead and 20:40 everybody thinks Germany's going to be 20:42 the strongest country in Europe that 20:44 holds it together and Deutsche Bank is 20:46 going down you know like a flaming plane 20:48 already so that china's got bubbles in 20:52 real estate that are so extreme they're 20:54 gonna have to burst in the next few 20:56 years and when that happens you're going 20:58 to trigger a tsunami around the world in 21:01 real estate crashes so so this thing is 21:03 not gonna last much longer and these 21:06 bubbles are going to burst and that's 21:07 the price we're gonna pay for this free 21:10 money something for nothing economy were 21:13 like you say people get rid of the rich 21:15 get extremely Richard this does favor 21:18 and it's not the top 1% I look at it the 21:21 top pointone percentage that runaway may 21:24 have as much wealth as the rest of the 21:26 one percent put together these are the 21:29 people making the most money off of 21:31 three money because they can leverage 21:33 and they have the money to invest in 21:35 these financial assets and and they're 21:38 the ones that benefit while homer 21:40 simpson has very little in the markets 21:42 and only their home and of course that 21:44 home got killed in in the last great 21:47 recession and it'll get killed worse 21:49 again so you're right this is income 21:51 inequality off-the-charts that's exactly 21:54 what the economy looked like in 1929 21:56 before the Great Depression not just the 21:59 peak of a generation spending not just 22:01 the debt bubble not just financial asset 22:03 bubbles but we had the same one percent 22:07 of people controlling fifty percent of 22:08 the wealth are just like we have now and 22:11 it's kitty getting even 22:12 so yeah this is not sustainable period 22:15 and when it crashes it's going to be 22:17 worse than ever 22:18 I mean all they've done is create a 22:20 bigger bubble we've added fifty seven 22:23 trillion more debt around the world you 22:26 know to the hundred and fifty trillion 22:27 we had at the top of the last bubble and 22:30 most of this in the emerging world that 22:32 which is the least stable and is getting 22:34 crushed by crashing commodities prices 22:38 I mean what we got the worst downturn 22:40 unconvinced next three years worst 22:42 financial crisis in bubble burst of our 22:45 lifetimes and when we will not see 22:48 something that's bad against oh hey 22:50 stocks are way over value got this very 22:53 irrational trump rally which I call the 22:55 final blow off phase i don't think it 22:58 lasts past July but i do think it goes 23:00 higher i think we're going to see dr. at 23:02 least ten percent higher from here 23:04 before the economy figures out that we 23:07 can't grow at four percent no matter 23:09 what does crazy person does annie is a 23:11 crazy person he may be smart a lot of 23:13 ways but he is crazy any psychologist 23:15 would mark him off on a few things right 23:18 away arm so when adverse people going to 23:22 be surprised and in one of the things I 23:24 born people most crisp yet people say 23:26 well guys I don't want to get out of 23:28 this bubble bee 23:29 yeah maybe it's a bubble but it keeps 23:30 going up here's the problem with bubbles 23:33 they're going to go down typically 23:34 eighty percent 7290 wherein especially 23:38 in stocks and commodities but half of 23:40 that crash and most of bubbles in 23:41 history has come in the first two to 23:44 three months when the markets finally 23:46 get it and the smart money runs like 23:48 crazy and the dumb money and most people 23:50 are in upholding stocks to go down forty 23:52 to forty-five percent in two to three 23:54 months this happen in 29 crashed it 23:57 happens in the nikkei crash and in 1990 24:01 it happened in the tech rec on in early 24:04 two thousand and it happened just last 24:07 year you can see this just last year 24:09 China's second stock bubble burst 24:13 forty-five percent in the first three 24:15 months in late 2015 and you had everyday 24:17 household lost everything they were 24:20 getting money on margin stuff the 24:22 government encouraged this stupidly to 24:24 try to offset 24:25 real estate slow down and then people 24:27 just got wiped out so that's the danger 24:29 if you hold out right now I think this 24:32 Trump rally has enough behind it that 24:35 people are probably okay into the summer 24:37 but i tell you it we see this market 24:39 keep going up into the summer and we we 24:41 start approaching that classic crash 24:44 season from late july too late October 24:46 i'm going to tell people you've got to 24:48 get out you just got to be safe if you 24:51 miss another five percent and hey you 24:53 could have gotten slammed you know forty 24:56 percent in three months so better to do 24:58 that now you that at the heart of all of 25:02 this of course so so you've got these 25:03 big trends you name these four big 25:05 trends and they have a very good both 25:08 explanatory and predictive power and 25:10 makes sense right we can say well what 25:11 is an economy its wealth people buying 25:13 and consistently stuff so maybe we 25:15 should track the people i get it now 25:17 what you talked about those with the 25:18 debt the federal debt United States 25:20 doubling every eight years using my my 25:23 handy-dandy rule of 72 that's a 25:25 9-percent compounded annual rate of 25:28 growth so nine percent alright and 25:30 verses that reverses gdp exactly it's 25:33 been growing anywhere with 2% recently 25:35 in 33 and a person event I mean wewe and 25:38 that's one starts statistically quote 25:40 from 1983 2008 in the baby boom debt 25:44 grew at 2.6 times the rate of gdp any 25:48 economist that does not see that turning 25:50 into a debt crisis down the road should 25:52 not be an economist and should be barred 25:55 from practicing the most retarded and 25:57 say hold this 25:58 ok it's not okay well it's not in so you 26:02 know that the Cunard I have to bat 26:04 around all the time somebody say well so 26:06 it lets you japan it's the ultimate 26:07 Petrie to show this why that country 26:09 hasn't gone down in flames right now I 26:11 don't understand because the total 26:13 amount of debt that they're carrying 26:14 right now per household is about a 26:16 million dollars per household write its 26:19 result two charts and that's what I'm 26:20 looking at the total debt of the country 26:22 people over Chris they owe it to 26:24 themselves 26:25 what do you say to that one Harry well 26:28 first of all the greatest amount of debt 26:30 in our economy all economies developed 26:33 world is private debt 3 23 times 26:36 typically government debt as much as 26:39 four times in the boom and and that is 26:41 owed to banks and then people like that 26:44 and they go under or you go under when 26:47 you can't pay it or you lose your house 26:49 or you buy stocks on margin and you lose 26:52 everything so it's not rude and 26:55 governors themselves ok but you know a 26:57 lot of his death is supposed to be used 27:00 I mean our government finance be used to 27:03 pay us social security and health care 27:05 which is underfunded by guest get this 27:08 about 70 trillion dollars just like a 27:11 lot of pension fans fun plans have to 27:14 report the amount of pensions or or 27:17 healthcare benefits they promised their 27:19 workers that has not been funded in an 27:22 investment in a conservative investment 27:24 plan to meet those the government 70 27:26 trillion unfunded so they get in in in 27:30 in a debt crisis or they can't grow 27:32 their debt further because nobody wants 27:34 to buy their bonds anymore because their 27:35 debt ratios are hot 27:36 how are they how are they going to pay 27:39 our benefits when they're not gonna be 27:40 able to pay them despite the debt crisis 27:42 but that only makes it worse so it's it 27:44 served to say oh we owe it to ourselves 27:48 just let me know studies show that when 27:50 government debt gets above ninety two 27:52 hundred percent it starts to slow gdp 27:55 growth it's a burden on the economy it's 27:57 the same thing when household debt you 28:00 know it gets to you know a hundred 28:02 percent or more of gdp it slows their 28:06 spending because they're paying more and 28:08 more interest in the government's paying 28:09 more and more interest than right now it 28:12 is is we talked about earlier by 28:14 suppressing the artificially pushing 28:17 their bond rage down 20 short term and 28:21 more like two percent long-term instead 28:23 of typically five to six percent with 28:25 the inflation rate so that they're 28:26 cheating they're able to to handle this 28:31 debt burden short-term because they push 28:33 they buy their own bonds and push race 28:35 down 28:35 well that's cheating and that's not 28:36 gonna laugh in a long-term we're going 28:38 to go back to you know treasury bonds 28:41 being more like five to six percent and 28:44 then they did japan would be bankrupt 28:46 overnight their entire budget would be 28:48 interest if we just went back to normal 28:51 you know 28:53 weight percent inflation in five to six 28:55 percent long-term bonds they be bankrupt 28:57 overnight and and we would have interest 29:00 would start to consume a huge portion of 29:03 our government budget so so no this this 29:07 is not sustainable and and it's just 29:09 another ridiculous bubble talk when you 29:11 get in bubbles 29:12 I'll tell you why people are stupid 29:14 that's what these books about Chris 29:16 people never see bubbles because they 29:18 don't want to they're in denial they're 29:20 getting something for nothing 29:21 their house is going up at fifteen 29:23 percent a year instead of the normal 29:25 three percent a year with inflation 29:27 stocks are going up at twenty percent 29:29 higher year instead of the normal seven 29:31 percent or something like that and in 29:33 and in their mortgages costing them four 29:36 percent instead of six to seven percent 29:38 in the car my car loans and leases are 29:40 two percent now they used to be at six 29:43 percent we're getting a free lunch 29:45 people love that it makes them feel good 29:47 make sure you feel high when somebody 29:50 like me says sorry folks we're in a 29:52 death bubble in a financial asset bubble 29:55 and every one of these that looks like 29:57 this in history has busted and it busted 29:59 horribly wanted to have people got wiped 30:02 out people want to shoot me they want to 30:04 shoot the messenger 30:05 they don't want to hear at CNBC Kate's 30:08 me some people in fox business like me 30:10 because they see they understand the 30:14 debt is not good like this but most 30:17 people just don't want to hear it now is 30:20 you know let's let's section the people 30:22 out a little bit there was this really 30:23 interesting article just came out the 30:24 most recent issue of the new yorker 30:26 where the very wealthy including tech 30:29 mogul who really made it like the 30:30 startup founder co founder of reddit but 30:33 as well as many hedge fund managers 30:35 private-equity people they're very 30:38 wealthy people they've obviously got 30:39 access very good information and they're 30:41 they're buying bunkers in New Zealand so 30:44 it here's the thing i run into here yet 30:46 is that the retail level like that the 30:48 average person on the street very hard 30:50 to communicate some of the stuff to 30:51 definitely shooting the messenger and 30:53 people who really don't want to believe 30:54 otherwise but the people who are the 30:56 most worried right now are the people 30:58 who have the most experience in the 30:59 financial markets 31:00 I mean you know I talked with guys and 31:02 gals with decades of experience you know 31:03 running headphones for 30 years and they 31:05 look at all of this 31:06 is a dis is a mess and it worries them 31:09 because they're worried that when this 31:11 next turn comes it's not going to be 31:13 like your grandpa has turned where 31:14 humans and little red orange and red 31:16 coats start trading pieces of paper and 31:18 things get a little out of hand these 31:19 are computers making decisions at 31:22 Lightspeed operating in microseconds 31:25 saying uh we're out of this market 31:27 potentially so they're worried about 31:28 these flash crashes that we see in small 31:31 markets really somehow you know 31:33 perpetuating across the larger market 31:35 structure that is I think we've had an 31:37 SEC asleep at the wheel we I believe 31:39 that you know are using cell arnoc and 31:42 another guy's is demonstrating that 31:44 these are broken markets in many 31:46 respects because we don't really have 31:48 the same governing structures on them 31:50 that we used to it it's uh it's a little 31:53 bit worrisome and maybe you've seen this 31:55 as well you know when you see something 31:57 like the dollar or the pound for us 31:59 treasuries move by whole percentage 32:01 points in a matter of minutes you know 32:03 6789 Sigma move shouldn't happen once 32:06 every ten million to a billion year kind 32:08 of stuff it just speaks to me that this 32:11 is a reason to be edgy and the edgy as 32:13 people I know are the ones who are the 32:15 most sophisticated in these markets and 32:17 I don't know that most people have 32:18 really connected those dots yet 32:22 yeah that's that that's what i call the 32:23 smart money and and and that's what I 32:26 track i look at the commitment of 32:28 traders got small percentage of traders 32:30 who with the commercial headers always 32:33 tend to be on the right side of the 32:34 market at a major top there hedged 32:37 bearish and a major bottom their heads 32:40 bullish and that's the people in and 32:42 these people are are you know are the 32:45 people who understand this and are 32:47 saying oh my god this thing's gotta go 32:49 down there the people who understand the 32:51 higher market goes the more vulnerable 32:53 it is for most investors the moment the 32:56 longer they see real estate or stocks go 32:59 up the more confident they get that they 33:01 won't fall and that's different that's 33:04 that's a total misunderstanding of 33:06 history and investing so you're right 33:09 only a small percentage of people get 33:11 this and it's the same people i talked 33:13 to I i just i'm just not going to be a 33:17 mainstream forecaster at this point 33:19 because I'm 33:20 everybody's hoping this works out and 33:22 everybody's much as people no trumps got 33:25 the impulse control of a grease fire and 33:27 he's kind of a crazy person they're like 33:29 well but we hope he does some stuff and 33:32 turns it takes us back to four percent 33:33 they're hoping anybody that looks at the 33:36 fundamentals anybody that looks at 33:38 cycles debt cycles financial assets 33:40 cycle anybody that looks at bubble this 33:42 whole book has so many charts showing 33:45 that all these bubbles look alike they 33:47 look like the male orgasm chart from my 33:50 own masters and Johnson's back in the 33:52 late fifties and that's exactly what 33:54 they are they're like a financial orgasm 33:56 and orgasms can only go so far till it 33:59 gets too intense and then when they end 34:01 they end rapidly and that's what happens 34:05 with bubbles so I go out of my way to 34:06 say look everybody politicians are 34:09 telling you that's not a bubble goldman 34:10 sachs is saying it's not a bubble 34:12 economist are saying it's not a bubble 34:14 CNBC saying it's not a bubble don't 34:17 listen to these people this looks like a 34:19 bubble quacks like a bobble walks like a 34:21 bubble this is a bubble in bubbles only 34:24 do one thing they don't have soft 34:26 landing they burst violently in the 34:28 typical stock bubble as i said earlier 34:30 is eighty percent that's how much cheap 34:32 and ultimately went down in the Great 34:35 Depression of eighty-nine percent for 34:36 the US stock market we were kinda like 34:38 the China that up-and-coming coming most 34:41 leverage country back then so China 34:43 probably will be ninety percent us will 34:46 probably eighty percent and and that's 34:48 not something you want to sit through 34:50 because after that bubble burst in the 34:52 early thirties stocks took 24 years to 34:55 get back to those 1929 highs you'll be 34:59 dead as a retiree if you wait for stud 35:01 you listen to your stockbroker and say 35:03 well he'll say stocks Goldberg no always 35:06 come back and we have you diversified I 35:08 also ask investors to look at your new 35:10 2008 crash portfolio 35:12 how did diversification work for you 35:14 there when real estate went down 35:16 commodities went down gold and silver 35:18 included every stock market in the world 35:20 emerging markets developed market small 35:23 cats large jobs all went down 35:26 how did that diversification work for 35:28 you it didn't 35:29 well Harry I got to get to the heart of 35:31 the sense i'm going to assume that 35:33 that the safest investment here in your 35:36 view is cash that I'm getting not 35:38 japanese yen either but US dollars is 35:40 that is that fair 35:42 Jack cash and US dollars because the US 35:45 dollar versus other currencies was the 35:47 only one that really rallied and then 35:49 when 2008 meltdown happened it went up 35:51 twenty-seven percent in three or four 35:53 months not because we have good monetary 35:56 policies where the best house in a bad 35:58 neighborhood demographically and we have 36:01 less quantitative easing cumulative than 36:04 Europe and way way less than Japan so 36:07 the WF & dollars but also the highest 36:10 quality bonds in the Great Depression 36:12 for that entire decade where stocks and 36:16 real estate and commodities and 36:17 everything else got decimated the the 36:20 long-term treasury bonds and triple-a 36:22 corporate bonds the highest quality 36:24 long-term bonds roughly doubled in value 36:27 which include their dividends and they 36:30 take higher dividends or there are now 36:33 with with a bounce and heels are paying 36:35 a higher higher dividends and stock and 36:37 I think these years could bounce a 36:38 little farther later this year so yeah 36:41 it's the safest assets highest-quality 36:43 bonds you can bet on the US dollar going 36:46 up at least in the early stage of the 36:47 crisis new ups and ETF attracts that the 36:50 US dollars at a hundred it's forty-five 36:53 percent higher than when the great 36:55 recession started in january 2008 and it 36:57 bottom and i think it's going to at 36:59 least a hundred twenty so US dollar US 37:02 Dollar Index or dollar bullish funds 37:04 highest-quality US government and in 37:08 triple-a corporate bonds and just good 37:10 old cast nothing wrong with having 37:12 liquid cash that everytime assets go 37:15 down you can buy more of them and you've 37:17 got the cast to do it because don't 37:18 think anybody's going to lend you money 37:20 to buy stocks are real estate at the 37:22 bottom of this next crisis you gotta 37:24 have cash or or high quality stuff and 37:27 you can sell those bonds any day and 37:29 guess and in these bonds not only have 37:31 could get three to three-and-a-half 37:33 percent yield on something safe they 37:36 appreciate when deflation brings those 37:38 yields back down the bonds appreciated 37:41 from 1931 in 1941 a 10-year bull market 37:45 after stocks and everything crashed so 37:47 so the bonds that what bonds of the one 37:50 bubble that are getting a setback now 37:52 but the one bubble that will be the last 37:54 burst many years from now i agree with 37:57 that now this brings me to my final 37:58 question which is really about gold and 38:00 I'm not gold and silver are two separate 38:02 words to me I don't lump them together 38:03 gold the monetary asset to me and that's 38:06 primarily why i like it and so here's 38:07 the question as we get into this 38:10 deflationary aspect which I agree with 38:12 you feel like like the end stage to all 38:13 of this 38:14 I no longer trust of the statements of 38:18 any of the major commercial banks i 38:20 think there's going to be an enormous 38:21 banking crisis with that so when you say 38:23 cash if that means cash in the bank i 38:25 think we have to understand which bank 38:27 matters because not all are created 38:28 equal some of them are carrying 38:29 derivatives that nobody can understand 38:31 at this point and gold to me is that is 38:33 potentially a means of having a monetary 38:36 assets outside of a system that frankly 38:38 I've lost a lot of faith in if not all 38:41 of my trust especially with the baling 38:43 provisions and the sneaky war on cash 38:46 stuff courtesy of summers and rode off 38:47 and all those other casting of slimy 38:49 characters and whatnot but but it feels 38:51 to me like like people are being herded 38:53 into a banking system that is just like 38:55 the last corral you ever want to get 38:57 caught in right potentially so when you 38:59 say cash 39:00 what do you mean by that and second 39:01 halves gold into that story 39:03 okay first of all very good question you 39:06 have to have your cash for your safe 39:08 bonds or your dollar index or whatever 39:10 in a brokerage account whether it being 39:13 a bank or brokerage firm I i like to be 39:15 with online brokerage firms because 39:18 they're they're not banks that also lend 39:20 money against real estate and can can 39:22 get crippled and stuff but it if you 39:24 have it in the bank in a checking 39:26 account or savings account they do lend 39:28 that money out into these bubbles 39:30 especially in the real estate and when 39:32 they lose that money your money may not 39:34 be will not be there as it wasn't in in 39:36 early 30 so if you're in a brokerage 39:38 account they can't lend against that 39:40 even if it's in a bank 39:42 I'd rather have it i have my money you 39:44 know with schwab or or or somebody like 39:47 Scottrade because they're not in the 39:49 business of lending or investment 39:51 banking and all this sort of stuff are 39:54 so that's first thing second thing gold 39:57 Gold correlates with one thing long-term 39:59 and one thing only and that's inflation 40:02 also short term gold is an inflation 40:06 hedge that's why it was such a great 40:07 investment in what I call the summer 40:10 season of high inflation and recession 40:12 or stagflation that's a part of my 80 40:15 years cycled it works like a clock and 40:17 but it's not a deflation hedge gold 40:21 people don't get gold was a bigger 40:22 bubble and then the stock market gold 40:24 went up eight times in 10 years between 40:27 2001 and 2011 we told people to get out 40:31 of silver and gold and silver retested 40:34 it's 1984 bubble hi previous bubble high 40:37 and we said this was like a good time to 40:39 get out gold when a little higher in to 40:41 intercept member but basically told 40:43 people get out this is a bubble bubbles 40:45 have to burst and these things followed 40:47 the commodity cycle which is a 30-year 40:49 clock gold did not provide that safe 40:53 haven i look back into late 2008 when 40:56 things really melted down and look like 40:58 we're going in a great depression and 41:00 major banks failing and General Motors 41:01 could have gone on there and AIG and all 41:04 this sort of start gold went down 41:06 33-percent silver went down fifty 41:10 percent they did not protect you 41:12 so I don't trust go for gold erases 41:16 bubble and I look in this book and 41:17 principles and bubbles is they they they 41:20 build up exponentially when they burst 41:22 burst and half a time typically took 41:25 them to built and they go back to where 41:27 the bubble started not the whole bull 41:29 market whatever that is when they 41:31 started to diverge from the fundamental 41:33 trends and go up more expedient enjoyed 41:35 gold has to go down to four hundred 41:37 dollars to race that bubble and it could 41:40 possibly get worse retest those 2001 41:43 lows around 250 i'm looking for gold to 41:46 hit seven hundred give or take in the 41:48 next year or so and i'm looking i'm not 41:50 gonna be interested in gold to it gets 41:52 at least the 400 and then i would love 41:54 it because the next commodity cycle can 41:56 be driven by emerging countries who are 41:58 horrible huge consumers are gold and 42:01 silver huge consumers of commodities as 42:03 a percentage of their income and the 42:05 biggest producers and exporters of 42:07 commodities so I think the next 42:08 commodity cycle is going to be a doozy 42:11 but commodities have already crashed and 42:13 won't turn around until at least 2020 42:15 and and then it goes at 400 bucks 42:18 tonight say you know what I'd buy this 42:20 and think you could go to 4,000 over the 42:22 next commodity cycle and that next 42:24 commodity cycle women peak until about 42:26 2038 2014 so I do not like gold 42:30 it's not a safe haven in a deflationary 42:33 environment it is the safe haven an 42:35 inflationary environment and of course 42:37 once this quantitative endless 42:40 quantitative easing breaks down all 42:42 these bubbles burst again and again real 42:44 question to to summarize their the 42:47 reason you get deflation in this winter 42:50 season is it when deputy leverages money 42:52 disappears loans are written off of that 42:54 money disappears when bubbles burst like 42:57 the dowel goes from 22,000 down to four 42:59 thousand eighty percent of people's 43:02 wealth disappears and doesn't come back 43:04 for a long time that creates less money 43:06 chasing the same goods and financial 43:08 assets and everything else and that 43:10 creates deflation and prices not 43:13 inflation and certainly very much 43:16 non-mainstream views and we have been 43:18 talking with harry reid and author of 43:20 the new book the sale of a lifetime it's 43:23 a chock full of just fascinating 43:25 thinking and of course somebody you 43:27 should be listening to an editor of the 43:29 free newsletter economy and markets 43:30 found that Harry dent dot-com Harry 43:33 anything else you need to tell people 43:35 about events or how they can follow you 43:36 more closely now I think the best thing 43:40 you're not free newsletter so that's 43:41 where you can get the notice i mean i 43:43 think we got you know limited months 43:45 maybe six months left in this market i 43:47 want by the middle of this year you to 43:49 be convinced to make some very hard 43:51 decisions because everybody else 43:53 including your stockbroker and your best 43:55 friend are going to turn the media and 43:57 everything is going to tell you 43:58 otherwise you need to make some hard 44:00 decisions and you're not going to do 44:01 that unless you're convinced so so yes 44:04 get the book and get on our free 44:06 newsletter we also have paid in his 44:07 letters if you want to get more depth 44:09 but but but you need to be convinced so 44:11 so get serious about this and and okay 44:14 this doesn't happen in the next couple 44:16 years and then I'm gonna quit my 44:17 profession and be a limo driver the gold 44:19 coast of Australia alright well you'll 44:21 be fighting the 44 fairs with me 44:24 at that point I'm so Harry thank you so 44:26 much for your time today 44:27 let's do this again sometime soon okay 44:29 thank you Chris

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