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No More Free Speech at UC Berkeley -- Mike Rivero

What Really Happened: Michael Rivero (Mike Rivero) Thursday 2/2/17

The What Really Happened radio show is an adjunct to the website. The show broadcasts from Oahu, Hawaii through the Republic Broadcasting Network. The show and website are non-partisan and chastise the lying and corrupt of all political parties with equal enthusiasm! What Really Happened is opposed to war as a presumed fix for the struggling US economy, and also takes an occasional look at issues of science and health being distorted in the quest for profits. THE HOST Mike Rivero is the host of the What Really Happened radio shows on the Republic Broadcasting Network and webmaster of, now in its 22nd year. Both the radio show and website enjoy a large and growing global audience. He is a frequent guest on talk-radio and has appeared in television programs such as History Channel’s “America’s Book of Secrets.” Mike Rivero’s background is as eclectic as his radio show and website. Formerly with NASA, Mike transitioned his image processing skills (along with a brief stint as a child actor) into the then-new computer animation field, starting with award winning commercials, then working on films such as “Star Trek”, “The Day After Tomorrow”, and later supervising visual effects on “Brainscan”, “LOST”, and “Hawaii Five-0”. Mike Rivero has taken a sabbatical from film work to focus all his efforts on peace activism. Mike Rivero’s foray into blogging began before the word was even invented, and happened almost by accident when he spotted a suspicious photograph being broadcast on ABC news in 1994 related to the murder of White House Deputy Counsel Vincent Foster.Since that abrupt beginning, What Really Happened, both website and radio show, has expanded to cover diverse topics including the assassinations, the accidental shoot-down of TWA 800, election fraud, health issues, Saddam’s non-existent nuclear weapons, 9-11, the economy, and the ongoing propaganda used to trick the American people into wars of conquest in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and other nations. Mike Rivero currently resides in Hawaii with his wife Claire, who is a composer, choir conductor, and creates much of theme music used on the What Really Happened radio show, as well as occasionally participating as a commentator.

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Gerald Celente on Trump’s Cabinet Picks: What to Expect

Will President Trump’s controversial cabinet picks be good or bad for America? As Democrats resist many of Trump’s choices during the on-going confirmation hearings, Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente is back with us to assess what we can expect. Celente says the billionaire will use his own business model in how he uses those who will—at least in name—be the heads of key federal departments and agencies.
He also talks about Trump’s strategy in “going to the top” when chastising companies that make products abroad --companies which he says are often headed by empty “Wizards of Oz”.
And what about Trump’s approach to Russia and China? Here’s our recent interview with Gerald Celente:

Gerald : well it's clearly many aspects a  corporate cabinet from the people that 0:29 he pick you know two very important 0:32 positions and then of course on the 0:35 other one is quite to military cabinet 0:39 as we look at this however Larry we 0:43 understand that Trump disrupted the 0:45 entire political system so this isn't a 0:48 politics as usual you go back to early 0:53 October he wasn't even getting reports 0:56 from people like how speaker Ryan and 0:58 others it was still on the fence so in 1:02 effect what he did was he took over the 1:04 party i'm mentioning that because he's 1:07 going to be a very different president 1:09 and it's going to be one of a business 1:14 person rather than a politician so now 1:17 let's go back to the cabinet when you 1:20 look at the cabinet members they're 1:22 really going to be executive vice 1:25 president general managers so in other 1:29 words Trump is going to run the show it 1:32 going to follow what he wants to do this 1:36 is who he is this is his business 1:38 history social very different cabinet 1:41 positions then we've had in the past 1:43 because if these are about political 1:47 appointees these are about following 1:49 orders and so on the business and we 1:53 believe it's going to be very positive 1:56 for America on number of the other 2:00 issues 2:01 it remains to be seen particularly with 2:04 so many military people excited the 2:07 government and businesses on 3d printed 2:09 she 2:11 you think your fears about we're headed 2:13 towards fascism that the country is 2:17 going to become on a war footing again 2:19 and become presented very destructive to 2:22 the American democracy do you think 2:24 those fears are overblown on the ellen a 2:27 level of democracy I don't know and that 2:30 remains to be seen because he has 2:33 candidates should not be made statements 2:34 about suing the media for saying things 2:38 about him and of course you know that's 2:40 against the First Amendment in many ways 2:42 on the global scale we believe these 2:47 more positive for peace then under the 2:50 doing both the bush and Clinton Bush and 2:57 Obama administrations and that will be a 3:00 perpetual war 3:01 I mean social models in the freezer is 3:06 or close enough for you know it's me 3:09 actually they're very good friend 3:11 according to the many observers 3:12 including yourself not closing up with 3:15 who is your reasonable and the approach 3:17 for other than running water in your 3:20 cream and elsewhere in college and 3:21 career commercial exactly and then let's 3:25 go back to Syria 3:26 I mean this is a war that you remember 3:28 Obama and Hillary Clinton Assad has to 3:32 go spending what we spent a billion 3:34 dollars plus in in arming so-called 3:38 moderate rebels and truffles come out 3:41 already instead he's going to put an end 3:42 to that again moderate rebels who have 3:45 never seen a face up and yeah it's kind 3:47 of like an oxymoron to begin with anyway 3:50 so on on the global scale of war with 3:53 this time it looks very promising it for 3:57 example when somebody says that is he 4:00 said no more of this toppling 4:02 governments I've never heard of a 4:04 candidate or president say those kind of 4:08 things that got you know whether it was 4:10 a high-level candidate i should say in 4:13 terms of being the leader of the 4:14 republican or democrat party so I think 4:17 that's a positive 4:19 we know he's saying that killed 4:21 generally I think that the business of 4:23 America is business and we've heard that 4:25 before from conservative presidents but 4:28 do you think about will actually a 4:30 section of a type of practicality of 4:36 making business rather than more that uh 4:39 I'm a whole will be beneficial to the 4:42 nation or will be giving up certain 4:44 principles and causing compromises that 4:47 in the long run we'll discuss it on the 4:51 compromises in the long run again that 4:53 may prove destructive it sees it it 4:56 depends on what he does on helping the 4:59 nation again you know my forecast we 5:02 forecast have a winner in the trenches 5:04 journal going back to may not because i 5:06 like to die 5:07 I didn't vote for either one of them 5:09 they don't represent my values neither 5:11 Clinton or Trump so what I have to say 5:14 is purely as a political atheist and the 5:17 trends observer I call things the way 5:19 they are not the way I want them to be 5:22 but again as a trends forecaster I see 5:26 positive trends and i'll give you 5:27 another example to other examples became 5:31 of the out against the f-35 which is 5:34 business boondoggle of waste and and 5:37 Pentagon military destruction of our 5:41 money that he said the Boeing thing was 5:44 overpriced for Air Force One and then 5:47 what he did with carrier very important 5:50 whatever deal was cut good or bed it was 5:53 a deal that was better than nothing 5:56 i'm mentioning that because what he did 5:59 again as a trend forecaster he's 6:01 reversing the trend that it's ok for 6:06 businesses to be shipped overseas and 6:09 then again Larry look at the stock 6:12 market's the trend is your friend i have 6:15 been around for a long time never seen a 6:18 boost like this after presidential 6:20 election and it's caused us to reverse 6:24 some of our economic forecast 6:28 didn't what do you think that the 6:31 contract should have already been 6:34 pointed out between Trump's interest in 6:38 Russia and some of the business field 6:40 that he has been involved in and his 6:42 ticket sir mr. involved in that would be 6:45 the CEO sound executive in Pat was 6:50 sewing or at least not highly suspect 6:53 processes lot nomination of the 6:57 psychiatrist's other controversial fix 7:00 this a social call I think if they show 7:07 financial interest with the with Russia 7:10 the the point to pick up the CEO of 7:14 Exxon it will probably be killed but you 7:17 know what happened just a couple of 7:19 weeks ago it was a big deal was done 7:21 with Glencore each commodity firm and 7:26 the Qatari government to buy a big chunk 7:30 of rust ft huge Russian oil firm that 7:35 their privatizing so what we're saying 7:39 is you're going to see what we're seeing 7:41 when something like that happens is a 7:44 de-escalation of the sanctions that have 7:47 been put on Russia by the Obama 7:50 administration so whether or not they 7:52 select this guy as a cabinet pic it's 7:57 interesting that he put a businessman 7:59 and they're rather than a politician 8:00 because you will know from our writings 8:04 the only thing that the last three 8:06 administration's could show in foreign 8:09 policy is abject failure 8:12 I mean a factor there for everyone we're 8:15 in the longest war in our history in 8:17 Afghanistan no end in sight 8:19 despite Obama promising no boots on the 8:22 ground back in a rocket and Syria that 8:26 where there and of course we're invading 8:28 a foreign country with Syria they 8:31 destroyed Libya that was the most 8:33 prosperous nation in Africa and now it's 8:36 you know being it's a bloodbath 8:39 they're so I think there's positives by 8:41 putting more business-minded people 8:44 again if they're not doing it to enrich 8:47 themselves and being that so many of 8:50 these people are so rich you're ready 8:52 and they're going to be losing money by 8:54 doing these things if they may be and I 8:57 can't look into their heart their solar 8:59 their mind they may be doing it for the 9:02 better good of the nation whose already 9:06 reported so the sine mother's right 9:08 immediately Trump at any time and do you 9:12 believe that increasing the one towards 9:16 people actually derail the increasing 9:19 alliance that Putin's forced to make 9:22 with China because of another intentions 9:25 and the American compositional attitude 9:27 i think i don't think but-- this 9:31 relationship with China will change 9:33 oh yes I i backtrack on that yes it will 9:36 get the business of the world is 9:38 business and will only be about doing 9:40 business and right now it's a lot of 9:43 rhetoric going out and we wait we don't 9:46 believe there's going to be trade wars 9:48 we believe that deals are going to be 9:51 renegotiated and they were lousy deals 9:54 to be made anyway because you look at 9:56 the facts 9:57 I mean we've had 22 years of negative 10:00 trade data with mexico since they put in 10:04 nasta it's one crummy deal after another 10:07 and again shine is not going to cut off 10:10 selling to the United States you're 10:13 going to make it deal too so I think 10:16 this is a cooling out period and i 10:18 believe that it's going to be you're 10:20 going to see Trump have freewheeling to 10:23 do anything that he wants for the next 10:27 two years and then the midterm elections 10:30 come about if he fails during those two 10:33 years that you're going to start seeing 10:35 again a strong opposition to and the 10:39 forms of the Democrats taking the Senate 10:42 and the house absolute that he's got a 10:45 free ride there are no party political 10:47 leaders that are going to stop him 10:51 you see is a founding announcement of 10:54 the contract which I want as really the 10:58 opening rounds of the negotiations with 11:01 China on trade another which is setting 11:04 them up already to negotiate precisely 11:08 and again look at all the business that 11:10 America dozen taiwan whether it's dell 11:14 or other companies that do a lot of 11:16 business over there and it's still 11:18 selling taiwan weapons what truck is 11:20 telling them is that nobody is going to 11:23 tell me what to do and actually is i 11:25 mean he showed that he's quite 11:27 narcissistic it in many ways during the 11:30 campaign and it's his show and it's the 11:33 reality show and he had a presidential 11:35 reality way to do the winner of the 11:38 presidential reality show was a reality 11:40 show champion 11:42 so what you see is what you get 11:45 but what is put on the table already is 11:47 that unless china is more reasonable 11:49 what radios a large renegotiation then 11:53 we'll just be getting a little bit too 11:55 familiar with Taiwan you see that way I 11:59 i do but taiwan could only provide so 12:02 much and i think the relationship is 12:05 quite established with Taiwan and that's 12:08 going to be what it is shiny needs 12:10 America more than American each I nuh 12:13 and Trump knows that again you look at 12:16 the balance of trade and the deficit is 12:18 way on our side so try to chinese going 12:22 to do it they can't because China is 12:23 also going through this is what Trump is 12:26 wrong by the way he's saying the Chinese 12:29 devaluing their currency so that they 12:32 could sell more product that is 12:33 absolutely false 12:35 china has lost about twenty percent of 12:39 its reserves because they've been trying 12:41 to defend the yuan from going down it's 12:45 now down to get state year lows against 12:47 the dollar and instead they have they're 12:49 trying to stop capital outflows from 12:52 money leaving China because the yuan is 12:56 getting so that but it's not only to you 12:58 on its all of the emerging markets not 13:00 all of them but many of the emerging 13:02 market currencies for example the 13:04 turkish lira is another one as the 13:07 dollar gets stronger all of these 13:10 currencies get weaker so China's not 13:13 devaluing their currency to sell more 13:16 product abort broad quite the opposite 13:19 there in a bind right now trying to 13:22 boost the yuan up but having a very 13:25 difficult time with it as the dollar get 13:28 stronger and to put it on a global 13:31 perspective Larry all of these trillions 13:33 of dollars that were borrowed cheap 13:36 dollars that were borrowed from by 13:39 emerging market companies and 13:41 corporations they have to be paid back 13:43 and now they have to be paid back as the 13:47 currencies are declining and the dollar 13:50 is getting stronger 13:52 so in other words they have to do debt 13:54 load has his being dramatically 13:56 increased 13:58 you think we might see overall here is 14:01 at a requirement in business you boost 14:05 the economy to achieve success but at 14:08 the expense of the environment at the 14:11 expense of many other things that 14:13 Americans have worn to a hold of 14:17 valuable because in order you have to 14:20 break a in order to make an omelet 14:23 another word in the past all successful 14:26 business and then had a reputation that 14:28 the end viciously aggressive in business 14:31 and the cheese our success that way but 14:34 without the expense of the environment 14:36 the resources everything else isn't it 14:39 always under the energy picturesque 14:41 prove her ETA take Eva a global skeptic 14:45 it not deny our global warming skeptic 14:48 rick perry's energy secretary want to 14:50 dismantle the energy department on and 14:53 on and on 14:54 he's putting in place people that seem 14:57 to be a place there to undermine the 15:00 very departments that are going to be 15:02 leading so the cost of that even though 15:05 in a pretty business in the long run be 15:09 too expensive when you talk about the 15:12 Energy Department the EPA didn't very 15:15 ineffective and what they've been doing 15:17 and it when you look at for example the 15:21 Obama administration policies they have 15:24 not been very strong for pro-environment 15:27 and throw energy and the deals that 15:30 they've done was a 500 million dollar 15:32 deal with a buddy of theirs in the solar 15:35 business that went bankrupt and closed 15:37 we the people now taking it on a grander 15:40 scale the more the more anti-environment 15:46 the old the Trump administration becomes 15:49 the more it will generate opposition to 15:53 their policies and that has been dead 15:57 over the last eight years under Obama 16:00 they let them get away with what they 16:02 wanted to talk about the financial 16:04 sector to be which candidate obama he 16:07 was going to bring these people to 16:09 justice 16:10 for the big banksters that did the dirty 16:12 deals it ruined the lives of tens of 16:15 millions of Americans and not one has 16:18 rolled so now you're going to see an 16:20 opposition form and it we believe that's 16:24 very positive because if they start 16:27 doing outrageous moves against the 16:29 environment 16:30 you got to start seeing a galvanization 16:33 of a movement that has been very quiet 16:35 in the last eight years and again going 16:39 back to the people that he's picking 16:42 whether it's cari one after another they 16:47 are only senior vice president Trump 16:51 will call the shots they won't tell you 16:57 feel older sharks who's going to be 16:59 calling overall will be good for America 17:03 or remains different means to be saying 17:05 it remains to be seen but again as trend 17:09 forecasters and again we just had a 17:11 conference here launching the top trends 17:14 what we do is we tell ppl police's 17:16 directions are going in now it's fine 17:19 for you to you know we don't take a a 17:22 personal view of it but see where it's 17:24 going and how to play into it so let's 17:26 take one of trumps sayings make America 17:30 great again 17:32 s'okay it from an American every really 17:35 common in making product i'm going to 17:38 really be pumping out those American 17:40 sneakers for example and then I would 17:44 play the trump card drop to jump ran the 17:48 election the way he wanted to 17:50 called-out Hillary Clinton crooked 17:52 Hillary crooked Clinton what every 17:54 Calder Jeb Bush pushes a hand on his 17:57 shoulder and the first debate you know 17:59 you're a nice guy but you're really 18:00 nothing we play the trump card so now 18:03 i'm making merry pride in America 18:05 sneakers 18:07 I'm gonna start running heads with phil 18:08 knight from nike can hear them and say 18:11 what a trade of phil knight is 18:13 descending all those jobs overseas to 18:15 make his sneakers that he marks up all 18:18 this money to become a billionaire while 18:20 he steals our jobs 18:22 I'm not saying coming in that we would 18:24 be kind of workout where carriers and 18:27 that the bad publicity that figure was 18:29 too much of a liability 18:30 exactly so what I'm saying is you play 18:33 the trump card you call out the top you 18:37 go to the top 18:39 that's what Trump knows how to do 18:41 there's nothing there when you go to the 18:43 top 18:44 it's usually the wizard of oz behind a 18:46 curtain with a little dog particularly 18:49 in politics so we we tell our readers 18:52 and our subscribers is that this is 18:54 what's going on here's how we would play 18:56 it this is what we would do

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The Final Crossroads -- Jon Rappoport

Jeff Rense And Jon Rappoport - The Final Crossroads
Clip from February 01, 2017 - guest Jon Rappoport on the Jeff Rense Program.

Jon Rappoport has worked as a free-lance investigative reporter for 30 years. He has written articles on politics, health, media, culture and art for LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, Village Voice, Nexus, CBS Healthwatch, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. In 1982, the LA Weekly submitted his name for a Pulitzer prize, for his interview with the president of El Salvador University, where the military had taken over the campus. Jon has hosted, produced, and written radio programs and segments in Los Angeles and Las Vegas (KPFK, KLAV). He has appeared as a guest on over 200 radio and television programs, including ABC’s Nightline, Tony Brown’s Journal (PBS), and Hard Copy. In 1994, Jon ran for a seat in the US Congress from the 29th district in Los Angeles. After six months of campaigning, on a very small budget, he garnered 20 percent of the vote running against an incumbent who had occupied his seat for 20 years. In 1996, Jon started The Great Boycott, against eight corporate chemical giants: Monsanto, Dow, Du Pont, Bayer, Hoechst, Rhone-Poulenc, Imperial Chemical Industries, and Ciba-Geigy. The Boycott continues to operate today. Jon has lectured extensively all over the US on the question: Who runs the world and what can we do about it?

The Financial Armageddon Economic Collapse Blog tracks trends and forecasts , futurists , visionaries , free investigative journalists , researchers , Whistelblowers , truthers and many more

The Crimes of the Clinton Foundation - Max Igan in Conversation with George Webb

Universal Law/sovereign law trumps all others.

1. No man or woman, in or out of government shall initiate force, threat of force or fraud against my life and property and, any and all contracts Im a party to not giving full disclosure to me whether signed by me or not are void at my discretion.

2. I may use force in self-defense against anyone that violates Law

3. There shall be no exceptions to Law 1 and 2.

When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty and there is nothing to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader. - Plato

"I would rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned.” - Richard Feynman

politics is the art of looking for 0:10 trouble finding it everywhere and 0:12 diagnosing it incorrectly and applying 0:15 the wrong remedies and it's restarting 0:18 quote comes from groucho marx welcome to 0:22 surviving the matrix ladies and 0:24 gentlemen my name is Maxwell vegan it's 0:26 a pleasure to be with you once again and 0:28 I'll be your host for the next hour and 0:31 uninteresting show for you this evening 0:33 folks a little bit add all of the norm 0:36 for what I do on the am actually 0:37 interviewing someone today 0:39 this is an interview that was recorded 0:41 yesterday and the man i'm interviewing 0:43 is a make or George where when we are 0:46 discussing the crimes of the Clinton 0:48 Foundation recently you may have heard 0:51 me discussing on air and on several 0:53 interviews that I've done the need for 0:55 people to go and look at the link on my 0:57 website called where is Eric Braverman 1:00 you can go to my website The Crow has 1:02 started comments right there on the 1:03 homepage and that will take you to a 1:05 collection of YouTube clips have been 1:07 uploaded by george webb and these clips 1:10 are basically an investigation into the 1:14 Clinton emails the revelations 1:15 incredible revelations that have come to 1:17 light in the exposing of these emails 1:20 what we really see here folks is a 1:22 criminal organization which is 1:24 manufacturing war and has been 1:27 manufacturing war for many years we can 1:30 place the entire situation in the middle 1:32 east on this same organization and it 1:35 goes back there tires to haiti ties to 1:38 Kosovo and really goes back a long way 1:40 and there's a lot of researchers online 1:43 had been looking into this investigating 1:45 it and a lot of the research has been 1:47 compiled by george webb and it's been 1:49 put on his youtube channel youtube 1:51 channel is of course being subject to 1:53 all sorts of problems when he started 1:55 doing the series on where is Eric 1:57 Braverman it was a CEO from the Clinton 1:59 Foundation the first 52 days of videos 2:03 were deleted from his youtube channel 2:04 one morning when you wake up 2:06 and he is currently having problems with 2:08 his website and problems with his videos 2:11 being truncated and all sorts of things 2:12 so it's an ongoing problem for and there 2:15 is definitely an ongoing effort to quell 2:18 this information and to stop getting to 2:21 the public and to presented to the world 2:24 as being conspiracy theory there's also 2:27 been a huge effort that the media has 2:29 undertaken to assure the people that 2:31 they're not allowed to look at here a 2:33 Clinton's emails it is in fact a crime 2:35 to look at every Clinton's emails and if 2:38 we want to know what's in them 2:39 we have to wait until the media tells us 2:41 that's what we're being told me which is 2:43 a pretty good indication of why you 2:46 should go and look at these emails 2:47 yourself folks with the media is telling 2:49 you not to go there then you definitely 2:50 should go there 2:51 that's just the way they play things and 2:55 really folks defected the media is not 2:57 addressing this information is not 2:59 talking about on the TV should show you 3:01 just had complicit the media is in 3:03 covering up these crimes and that makes 3:07 it very important for people to start 3:10 reporting on this it makes it very 3:11 important for independent journalist 3:13 such as myself such as yourself to start 3:16 talking about this information and maybe 3:19 you're not an independent journalist 3:20 maybe you're just someone who's 3:21 listening to the radio show sitting 3:23 around the kitchen table and enjoys 3:25 sharing information with your friends 3:27 well this is information that you really 3:29 should share because this is information 3:31 that people can understand the average 3:34 man on the street can really understand 3:36 what's going on here people who don't 3:37 have a conspiratorial mindset can look 3:40 at this and they can see that hey we've 3:42 got a serious problem there is a very 3:45 very serious very bad and very ruthless 3:48 criminal element which is infiltrated 3:51 into u.s. politics and in fact 3:54 destabilizing not only the United States 3:56 political system but also the world and 4:00 this is really what a lot of the wars 4:03 that we're seeing are all about folks is 4:04 where it's come from so it's incredibly 4:07 important information and it's extremely 4:09 important that you share this knowledge 4:11 and share this information with the 4:13 people around you so that you can 4:15 read out this criminal element from your 4:17 political system and get a little bit of 4:19 control back in your country i think 4:21 that if enough people become aware of 4:23 this information you're going to see 4:25 some pretty big changes happen pretty 4:27 quickly in the united states if the 4:29 United States changes for the better 4:31 then it's going to have a ripple effect 4:33 and you're going to see a lot of other 4:35 countries falling into line behind it 4:37 also you're going to see a lot more 4:39 people wanting to investigate what's 4:42 going on in their own respective 4:44 countries 4:45 you got to see a lot more transparency 4:47 introduced into the Western political 4:48 system if this knowledge gain enough 4:51 traction 4:52 it's important information folks so 4:55 please share it with that further ado 4:58 here is the interview with George where 5:00 which was recorded yesterday on the 5:02 fifth of generate 2017 and i hope you 5:06 enjoy and share this information so 5:10 George welcome to the show 5:12 it's a pleasure to have you here thanks 5:15 for having me on 5:16 tell me about this work I mean what 5:18 you've done with this research what what 5:21 really led to this immense sharpie we've 5:23 been looking at the Clinton a miles but 5:24 then you've uncovered this incredible 5:27 network which just shows exactly how 5:30 governments around shows about all the 5:31 shady dealings are going on behind the 5:34 scenes what led to all this hedges sort 5:36 of get to this position you're in now 5:38 where you've sort of got this unraveling 5:40 so much like a spy novel that's that's 5:42 unfolding everyday there's more and more 5:44 information coming to light 5:46 it's exposing so much that had this all 5:48 this come about that you suddenly 5:50 releasing these incredible videos and by 5:52 the way I've been telling everybody that 5:53 this is some of the most important 5:55 research on the internet at the moment 5:56 I'm going to be the link on my homepage 5:58 for people to check out these videos 6:00 because this exposes the system in a way 6:03 that people can understand so how did it 6:06 all start and how did you get to weigh 6:07 on there 6:08 well I'm just a citizen like everyone 6:12 else some of citizen journalist with no 6:14 training in journalism but um two key 6:18 things kind of happened over the summer 6:19 and one was when the DNC leaks were 6:22 coming out and then this set rich was 6:25 was shot in chi circumstance 6:28 is in the middle of the night Washington 6:30 DC and that was unsettling and then the 6:35 second thing that happened was a guy 6:39 named Sean Lucas sued the DMC because of 6:44 some shady things that happened against 6:45 Bernie Sanders that the DMC did against 6:48 him and then he ended up dying in very 6:51 odd circumstances and they're both young 6:54 guys one was 25 and the other guy was 6:57 probably 30 to something like that and 7:00 then the CEO of the Clinton Foundation 7:04 this guy named Eric Braverman who had 7:08 been there for about a year and a happy 7:09 came in about jun 2013 and he was there 7:12 while it looked like he tried to change 7:14 things but couldn't do it and then last 7:16 in uh let's say 2015 early at the end of 7:22 2015 series there about a 7:24 year-and-a-half anyways he goes missing 7:26 and there's rumors that he is freeing to 7:32 the Russian embassy so we don't know if 7:36 that's true or not but it-it-it had that 7:38 kind of it did have that kind of spy 7:40 novel entry goes like is this another 7:42 one you know and is he gonna get away or 7:44 not and it's gonna make it 7:46 they had a lot of drama on natural drama 7:48 and I just started following it after 7:49 about seven days asking where is Eric 7:52 Braverman that was the kind of the key 7:55 of the whole series and I just kind of 7:57 continued with them you know you kind of 7:59 wonder this mean there's so many people 8:01 sort of drop off around the Clintons is 8:03 remarkable you seem to have a very very 8:05 low life expectancy quite you get 8:07 involved in business with the Clintons 8:08 but um seine was just very brave and 8:12 disappearing decidable what's going on 8:14 this is he going to be another statistic 8:15 or should I just keep an eye on this and 8:17 so you've been watching Eric Braverman 8:19 and it's led to just pouring through 8:21 Hillary Clinton's emails and finding out 8:24 all this other stuff that the derrick 8:25 Braverman 62 have been connected to and 8:27 possible reasons why am i flit 8:31 yes i can remember the Greek fable or 8:34 whatever of this threat you know that 8:36 you just start pulling in that it tends 8:38 to unravel the whole garment you know 8:41 yeah I get you you just pull on this 8:43 thread of Eric Braverman and then it 8:46 just all the subterfuge and chicanery 8:49 and you know imaginations you know just 8:53 keep coming every day and so I i I'm not 8:59 trying to write a spy novel but it does 9:00 a lot of people do say it has this feel 9:03 of a spy novel because there are so many 9:05 you know kind of backdoor dealings of 9:08 subterfuge is going on and you do have 9:11 this solid base of evidence of these 9:13 emails and there are several different 9:17 groups not just with Hillary emails but 9:19 then there's human emails and then 9:21 there's these Petraeus emails and then 9:22 there's these Sid Blumenthal emails and 9:25 these are all people in the Clinton 9:26 Foundation connected the Clinton 9:28 Foundation every day something happens 9:30 that reveals another piece of this 9:33 puzzle so some people have just like 9:37 following the series because it does 9:40 have that quality and then there's 9:42 another group of people who really want 9:44 to just like drain the swamp kind of 9:47 thing and and kind of want to force 9:50 Trump's hand to make sure that this 9:52 doesn't just go by the wayside and that 9:55 it does that you know the swamp really 9:56 does get drained and so they're kind of 9:58 researchers so they come to this site 10:00 and they add just so much you know 10:04 reporting of sources and citations to 10:06 really support so that if the if Trump 10:10 really didn't want to pursue it he would 10:11 have this case of just lots of sources 10:13 and citations the first day to pursue a 10:16 case we are not that's the important 10:19 thing as well I mean we do need to drain 10:20 the swamp that's why this information is 10:23 so important areas like a spinal because 10:25 you've got more and more information 10:26 coming every day what you're really 10:28 uncover with these emails when you 10:29 connect the dots you basically got the 10:31 Clinton Foundation is a basically a 10:34 criminal organization which has been set 10:36 up to overthrow countries independently 10:38 of government 10:39 it's got connections get going to high 10:41 tea three laundering three high tea 10:42 through possibly human trafficking three 10:45 heidi and even foundations going back as 10:47 far as possible and what happened back 10:49 there with Hillary Clinton I mean this 10:51 is phenomenal when you look at the 10:52 man-of-war and destabilization we've 10:55 seen around the world in the last couple 10:58 of decades 10:59 you can try so much of this to Hillary 11:01 Clinton it's just phenomenal and these 11:04 emails expose the whole thing and like 11:06 people are expecting trumpet is sunday 11:08 but if he doesn't do something about 11:09 this and its really is it's really going 11:11 to show his hand as well because the 11:13 information is so in-your-face here it 11:16 shows how the world is really run it 11:19 shows what governments are really doing 11:20 yeah yeah well one of the things that 11:25 Eric Braverman said you know what he 11:29 left Clinton Foundation and the Hillary 11:32 email thing was starting to be exposed 11:34 in march or april of 2015 11:39 he went to the press to try to because 11:42 he said is you can just kind of see he's 11:44 an ethical person and he goes to the 11:47 press and he says you know follow the 11:50 money 11:50 follow the money and that'll lead you to 11:53 you know the secret of the Clinton 11:55 Foundation so follow these donations and 11:58 that is really all i've done and it is 12:02 led to following arms deals you know 12:05 hillary was involved in a lot of the 12:07 senate armed services committee in the 12:09 u.s. here kind of the Senate you know 12:13 the john mccain and lindsey graham's you 12:15 know getting in all these arms deals and 12:19 then this you follow the money in terms 12:21 of the oil deal so the Senate Foreign 12:23 Relations Committee is involved in all 12:25 these oil place so you have joe biden 12:28 with his son over here and in the 12:30 Ukraine and you've got you know a lot of 12:33 like a you know Rupert Murdoch and larry 12:37 summers and all these other cronies kind 12:40 of in off the coast of Syria with a 12:43 company called genie energy and it just 12:46 you find all these things that are just 12:47 just below the surface but if you follow 12:49 the money and you bring them to the 12:51 surface everything 12:52 becomes clear and that's the that's the 12:55 part of the series that i enjoy it makes 12:57 these things are so difficult to 12:58 understand before you just bring it to 13:00 the surface it's just very simple and 13:02 straightforward to understand 13:04 yeah you say that all these people have 13:06 been taught up in subsidiary companies 13:08 and it's all set up as a whole hallway 13:10 there's a whole network setup and and 13:12 all of the remaining applies in politics 13:15 and military seem to have shares in 13:17 these companies which mike enormous 13:19 amount of profits from selling parts and 13:21 little little gadgets and gizmos and 13:23 details and things that you need for war 13:25 planes and tanks and whatever so the 13:28 whole thing is set up to manufacture 13:30 warranty to keep it going and that seems 13:31 to be the main function of government 13:32 and look even with these gas attacks and 13:35 when you look at what's really going on 13:37 through Syria this whole thing has been 13:39 about really building a Papuan through 13:42 true from from Qatar through to Bulgaria 13:45 or something old enemy and it's been so 13:47 many reporters that have reported this 13:48 popcorn is going through in this big 13:51 conflict which is apparently his ragtag 13:53 group of Isis terrorists which are 13:56 rampaging across serious I what's really 13:58 going on the ground in Syria because 14:00 it's not anything that we're being told 14:01 I mean how can you build a pipeline 14:02 through a wall design if it's actually a 14:04 Wars I'm like we're being tall down 14:06 yeah well and see the first objective of 14:11 of using the sarin gas attacks was to 14:13 clear what they call a ratline the 14:15 ratline is and this is reported by some 14:18 some great journalist Serena shim was 14:21 one of them and I follow that they carry 14:24 little 25 gallons cans of oil to these 14:26 trucks and they load the trucks up in 14:28 the trucks go one way and then they come 14:31 back with guns so oil in one direction 14:34 that just you know red line and then 14:37 against the other and that was you know 14:40 kind of what Putin came in and started 14:42 bombing those well convoys and you know 14:45 how the US could have missed this you 14:48 know these oil facilities are huge you 14:50 know the oil tank reservoir circuit you 14:52 know you could have him in you know 14:54 world war one with hand-drawn Bob's 14:56 gonna cook so it's it's it's struggling 14:59 in a strange the imagination that the 15:01 u.s. wasn't complicit in this in this 15:04 rat line but that I 15:05 deal was if we overthrow we know we need 15:08 to overthrow Assad so that we can sell 15:11 off the oil rights off the Golan Heights 15:13 oil and gas i'm just like Libya which 15:17 had a lot of wealth and the interesting 15:21 thing the spy novel interest in Libya is 15:24 that Qaddafi was trying to build a 15:27 gold-backed African currency so he was 15:32 having people whisper in his ear saying 15:33 hey take all the the money that you've 15:36 accumulated from all this oil trade that 15:38 you've done and converted to gold and 15:42 started gold reserve bank so there may 15:45 be no I show on my site or citations 15:48 that there's nine billion that Sid 15:50 Blumenthal tells Hillary about 9 billion 15:52 in in gold but there are estimates of up 15:55 the hundred billion dollars stored all 15:58 over Africa and there's this battle 16:01 going on between the UH the mi6 from 16:05 England and the French intelligence on 16:07 one side and and CIA and Hillary on the 16:10 other side to to find the gold sochi it 16:14 has a little bit of act as well you know 16:16 kind of the bourne identity thriller 16:18 nature to it as well and we still don't 16:20 know if that gold has been found enough 16:22 and that's the thing there's all these 16:24 different factions at play here as well 16:26 and even look at the war in Syria what's 16:27 going on the Middle East so many people 16:29 blame the US for these silences are you 16:31 us back covert invasion of this 16:33 missionary force it's gone in there but 16:36 really it's safe to have been done 16:37 independent of government you've gotta 16:38 wonder how much the United States 16:40 government really had to do with this 16:42 invasion of whether it was simply damage 16:45 control you know the way they had to 16:47 play it to try to cover up the swamp you 16:49 know because if this Swamp is exposed me 16:52 it's going to bring down the entire US 16:54 government and that's the beauty of 16:55 Trump coming in now because he's in a 16:57 unique position being a businessman with 16:59 no political history he could actually 17:01 drain the swamp in America could save 17:02 face if he does it in the right way and 17:05 that's why I think this is so important 17:07 that this information is coming out now 17:08 and while we push its ipod but you gotta 17:11 wonder how much the the actual 17:13 government the United States has really 17:15 been involved in what's going on in 17:16 Syria and in Libya because that kind of 17:19 been pushed into it you gotta wonder why 17:21 i haven't seen it i mean what I wouldn't 17:23 investigate a little bit further but 17:24 you've got to Wanda how much has been 17:26 the government's hand how much has been 17:28 people working below the surface to push 17:31 them into this situation well the beauty 17:35 of uh of what my little project is doing 17:39 on youtube is it's not my research it's 17:42 these other folks these contributors 17:44 that come in and actually pinpoint the 17:47 actual emails so you can actually 17:48 connect the dots i mean it's it's not a 17:51 news article it's the people writing in 17:54 their own hand 17:55 so for instance you can see the names of 17:57 the projects you know zero footprint was 17:59 the kind of the product the operational 18:01 plan to take over libya and then timber 18:04 sycamore was named to take over Syria 18:08 and you know there's been reporting from 18:10 New York Times on both of those and then 18:12 there's seymour hersh you know you look 18:14 surprised winning journalist let's talk 18:16 about that sarin gas coming from Libya 18:19 to Syria so a lot of connect the dots 18:23 with with emails and you know with Obama 18:27 kind of signing off on these two 18:29 projects but not signing off on the gas 18:32 on the sarin gas part of it and so you 18:35 can see the Terps trying to push him 18:38 into bombing you know you said this red 18:41 line you said you would bomb if they 18:42 used gas and the internet the Turks are 18:45 coming in and and in and Obama saying 18:48 hey I know i'm not going to do it you 18:52 know and so it'sit's kind of Obama 18:54 shining moment where he says now you 18:56 will not push me into this 18:58 so the the details are actually emerging 19:00 and I think it was important for the 19:02 world and now and important for history 19:04 see actually what the truth is 19:07 and like i said in the strength of my 19:11 presentation is in the citations and the 19:13 sources because you can actually see the 19:15 fiscal email that people wrote 19:18 the the really noticeable thing about 19:21 this for me is how this is progressing 19:24 as a business for me and it's a business 19:26 of course it's about you know obtaining 19:28 resources and milking the welfare of 19:30 countries but the the she had completed 19:32 not to disregard for human life that 19:34 happens along the Y here and and the 19:36 human harvest that happens along the 19:38 wise something I'll be mentioning on 19:39 shines racing yeah people have to 19:41 understand when you have a war when you 19:42 go into a country you got into a really 19:44 jerk can the first thing that happens is 19:47 that usually ran up all the women and 19:48 children and ship them off some way it 19:50 keeps on there as human shields or 19:51 whatever but this is a harvest that 19:53 takes place that I just kill everybody 19:55 that these people are resource and these 19:58 resources of a shift at and and the 20:00 sheer brutality using sarin gas too 20:03 tickly wife or pop lon 20:04 and when you look at what's going on 20:06 with the United States name and 20:07 attention that sky on there with the 20:08 government you've got to wonder would 20:10 someone like you Larry Clinton use use 20:12 this sort of method guys there are 20:13 people in America I mean she's prepared 20:15 to do it either say they prepared to do 20:17 what what looks like a technical nuke in 20:19 in high key to create that it's quite to 20:22 release all the oil it's very doubtful 20:24 that one real earthquake and this has 20:26 been shine while your research as well 20:28 so you've gotta wonder how far as this 20:32 one prepared to go she's backed into a 20:34 corner 20:34 yeah you make a good point because with 20:38 the sanctuary cities and then you know 20:41 you have 20,000 singers there in Libya 20:43 and then to only 2,000 been recovered so 20:46 that's 18,000 somewhere and they some 20:51 soros email source to killer emails 20:54 talked about the over true about maney 20:56 yeah so some of those things went to 20:58 Albania someone went to Boko Haram 21:00 because of the nigerian air force was 21:03 going to get some planes and so it's a 21:05 look around needed some that silly is 21:08 about 15,000 as well there are report 21:12 has a nice figures and civilization is 21:14 if there's a group 21:16 yeah there's reports of over the mexican 21:18 border and over the Arizona border of 21:21 Isis training camps so you know people 21:24 shooting at targets and the white 21:27 room in the whole the whole bed so if 21:30 those are have been pre-positioned in 21:32 chicago in in San Francisco Los Angeles 21:35 you know key cities Seattle that our 21:39 sanctuary cities you could have a 21:41 situation where you have one or two 21:44 planes shot down and then you have a la 21:46 brasa which is the political arm of the 21:49 Sinaloa drug cartel asking for a ransom 21:52 you know otherwise will shut down 21:54 everything coming in and out of o'hare 21:56 and I I don't mean to be you know 21:59 dramatic but that is a real possibility 22:01 but it's possible your site is the 22:03 sauces training camps in in Arizona what 22:08 you mean by this is this official is 22:10 awesome training camps and resentment 22:12 just over the border just over the 22:14 border and it's in my citations and what 22:17 you know the photos and everything so 22:19 again did you think that researchers 22:21 provided to me I'm not the obvious of 22:24 course I don't hold officers training 22:26 camps i would imagine one of the one of 22:28 these areas cold 22:31 uh well the what they've done is they 22:35 have people on the ground reporters and 22:38 so forth that say okay we have influx 22:40 from Syria of Syrian refugees into these 22:42 you know areas they're doing things at 22:46 this branch that seem to be you know 22:49 kind of like a if you know a terror to 22:53 the entire research 22:54 yeah it's yeah i got his urgency check 22:57 things so I'll tell haha i'll tell you 23:00 about that on the news in oregon right 23:02 somebody else's got licensed gun 23:04 according to terrorism I mean it's 23:05 amazing that i can just have the report 23:07 is going there we put cameras so we're 23:09 filming resources training camp we think 23:11 they're planning all this terrorism but 23:13 that we're not really doing anything 23:14 about it 23:15 that's great the way they do this the 23:16 way they sit these meetings up in the 23:18 public mind you know as if any unreal 23:21 but continued for gold but it's been 23:24 such a complicated thing that doesn't 23:26 surprise me at all but please continue 23:28 well I i put it out there on the show 23:33 just to mention it so that there's a 23:37 heightened sense of awareness if it's 23:39 true then good for you know national 23:42 security if it's not true then fine I'm 23:45 not saying the Mexican people are bad 23:47 people i speak spanish Dunham in Mexico 23:49 a lot of times i love the Mexican people 23:51 talking about the element that me you 23:54 know choose to be a terrorist helmet 23:57 Hillary hired I mean Hillary hired a 24:00 terrorist element Muslim Brotherhood 24:02 overthrew to try to overthrow three 24:04 different countries and the plan 24:06 operational plan is seven different 24:08 countries and there are 32 different 24:10 countries that Muslim Brotherhood is in 24:12 so i'm not you know I didn't dream this 24:15 up on my own one day just to go get 24:18 Hillary you know 24:19 oh yeah I'm just sounding the alarm bell 24:22 you know that's all yeah and I'm not 24:24 good on your good on you but um it's 24:26 been such a convoluted web 24:28 what do you think we can do about this 24:30 way things going to come with you think 24:31 Trump will actually do anything about 24:32 this 24:35 well trust a wildcard and I saw some of 24:37 your your great videos on this and you 24:42 know it's amazing the perception that 24:43 someone in Australia has of the American 24:46 politics because it's spot on everyone's 24:49 wondering what Trump's going to do up 24:51 until today I thought he just was going 24:53 to do the billionaire cabinet and the 24:56 oil cabin big oil type cabinet and that 25:00 has its benefits i think but then he did 25:02 name somebody today I named Dan Burton 25:05 who actually did the prosecution into 25:09 the mark rich partnered marc rich if 25:12 people don't know who this is 25:13 is the guy who bought Qaddafi soil and 25:16 sold it on the spot market and and make 25:19 coffee all these billions of dollars and 25:21 also made a lot of money for you know 25:24 I'm you know wannabe Israeli so you know 25:29 he made a lot of money money for the 25:31 state of israel is just put a deli and I 25:33 he knows I anism and all that but he did 25:36 and uh so Dan Burton is going to be able 25:40 to drill down 25:42 uh on you know on this situation as a 25:46 national security advisor so up until 25:49 today I would have said Trump's going to 25:51 just sweep it under the rug but today 25:52 with advertently I think maybe there's a 25:55 hope that truck drills down you know I'm 25:59 hoping with the amount of public 26:01 pressure that was saying look with 26:03 things like pizza guy comes a lot and 26:04 i'm not experienced huge psychological 26:07 operations this happened with that but 26:08 it has expired at this this global child 26:11 trafficking network is real and with 26:14 what's been exposed to these Clinton 26:16 emails and what's been exposed to clean 26:17 transactions up to I think he's getting 26:19 pushed into a position where if he wants 26:21 to my tiny fights at all he's gonna have 26:24 to do something because otherwise 26:25 there's gonna be some sort of revolution 26:27 sunday because I think too many people 26:29 are going to be let down if he doesn't 26:31 do something it's becoming pretty 26:33 obvious now that the world is round but 26:34 by this criminal compiling what we say 26:37 when they hit clinton foundation this is 26:38 just very clean this is just her 26:40 foundation all these governments working 26:42 in collusion all these politicians have 26:44 their own translations are better if we 26:45 started looking into all of them 26:47 we're gonna find all sorts of weird 26:49 feelings going on so hopefully Trump's 26:51 getting pushed into a position where he 26:53 has to act and that is my great hope 26:56 yeah well actually you know the thing 27:00 that I didn't realize right away as I 27:01 was really focused on the oil deals and 27:04 focus on the arms deals but if you look 27:06 at the child trafficking there was a 27:08 reporter from Canada 27:09 her name is ava bartlett and she started 27:12 doing this great reporting as well as 27:14 this Serena shim-sham unfortunately was 27:17 murdered by the Turkish intelligence but 27:19 violence still reporting and they're 27:22 saying hey these white helmets that you 27:24 see in Syria that are going in and 27:26 pulling kids out of the dust and so 27:28 forth and claps buildings during the day 27:29 are doing great things in there on CNN 27:31 at night there's a different group of 27:33 guys with the full beards you know and 27:36 the whole you know with Isis cellphone 27:39 and so forth and they're taking kids out 27:41 and they're never seen again they're 27:42 putting them in these little orphanages 27:44 and you think about the child 27:47 trafficking it's much more valuable a 27:49 child to sell to like a middle east she 27:53 then a 25 gallon US carrier a boil 27:59 I mean you know it's gonna take a lot 28:01 more for the for the child so and that's 28:04 going to be called a marriage so I think 28:07 you're you know you did this child 28:09 trafficking and you hear on his is 28:12 absolutely true and it's it's almost the 28:16 first resource that folks are going 28:18 after when they do this land is land 28:20 clearing operations 28:21 it is the first race that they go after 28:23 you you don't damage to the women and 28:25 children they worth too much money and 28:27 like we've identified as our ad million 28:29 children being trafficked around the 28:31 world every year disappear every year a 28:34 lot of these come from war zones lot of 28:36 them come from target situations the 28:38 Philippines and stuff but that's the 28:40 first thing i do when you're gonna hear 28:41 you clear at what you know the valuable 28:43 human resources and then you go for all 28:46 the other stuff and and this all seems 28:48 to be tied together and when you see 28:49 that this does happen this is the first 28:52 step in going into a war zone you begin 28:55 to see why is so much war and and when 28:58 you look at the time of the killing 29:00 translation you look at how many people 29:01 are involved in these subsidiary 29:03 companies just manufacturing parts for 29:04 the f-35 for example you begin to see 29:07 why there is so much warmer i will never 29:09 stop until we call it for what it is and 29:12 hopefully we can push Trump into doing 29:14 that mean like I said he is a wild kies 29:16 is very likely apply he could go the 29:19 same way as Hillary Clinton the same way 29:20 as George Bush the same way as any of 29:22 them but he's in a unique position that 29:23 he's a businessman and he has no 29:25 political history so he can make that 29:28 change if he's if he's pressured enough 29:30 to do it so i think we're going to see 29:32 this unfold pretty quickly when he takes 29:33 office 29:34 it's my great hope that's a that it did 29:37 it will happen but I think we're heading 29:39 for a break man so we'll take a break 29:41 there i'm speaking with george webb 29:43 today face will have a break and we'll 29:45 come back in a few minutes 29:47 thank you for joining on the in today's 29:48 always a pleasure to have your company 29:50 here on the show i'll speak to you again 29:52 in a little while thanks for listening 29:55 and welcome back ladies and gentlemen 29:57 I'm here having a conversation with 29:59 George way we are discussing the 30:01 criminal kabyle the hidden criminal 30:03 cabal which is actually what the Clinton 30:06 Foundation really is the clinton 30:07 foundation of peace to be doing all 30:09 sorts of damage around this planet and 30:11 the the blood on hillary clinton's hand 30:14 is almost unmeasurable first when you 30:16 look at the amount of wars we've had in 30:18 the last few years a lot of this can be 30:20 your squarely light in the hands of 30:23 popularity Clinton and of course there 30:25 are other factors as well but Hillary 30:27 has certainly done a good deal of damage 30:29 would say that it's mostly coming from 30:31 Hillary though George it doesn't seem to 30:33 be that is coming from bill that much I 30:35 think bills too busy playing sexified 30:37 and chasing and women around but it 30:39 seems to be the Hillary is the one who 30:41 really has a hand in the fly 30:44 yeah and you know one of the things i 30:47 learned about was through Madeleine 30:50 Albright so she was with the Clintons 30:52 with bill clinton administration as the 30:55 ambassador to the UN from 1992 1996 but 31:01 then she was the secretary of state from 31:03 a 62 2001 with bill clinton and I've 31:07 learned how closely Hillary had mine 31:10 melded with her she was almost the 31:12 shadow Secretary of State at that time 31:15 so all the imaginations that came out of 31:18 Kosovo land and croatia and you know 31:22 montenegro and all the splitting and 31:24 vulcanization of Yugoslavia just really 31:28 had kind of Hillary's fingerprints on it 31:30 that's where she got that taste of blood 31:33 I'm so that's that's one thing I've 31:35 learned about it and it's so everything 31:37 since then you know when she became a 31:39 senator and got on the Senate Senate 31:41 arms committee was kind of a 31:42 continuation now also flip that and say 31:45 in her defense she was the first person 31:47 to use Stinger missiles and give them to 31:50 a given to the Mujahideen for instance 31:54 that was done by the big new version ski 31:57 I'm so she just basically turned the 32:01 volume up 32:02 she turned the volume up and said okay 32:04 well i'm gonna give it a muslim 32:05 brotherhood and we're going to do 32 32:07 countries and I'm not going to 32:09 track where they go where they go 32:11 represents he said okay I'm gonna just 32:13 keep this tightly controlled and 32:15 Afghanistan and Pierzynski was trying to 32:18 drain the Soviet Union and it works it 32:21 caused the collapse 10-year war caused 32:24 the collapse of the Soviet Union hilary 32:26 has no you know geopolitical chess board 32:29 ambitions her ambition is the gold you 32:32 know 32:33 here the oil fucking all over there it 32:35 has nothing to compute with you know 32:38 some geopolitical game with with Russia 32:40 it's just of resources play 32:42 yeah we can just put these a terrorist 32:45 anyway we need them to be and if we see 32:47 something today we want we can get them 32:49 to create a little bit of instability so 32:51 we can go into size of people that seems 32:54 the seems to be the standard mi with 32:56 what cleans doing but she said that 32:58 something else so she can basically do 33:00 this he doesn't have to be in government 33:02 to go on this diverse country she said 33:04 all this on Washington State Department 33:06 play the point i make over and over 33:08 again is all this happened completely 33:11 outside the State Department completely 33:13 outside the CIA the Delta Force team 33:16 knows higher with general grange was 33:18 completely a contractor mercenary force 33:22 they had those you know the night 33:25 goggles and the laser binoculars to be 33:27 able to paint targets for the NATO 33:29 bombers so you do need and you do need 33:32 an 80 play but you don't need to involve 33:34 the US forces and so forth and all you 33:39 really need is a tony blair and a couple 33:41 of other people yet in the EU to pass 33:46 the agenda and so it's it's a very 33:50 dangerous situation even now because she 33:53 still has the goods on all these native 33:56 people i don't know people remember 33:58 Valerie plane and joe wilson but Valerie 34:02 Plame was the person that it was kind of 34:05 saying there's no weapons of mass 34:07 destruction you know when george bush 34:09 was trying to make a case for the Gulf 34:11 War 34:11 well before that that's what's 2003 34:15 before that 496 34:17 to 2001 she was the model Hari of the of 34:23 NATO she was setting up all these 34:25 parties and they're trying to get these 34:27 generals to you know being a compromised 34:31 position over a period of time to try to 34:34 get them and it involved in what's known 34:36 as a brownstone operation of brownstone 34:39 operation is where you you have you know 34:41 12 low light cameras in your film you 34:44 know the general having sex with 34:45 somebody they should be having sex with 34:47 me there are 12 year old girl or better 34:49 yet a twelve-year-old boy and so you can 34:52 use that that's the gift that keeps on 34:54 giving you know when it comes time for 34:56 you know a nato airstrike to come up you 35:00 just remind people you sent him a 35:02 picture of the room you know with the 35:04 Podesta you know weird art or whatever 35:06 just sent him a picture right before the 35:09 big vote and you while you get it you 35:12 get a nato airstrike out of the deal and 35:15 so that's the whole part of the equation 35:19 that people don't understand that 35:20 there's leverage on these folks and 35:23 there's blackmail being used and it's a 35:25 very standard CIA operation called a 35:28 brownstone operation 35:30 yeah that's something I've been not 35:32 suggesting the people as well that's why 35:34 we don't get any response from so many 35:36 politicians and even from so many law 35:39 enforcement official officials and 35:41 judges and things that we're kind of 35:42 high-ranking and system is because this 35:45 dude all these people there's quality 35:47 your shadow world that exists behind 35:49 this world which I just called the 35:51 people find basically there's this 35:54 secret society that exists behind this 35:56 society which is farming this this 35:58 species and that's what's happening 36:00 that's what all these human harvest is 36:01 about that's what the harvesting out 36:03 time is all about harvesting our 36:05 resources giving us running on a 36:06 treadmill and running between the lines 36:08 but but this is so important here 36:10 how important do you think it is that 36:12 people really look at this this Clinton 36:15 information that the depth of of 36:17 corruption that we see in government I 36:19 mean it's all here in these emails i 36:22 think it's incredibly important that 36:24 people look at this and what what do you 36:26 think we can do to get this air to a 36:28 water audience and get the media to 36:30 to stop paying attention to it well 36:34 there's a there's a trove you know some 36:36 calls it the treasure trove of 650,000 36:39 emails that humans had this is going to 36:43 be the 14 different state department 36:46 gmail accounts that you're going to 36:49 cover everything from the Iran hostage 36:51 nuclear deal to Libya Syria you know the 36:56 Turkish crew you know everything what 36:59 what Hilary did was she moved tranches 37:05 you know I you know punches or slices of 37:08 emails to her server in New York and 37:12 then she would have these chinese hack 37:14 into it or should have whoever she was 37:16 selling classified information back into 37:18 it and then she'd go quickly remove the 37:20 server so she she kind of the staging 37:22 server up in uppers upstate New York and 37:26 then the main server was down in in 37:29 Brooklyn with the Clinton Foundation 37:32 where I was cited evidence the key to 37:35 the whole case is the 650,000 emails 37:39 because that will expose the whole thing 37:43 and Trump to not ignore that I mean the 37:47 thing it exposes not only the 37:49 connections but all the smoking guns you 37:51 know what I i have an email already that 37:53 you'll see my presentation where you 37:55 have Sid Sid Blumenthal from the Clinton 37:58 Foundation say general Grange has a plan 38:01 to take Tripoli you know by you know in 38:04 30 days 38:05 I mean it's you know and please and then 38:07 to the CIA Chiefs please send me the 38:09 plan to topple Libya you know I mean 38:12 this you cannot argue with us its 38:14 incontrovertible evidence and so i think 38:17 is this evidence-based approach is the 38:20 best way you know sunshine is the best 38:22 disinfectant Hillary would say and 38:25 produces emails now that the FBI has 38:29 said we need five years to read to to 38:33 review these emails and even though in 38:36 nine days they went through supposedly a 38:38 cursory investigation the pressure needs 38:42 to be put on the FBI to put 38:44 use these emails they just produce 371 38:48 these emails to give us a taste to try 38:50 to say oh look the other way there's 38:52 really nothing to see here folks keep 38:54 moving keep moving 38:55 but even in that they gave away some 38:58 more secrets of what's actually going on 39:01 the the people have a right to know what 39:04 their government is doing and that's why 39:07 we have a federal Records Act in the 39:08 United States everything you do as a 39:11 servant of the government needs to be 39:12 recorded and recallable by people by any 39:18 fitter and that's that's really what we 39:20 need to do is have the pressure keep on 39:23 these pressure on these public officials 39:25 to produce juicing them and went once 39:28 they have emails it all unfold we are 39:31 exactly because this is this is not just 39:34 a scandal this is this is my jacket 39:36 criminal activity this is treason this 39:38 is bridges of national security is 39:40 giving away state secrets are ensuring 39:42 that state secrets can be stolen 39:44 this is this is treason of the highest 39:46 order it really is i mean through these 39:48 emails are often said that Hillary 39:49 Clinton is a career criminal through 39:51 these emails it's been shown that she is 39:53 when I suggested on my last radio show 39:56 that she's arrested every every 39:57 associate of the the Hillary Clinton 39:59 Foundation should have their SS fries 40:01 and should be investigated immediately 40:02 and the the people of the United States 40:04 really need to stand up and demand this 40:06 because your country is run by criminals 40:09 that this this crime khabar which is 40:11 milking you of your wealth and sending 40:13 all the the money overseas to finance 40:15 all these control wars and then finally 40:18 all the money from these wars back to 40:20 people at the Clinton Foundation this is 40:22 absolutely it's incredible it's actually 40:25 amazing that this is happening and it's 40:27 important it's really important how can 40:28 you expect to have a country with a 40:30 viable government of any kind at all if 40:32 this is just allowed to go 40:33 uninvestigated and unnoticed and and 40:36 they get pardon or whatever happens you 40:38 know I mean how can trump even expect to 40:41 run a country or have any type of 40:43 control over the government all when 40:44 you've got this den of vipers that 40:47 exists within government is going to 40:48 undermine every single everybody makes 40:50 you know it's incredibly important that 40:52 this beer we looked at 40:54 and after everybody who listens to the 40:56 show everybody who has looked at this 40:58 information is Eric where is Erik Bryan 41:00 these videos you can go to my website 41:02 the Christ column you'll see a big link 41:04 right there on the homepage on adding 41:06 every video to it daily and I would you 41:09 also to download these videos and keep 41:11 in mind keep the information there for 41:13 you because you're nice how long before 41:15 it's related but we've got to get this 41:18 out to as many people as possible 41:19 because like the site is evidence-based 41:21 approach it isn't the area this isn't 41:23 your conspiracy theory going to talk 41:25 about the Illuminati hiding a secret 41:26 towel 41:27 this is this is a woman that has been 41:30 working in government which is actively 41:32 work to sell sell side secrets and 41:34 undermine country after country out of 41:36 the country as well as these dialogues 41:39 United States and I think she's a she's 41:41 a threat to the entire world the Clinton 41:42 Foundation and foundations lock it and 41:44 dice people sided with the cleaning 41:47 transaction only to be investigated 41:49 because I all causing the the global 41:51 situation we're now in so important you 41:56 know being very wet 41:58 absolutely you know would the u.s. went 42:01 through one other period like this where 42:03 we actually you know she no-showed the 42:06 spotlight on this and that was the 42:08 Church Committee in the late seventies a 42:12 our mid mid 70 75 76 and the church 42:16 committee actually went through and 42:18 investigated you know all these CIA 42:20 folks and and and FBI folks and what 42:24 ended up happening was a lot of of rules 42:28 being rewritten and and we kind of got 42:31 clean for you know it's kinda like a 42:33 drug addict getting cocky truck but said 42:36 you know we kind of got clean until 42:37 about nineteen eighty-four and Ollie 42:39 north come back in and we get back on 42:41 the habit and it's just one of those 42:43 things where if you don't do the house 42:45 clean the is the situation doesn't get 42:48 better if you have a criminal enterprise 42:50 that's working in a you know in 42:53 Queensland even or you know what I'm 42:55 saying if you let it go it's gonna go 42:57 down to you know New South Wales and it 43:00 will be in in Victoria not too long 43:02 after that if you keep letting it go 43:04 it's just one of those answers 43:06 and the things was the same thing in the 43:07 US and that's the clinton foundation is 43:11 this malignancy that if you don't cut 43:13 you know cut the cancer out it just gets 43:17 worse and people have just kept epic 43:19 sweeping it under the rug and so that's 43:20 what we really need is just kind of 43:22 business you know this vision of the 43:26 whole thing you know as you say and 43:28 investigate the whole thing and the 43:31 emails of the key I don't even want to 43:32 see Hillary necessarily go to jail as 43:35 much as I want to see the email so that 43:37 everyone concedes the actual truth 43:40 around the world and then we're gonna 43:43 dog I'd like to see the war stopped and 43:46 I think that would be a good step 43:49 towards global peace exposing all of 43:51 this i mean whatever happens to her I 43:54 mean yeah I mean sometimes I just think 43:56 she's three hungry I mean do I want to 43:58 say that and I want to see anyone get 44:00 some you get angry and after problem is 44:04 what they did like after that the church 44:06 commissioner and all that what they did 44:07 was they winning i can we can't let that 44:08 happen again we're going to put in all 44:10 these laws to control the media and gag 44:13 the meteor and gag whistleblowers and 44:14 it's got to the point now where it's is 44:16 virtually illegal to report a crime if 44:18 their crimes committed by government and 44:21 what is how do we get to that position I 44:23 mean we've really gotta look at this and 44:25 and this is such a good opportunity i 44:27 mean i i've got so much respect for what 44:29 you've done with this research and those 44:31 those contributors are helping you with 44:33 it and your presentations and the way 44:35 you presented this to everybody but it 44:37 clearly shows the need for the American 44:39 people to stand up and call this out you 44:42 know the the crime and the corruption 44:44 the US government is absolutely out of 44:46 control and no later no politician that 44:50 you voted into any any position in your 44:52 government cannot hope to make any 44:54 change at all bring about any positive 44:56 situation for the country or the world 44:58 until this cancer is cut out and so is 45:01 extremely important that people share 45:03 this information i think and what do you 45:05 think's coming up next to me still going 45:07 through the emails is a much more to 45:09 uncover or you think we've got the 45:11 disability the others there's lots of 45:15 active enough of federal Information 45:19 request 45:19 the foyer request so there's a group 45:21 called Judicial Watch and they have a 45:23 case going and you know every one of 45:27 these emails that Hillary says there's a 45:30 corresponding party on the other side so 45:31 you can find out the other side it they 45:34 are you know a government entity so it's 45:37 Prince David Petraeus was a general at 45:41 CENTCOM how much is this central command 45:43 for the Middle East all the way to 45:44 Afghanistan he has a thousand e-mails 45:48 back and forth to Hillary that their 45:49 suppressing and a and a 30 of them 45:52 answer the search term Benghazi so it's 45:56 if those become available if the here 45:59 again we go to that golden thread just 46:01 keep pulling that golden thread you know 46:03 and more than become exposed the UH the 46:07 pressure point that i would encourage 46:09 everybody to look at is here we have it 46:13 in in our government the Oversight 46:15 Committee for the Senate and we have an 46:18 oversight committee in the house and the 46:20 house has been a the most active and we 46:23 have a guiding jason Chaffetz and then I 46:25 got in trade gallery who are two 46:28 representatives one from South Carolina 46:29 and one from Utah they're the ones that 46:33 have been kind of pushing you know 46:36 saying hey you know this is the law that 46:38 all records that you need to produce 46:40 these emails they started with person in 46:42 December of 2012 46:44 so here we are five years later and 46:47 still he still has not produced emails 46:49 that original request so if you know 46:54 they are the ones that the public needs 46:57 to put pressure on to say do not drop 46:59 this 46:59 do not drop this because when this 47:01 becomes a 22 light it will really answer 47:05 that question that we like the Pentagon 47:07 Papers you know everyone said oh you 47:09 know the US and is doing always good 47:12 thing this picnic at the pentagon papers 47:14 and said oh my god what we've been doing 47:17 you know for all these years for this 12 47:19 year war and it's the the corollary is 47:22 very close i would say to vietnam in 47:24 this situation more worse 47:27 yeah i agree i think it's incredibly 47:29 important people like this is public as 47:31 possible put 47:32 pressure everyone I can this is going to 47:34 be in this guy's going to come to log so 47:37 suppose the other question that we need 47:38 to ask is what do you think Eric 47:41 Braverman actually is well good question 47:46 I turns out that maybe a week ago a he 47:50 was there was a that's what's called an 47:53 email receipt so there's a way of 47:55 sending a email that you can see if the 47:58 person opened the email through a 48:01 special program that I not exactly me 48:04 with all the details but actually 48:06 received that email and it was on one of 48:08 those Wi-Fi it you know they did the 48:13 trace the IP address was on one of those 48:15 plane flights and the original location 48:20 answer to an FBI location in a Louisiana 48:24 southern United States so the plot 48:28 thickens right whereas you really you 48:30 know who knows he's not to blame you 48:33 know when we all the origin was an 48:35 interaction with monitoring his email I 48:38 mean easy we don't know you know yeah we 48:40 don't know we don't know if he's in 48:42 custody 48:43 we don't know if he's in Israel we don't 48:44 know if he's in you know Seal Island 48:47 Georgia it's it's a mystery and we'll 48:50 just keep going at it every day 48:51 ok have you got a website that people 48:54 can go to to get all this information in 48:56 one package i did and it is being 49:02 blocked and I have had a lot of trouble 49:05 with also videos being chopped oil built 49:09 i'll put a video out now and they 49:11 started chopping it and it will be six 49:13 minutes on you know six minutes to 49:15 twelve minutes it won't make sense you 49:17 know so i don't really have an email i 49:21 can send people to write a website 49:23 because it's kind of being blocked 49:25 I'm somehow that this doesn't surprise 49:27 me George that I would be blocking 49:29 that's why ever would I be blocking 49:31 these are truncating your videos that 49:32 doesn't make sense that know what I've 49:36 had many interviews with the calls 49:39 dropping and support but I don't want to 49:41 get you know too paranoid about it but 49:43 if people just go to george webb and 49:45 just searched 49:46 which web with 2 b's and then youtube it 49:49 will be there and you'll see a very 49:51 robust community of people making 49:53 comments and I i call it a family puzzle 49:56 you know it's it's not something that 49:58 everybody 49:59 you don't have to get totally into the 50:02 depths you can just take two people you 50:05 know you can say you know pick a person 50:08 of your choice in this drama and then 50:10 Clinton Foundation into a group google 50:12 search and see what you come up with and 50:14 send me the link and you know it's a 50:17 family puzzle everybody can play good 50:19 stuff will I love your work brother I 50:21 think you've made a fantastic 50:23 contribution and I urge everybody to go 50:25 and look at this like I said you can go 50:27 to my website is right there where is 50:29 Eric Braverman or just go on youtube and 50:31 search for George Webb to bees or search 50:34 for where's Eric Braverman and have a 50:36 look at these videos it really is 50:38 compelling research so thanks very much 50:40 for coming on the show brother it's a 50:42 place to talk to you and dumb as the 50:43 research on falls will try to get you 50:46 back on a little bit later we can figure 50:47 out where it's going for me 50:49 alright thank you very much as pleasure 50:51 ok no problem but I and so that was my 50:56 discussion with george webb yesterday 50:59 and the information that he is presented 51:02 is truly compelling track series and is 51:04 so much more we could have covered in 51:06 the interview but he's actually done 51:08 about 30 videos on the topic and it's 51:11 all there on the playlist on the website 51:13 where you can find on youtube as well 51:14 it's just so difficult to cover all of 51:16 it because the spiderweb is so 51:19 convoluted and goes in so many 51:20 directions and there's just so many 51:21 people involved and it goes way back as 51:24 we mentioned during the show there goes 51:26 way back to Kosovo haiti's involved 51:29 human trafficking is involved the Muslim 51:32 Brotherhood is involved is so much 51:34 involved in these folks so I do urge 51:37 people to go and check out those videos 51:38 or to actually put a couple more minutes 51:41 of interview on there but I didn't get 51:44 my times right with the recording and 51:46 sign it up a couple of minutes short so 51:48 you have me coming in here and talking 51:50 to you at the end of the show not really 51:51 saying much but that's the way it is 51:53 when I interview people first not really 51:55 much of an interview I don't interview 51:57 people very 51:58 why should I really know the right 51:59 questions to ask i just trying to have a 52:01 conversation and see where a guy but I 52:03 really don't think I'm the one who 52:05 should be interviewing people because I 52:07 consider myself to be very good at it 52:09 but I hope you did get something out of 52:12 the interview anywhere ipd get something 52:14 out of the show and I do urge you to go 52:17 and look at this information it's 52:19 extremely important that we get this out 52:21 to the public 52:22 it's extremely important that we put 52:24 pressure on the Trump administration to 52:26 make sure the clinton foundation is 52:28 investigated and it's important for 52:31 every citizen of the united states that 52:33 there indeed every citizen of the world 52:35 if you want to have a country that is 52:37 vile and functions properly you simply 52:39 cannot have this type of criminal 52:41 element involved in government and when 52:43 you look at what's been done with the 52:45 Clinton Foundation how we discuss she 52:47 can overthrow countries now she doesn't 52:48 even have to be involved in government 52:50 and all the stuff that she's done 52:52 recently she hasn't been involved in 52:54 government to do its just been done 52:56 she hasn't needed to be involved in 52:58 government so it needs to be exposed 53:01 folks people need to see what's going on 53:04 there need to see how they're being 53:05 played and nobody out there can expect 53:08 to have any type of honesty or any type 53:11 of decency or integrity in their life 53:14 while we have this sort of criminal 53:15 element that is involved in government 53:17 and is involved in how the world is run 53:20 we're never going to get anywhere what 53:21 we allow these wars to continue folks 53:24 and all these wars have been 53:26 manufactured all of men contrived and 53:29 all of this can be seen by their own 53:32 emails with a show us exactly what 53:35 they're doing folks so it's incredibly 53:37 important that people get this 53:38 information out to people but that is it 53:41 for me fights when they're completely 53:42 out of time 53:43 thank you to anybody who supports our 53:45 website thank you to all the 53:46 contributors to the patriotic and it's 53:48 the only thing that keeps me going folks 53:50 if you can afford a couple of dollars a 53:52 month would really help things if enough 53:54 people can do it maybe i can actually 53:55 get some assistance of some kind but 53:58 thank you to all those who do help 54:01 support the website thank you to those 54:02 who continue to listen to the show thank 54:04 you to those who sent me all their kind 54:06 of miles it's always a pleasure to come 54:09 and talk to you all look forward to 54:10 speaking to you again next 54:11 wake please take very good care until 54:13 then I cash my friends wish

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The Truth About the Berkeley Riot (2-2-17)

The mainstream left is tacitly supporting a fascist group that is committing terrorism to crush civil rights in the U.S.

the mainstream left is tacitly 0:07 supporting a fascist group that is 0:09 committing terrorism to crush civil 0:12 rights in the United States let that 0:14 sink just making my being here i think 0:33 the protesters are doing the same and 0:34 drops it on for the ones who are doing 0:36 and non-violently but i think that's a 0:37 very rare thing indeed 0:55 this is how they reacted to the beating 0:59 the pepper spraying of women and the 1:01 violent rioting at UC Berkeley last 1:04 night speed right-hander is right makin 1:10 Island happening badly and he's been 1:13 around going all right so a gay man 1:16 giving a talk about offensive halloween 1:18 costumes vs violent rioters attacking 1:21 women with pepper spray and flagpoles 1:24 and you're saying Milo is the 1:26 unreasonable one 1:27 MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin continuing 1:30 pulling federal funds from they can get 1:32 about broker we're doing people with 1:37 wooden poles because they have a 1:38 different opinion to you isn't a protest 1:42 you off track 1:44 that's violent assault google engineer 1:46 and reimport felt like trying to donate 1:55 because there's just not enough money to 1:56 fund vicious attacks on people for 1:58 exercising their free speech rights is 2:01 their the mayor of Berkeley kind of 2:04 magazine welcoming community but using 2:10 fists the flagpoles & pepper spray to 2:12 silence speech that's tolerant and 2:15 liberal Hollywood director Judd Apatow 2:17 is just the beginning were meaning she 2:21 was still supporting Trump realize what 2:23 we've realized that Judge we realize 2:27 what's at stake 2:28 you want to threaten 55 million American 2:32 gun owners with civil war 2:34 yeah good luck with that you fucking 2:36 cretinous on this is one of the 2:38 organizers events locker 2:40 she claimed Milo's free speech was 2:42 raping and killing to really fight with 2:45 you check the power backpack 2:50 who's to blame for inciting this may 2:55 head Time magazine for legitimizing 2:58 violent riots during Ferguson Newsweek 3:00 for celebrating the attack on Richard 3:02 Spencer the nation for romanticizing the 3:05 attack on Richard Spencer regressive 3:07 leftist like misery Malika say violence 3:10 against Trump supporters should be 3:11 tolerated regressive less this like 3:14 india night and the deluge of other 3:16 journalists who called for joked about 3:18 Trump being assassinated george soros 3:21 financier of domestic terrorism arrest 3:25 him and confiscate his wealth 3:28 let's put this in perspective the last 3:30 is more outraged about Trump Supreme 3:32 Court pic calling his high school club 3:35 fascism forever as a joke back in the 3:39 eighties when they are about actual 3:41 fascist viciously beating innocent 3:44 people 3:45 oh yeah and good job and tifa so instead 3:48 of a speech to 200 people you gave Milo 3:51 and his message a national media 3:53 platform to reach millions of people 3:57 well done idiot let's be clear though 3:59 and teacher doesn't care how many times 4:01 you insult them they don't care that 4:03 they loathed by the vast majority of 4:05 Americans this is not about attracting 4:07 support 4:08 it's about intimidating people out of 4:10 exercising their First Amendment right 4:13 to attend a mile event these people are 4:16 flashes and people also knows that it 4:19 can rely on the mainstream media to 4:21 report the fake news that this was a 4:23 protest it wasn't a protest it was a 4:26 violent riot but the media will continue 4:29 to report that it was a protest because 4:31 it fits into their k of narrative the 4:34 media will never acknowledge that this 4:36 was a violent riot because they want to 4:38 maintain the chaos narrative that the 4:40 Trump administration is illegitimate 4:42 permanently in crisis and unstable in 4:45 reality the only thing that is 4:47 illegitimate is the protest because 4:50 they're not protest their violent riots 4:53 and have no place in a civil society 4:55 when all you have left is violence 4:58 you've lost the argument for years the 5:00 left compensated for having no argument 5:03 by calling us racists and bigots 5:04 Islamophobes a misogynist and for many 5:07 years 5:08 it worked now it no longer work so what 5:11 do they have left intimidation buggery 5:14 and domestic terror 5:16 this is why Trump won this is Trump's 5:20 campaign at for the twenty20 election 5:23 this is the new left fascism has 5:26 returned under the guise of liberalism 5:30 click the link below to subscribe to the 5:41 channel for more breaking news

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The Bizarre Far-Right Billionaire Behind Trump's Presidency

When all seemed to be falling apart for Trump this summer, one shadowy billionaire offered up his own massive political infrastructure, which included Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway, and saved Trump’s campaign from demise

July 2016 and a very disorganized Trump campaign is headed into an equally  chaotic Republican National Convention  the latest fundraising numbers for  junior dismal and according to CNBC  Trump is second-guessing his decision to 0:29 make Mike Pence is running me making 0:31 last-minute phone calls to assess the 0:33 pic just days before the event 0:35 uncertainty even played out in public 0:38 during a phone interview with greta van 0:40 susteren I haven't made by final final 0:43 decision past GOP candidates John McCain 0:46 and Mitt Romney have decided to skip the 0:48 convention so both former Bush President 0:51 one day before the convention and 0:55 there's still no official list of 0:57 speakers 0:58 nevertheless july 18 holes around the 1:01 GOP has to move forward with the show 1:08 the convention is considered a disaster 1:12 it exposes the party in disarray 1:14 delegation from Iowa Colorado stage a 1:18 walkout over a critical rules boat right 1:20 there in the top right you can actually 1:21 see Kendall unruh in blue she's one of 1:23 the leaders of the nevertrump or the 1:25 dump Trump movement trying to get the 1:27 rules change the start of the convention 1:29 to let delegates vote their conscience 1:31 subsequent polls show Trump trailing 1:34 Clinton and need to win swing state 1:36 coupled with a string of bad press story 1:40 including Trump fight with the family of 1:42 a fallen Iraq that the Trump campaign 1:44 seems to have lost the momentum Donald 1:47 Trump it's just not doing what is 1:51 required to win in a surprise move the 1:54 Trump campaign shakes up its leadership 1:56 at the eleventh hour bringing on 1:58 far-right editor-in-chief breitbart news 2:00 chief and along with former republican 2:03 pollster Kellyanne Conway days later 2:06 David Bostic head of the corporate 2:08 advocacy groups citizens united is 2:10 brought on as deputy manager of the 2:12 campaign 2:13 finally the campaign also hires the data 2:17 mining firm cambridge analytical 2:18 password probing the American voters 2:21 mind at a glance these last-minute 2:24 developments desperate and disjointed 2:26 i'm not i don't know what they're doing 2:28 I wish I could tell you but a closer 2:33 look reveals something different 2:35 it reveals the hidden connection between 2:37 these players a thread between the 2:39 seemingly random cast of actors 2:43 enter billionaire hedge-fund manager 2:50 robert mercer and his daughter Rebecca 2:53 they've been eyeing Trump ever since 2:56 their first choice 2:57 Ted Cruz dropped out of the primary back 2:59 in May we are suspending our campaign 3:02 the fuel behind vs influence of the 3:06 absurd sums of money here Cruz that the 3:08 investment company he run renaissance 3:11 technologies based on long island it 3:14 seems medallion fund is one of the most 3:16 successful hedge funds and investing 3:18 history average in seventy-two percent 3:20 returns the for feedings over more than 3:22 20 years statistic that battle challenge 3:25 and outranks the profitability of other 3:28 competing fun with the one George Soros 3:30 and one Buffett run in 2015 Mercer had 3:35 single-handedly catapulted through to 3:37 the front of the Republican field 3:38 throwing more than 13 million dollars 3:41 into a super PAC he created for the now 3:43 failed candidate but with the Trump 3:46 campaign falter struggling to support 3:48 there's a second chance for the Mercer's 3:51 to make a big bet the Trump campaign is 3:54 well aware of this 3:55 in fact sources within Mercer super PAC 3:58 with later tell Bloomberg News that 4:00 shortly after crews drops out of the 4:02 race 4:03 ivanka trump and her wealthy developer 4:05 husband jared kushner approached 4:07 immerses asking if they'd be willing to 4:09 ship their support behind Trump the 4:12 answer is an eventual what was sounding 4:14 yet in the month leading up the Trump's 4:18 presidential win the Mercer's will prove 4:20 a formidable force beginning after the 4:24 disastrous Republican convention in July 4:26 they would furnish the Trump campaign 4:28 with millions of dollars a new 4:30 leadership they would also furnish it 4:33 with something more 4:34 a vast network of non profit strategist 4:37 media companies research institution and 4:40 super PAC that they themselves funded 4:42 and largely controlled I think what 4:45 you've seen is a lot of organizations in 4:48 this network come out to play a role in 4:51 the 2016 election with the Mercer family 4:54 in the picture the post convention 4:56 shake-up start to make sense take Steve 4:59 benen he and Robert Mercer has been 5:02 closed for years and Mercer's a top 5:04 adventure breitbart news were been in 5:07 with chief editor Kellyanne Conway also 5:11 comes out of this network before 5:13 becoming co-manager of trumps campaign 5:15 she headed up operations to Robert 5:17 Marshall super PAC when it was still 5:19 supporting Ted Cruz and as for deputy 5:23 campaign manager David bossy he was 5:25 president of citizens united an 5:27 organization Mercer is heavily funded at 5:30 least 2010 cambridge analytica the 5:34 mysterious data mining firm that 5:36 received grudging praise after 5:38 predicting the races outcome more 5:39 accurately than any other polling 5:41 something is also heavily funded by 5:43 robert mercer and was employed by the 5:45 trees campaign with former switched over 5:48 to trump in fact immerses political 5:51 infrastructure is so entrenched that 5:53 rebekah mercer herself that from a 5:55 16-person executive committee Trump 5:58 transition team purchase foray into 6:02 white house may seem to have been born 6:04 partly out of luck especially with Trump 6:07 and Ted Cruz as a stalking horse 6:10 but his rise to power was systematic and 6:12 it was years in the making the web of 6:16 connections mercy is built over the last 6:17 decade is that and complex it includes 6:21 efforts to dismantle tax law and weaken 6:23 the IRS it's about funding quack 6:27 scientists and conspiracy theorists who 6:29 blame the government for among other 6:30 things playing a role in the San 6:32 Bernardino Massacre or of colluding with 6:35 the United Nations than using climate 6:37 change as an excuse to implement 6:39 environmental laws meant to depopulate 6:41 America's Midwest it's not pouring money 6:45 into the neoconservative john bolton 6:47 super PAC which pops of candidates who 6:49 ascribe to bolton hawkish foreign policy 6:51 but one of Mercer's earliest activist 6:55 ventures with financing a slew of fringe 6:57 documentary project that have helped 6:59 raise the profile with people that sarah 7:01 palin michele bachmann and most notably 7:04 the director of those films Steve benen 7:07 then and who was previously a naval 7:11 officer and goldman sachs investment 7:13 banker made his first documentary in 7:15 2004 about long and Reagan we told his 7:19 biography using washed-out 7:20 black-and-white archival footage of the 7:22 Hollywood actor painting him as a brave 7:25 protector of Western democracy and the 7:27 threat of communism you and I have a 7:29 rendezvous with depth 7:31 will preserve for our children that's 7:34 the last best hope of man on it or will 7:36 sentence him to take the last step into 7:38 the thousand years that the film was a 7:41 commercial success according to the 7:43 reviews it was a flop but it developed a 7:46 cult following and it revealed that 7:48 there was an untapped audience for this 7:50 sort of film which demonized America's 7:52 current establishment while lamenting 7:54 the death of old-time conservatism under 7:56 reagan in the face of evil would also 8:03 connect man and conservative author 8:05 Peter Schweitzer whose namesake book the 8:07 film was based on you it would also 8:10 connect them to another rising 8:12 conservative figure in a net at a 8:14 screening of his Reagan film and Beverly 8:16 Hills a man Ben and recalled in a 8:18 bloomberg peace who came up to him after 8:20 the showing like a bear he said 8:22 squeezing me like my head's gonna blow 8:24 up and saying we've got to take back the 8:26 culture his name Andrew Breitbart a 8:30 conservative commentator for the next 8:33 few years would join then and enjoys her 8:35 in their efforts to establish a fresh 8:37 conservative narrative with Breitbart 8:39 himself focusing on an idea for a new 8:41 media company something partly inspired 8:44 by a trip to Jerusalem and the need to 8:46 create an outlet that would be 8:47 unapologetically pro-freedom and 8:49 pro-israel he said something that would 8:52 come to fruition in 2007 and that he 8:54 would call right bar dot com 8:56 [Music] 8:59 one of the things i admired about 9:00 Breitbart bin and said in that Bloomberg 9:02 story is that the dirtiest word for him 9:04 was penetrated our vision Andrews vision 9:08 was always to build a global 9:09 center-right populace anti-establishment 9:11 news site but that wasn't all 9:15 what band Schweitzer and bright part 9:17 really wanted to forge was a 9:19 multi-tiered effort push their agenda 9:21 they wanted a fun toys books and being 9:24 in film ultimately they wanted to create 9:27 a media infrastructure big enough to 9:29 pump their ideology into america's 9:31 national discourse but they needed more 9:34 investors and they needed large 9:36 investors people who could fund this 9:38 giant operation for a sustained period 9:40 of time because what this right-wing 9:43 trio had set out to do wasn't to simply 9:45 start a business it was to transform 9:48 America's rage 9:49 it's largely white rural working class 9:52 discontent into a political movement 9:54 that would storm Washington first in the 9:57 form of the Tea Party and again six 9:59 years later in the form of Trump that 10:03 influx of cash would come from the 10:04 organization more famous now the supreme 10:07 court decision and inspired and for the 10:09 media and political work is done for 10:11 decades 10:12 thanks in part to funders like the Koch 10:14 brothers and of course Robert Mercer the 10:17 transporter advocacy group citizens 10:18 united was created in 1988 and four 10:22 years that had pumped out television ad 10:24 films and other forms of media content 10:26 that's not to put pressure both on 10:28 Democrats as little more moderate 10:30 Republicans to embrace the far-right 10:31 corporate friendly approach to politics 10:34 we never get the less controlled 10:35 Hollywood they control entertainment 10:37 they control the movies they control 10:39 television they control mass media they 10:42 control certainly journalism and so what 10:45 Susan United is true 10:46 get out is that through the media they 10:48 can in fact move public opinion they can 10:51 shape America and thereby shape 10:53 Washington it was that effort that gave 10:57 rise to the film's Hillary the movie 10:59 which in turn led to the Supreme Court 11:01 case that changed the way politics was 11:03 done in the United States it's worth 11:07 noting that the citizens united decision 11:08 to allow for unlimited campaign 11:10 contributions to super pacs didn't 11:12 originate from any billionaire 11:14 corporation directly complaining about 11:16 contribution limits it originated from 11:20 this documentary which been directed and 11:23 which FCC rules barred from being shown 11:25 because it fell under the category of 11:27 electioneering communications 11:29 essentially union and corporate funded 11:31 groups like citizens united couldn't air 11:34 anything critical about a candidate 11:35 within 30 days of the primaries and 60 11:38 days of the general elections the 11:42 supreme court's decision to strike down 11:44 that rule opened up the floodgates for 11:46 unlimited campaign spending which 11:48 citizens united and it's billionaire and 11:50 corporate donors seized upon citizens 11:54 united has been heavily funded by the 11:55 Koch brothers and their network of 11:57 donors which Mercer joins early on but 12:01 in 2010 Mercer decides to extend his 12:04 reach and influence beyond the confines 12:06 of that network beginning first 12:08 breitbart news which at the time it a 12:10 bit of a rough patch injured Breitbart 12:14 to put out a misleading video that 12:16 showed the Department of Agriculture 12:17 official Shirley Sherrod making the 12:20 people characterized as racist remarks 12:22 towards white people shared was fired 12:25 and when it came out afterwards that the 12:26 flip had been manipulated shared sued 12:29 Andrew Breitbart the lawsuit fell on the 12:33 heels of another false video expose 12:35 Breitbart done a year earlier involving 12:37 the association of community 12:39 organizations for reform now known as a 12:42 torn 12:42 which had resulted in their loss of 12:44 private and government funded after the 12:47 shared video media virtually blacklisted 12:50 him along with his sight from the 12:51 mainstream the hiccup prompted Mercer to 12:55 capitalize on the event he reportedly 12:59 put upwards of 10 million dollars in the 13:01 company later that year making a top 13:03 investor the next two years are spent 13:07 expanding and sharpening the media 13:09 connection been and continues to produce 13:11 documentary including the undefeated 13:14 featuring the rises sarah palin as well 13:16 as occupy unmasked which aims to 13:18 discredit 2011 process these people feel 13:22 morally justified 685 Schweitzer 13:26 continues publishing books most notably 13:28 Clinton cash in 2015 which band adapted 13:32 into a documentary and which fueled the 13:34 right session with Hillary Clinton the 13:36 financial sources for her foundation 13:39 meanwhile Mercer's quietly lubricating 13:43 political and financial empire doling 13:45 out money to a whole slew of 13:47 conservative nonprofit such as the 13:49 Heartland Institute the heritage 13:50 foundation the Cato Institute citizens 13:53 united and many more 13:55 then suddenly in 2012 14:01 Andrew Breitbart died from a heart 14:03 attack are dead at the age of 43 right 14:06 part was certainly a driving force in 14:08 the tea party movement as well as a very 14:10 influential political voice on the 14:11 internet Mercer an advantage was a board 14:14 member of right block quickly rearrange 14:16 leadership roles in an effort not to 14:18 lose any momentum in fact great boards 14:22 destined to a bit more blessing for the 14:24 group Breitbart unlike his compatriots 14:27 had always been more of an old-school 14:29 more moderate conservative he worked at 14:31 the drudge report which many songs in 14:33 both horn for the bush administration 14:35 more surprisingly he'd been a researcher 14:39 for arianna huffington and help create 14:40 an early model for what would become the 14:42 liberal huffington post so Mercer Bannon 14:47 and shorts are cranked up the heat in 14:50 the months after Breitbart died man is 14:52 made executive chairman of 14:54 Schweitzer meanwhile sounds a new 14:57 research group that focuses on feeding 15:00 content to break par news and citizens 15:02 united for their documentary projects 15:04 called the Government Accountability 15:05 institute for Mercer the top under while 15:08 benefits on the board these ships are 15:12 all taking place in the shadows of the 15:14 presidential race between Barack Obama 15:16 and Mitt Romney Romney epitomize the GOP 15:19 establishment and mercer must have been 15:21 reluctant to give to his campaign ended 15:24 up throwing about a million dollars into 15:26 a super pac supporting romney a poultry 15:29 number compared to 15 million he spent 15:31 on Trump and the 13 million you spent on 15:33 free romney's loss was a heavy defeat 15:37 the Republican voters around the country 15:39 with so many Americans still struggling 15:42 to get back on their feet after the 2008 15:45 economic crisis his defeat angered many 15:47 GOP voters some blames obama and the 15:51 democrats others blame the Republican 15:54 establishment including Romney himself 15:55 but at the nyu club in New York shortly 16:00 after the news of obama's reelection one 16:03 unexpected voice would take a small 16:05 group of wealthy donors by 16:06 storm blasting the Romney team for 16:08 dropping the ball on their data mining 16:10 and canvassing operation that woman was 16:14 rebekah mercer Robert Mercer's daughter 16:16 after Romney Rebecca became her father's 16:20 right hand before that Robert brushes 16:23 role in political dealings with the 16:25 supply money to the people who admired 16:27 and trusted people like band Switzer 16:30 Breitbart Rebecca wanted to change that 16:34 she wanted accountability of the money 16:36 her father spent and romney's failure 16:39 provided an opportunity to step into the 16:41 Republican arena and assert her and 16:44 fathers agenda between 2012 in 2015 16:49 she would take formal leadership 16:50 position that the think tanks and 16:52 nonprofits forefathers funded she became 16:55 a director Peter Schweitzer Government 16:57 Accountability Institute she took over 16:59 the Mercer Family Foundation and more 17:02 recently she manage your father's to the 17:04 attack alongside Killian Conway she and 17:07 her father began to engage what you 17:09 could call kind of sniper fire politics 17:11 investing money and very specific races 17:14 and causes in Robert Mercer put money 17:18 into super packed in races that have 17:21 something to do with often tax recycle 17:27 he gave money to a super PAC the action 17:31 of primary challenger to Senator John 17:33 machine and Arizona McCain's the 17:35 Republican and he was the co-chair of 17:40 the Senate committee that investigated 17:41 responses tax strategy between with 17:46 leaders say he thought Mercer was doing 17:47 this because of that investigation which 17:50 was looking into whether renaissance 17:51 technologies that avoided more than 6 17:53 billion dollars in taxes over the course 17:55 of 14 years 17:57 the 2016 Republican primary Robert 18:02 Mercer decided to put his support behind 18:04 Ted Cruz and so demanded that his crews 18:07 faltered into positions that ran counter 18:10 to abandon conservative agenda like 18:12 supporting the TPP mercer and Ben and 18:15 begin questioning their support of a 18:16 candidate who's to obviously trying to 18:18 appease both the disgruntled American 18:20 voter as well as corporate interests in 18:22 Washington in the end cruises 18:27 evangelical Christian persona failed to 18:29 cover up his true identity which was a 18:32 harvard-educated lawyer who worked for 18:34 years in Washington including as a young 18:36 clerk in the supreme court Robert Mercer 18:42 seldom makes public appearances and he 18:44 never talks to the press the only time 18:47 he spoken publicly was in 2014 18:50 after he received a lifetime achievement 18:52 award from the Association for 18:54 computational linguistics in the 18:57 hour-long acceptance speech he gives in 18:58 baltimore maryland Mercer spends almost 19:00 all of his time talking about his 19:02 passion for computers i really love 19:05 everything about computers 19:07 I love the solitude of the computer lab 19:10 late at night i love the air-conditioned 19:12 smell of the place i love the sound of 19:14 the discs whirring and the printers 19:16 clacking none of his remarks are 19:18 political except for one comment he 19:21 makes when he's talking about the time 19:22 he worked at the Air Force weapons lab 19:25 in New Mexico size and the one day he 19:27 discovered how to make their computers 19:28 run about a hundred times faster and 19:31 then a strange thing happened instead of 19:32 running the old computations in 100 of 19:35 the time the powers that be at the lab 19:38 ran computations that were under times 19:40 bigger i took this is an indication of 19:43 one of the most important goals of 19:44 government finance research is not so 19:46 much to get answers as it is to consume 19:48 the computer budget which has left me 19:52 ever since with a jaundiced view of 19:54 government finance research Robert 19:58 Mercer doesn't quite fit into 20:00 established after class he isn't exactly 20:03 a Wall Street type and neither are the 20:05 300 employees many of whom are advanced 20:07 mathematicians and physicists who work 20:09 at renaissance technologies brainchild 20:11 the medallion fund i think it's 20:15 interesting to note that this is a guy 20:17 who had the programming background 20:18 coding background didn't start out small 20:21 street and so he's come to this sort of 20:23 it a difficult grout eat spoken very 20:27 little about his political giving and so 20:30 we can't say a lot about his motives 20:34 that we not what he said 20:36 this one is known for its secrecy 20:40 it's been closed to outside investors 20:42 since 2005 and what exactly they trade 20:45 isn't fully understood what is known is 20:49 that what Mercer along with retired 20:51 Renaissance Technologies founder James 20:52 Simon and co-ceo peterbrown have done is 20:55 master the map behind something called 20:57 quantitative trading which involves 21:00 gaming the stock market using advanced 21:02 algorithms and data analysis to create 21:04 unprecedented profits 21:06 all they do is make one group of the 21:10 literally billionaires slightly richer 21:13 than another group of billionaires and 21:15 in the process to make themselves 21:17 billionaires but they had absolutely 21:19 nothing to the economy or the world 21:23 effectively 21:24 2016 list of biggest political donors is 21:29 stacked with billionaires who made their 21:31 money by engaging and what about two 21:33 different forms of gambling the largest 21:36 donor of the cycle Tom Steyer is a hedge 21:39 fund manager the second Sheldon Adelson 21:41 is a casino magnate the third Donald 21:44 Sussman is a quant fund manager 21:47 strangely enough founder of Renaissance 21:49 Technologies Jane Simon is one of the 21:51 Democrats largest donors is number five 21:54 on that list while his colleague and 21:56 Republican counterpart Robert Mercer is 21:58 number seven 21:59 it's not a coincidence that the enormous 22:03 amounts of wealth go to people who are 22:05 connected with gambling but recall that 22:09 they don't gamble abelson is the house 22:12 the house mathematically is going to win 22:17 and the idea at the hedge fund it is 22:22 again to have better map than the other 22:26 billionaires so that statistically 22:28 you're going to win casino capitalism 22:34 has given people like Robert and rebekah 22:36 mercer riches and power beyond most 22:38 people's imagination but the role of 22:42 activists billionaires in American 22:44 politics isn't new it's just become 22:46 stronger as well as concentrated in 22:48 fewer hands with the top one percent of 22:52 americans today holding onto forty 22:54 percent of the country's wealth and much 22:57 of that increase taking place in the 22:59 finance and energy sectors of the 23:00 economy the rise of people like Robert 23:03 Mercer and the Koch brothers reflects 23:05 how billionaires have gradually taken 23:07 more direct control over politicians in 23:10 the state 23:11 one of the things that is really useful 23:14 if you're a billionaire and that you get 23:17 your money by doing nothing socially 23:19 useful is to valorize what you're doing 23:22 and to demonize anyone that might 23:26 actually restricted by law regulation 23:29 even social mores 23:32 and propaganda is historically the 23:38 answer to that an essential part of 23:44 trumps propaganda that he represents the 23:46 interests of workers the little guy and 23:48 will take on the big corporation but the 23:51 proof of his loyalties in his 23:53 appointment his cabinet the richest in 23:56 history along with his close advisor 23:58 include major players from Wall Street 24:00 and corporate America Rex Tillerson 24:04 Andrew poster linda mcmahon Stephen 24:07 Schwarzman Todd Ricketts Gary Cohen 24:10 Steve and Betsy davidoff Elaine child 24:14 overwrought the Venusian Carl Icahn 24:17 Peter teal these are the true faces of a 24:21 trump presidency in the end there are no 24:26 workers are little guy on the Trump team 24:28 only the Allies of rainmakers Robert and 24:32 rebekah mercer the billionaire his 24:34 political head coach Donald Trump into 24:36 the White House

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