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Tsunami of demons Riding the 5G wave into your souls

Demons have to have permission to jump into a person.I dont think the same rules will apply to robots.

For thousands of years, the kaezerian Jews have ruled the world in religion, politics, finance, art, culture and traditions. In Jesus' days, they were the ruling class of elites, Pharisees and chief priests who plotted to kill Jesus Christ because he did miracles that threatened their positions and nation. John10,11,12. Why did these people oppose God and Jesus so much even though he was doing good works and glorifying God? Because they were of the cabal and representatives of satan. When you realize that the power that oppresses people, keeps them poor, takes away their freedoms, profits from slavery and unfair taxation is the power of satan as represented by these elite, then you'll understand why Jesus came to die for mankind. And no, he didn't just die to set us free from physical bondage he died to remove our sins by which satan had a right to oppress us. This is why Jesus identifies with the poorest and most wretched and wants us to love them because they are representative of mankind whom he died to save. So bringing the point home: The kaezerian Jews whom Jesus identified as being of the synagogue of satan had been there thousands of years before Jesus was born. They had co-opted, cornered, corrupted the practice of God's worship so noone could really reach God thereby. In today's world, they device every plan to separate man from God. The music industry is run by them. The entertainments of the world is controlled by them. Ask any true entertainment star and they'll tell you it's the kaezerian Jews who are in control of the rap, music, movie industry. Technology, science, politics, education is all controlled by them. They make people sell their souls in order to have a little taste of fame and wealth but they keep subjecting them to such wickedness and depravity that they lose their souls. They do this through secret societies. They are the champions of abortion, wars, eugenics, LGBT, false religions, wrong doctrines and anything to destroy men physically and mentally. The game was up for them once Trump ran for office. They could and can recognize him as the Lord's annointed so they pulled all the stops to stop him but couldn't. Tried to wage civil war but couldn't so they resorted to screaming at the sky to tell God he was frustrating them. Their end has come! There's a war going on in America which is not reported in the media. The fires in California and other catastrophes are caused by another faction fighting to take down the evil paedophile cannibalistic Kaezerian factions. The warfare is both spiritual and physical. It's getting so intense that I believe they're calling for backup from their fallen angel alien brethren. Yes that's right. These kaezerians are hybrids who just happen to look human. So yes, they paid for Israel to be nationalized and they want to rule the world from there again but God has other plans. The Arabs will destroy these Kaezerians but the Arabs themselves will be chastised by God. The battle is so intensely spiritual that we have to pray by the second now. When the waters receeded from beaches worldwide in October, it was to fulfil the prophecy that the way is prepared for the kings of the north...It's not north Korea though they are controlled by the kaezerians which is why Trump promises them fury if they try anything. These guys are terried of Trump. They get their stooge musicians to sing death, their witches to cast spells but it won't work and they'll all be destroyed according to God's promise to my Dad in Ezekiel 21:29. So dear Christian brethren, know this, that the coming war is intergalactic. Don't let NASA deceive you about no meteor shower, these are the fallen ones coming on earth to position for the final war. Jesus said when we see these things we should look up because our redemption is near. It'll be a fight to the finish. As the battle builds to a crescendo, Christians will be taken out once the Lord is about to pour his fury upon these fallen beings. It's getting real people. Let's put away the flesh, watch and pray always that we may be accounted worthy to escape these things and to stand before the Son of Man. Read your bible and pray everyday. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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