Global Elite Wages War Against Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency Revolution

They are trying to DESTROY and stop our REVOLT. We are making money without their ability to control it.

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  2. Wakeup forget any elites a bitcoin system cannot function, honesty is essential for bitcoin to function. The problem is that minds are not ready for bitcoin, as it automatically becomes, corrupted and speculative, there is no difference between the FED sending some digital money to the EU central bank or any individual bank than the Bitcoin allocation. The system needs to evolve before any bitcoin gets anywhere. And the system is on your concept mind, evolve the mind and you shall be free. Forget deep state elites and illuminates just understand and you shall see how reality really is besides fake news on fake news. All you need is minds to evolve. Evolve you minds and the picture will become clear until them is just a deep fog on your mind.


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