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Breaking News North Korea - U.S. & Allies Prepared As N. Korea Threatens With Developing New Weapon

 Satellite imagery of North Korea's main military shipyards shows the regime is ramping up its development of submarine-launched ballistic missiles... or SLBMs. Experts say the North is close to developing a SLBM that is longer and more powerful than its previous one. Park Soyun reports. There are strong indications North Korea's submarine-launched ballistic missile program is advancing and a new SLBM barge will soon be up and running at Nampo Navy Shipyard on the country's west coast. South Korean and U.S. intelligence agencies are also monitoring North Korea's Sinpo shipyard, on the country's east coast, where North Korea's SLBM development station is located. Using satellite imagery,... those agencies say the North appears to have developed a SLBM that is three meters longer than the previous Pukkuksong-1. There's speculation the missile has a considerably increased range since it can store more fuel. (Korean) - "If the missile is three meters longer,... the overall weight is likely to be 28 tons. If the Pukkuksong-1's projected range is 1,600 kilometers, the new one could have a range of up to 4,000 kilometers. That would put Guam within its range."

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