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The Future of America | 2017-2018

Encompassed by heathen, those who cut themselves off from The Lord God Almighty. Those who deny and blaspheme His name, mock and ridicule. Oh how the mighty are puffed up with pride and they scoff, spitting there venom upon those that they see as beneath their feet, they trample what they see as weak under the foot. Wo unto this wicked generation, calling good evil and evil good. Drunken of self righteousness, tables drenched with innocent blood. Howling hyenas circling, stalking, menacing teeth glowing in the darkness. Do you fear not the everlasting Fire burning, burning, burning. Consumed by self, walking in blindness, moral decay, lawlessness rages, spinning violently out of control, destroying everything in its path. There hearts are turned to stone. Oh how the proud bathe in wickedness, lusting after their own desires. They speak prideful speech, latching on to lies, creating idles, Manipulating words, seeking to steal away from you your eternal birthright. There abominations done in secret are forever known to The Most High God, he see's the wickedness. He see's the ugliness of their hands. Drenched with the blood of the innocent. God alone hears the cries, Oh how His heart is broken. Wo to you who do not repent, Wo to the proud and arrogant fool, Wo to the viper spitting venomous curses, For I see One coming, a horse riding fast, and He who is sits upon it is known as Righteous and True, out of His Mouth a sharp two edged Sword. He is from Everlasting to Everlasting. Every eye shall see, every mouth confess, every knee shall bow. Proceeding before Him, The ever consuming Fire of His Righteousness. For He brings Righteous Judgement, reconciling every injustice. All shall fear Him, some a righteous fear, to others, a horrifying fear. He is the One who laid down His life and took it up again, by His Power. He is The Lord Jesus Christ, Almighty God who come in The Flesh. To you who are broken hearted, mourning, Suffering, lost, meek, sick, hungry, empty, crying out. He, our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ is coming. He will wipe away every tear from your eyes, mend your brokenness, hold you to Himself, cradling you in His arms and He will tell you....... I Love You My Child. He is talking you home, a place that no eye has seen, He prepared it for you.

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