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Ron Paul --- Why Are We Helping Saudi Arabia Destroy Yemen?

I'm afraid that the US has lost its way. We can no longer claim the moral high ground when it comes to global and domestic affairs. It pains me to say this, but that's where we're at in my opinion.

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  1. AMericans are killing other Americans all over the place on a daily basis.. Thousands of americans a year. many wounded, paralized for life.
    So why should Yemen be exempt from a vicious and cruel genocide against other political foes of Israel,, the most evil and nefarious luciferian force for horror the world has seen since the Mongol invasions.
    America loves wars, war movies, war clothing,
    guns and guns and bullets, sports with helmets as a soldier would wear. Americans a body without a brain and a military and jurisprudence system bankrupt. Now floating without any constitutional guidance.

    just kill as kill can. and the ELITE? Cia, Fbi, Swat, Killary, Bush, Obama, have the self assigned right to kill whenever they want.

    No charges, no trial, no appeals, and it is about to get much worse with new weapons against usa citizens.. Just like the Israelis do to the Palestinians. Kill and bulldoze houses. Destroy agriculture farms, and prevent food and medicine from entering.
    Luciferian, Satanic people are these Khazarian mongol remnants from Russia. But the jews have the world by the balls for extortion with NSA and many other Jewish financial and governmental agencies couched as doing public service. They will meet God one day and scream for an eternity in agonizing torment.


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