Anonymous: We Had No Idea What Was Coming, But Now We Know!

this video is directly pointing at the UN's Agenda 21 and Culture 21. Agenda 21 is based upon global warming and a carbon tax, (for a redistribution of wealth scheme), and Culture 21 is based upon forcing the acceptance of cultural diversity. Did you wonder why Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement and spoke about leaving the UN? Do you know why the US is involved in Syria? Ask "the West" (EU), as they dragged us there, along with several "Gulf Nations," and "Turkey." Could it have been about a pipeline in Syria, and Russia's want to control oil and gas into Europe? Do you know about the proxy wars, and what they are? Ask yourself why the EU happily allows the Muslims to swarm in, while the US in the Middle-East. Did you know that the Vatican has a seat at the UN? Open your eyes.

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