Saturday, September 30, 2017

Jesse Ventura is Back - Policing the Police

the thing is though, the vast (VAST) majority of average people don't know and don't care one bit. They have cable and plasma TV's and all they care for is sports and celebrity gossip. That's their priority now. The powers that be have been using the divide and conquer tactic for 100 years (or more) so there is no social unity or cohesion, just "me" and "them". Each person has become a disconnected island with no power and they are easily trampled over, something you can't do to a unified and strong society. As long as "it happens to someone else and doesn't affect me" none will give $hit and they clearly don't. It's not "the goverments fault" it's the people's fault because they care more about reality tv than what effects their lives (and are happy like that).

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