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Evidence That Won't Go Away! - September 11, 2001 - Event

This is the most believable video I've ever seen of all the 911 conspiracy theories out there.

I looked up the wiki entries, again; they are still there, and they are still essentially blocked. I mean, they are connected to nothing (except for other wiki entries which are in the wastebin.) They do NOT want us knowing the truth, so they allow the lies to grow and expand. Anything these guys, Gage and Stephen Jones, say should be taken as lies. If for nothing else, when, "they", allow it, we are not being advised of anything real and honest. The one guy I really don't get is this David Chandler. He calls himself a physicist, but, he still does not seem to understand how the towers, "collapsed" (as if.) I think Chandler has changed his tune, yet, he has (still) not come anywhere near to the truth. I find it very frustrating.

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