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Your Pension Is In IMMINENT DANGER! - What You Need To Know

Josh Sigurdson sits down with author and economic analyst John Sneisen to talk about how pensions throughout the world are in imminent danger due to vast under-funding and government manipulation.
Throughout the world, there is about a 330 trillion dollar shortfall leading to 2050 (though with an inevitable fiat crash in the equation, it's likely to come crashing down within the next 5 years).
In the United States, the shortfall reaches about 109 trillion dollars. China's shortfall is about 108 trillion dollars and Canada's is about 10 trillion dollars.
Government and central planning is desecrating pensions throughout the world and this simply goes to show why people should not be so dependent on the state and banking system and instead take financial responsibility for themselves and protect/insure their wealth to the best of their ability. Assets are one of many ways to do this. Government is forcing individuals into collective financial risk and manipulating the system to the point of collapse.
Then there's the corporate pensions which take up a smaller percentage of pension obligations, but also (when it comes to the larger corporations) tend to be monopolized by the state in the first place.
Some companies with the lowest ratios of pensions assets to pension obligations include Intel with 46.6%, Delta Airlines with 49.4%, Procter & Gamble with 59.4% and American Airlines with 58.1%.
This is serious. Not only to seniors tend to spend the most amount of money into the economy, but the older generations are dying off, leaving massive amounts of debt on the shoulders of younger people who are dependent on their elders to get through the indoctrination camps we call universities. People are ending up taking up more than one job going right into their 60s and in many cases throughout the world, their 70s. Then ON TOP of this, seniors' pensions are being desecrated and pushing the elderly into poverty which has MASSIVE negative side effects, constantly growing by the year and we have the government and banking system to thank.

There are better ways to save for your future. The government and banking system loves debt and poverty, because it leads to dependence. In this video we provide many solutions for you to consider.

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