Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Far Right = Far Left. Both absorb anything democratic or independent and pool to an Oligarchy, whether called the Elite or the Working Class (oxymoron because this is not worthy of class designation). Truth - its always Elite few... Germany, Argentina, Turkey, Russia, North Korea. The United States of America is the only country in the world that has true freedom and individual representation by majority vote, public vote, and balance of power! This is why the US is hated worldwide (an anathema) and Elitists will do everything possible to destroy our US freedom! Elites are Globalists.... which is an oxymoron since there is nothing global about elitism -- Wealth in a very few hands of the world! Liberals be damned. Liberalism = Slavery. Liberalism is also an oxymoron. If you don't own anything, you are not free; you are destitute. You are beholden to your supplier. Extreme Muslims call themselves enslaved to Muhammad (look it up). What does this tell you? Wake up America, home of the Free?! Support Donald Trump if you support Freedom. Otherwise you are already dead in slavery. And you will continue to be abused and wiped out of existence as soon as you are replaced by drone technology. Look to God your Creator who is Spirit! Be the Light that you were created to be from the beginning. Ask for your Creator's help- the Eternal One! Seek God by reading the Bible and beg for Jesus the Christ to come witness the Truth to you immediately. You will definitely never find any truth in the media or from any globalist or from any liberal or from any far left or far right ideology. The United States of America needs to remain free! Do not allow these United - States to be overrun by ignorant ideologies and the dumb who are used and funded by the George Soros types. And do not forget that George Soros has been the Clinton's best friend and fund master for years. Both the Clintons and the Obamas came into office poor, but left multi-millionaires. How did that happen? President Obama never even had a job in his life before being a senator and then president. He has always been hand-fed by somebody else. He was a hired puppet to destroy this country piece by piece. He is and was a liar. He said he was a Christian and he was a Muslim. He said he was in American and he was from North Africa. He said he was a married man with a wife but he's a known homosexual married to a transexual. Anybody who ever challenged him is dead. Anybody whoever challenged the Clintons are dead. Look up the Dead Lists. Even by his own mouth Obama spoke death and destruction to this nation..... wiping out marriage, wiping out Christmas, wiping out Christianity - nearly. Now everything seems to be about ME, myself, mine, money and what I want - and to kill anything that offends ME. Where's God - humility, kindness, dignity in all that? That's called the Church of Me... I am my own God. I am Caesar. I'm Pharoah. I'm Hitler. We elected Trump-Pence to save this nation legally for a few more years. Will that happen? I don't know. It certainly won't be with media help nor the Congress - also highly suspect. Research your representatives and senators and get them out of office if they are not supporting the Constitution of the United States of America. I beg you.

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