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THE MOST DISTURBING VIDEO OF 2017 by Captain Obvious

 The number of the beast and chip is now prominent, proving the earth is flat. Nasa lies about everything. The government controls nasa. This is the most disturbing video of 2017.

The time is late The setting is here Lies being spread all around Words falling in deaf ears Actions people are too blind to see Who knows who to believe What is it that everyone wants Why would anyone want to change it Will is what it makes life to be Or could it be something else Some say they'll never bend Just look at all their friends Dark eyes? Stinky breath? Aren't we all the same? Yet why do others try When not one has ever stayed on top Some know this to be true But now it seems lost to the masses Now what would you all do? Write this off like this is nothing new? Laugh it off like it should? Or cry just like the fools?

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