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GOP Congressman Calls for Mueller to Resign, 1731

Good evening, I’m still reporting on: GOP Congressman Calls for Mueller to Resign, 1731 Synopsis: A top Republican Congressman is calling for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to resign, citing conflict of interest violations. Rep. Trent Franks, who sits on the House Judiciary Committee said in a statement today that Mueller is in violation of the law that prohibits conflicts of interest. Franks cited Mueller’s close friendship with former FBI Director James Comey dating back to 2003 when both men worked in Washington – Mueller as FBI Director, and Comey as Deputy Attorney General. According to Franks: “Bob Mueller is in clear violation of federal code and must resign to maintain the integrity of the investigation into alleged Russian ties.” “Those who worked under them have attested he and Jim Comey possess a close friendship, and they have delivered on-the-record statements effusing praise of one another.” Other conflict of interest criminal violations are that Mueller has hired at least three prosecutors who have donated exclusively to Hillary Clinton and other Democrats. “Until Mueller resigns, he will be in clear violation of the law, a reality that fundamentally undermines his role as Special Counsel and attending ability to execute the law,” Franks said. Today is the 4th day after the House Judiciary voted to ask Attorney General Sessions to create a 2nd Special Counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton, President Obama, Jim Comey & former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and there has been no word of Sessions taking action. We will follow this story until this appointment is made.

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