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Israeli government  is the one promoting the Islamic invasion of Europe. That is why it happens! nothing happens without the will of Israel, internationally ,  Israel through the JEW.S.A. started all these wars in the Middle-East, knowing it would fuck up the region. The Middle East is very close to Europe, and such destabilization would also influence the Muslims that were already here. And when Europe is fucked up, Israel will appear as the wonderful friend and ally, which is fighting the big bad Muslims for decades. And Israel will have a pretext to keep expanding, and finally, its biggest wish of all, the Zionists will be able to ally themselves with European (dumb) Nationalists. Israel wants Europe to forget that its worst enemy always was, and always will be International Zionists and Jews. Muslims can be easilly kicked out. But Jews, they have all the control, and always play the dice on our backs. They control everything, finance, hence, politics, and no one ever even says the word "Jew" in European media. Ever. In the meanwhile, also keep promoting Russia as big bad enemies of Western Europe, since Russia is not under Israel's paw anymore, since Putin destroyed the Jewish Oligarchs Rule.

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