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Declassified FBI Docs. "Earth Visited by UFOs, Aliens & Beings From Other Dimensions"

The FALLEN are NOT PEACEFUL and nor are their blood line the GIANTS, that now have a blood line above Jeremiah 5:15-17 Jeremiah 6:21-22-23 Jeremiah 50:41-42
Demons can cleave to you Psalm 101:1 to 4 many never clean up or call on G-D MOST HIGH to come nor wait... So many alow Possession Hosea 5:7 of the wrong spirit. These fallen angels and their children have all ways been among us going into high places to RULE us Psalm 144:11

To grow a Divine Nature from your broken spirits is the way and only way you can passovertherein Psalm 51:8. We all belong only to THE MOST HIGH Psalm 82:8 and it is HIS LAW we return and passovertherein Isaiah 35:8 Proverbs 1:7-8 but THE WORLD is following their EVIL IMAGINATIONS Jeremiah 11:7-8. We the People need to rise up and stand up and pull down their lies & deceits that cover TRUTH Micah 5:7-8

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