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Anonymous: US Media Plunges Into Epic Meltdown After Trump Downs Top FBI “Swamp Monster” Anonymous We Stand Anonymous We Stand

So they think they can pull the wool over our eyes by lying to us and deceiving us all.. keep us zombies all part of there Transhuman new world order agenda. Facebook is spying on us 24/7.. Bill Gates Agenda 21 depopulation agenda. By mass killing of over 70% of world total population engineering vaccines and diseases. There geo engineering causes global warming through deliberate spraying of magnetic particles into the atmosphere (chemtrails) and haarp system. Deliberate weather control which is messing up the weather worldwide causing high and low pressure systems so that they can blame it on global warming and implement there planned carbon taxes. Global warming is part of there evil deception to rake in even more billions implementing there carbon taxes and they will keep spraying us with poisonous chemicals. (Al Gore) Wake up people. Google and Youtube started censoring true information to stop it from going viral... Dont trust your govt and big corporations They are all working together for shadow govt deep state. Mainstream News media also controlled by them (Tel lie vision to manipulate the masses) Moon landings and Mars rovers landings all staged filmed in (Greenland) they have never gone to space. Listen to Hillary Clinton firmament speech there is a firmament above us and space is fake. All they can do is lie lie lie.

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