What You Fight You Become - David Icke Videocast

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes, is false." ~ William Casey, CIA Director

we know our governments are the puppets, but are thy puppets or are they slaves? A puppet has no thought process, the puppet must obey the strings for the puppet only moves when the strings are pulled or are they slaves that have a thought process, a mind, a soul and therefore can be liberated. You message is that these are slaves, our leaders are slaves and if we all collectively join in one voice and apply the pressure on these slaves, they will be compelled to risk death to set the human race free! This is the danger of Donald Trump, perhaps the illuminated where disillusioned and fooled into his allegiance but the danger of Trump is that Trump first and fore mostly is all about Trump and his ego demands that he be the very best president America ever had, they adjusting to this concept, now the game changes, how to get him to do their will while he thinks he is doing his own? Agenda 21 is kicking off

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