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UNEXPLAINED Ancient Artifacts!

 8. looks like they would use the tide to catch fish in the labyrinth. looks at the tree line in relation to the sea there. its obvious. 6. It is a pregnancy calendar. Women love knowing what stage they are in. the disc is meant to be spun. The disc is incomplete, and should be put on a wall, that would have another calendar on it. The mayan style calendar is the most famous form of this method used. 3. People forget the there was a giant glacier that covered the united state, that glaciers push dirt and erode the landscape, it is very possible that even just 30,000 years ago there was a civilization here even a simple one and lost just like pompeii. 2. its not a hoax. its a post apocalyptic. i've been speaking with a professor in india who is working on the language of it. its real and is a "RUNE" based language that can be related to the writting style of the mayans and the nordic people. if you dont know what that is, (witches use runes) look it up. this is before our based language system. but the writer was worried about his/her culture being lost. it was written in a time of conflict. it is trying to tell us about the truth of culture and what a healthy society would be like, also what plants are used for drugs. but you may ask why most of the plants dont exist. well, this is where it gets crazy. ever wonder how the bible is able to tell us how the end of the world will happen in revelations? well, its not a vision or prediction. its a state of the human cycle. we have destroyed our selves 6 times. this will be the 7th time. representing the seals. there are a lot of crazy connections. but if you dont make them and want to say they are unrelated. then your naive.

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