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The Federal Reserve and Mainstream Media's Moronic Statements On The Whole Foods Buyout

Give me control of a nation's money supply and I care not who makes its laws. Jew Rothschild

Edomites, which is the same as the synagogue of satan (mixed with Canaanite blood and now every race known to man - the Judahites were a pure bloodline, which today's jews never were). Plus, that verse is badly mistranslated. It should read Greek nor Judean, since the 'jew' word, which is a moving target, did not exist and never did until the 18thC. The jews (the bloodline of Cain) have been evil for 5000 years. Longer than zionism, bolshevism, communism, jesuitism or any other ism you care to mention. But what the jews of today do, as a tribe, and have perfected, is to hide behind these isms. It's called playing all sides to win.

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