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 Time goes forward never stoping as humanity battles through their lives to achieve happiness or some degree of success in the hopes that their lifetime will be enough. The greatest obstacle and enemy of life is 'wasted time' as the future is unpredictable and we have to make quick but careful choices through our daily life because we only have one shot. But what if the universe and time have no meaningful end to it?

According to scientists the universe could actually be an infinite loop! When the universe expands to a certain point it retracts back into it's pre big bang state and pulls time backwards in the process. If that happens, then all the actions, evolution and everything in existence has already be through this point an infinite number of times and our actions are already pre-defined. It could explain the sensation of having already lived through a certain moment, like a deja vu.

See short video clip: GROUNDHOG DAY: How universe and time has repeated itself INFINITELY!

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