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Prince Of Doom To Rule Saudi Arabia - Prepare!

Saudi Arabia’s new Crown Prince

King Salman of Saudi Arabia named his favourite son Mohammed bin Salman as next in line for the throne on June 21st. In addition to promotion, the King removed all titles from the former crown prince Mohammed bin Nayef.

The reorganisation is nothing less than groundbreaking. Typically, Saudi Arabia has been ruled by kings in the 70s or 80s. But, in his 30s, bin Salman will become the youngest ruler in the history of the kingdom and thereby preside over the political, economic and social reforms in the country. 

What’s good for Wall Street is good for the Zionists, not America Certain point in history, the state of Israel would rage against an arms deal with Saudi Arabia, But now that the Israelis and Saudis have a common enemy, Iran. The Israelis are now applauding Trump signing the 110 billion arms deals. Saudi Arabia and Israel are getting aligned nicely together. Saudi Arabia supports extremism globally, it funds the Al Shabab in Somalia. After the soviets left Afghanistan, there was no one there, the Pakistanis pulled out, the Americans pulled out, however, Saudi Arabia was there, creating unregulated madrassahs and promoting a very extreme Saudi doctrine. The banksters are all over Saudi Arabia and its only time that Saudi Arabia threatens Iran and creates further chaos in the Middle East. These banksters are currently having a bat mitzvah with the lives of Yemenis and Syrians. The media isn’t showing what’s happening in Yemen at the moment. I want Americans to wake up, question your government on this arms deal. The British people also need to question Theresa May for signing an arms deal with Saudi Arabia too. Here is a country, Saudi Arabia, which claims to follow Shariah, beheads people indiscriminately. There is no such thing called a fair trial in Saudi Arabia. How can these people practice Shariah when they forbid Pakistanis to get married to Saudi Arabs? How can they call themselves a Muslim nation when they only outlawed slavery in 1950’s and that was due to being pressurised by the West? How are these people getting away with being gate keepers for Mecca and Madinah, when they harass Iranians performing hajj and treat them inhumanely?

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