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NASA Says World Should Prepare For Visitors

 Anonymous: NASA Says World Should Prepare For Visitors

Latest anonymous message in 2017 just arrived! NASA says aliens are coming! Non terrestrial officers? Have we already been to Mars? Are there actual monuments on the moon and Mars? Could there be a UFO war going on over the skies of earth in space? Are there spaceships all around earth involving extra terrestrials from other worlds? The evidence sure seems to imply that something is going on in the skies above. It would cost a lot for spaceships and a continuous flow of taxes and black budget dollars could imply a rationale that there is more than meets the eye and or that of public knowledge. You have to watch this! Something big is going to happen in the world. The concerns expressed in the message are really challenging.

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  1. In hebrew NASA means ( deceive) and that's the game they play to rob us all of OUR hard works and taxes under some twisted spurious story line,Trillions of it. Rockets cannot work in space, there are NO satellites, NO ISS, and no one ever went to the moon.