Ken O'keefe Murder Attempt in Dominican Republic!

Anything happens Ken ,we know who it be that Mossad and these fuckers don't stop,stay strong ,be safe,and most of all God bless Ken and Sofia,.They don't like when you speak too much truth.

Ken (and Sophia), I pray for your continued well-being and protection from harm. Ken, please check out the book, PRIOR UNITY. It is very brief, but it codifies wonderfully your philosophy about our unity as a race of people. Another powerfully positive book is NOT-TWO IS PEACE, which describes this means of unifying all of us via a simple much smaller number who have this consciousness. It talks about us speaking out as "everybody-all-at-once". There are far more of "us" (peace loving people) than there are of "them" (the dark ones). We must always remember this and move forward toward this crucial awakening into the consciousness of love, tolerance and real cooperation among all humankind.

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