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Jim Marrs Wikileak This !

THE US ECONOMY HAS BEEN LOOTED!! The government and corporate America have formed with a global fascist cabal that has extracted so much wealth from so many nations that they are now falling apart and a totalitarian police state is their only option to remain in power. WAKE THE FUCK UP! US foreign policy aligned w/ UN & NATO is as blatantly obvious as can be that there's a deep agenda of global empire that directly benefits an elite minority faction of war industry, finance/banking & resource corporations aligned w/ criminal syndicates using pretexts ie Cold War, drugs/arms smuggling & terrorism as means to their agenda. Its NEVER been about promoting democracy or freedom, but power & wealth - NO NWO thesis is needed to observe the parapolitical cooperation at play over 60 yrs. its FASCISM aka Corporatocracy w/ mega-Banks, Big Finance, Military/Pentagon-War Industry (as enforcers) & related criminal syndicate franchise & globalist/special interests, including 99% sold-out Congress & corrupt Justice/Law enforcement & top CIA/FBI/NSA etc management. Also includes politicized lobbies, Think Tanks, foundations, gov agencies thruout federal, state, county & local/city level, & neoliberal & Washington Consensus interests. Left wing, right wing - same fuckin' Vulture! Quit buying into the Liberal-bashing Conservative-righteous fake-ass Bullshit that keeps-on separating & dividing the US citizenry from uniting in solidarity opposition to the criminal/elite syndicate corporate-military corrupt Deep State monstrosity that is now our hijacked democratic-republic gov. Left-right have FAR more in-common w/ ea other than either have w/ fat-cat bloated bureaucracy of illegitimate power & financial privilege, ie Tyranny. Now that ordinary, working-class people are increasingly under the tyrannical thumb of a vengeful & arrogant federal gov bureaucracy that doesn't represent them, that has imposed onerous taxes, repressive & predatory laws, intrusive rules & regulations w/ great restrictions on traditional freedoms & civil rights, they are angry, fearful & mistrustful, mindful of being villianized, victimized & punished for illusory, opportunistic infractions by a Police State protecting the ruling class privileges of wealth and power for a coalition of financial/banking cabal elites, transnational corporations and military/shadow government interests.

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