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If Congress Passes This Amendment It Will Change Everything

 The investigation that Mueller is heading up is a joke, the DNC will not let anyone look at their servers. No one from the FBI, DHS or police have looked at the server except one company Crowd Strike. Trump and Putin met and spoke with each other for two hours or so. Philippine authorities said they found the person that was funding the IS. Japan and the US have drills to prepare for a conflict with NK. Trump asks neighboring countries to help with NK, translation, Russia, China put your plan into action. Russia & Syria want the US to inspect the airbase for chemical weapons, the US does not want to do this. Russia, Iran, Syria, Turkey and the US strike a ceasefire deal in Syria. U.S. House Appropriations Committee passed an amendment to de-authorise the AUMF, If congress passed this amendment the deep state will be cut off in the middle east.

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