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Dr Paul Craig Roberts latest interview : July 2017

 Dr Roberts asks: "Why can people not see the truth before their eyes?" Here's why: Because from the 5th grade all they get is Hollywood's version of the world, 24/7 in which the world is full of evil, our military are the good guy heroes, our police 'serve and protect', our leaders are the finest men and women of strong moral virtues and wisdom, and the USA is a free country and 'one nation under God'. The CIA controlled media and the Wall Street powerbrokers keep the propaganda going constantly. On top of that, the average education in English is somewhere around 7th grade level, and most citizens can't find most anyplace on a map. Add to that the deliberate movements and massive cash investments in fomenting hatreds and divides between different racial groups, different religious faiths, different economic classes, different sets of ideas pertaining to gender and civil rights.....and so on and so forth. George Orwell would himself be amazed at how far the brainwashing and control has extended, courtesy of the modern technology and sheer ruthlessness of those in power to stop at nothing in their mad quest for world domination. They regard ordinary folk as cannon fodder and sweat labor. The people live in the Matrix of Delusion. That is why they do not see the truth Dr Roberts.

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