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David Icke : Child Abuse & Paedophilia By The Elite

David is spot on with the problems that we are facing as humanity. This is 1984 on steroids, these criminals would have been tarred and feathered 200 years ago for lesser crimes, yet here we are at this point, and it is only getting worse. These elites and any person in power has to be confronted with a way to disable their abuse of power. Just like in the 1970's when people were tired on going to war, so they stood up and refused, then the powers that shouldn't be got scared, then they started the hippy movement from all these military kids in the music and culture system. We need to find a better way to fight a system hidden from us on purpose for obvious reasons. Once you start to wake up, you can't go back, you are sad about what is going on. Yet how can you solve a problem if you don't acknowledge it exists?

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