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Coinpocalypse: Is This The End of Cryptocurrencies?

If bankers want it they would crash it first the same way they are doing with silver and gold before they buy it.

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  2. How stupid are people; They complain about FiAT currency saying it's backed by NOTHING, As in the gold standard has gone, so it's funny money, we all know this, it's a scam selling us toilet paper with pictures on it and calling it money. And It's true as well! But they are falling for the BIG ONE, they are taking the piss, coming out with virtual money, MATRIX MONEY, pull the plug and it's ALL GONE, HAHAHH. Many of you SAPS fall for it. It's all bullshit. You have heard the saying; fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on ME! Well they ain't fooling me.