Thursday, July 27, 2017

BREAKING: "Prophetic Dream Of Attacks On America"

According to the bible America does not join the NWO, America is with Israel and Jordan vs the NWO and America survives til the return of Jesus. The bible says the Eagle protects Israel against the AntiChrist that is how i told everyone Trump was going to win i knew it was in the bible.

I'm sharing my disturbing dream I had a couple months ago, I seen the Statue of Liberty laying down in water. It was so vidid. I do get dreams of floods, tide waves, tornados ,quit often. I ask God why I receive these dreams, and the Holy Spirit said to warn the people of the judgement coming. I've had several dreams of the Rapture also. I've had one open vision of seeing and holding a wedding veil. He is coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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