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The law is not written by the people. Enforcement of immoral rules written by thieves is not a job for peaceful people. Road piracy, kidnapping, torture, all in the name of making money and maintaining the power elite's chokehold on their slaves. Good people refuse to do an evil job. I've never in my life been hurt by any gang member but have suffered greatly at the hands of the ones wearing badges. We grant them the power to kill! They are not there to serve and protect but rather wage war on us. Who's side were the cops on during Occupy? Who's side were they on at the Dakota pipeline? Why haven't they arrested all these corporate/political crooks? Most of them are still waging war on drugs and destroy non-violent people's lives everyday. The profession itself is corrupt and those willing to harm people to fill quotas and advance their career all while satisfying their inner bully are in the majority. Even their overtime details are an extortion racket. They serve the will of the rich and abuse the poor. They spy on you and try to entrap you. How is any of this protecting citizens?

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