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Andrew Napolitano: What Ever Happened to the Constitution?

We came to this land as sovereigns. That means each of us are kings and queens. As kings and queens we understand the rights we have and we decided to contract with each other to form a corporation to take care of CERTAIN task for us. Be it understood that those who form a corporation can dissolve it as well. They are the owners of that property and have the final say. Who works there and the rules they are expected to go by. So we draw up a contract and name the corporation THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Those who work for that company have to play by the rules of that company set forth by a contract called the constitution of the united states of America. They are limited to and only to what we have agreed to in the contract. So as much as the states created the federal government they have rule over it just as we do. We are sovereign states actually created by we the people as well who hold powers over the states because we created them. Along the line they decided hey lets beak our oaths take a chance the bosses wont fire us and put us in prison and lets rob them. we will make a lot of unconstitutional laws and enforce them as if we have authority to do so. All we have to do is take control of the media and if you tell a lie enough and indoctrinate school kids then everyone will believe the lie and we get rich beyond dreams. That is where we are today. the government being a corporation has teamed with other corporations forming a corporate take over. When they break their oaths it is a federal crime. when a unconstitutional law is enforced it is a federal crime. All unconstitutional laws are void upon making them and thus we are being robbed and jailed and even shot and killed everyday for committing no crime at all.

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