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10 Secrets About America That Will Make You Wonder Where All The Freedom Went

It’s no secret the definition of ‘freedom’ in America has changed a
great deal in recent decades. While 9/11 was a major turning point,
setting in motion a slew of changes to the American mindset and to the
legal framework which governs the contract between the State and the
people, our natural rights have been under assault for generations.

Couple this with the dumbing down of the American citizenry, and We the
People’ simply no longer know or understand our rights. The fallout of
this being we no longer protest or even notice when evermore egregious
violations occur.

Where has all the freedom gone?

The following 10 secret truths about America are critical in
understanding the state of the state today.

1.) The United States is one of only two countries in the world which
taxes nonresident citizens for income earned elsewhere. If you reside in
 another country, as millions of U.S. citizens do, you’ll have to pay
income taxes to two nations, or face prosecution by the IRS.

This means that if you happen to have been born in the U.S. but lived
your entire life elsewhere, you still owe Uncle Sam the full burden of
income taxes, for your entire life. This rule is so insane that only two
 nations out of 196 nation states in the world do it. The other is the
African nation of Eritrea.

2.) The Federal Reserve is not Federal and there is no reserve. The
Federal Reserve Act of 1913gave authority to a private organization to
print currency. The result has been continually rising inflation and
continually rising debt which is mathematically impossible to pay off.

A group of secret shareholders in the Federal Reserve make a profit for
every dollar printed and used by anyone. This is the most sophisticated
form of financial slavery ever devised, and many future generations of
people are already indebted to this cabal.

3.) There is actually no law requiring U.S. citizens to file income tax
returns, and the income tax itself is unconstitutional. This complex and
 controversial issue is broken down in detail in the documentary
America: Freedom to Fascism by the late Aaron Russo.

4.) The IRS follows Americans around the world and harasses foreign
banks to control the finances of U.S. citizens.

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act of 2010 makes it extremely
difficult for Americans to function financially in other countries.
Originally part of the Patriot Act, this type of global financial
surveillance monitors bank accounts and deposits around the world. A
result of this has been that many international banks will no longer do
business with U.S. citizens, making it extremely difficult to live

5.) American churches are required to register with the federal
government and are not allowed to engage in political speech.

Historically, churches were the centers of communal and societal change,
 as pastors and leaders would speak to their congregations on matters of
 social injustice and government tyranny. The American Revolution would
not have taken place if not for the churches, but in 1954 the federal
government passed the ‘Law of Charities,’ requiring churches to files as
 501(c)(3) organizations, which comes with heavy restrictions on freedom
 of speech. Churches today are sanitized profit centers of social
complacency not social change.

6.) Free speech permits and free speech zones severely restrict our
First Amendment rights.

This policy began in 1988 during the Democratic National Convention as
‘designated protest zones, but grew in prominence during the G.W. Bush
administration. Upheld and strengthened during the Obama years, this
policy of severely restricting freedom of speech and of assembly has
been extended to college campuses around the nation. We won’t see
antiwar protests like what we saw during the Vietnam war because this
behavior is now illegal.

7.) Approximately two-thirds of Americans liv in official Constitution
Free Zones, where U.S. Customs and Border Protection has been given
jurisdiction over the travel right of Americans.

Within 100 miles of the U.S. border anyone can subjected to the policies
 of border patrol, which is allowed to interdict, search and seize
persons and property without the due process required for other areas of
 law enforcement. Couple this with the rise in sobriety checkpoints and
other police state measures and you realize we’ve lost the right to
freely travel.

8.) Many ordinary and historically common rights, behaviors, practices
and occupations have now become privileges regulated and taxed by the

Building a home, fishing, hunting, going off the grid, gardening,
selling lemonade, mowing yards, driving a car, getting married, starting
 a business, cutting hair, and so, so much more are all activities that
now require permission from the government. And for all of these
activities, you’ll have to pay a fee for the privilege. Failure to do so
 can result in violent arrest, heavy fines, and prison time.

9.) Policing in the U.S. has become a for-profit branch of the
government, and police brutality and violence is reaching epidemic

Law enforcement agencies around the U.S. have seized billions of dollars
 from law-abiding citizens in recent years. Traffic enforcement and
local code enforcement works to generate revenue for local governments
rather than for public safety. And the violence of police against
Americans is everywhere.

10.) America has the highest rate of incarcerated people the world has
ever seen.

Prison in the United States has become big business, and thanks to the
war on drugs, the government has found it acceptable to imprison
millions of Americans, breaking up families, destroying lives and
wasting taxpayer money. Although America has only 4.4 percent of the
world's population, it houses about 22 percent of the world's prisoners.

Final Thoughts:

While America is truly filled with incredible, ingenious and productive
people, we are living in a time when government has extended its reach
into our lives in ever more serious ways, while going unchecked. In
order to solve the problem, you have to see the problem; and as we look
around, it’s easy to recognize that our freedom is being stolen from us

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