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Russia and US in Shootdown Showdown Over Syria

 Both the CIA and the KGB ( FSB ) are JESUIT controlled, sure they have some Different Interests too, but the Bigger Picture is Controlled By Rome. The " Climate Change " Propaganda is Led by the Jesuit Pope, the E.U. Parliament in Strassbourg in Built like the Unfinished TOWER OF BABEL, and outside the Parliament is a Statue of a Woman Riding the Beast. This is Straight out of Revelation in the Bible, and signifies that the MOTHER OF HARLOTS controls the E.U.. If you want to Know who Pulls the Strings then you have to Identify the " Woman riding the Beast " that controls Europe, and the NWO. A Clue : It has controlled Europe for over a 1000 years before the Protestant Reformation.

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  1. s the aipac Hollywood roman empire, which is the usa of america america does not have a president trump is an actor a nice guy and fake news is america itself from alex jones to cnn fox news. forget the Jesuits