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Gerald Celente - The Great American Political FREAK Show

It's always so surreal, to see reality through what you've known. I researched, I studied and I simply watched when everything started to click into place. It is scary to see others all too readily have chosen to accept it, but they never realize it's all a farce, the U.S isn't a free land contrary to what the average American says to you. I listened to my parents, I just asked them, "What makes you believe this nation is a free one? What makes it?" Their answers have haunted me, I mean literally have haunted me till this day and they said the following, "It's always been like this, people just try to live peacefully and we work so we are free to do what we do in life." I don't know whether I should be packing my bags to fucking leave the lower forty eight to reach Alaska and watch the insanity explode, or buy enough firearms to stock an armory at my place. It's like living in a nightmare when you try to ask people about 'politics' and always brush it off as anything but boring..."Politics" as in the very thing that is supposed to give free 'people' a voice to power, it's all absolute horse shit, I can't fathom it when I hear the news/media outlets all say the same damned thing: "Trump this, Russia that, oh promote these oddly coincidental 'muslim' sympathies..." Day in day out, I work overnights but jesus christ , I can't take it anymore when I see it daily. Democracy is insanity. They never last, they never do! Hell on earth is that the U.S 'mafia' in D.C (a separate entity from the rest of the states) is a Plutocracy at it's finest, I highly doubt it'll end good for this world or those living inside the Police States. And what absolutely drove me to scream at someone was when I mentioned, 'Twin Falls, Idaho." Every person I asked has said these exact words, "What's that?" It's scary man, I can't even place the sheer rationality that America is a bunch of sheep, the liberals are so fucking blind it's unreal. Conservatives (or Libertarians etc) are just as zealously dogmatic, I mean I can say for certain War is going to reach our streets within a few more years, the worst kind of war as it being a series of 'civil' wars where you'll see armed Death Squads, armed militarized police and god knows what else

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