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FRIEDMAN: US Attack on North Korea is Imminent

Dr. Friedman is absolutely correct in his assessment of the North Korean situation. There is a peaceful way to end this menagerie before things really get out of control: Kim could be allowed to go into exile. He could be allowed to seek refuge in a country willing to accept him, without retribution from anyone - including the North Korean people , whom he has led down this path of destruction. A blanket of security could be placed over North Korea ensuring their safety and security, also billions of dollars worth of emergency aide could be immediately dispatched to that impoverished nation. Food, water, medical supplies, clean sanitation, shelters... all could be sent within hours of Kim's exile. A temporary government could be established until open and free elections are allowed to take place, and a new constitution written whereby the North Koreans could choose their own leaders and determine their own fate..

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  1. how about AIPAC exile to Eritrea looks a better deal than this land of the insane home of the slave proposition, war will be blend with a civil war inside the usa of insanity so get ready Friedman is coming.