BREAKING: Congress Killer Wasn’t Done, Look What He Had On Him Just For Trump

On Wednesday morning, a lone gunman opened fire on Republican members of congress’ baseball team at a practice field in a Washington suburb, where he used a rifle in an attempt to take out as many Republican congressmen as possible. As disturbing new details are beginning to emerge about the incident, we are now learning shocking new information about shooter’s background, revealing that this shooter’s target was really President Trump.
Following the incident, two law enforcement officials were able to identify the gunman as 66-year-old James T. Hodgkinson from St. Louis. Investigators immediately began delving into the man’s background to see what his motives for the shooting rampage was, after chillingly, eye witnesses reported that before he began shooting, he asked if the people on the field were Republicans or Democrats. It was after Hodgkinson was able to confirm that his targets were in fact GOP members, that he began taking directed kill shots at those on the field. While that is disturbing in of itself, what was just found on this man’s Facebook account is downright chilling.

Judging from his social media account, this man vehemently despised our president, as it is riddled with anti-Trump posts. But one post in particular reveals that this staunch Bernie Sanders supporter wanted Trump dead, and said back on March 22 that it was time to “destroy Trump.” “Trump is Traitor. Trump Has Destroyed Our Democracy. It’s Time to Destroy Trump & Co,” the post read.
With President Trump’s layers and layers of security, it would take a team of insiders to be able to take out a successful assassination attempt on our president. Was Trump actually Hodgkinson’s target, but knowing the level of security that our president had, he decided at the last moment to target members of the GOP instead? Considering the fact that Hodgkinson asked people on the field whether his targets were Republicans or Democrats lends credence to this chilling theory.

Currently, Hodgkinson is in custody after being wounded following the gunfight that ensued with Capitol Police security detail and local police officers, who arrived to the baseball field within minutes after receiving desperate calls for help from those on the field. Authorities are taking this incident extremely seriously, where the investigation has now been handed over to the FBI who are now treating the case as an assault on a federal officer. Witnesses described the chilling scene they endured Wednesday morning, as Hodgkinson stood behind the dugout taking deliberate shots at those on the field:
“He was hunting us at that point,” said Representative Mike Bishop, Republican of Michigan, who was standing at home plate when the shooting began at 7:09 a.m. Mr. Bishop said the gunman seemed to be “double-tapping” the trigger of his weapon. “There was so much gunfire, you couldn’t get up and run,” he said. “Pop, pop, pop, pop — it’s a sound I’ll never forget.”

It’s becoming apparent that radical Islam and Muslim refugees are not the only threat we have plaguing America. Thanks to liberals and the toxic environment they have created in our country through their violent left-wing groups such as Antifa, and with liberal entertaininers such as Kathy Griffin promoting ISIS-like imagery with her recent photoshoot holding up a bloodied decapitated Trump head, we now have domestic terrorists running rampant in our country where they are actively seeking ways to assassinate our president. Both liberal entertainers and the leftist media are complicit in all this, when we have CNN freaking endorsing a play that is celebrating his assassination of our president! CBS reported:

Time Warner, the parent company of CNN, is one of the companies still sponsoring The Public Theater, a New York Shakespeare group that offers free tickets to anyone who wants to see President Trump assassinated in the group’s rendition of Julius Caesar.

It’s time to wake up, America and realize who the real threat to our country is. These Trump-hating a-holes who will stop at nothing until Trump is either impeached or assassinated. Hopefully this anti-Trump domestic terrorist James T. Hodgkinson will thoroughly investigated, charged with terrorism, and thrown in prison to never see the light of day again. It’s alarming to consider that had this man had access to our president, we could be reading an entirely different headline this morning.

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