Alex Jones (Commercial Free) Monday 6/5/17: Putin Analysis, Scott Greer

 Date: Monday June 05, 2017
Today on The Alex Jones Show
Monday, June 5 - Trump Renews Calls for Travel Ban: President Trump doubled down on his calls for a travel ban. Meanwhile, NBC mocks a Trump retweet from the Drudge Report, which broke news. Also, a 'Fake News' CNN host apologizes for labeling the president a "piece of sh*t" following the Kathy Griffin controversy, as the network is caught staging a protest. On today's show, we'll speak with Mark Antro, the man who filmed CNN's staged protest, White House correspondent Mike Cernovich, author of No Campus for White Men, Scott Greer, and President of the Eagle Forum Ed Martin. We'll also talk Bilderberg 2017 with David Knight and Owen Shroyer. You don't want to miss this jam-packed edition!

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