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A True Understanding of Time

 Event Is Coming Soon - A True Understanding of Time

You may have heard that time is limited to the third dimension and more so an illusion. Why is this? Can we understand what time is, and thus understand how to transcend it? Absolutely! And I’m here to let you in on the how.

In order to understand time, we need to understand the basics of this universe we live in. There is a ton of info out there if you’d like to know more, but here’s a very basic outline of what I believe. The universe is created from energy, so everything is energy, even us. We are eternal souls created from conscious energy. Everything is connected, and we are all a part of that conscious energy that created everything.

Now, when we understand that everything is energy, it makes it easy for us to understand that the only thing in this universe is connection (love) and the ILLUSION of the lack thereof. The only thing that really ever changes is our awareness of it, and if you want to get technical, our awareness determines the frequency and vibration of energy. As we ascend we truly only gain more awareness.

Throughout our time on Earth we’ve been descending in awareness, until now. As a species we’re now beginning our ascent back into awareness to ultimately rejoin our original frequency of love (connection).

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